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Ivanka Trump @IvankaTrump Washington, DC

Wife, mother, sister, daughter. Advisor to POTUS on job creation + economic empowerment, workforce development & entrepreneurship. Personal Pg. Views are my own

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Tony would want us to celebrate his life, rather than lament his passing... ideally over shots of fernet branca!… the life while mourning the loss of my dear friend Tony Hsieh. Tony was a deeply original thinker alway…
With love and gratitude, Happy Thanksgiving!
I am very thankful for this team of brilliant, formidable and kind women who have fought to lift up American worker… by the President only to be chased by Theodore... 🦃
Meet Corn, the National Thanksgiving Turkey as President Trump continued a beloved ⁦@WhiteHouse⁩ tradition. With… Jones Industrial Average hits 30,000 for the first time ever! Congratulations America! 🇺🇸 CO2 emissions in 2019 were the lowest they have been since 1992. Per capita emissions were lower in 2019 than th… literally the fruits of your efforts @realDonaldTrump, Jared and @aviberkow45 ! 👍 Greenhouse gases generated by the U.S. will slide 9.2% this year, tumbling to the lowest level in at least three decades. @EPACongratulations Ohio for passing a law that will dramatically expand School Choice for students from low-and middle…
The Trump Administration is proud of its leadership in the One Trillion Trees initiative as we recognize the critic… other news... immunity and a return to normalcy by May! A vaccine miracle courtesy of ⁦@realDonaldTrump and Operation Warp… decades, no Administration has done more to further Vocational Education and Apprenticeships than this one. We…
Some fun Sunday field trips visiting and sketching memorials, monuments and more in DC! 📍Lincoln Memorial 📍Washing…
THANK YOU to the military men & women who have stepped up to help throughout the pandemic. They, along with frontli…
Retweeted by Ivanka TrumpNearly 200 arrested for trafficking a Florida teen for sex. God bless Law Enforcement and all involved in “Operati… honor of #RedShawlWeek, we encourage you to listen to this informative podcast episode. It gives key insights to…
Retweeted by Ivanka TrumpIf a person you know is missing, taking immediate action is very important. The "Tribal Community Response When a P…
Retweeted by Ivanka Trump🇺🇸🇧🇭🇮🇱 fishing expedition is very clearly part of a continued political vendetta ⤵️ is harassment pure and simple. This ‘inquiry’ by NYC democrats is 100% motivated by politics, publicity and ra… week, we announced a new $2.5 billion Ocean Plastics Initiative to reduce plastic waste, about 150 million ton…
In @POTUS’s 1st term, I am proud to have founded #WGDP and #WeFi as well as successfully advocating to get #WPS and… is empowering women entrepreneurs, an investment that is more important than ever as we seek to collectively…👏👏👏👏 of #WGDP’s historic progress closing the gender credit gap, changing laws + empowering women entrepreneurs!…
When @realDonaldTrump took office, 12,966 military members were serving in Afghanistan & 7,538 were in Iraq. By J… you @IvankaTrump for your partnership to help clean up our oceans. I am proud of the @DFCgov team for their w…
Retweeted by Ivanka TrumpWith EVERY planet 🪐 visible and the Leonid Meteor Shower 💫 this week makes for awesome sky gazing — 🔭 not required!… to be on the first commercial flight from Bahrain to Israel!
Retweeted by Ivanka Trump#Bahrain delegation arrives in Tel Aviv as Kingdom affirms commitment to peace as strategic option…
Retweeted by Ivanka Trump
Follow me on Parler!🌊🌊🌊 ⤵️ is the most united & energized I have ever seen House Republicans. We delivered a historic political upset fue…
Retweeted by Ivanka TrumpCongratulations to my wonderful friend and tireless champion for the American people, @GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy, on… confidence in November shatters previous month's record high - its 3rd record breaking high in as many… @realDonaldTrump has taken unprecedented action to fight for our Tribal communities! ✔️Signed 1st EVER EO to addre… work to #EndTrafficking is addressing the too long overlooked concerns in Indian Country. @realdonaldtrump’s P…💛💛💛
The Stock Market closes at a record high, erasing the last of its pandemic losses. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸“8 months into the pandemic, Americans’ household finances are in the best shape in decades. It’s a seemingly inco… Warp Speed has provided about $2 billion in funding and operational support for development, manufacturin…
Retweeted by Ivanka TrumpFact Check: This Moderna /NIH vaccine is literally the one that President @realDonaldTrump partnered with Moderna t… The 2nd effective Covid-19 vaccine in a week! This historic breakthrough has been delivered at unprecede… Moderna/ NIH vaccine is the 2nd candidate in a week to show strong efficacy in Phase 3 trials! Congratulations… are going to the Moon soon and Mars thereafter. 🚀 America 🇺🇸, and our President @realDonaldTrump, dreams big a…
🇺🇸🇮🇱🇧🇭 And now it is complete!! Israel’s Cabinet ratifies Bahrain normalization deal
Retweeted by Ivanka TrumpThe media’s near total silence about the physical violence being perpetrated against conservatives is shameful & da…
Extraordinary! Operation Warp Speed has accomplished in months what would have taken many years! Promises Made, P…
By purchasing $4 Billion in fresh produce, dairy and meat products from 🇺🇸 family farms, our #FarmerstoFamilies 👩‍🌾…
This morning Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player continued the Honorary Starter tradition that began in 1963. #themasters
Retweeted by Ivanka TrumpIt was too dark to see the golf ball, and I was delighted! 😊 Such a unique year and circumstance, but it was a nice…
Retweeted by Ivanka TrumpNovember is #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth - an opportunity to celebrate the rich culture, heritage and contributions… Trump continues to end the endless foreign wars and bring home our troops! 🇺🇸 are the origins of the military salute #VeteransDay
Retweeted by Ivanka TrumpTo honor the heroes who have fought for this great land, starting today #VeteransDay and every day after, all Veter…
Honored to join President ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ and VP ⁦@Mike_Pence⁩ at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington N… President Trump and Senate Republicans win Alaska, overwhelmingly and by a massive 20 point spread! Put… this #VeteransDay, all @Interior-managed lands will grant veterans & Gold Star Families free access to th…
Retweeted by Ivanka TrumpThere is no greater debt of gratitude we owe as Americans than to those who have worn the uniform of the U.S. throu…
For 245 years, our nation’s Marines, stationed around the globe, have been dedicated to keeping our country safe.… is great news: Israeli parliament approves deal establishing ties with Bahrain
Retweeted by Ivanka TrumpHappy 245th Birthday to the @USMC! #SemperFi #HappyBirthdayMarines again, our President defied the expectations of the “experts” and delivered on his ambitious goal of having a… the utmost respect and gratitude, starting this #VeteransDay and every day thereafter, all veterans and Gold S…
.@realDonaldTrump’s Operation Warp Speed, launched in May, is a massive scientific, industrial + logistical endeavo… Pfizer didn’t take Fed $ for research but entered into an agreement w/ Trump Admin this JULY on logistics &… to the tireless work of Operation Warp Speed and the partnership it struck with Pfizer, HHS & the Military i… NEWS: Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine trial is EFFECTIVE, preventing infection in 90% of its volunteers.
🚨Another jobs report that crushes expectations👇🏻 ⬆️ 638,000 jobs added ⬆️ Since April, 12.1 million jobs added… legally cast vote should be counted. Every illegally cast vote should not. This should not be controversial.…
.@realDonaldTrump built the most diverse and inclusive coalition of support in Republican history — with historic l… Election 2020 Employer donor data proves that we are the party of the American worker! @realDonaldTrump’s larg…
Congratulations to my friend @BillHagertyTN on tonight’s win in TN! on tonight’s win @LindseyGrahamSC ! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Great win for the great senator from Iowa @joniernst! 🇺🇸Flashback : Election Day 2016
Stay in line. DO NOT LEAVE. We need you. #redwaveThis Tweet from @realDonaldTrump has been withheld in response to a report from the copyright holder. Learn more.
Retweeted by Ivanka TrumpVOTE for the PEACE✌️President — ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ is leading with strength and ending the endless foreign wars!’s do this!! 🇺🇸 #Vote #Vote2020👏👏👏 @Iilpump ❤️🤍🧢🧢🧢 #Mood this Election Day !!!!!!! 🇺🇸 It’s GAME DAY America. Get out and VOTE TRUMP!!! #Vote  #VoteForTrump down in DC at 2:45 am on Election Day following @realDonaldTrump’s last rally of the 2020 campaign in Grand… all of our supporters: thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have been there from the beginning, and I will…
Retweeted by Ivanka TrumpIn Grand Rapids, Michigan with @POTUS and @VP for the last #MAGA Rally of the 2020 campaign! Our President fights… A NIGHT IN WISCONSIN! Get out and VOTE #MAGA tomorrow!
Retweeted by Ivanka TrumpMy father has never forgotten why he ran for President, and who he is fighting for: YOU! 🇺🇸“Washington has not changed Donald Trump, @realDonaldTrump has changed Washington!” -@IvankaTrump
Retweeted by Ivanka TrumpPresident @realDonaldTrump and @JaredKushner are creating PEACE in the Middle East!
Retweeted by Ivanka TrumpHi, Kenosha ! We ❤️ you Wisconsin ! Iowa will we re-elect the People’s President @realDonaldTrump and the great @SenJoniErnst! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸📍Second stop: IOWA! 🇺🇸 In Des Moines fighting to re-elect @realDonaldTrump and @SenJoniErnst! Thank you…
Thank you Lansing, Michigan! ⁩📍First stop: MICHIGAN! Michiganders are ready for FOUR MORE YEARS of @realDonaldTrump! #MAGA. 🇺🇸 Eaton County today, @IvankaTrump touted her father's work on job creation, trade, energy independence and agricu…
Retweeted by Ivanka TrumpIvanka Trump: "What [Trump] has been able to accomplish in 4 years is extraordinary -- he'll do that and then some…
Retweeted by Ivanka Trump