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IU Kokomo is located in North Central Indiana. We're a vibrant campus that offers a variety of degree programs and an active student life.

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A message from Vice President James C. Wimbush: "We must work to fight against these ideas until all in our communi…
Retweeted by IU Kokomo"This free webinar will help IU faculty, staff and students who have started a company - or are considering it - pr…
Retweeted by IU KokomoHello Everyone!!! IU Kokomo's Admissions Counselors are still working hard to help students get admitted and regis…
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Happy Fourth of July! #myiuk #letfreedomring
The @IUKMGolf Program welcomes three new additions to its roster for the upcoming 2020-21 season ⛳️ Stay tuned thi…
Retweeted by IU KokomoPeter’s Pick of the Day: With academic excellence, flexible admission criteria, & reasonable costs, I pick Indiana…
Retweeted by IU KokomoCan you imagine a 35-minute boat ride to the nearest doctor? IUK grad Carina Rajogopal is taking her two degrees an…
Join us! We're bringing together a diverse group of African-American community members to discuss a variety of topi…
IU Kokomo looks forward to welcoming students back this fall! A few changes like wearing a face covering, social di…
We continue to celebrate our May grads, who persevered to complete their degree despite unusual circumstances this…
Be sure to join in on this Town Hall. Registration required here years of college, 3 military deployments, 2 children, 2 major changes, 1 family tradition and a passion for serv…
Reflections: Rosalyn Davis on #Juneteenth #myiuk
Daisy Award honors those who go above and beyond in the nursing field. Congrats to students and faculty who are the…
Congratulations to the IU Kokomo Grad Cap contest winners! Taylor Coram, Best original design; Victoria Strong, Bes…
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The Fishmans' giving goes beyond their monetary donation. Establishing friendships and mentoring athletes is much m…
@IUKChancellor shares the campus response to recent events across the nation, and a call to action as we move forwa… a challenging semester, our Cougars showed resilience in their academic efforts ✏️ 👏 #GoCougars |…
Retweeted by IU KokomoA family tragedy could have derailed Frannie Ruedin’s final year of college. Instead, it made her more determined t…
Nearly 900 students earned academic accolades by making the Chancellor's List or Dean's List for Spring Semester. T…, June 11, is the last day to post pics of your decorated grad cap for your chance to win a great prize pac…
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Hannah Bourne was a double major in #communication and #historyandpoliticalscience. As she moves on to graduate sch…✅ Wash your hands. ✅ Wear a mask. ✅ Social distance. ✅ Wipe down areas after use. Signs related to community safet…
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“We’re all striving to know better so we can do better” Kate Aguilar and Rosalyn Davis show us effective ways to…
Two M.B.A. students took "support local businesses" seriously, utilizing their education to propose a marketing pla…
The work continues on IU Kokomo's first new building in 20 years. What do you think of the new space? Share your t…
Six faculty were honored for making a positive impact by receiving the IU Trustees Teaching award. They are Kevin C…! Flooring is ready for the new Student Activities and Events Center! Retweet this with your guess on number…
Major applause for @cvalcke as she recently received the #presidentsaward by the @IUAA ! We are so proud of Cathy…
You’ll only hear from us once today and that’s because we want to remind you that today is Indiana's primary electi…
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Akil McClain announced that he will continue his basketball career playing professionally overseas in Italy. McClai…
Retweeted by IU KokomoThere's still time to participate! From now until June 11, post pics of your decorated grad cap for your chance to…
Retweeted by IU Kokomo“In the days and months ahead, we must strongly reaffirm Indiana University’s fundamental commitment to diversity a…
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Experience. Confidence. Amazing memories. Studying abroad and working an internship in Spain gave Alison Cartwright… Susan Sciame-Giesecke sends a message to students and shares the upcoming academic calendar.…
President McRobbie has announced plans for the upcoming academic year.
2020 Senior HSE2/CNA Prep Grads! Cheyann Turner is graduating from @amhstigers and will be attending @IUKokomo in t…
Retweeted by IU KokomoAnother @IUKokomo grad pic <3 @chloellphotography
Retweeted by IU Kokomo @IUKokomo grad
Retweeted by IU Kokomo @IUKokomo grad <3 chloell photography
Retweeted by IU Kokomo @IUKokomo grad <3
Retweeted by IU KokomoFrom now until June 11, post pics of your decorated grad cap for your chance to win a great prize package using…
Retweeted by IU KokomoFor all researchers at all @IndianaUniv campuses and academic centers: @IUBloomington @IUPUI @IUPUC @iueast
Retweeted by IU Kokomo2020 Senior HSE2/CNA Prep Grads! Harley Trueblood is graduating from @elwood_hs and will be attending @IUKokomo in…
Retweeted by IU KokomoA new partnership between @IndianaUniv and @IU_Health will provide COVID-19 screening and testing to IU students, f…
Retweeted by IU Kokomo“I must have flowers, always, and always.” ― Claude Monet #TGIF 🌷🌸🌻In case you've been missing @IUBloomington's be…
Retweeted by IU Kokomo#myiuk class of 2020: your fellow alumni are proud of your accomplishments. We hope your IUAA Kokomo Region blanket…
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Khoi Nguyen came to the United States to get a degree. Little did he know he would find “family”, too.…
The Phoenix: Faculty Features - Cooking with Kim Kimm Mossburg takes us into her kitchen and shows how to make a…
Good news! Jobs are to be found! Tracy Springer offers tips for your virtual interview.
Her story was so inspiring to me. I attended IUK years ago but stopped going once I got pregnant and had my kiddos.…
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More than 50 IU Kokomo students were welcomed into national honor societies, that recognize excellence in the class…
Progress on the Student Activities and Events Center continues! Before long we’ll all be ordering hotdogs and popco…
Computer programming and organ donation – an unlikely combo. But Zach Patterson’s research unveiled ways to make di… grads! We’re so proud of you! It’s a strange time to be in, but we’re curious. How are you celebrating you…
While we can’t celebrate your extraordinary achievements in person, you can still celebrate virtually! Go to…
Retweeted by IU KokomoToday is @IUKokomo online commencement. 🎓We want to take a moment and honor the ☝🏼 senior we had this past fall! Ta…
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Graduating during quarantine like.... Chloell Photography #iukgraduation #quarantinegraduate #quarantine2020
Retweeted by IU KokomoTonight would have been #HonorsConvocation, and we are taking this opportunity to recognize those who stood out and… grads! Let's celebrate! Show us your decorated caps for a chance to win an amazing IU branded prize package tha…
@IndianaUniv @IUPUI @IUBloomington @IUSouthBend @IUSoutheast @iunorthwest @iueast @IUKokomo @IUFortWayne @IUPUC Con…
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Max Dixon was a Marketing intern with Solidarity this past year and we want to wish him the best moving forward wit…
Retweeted by IU KokomoYou did it! Way to go! Now go check out the special video messages created just for you, along with a lot of other…🗒✍🏼 Super excited to have this young man heading to @IUKokomo! Join us in welcoming Dillon Ware to our program!! (…
Retweeted by IU KokomoBe like Alex. Re-Enroll TODAY! Alex is a #senior #computerscience major on a mission to #graduate, but he knows you…
Lorelei just finished her #online #orientation and registered for classes with admissions advisor, Jonatan Bracamon…! Show off your decorated grad cap for a chance to win a sweet grad gift package! Categories are: -Original -F…
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Congrats to the @IUKokomo 2020 DAHS and Bachelor of Health Sciences graduates! We could not honor you in person, so…
Retweeted by IU KokomoHit that play button, take a deep breath, and step into the #martialarts with Melinda Stanley, lecturer in health c… @IndianaUniv What an awesome video! IU Kokomo is nicely represented! #myiuk #IUKgrad20The Indiana Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (IACTE) proudly recognizes Indiana University Kokomo's Ou…
Retweeted by IU KokomoIU Kokomo grads are part of an amazing alumni network! Be sure to follow @IUAAKR to stay connected! #myiuk Kokomo grads... search your name and lots more cool features! #myiuk #IUKgrad20
Commencement is postponed but the achievements of IU Kokomo’s Class of 2020 cannot be understated! Congrats grads!…
It’s finals week! We made it! Are you ready? Which final are you most confident about? #myiuk #finals #finalsweek graduating New Media, Art, and Technology students have worked hard on their senior thesis gallery. Due to…
Our 2020 @iuksociology graduates! Our last day of Senior Seminar was a celebration with all the faculty and most of…
Retweeted by IU KokomoCameron Bryant will be attending @IUKokomo next year! @Kats_Principal #legacymatters #KHSSeniorSigningDay
Retweeted by IU KokomoBarrington Christopher will be attending @IUKokomo in the fall! @Kats_Principal #legacymatters #KHSSeniorSigningDay
Retweeted by IU KokomoAmy Cone is attending @IUKokomo next year! @Kats_Principal #legacymatters #KHSSeniorSigningDay
Retweeted by IU KokomoJoseph Lewis is attending @IUKokomo next year! @Kats_Principal #legacymatters #KHSSeniorSigningDay
Retweeted by IU KokomoAbby Bowen is attending @IUKokomo next year! @Kats_Principal #legacymatters #KHSSeniorSigningDay
Retweeted by IU KokomoSarah Johnson is attending @IUKokomo in the fall. In fact, she is even an IUK student now! @Kats_Principal
Retweeted by IU KokomoMadilynne Lamp is planning to attend @IUKokomo in the fall. @Kats_Principal #legacymatters #KHSSeniorSigningDay
Retweeted by IU KokomoDestine Heinlen is planning to attend @IUKokomo in the fall. @Kats_Principal #legacymatters #KHSSeniorSigningDay
Retweeted by IU KokomoShanelle Majors will be attending @IUKokomo next year! @Kats_Principal #legacymatters #KHSSeniorSigningDay
Retweeted by IU KokomoAngel Miller-Kemper will be attending @IUKokomo next year! @Kats_Principal #legacymatters #KHSSeniorSigningDay
Retweeted by IU KokomoGabrielle Perry is headed to @IUKokomo this fall! @Kats_Principal #legacymatters #KHSSeniorSigningDay
Retweeted by IU KokomoSophia Kidd will be attending @IUKokomo this fall. @Kats_Principal #legacymatters #KHSSeniorSigningDay
Retweeted by IU KokomoAshlyn Wallace will be attending @IUKokomo this fall! @Kats_Principal #legacymatters #KHSSeniorSigningDay
Retweeted by IU Kokomo#OnThisDay in 1967, Florence Gardner became the first director of the nursing program at @IUKokomo. The…
Retweeted by IU KokomoMorgan VanWinkle is heading to @IUKokomo this fall! @Kats_Principal #legacymatters #KHSSeniorSigningDay
Retweeted by IU KokomoKamryn Langley is planning to attend @IUKokomo in the fall. @Kats_Principal #legacymatters #KHSSeniorSigningDay
Retweeted by IU KokomoCam LeClerc is planning to attend @IUKokomo in the fall. @Kats_Principal #legacymatters #KHSSeniorSigningDay
Retweeted by IU KokomoKelcie Mossholder is attending @IUKokomo next year! @Kats_Principal #legacymatters #KHSSeniorSigningDay
Retweeted by IU KokomoConnor Lay will be attending @IUKokomo this fall! @Kats_Principal #legacymatters #KHSSeniorSigningDay
Retweeted by IU KokomoJamie Smith will be attending @IUKokomo this fall! @Kats_Principal #LegacyMatters #KHSSeniorSigningDay
Retweeted by IU KokomoAre you ready for summer classes? Get registered today and you could graduate early! #myiuk
And send us a DM if you voted!What do you miss most about campus? We want to know! And you might just randomly win some #swag #myiuk