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Chance Ivey @iveytron Coastal States

Tech Design @EpicGames working on @UnrealEngine, @FortniteGame and more. @FullSail grad. Husband, Father, Friend, Texan. Nook Miles+ Member

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@federallamm 7/8 years on, they keep cropping up @rwilson_design Exactly where my mind would go. @adam_orth It’s almost like watching the life cycle of a piece of viral content finally get shared by grandma on Fa… how there are a lot of “experts” or “thought leaders” on LinkedIn these days posting videos / articles of cool…
Now you too can pretend to be @TimSweeneyEpic on Zoom with his office background
Retweeted by Chance Ivey @jaredepicpower @UnrealAlexander Also Jared LMK and I can help ya @JoshNaylor #gamedev
@therealcliffyb @AlanJWillard I’ve heard this one more than once. @AlanJWillard @therealcliffyb :( @JackMenhorn Those are the most transparent Stormtroopers I've ever seen @joekreiner
@nickchester @MikeJMika That moon is a really nice touch @MikeJMika Hey @nickchester this looks like something you might want to see @SvennaCirclet @AnTimNguyen Same
@rje if its spicy or salty, double up. AlwaysI've got opinions, man. @AlanNoon @JackMenhorn Yeah same here. had one in my car!I think about this 2000 Sony Walkman MiniDisc commercial from time to time, especially his little alien eyes closin…
@Tenacious_Diaz @DaveOshry As a native, it’s true. @charlesv That’s the spirit! @charlesv Work left to do!
@JackMenhorn @UnrealAlexander @dannthr Same @gameism Yeah I don’t get much time to play games anymore, so It’s not uncommon for me to pick an easier difficulty on combat heavy games. @gameism Spider-Man or JFO?Just wrapped Spider-Man. Beautifully done! Next up in the backlog: Picking back up JFO. @zaphodgjd Looks great!
@charlesv can they make money with it? @charlesv Oh no @DaveOshry @Lameboycolors His shoes are on the furniture! 😱😱😱
Hey it's OK to miss going to the office. I certainly do.Sharks are just necks with teeth and fins prove me wrong.
the @EpicGames Store team is looking for an experienced Marketing Manager to help amplify awareness for the great g…
Retweeted by Chance Ivey @TheElfquist 25 oz is 👌 though I just tried it @crwilso @tha_rami @joewintergreen There’s not a mechanism for that! @albn You win being the first! Thanks alban :)That birthday eve 9:30p bedtime 👌
@AnTimNguyen Not an artist, I hate this.Yeah caught this in the morning. Watched it again. It’s long, but wholly worth the watch. @NRBrewingCo 👀 @AlanNoon Violator is really something special!Hey Depeche Mode is still really wonderful
@GeekVersusNerd @therealcliffyb Yeah I’m a little upset @mworch its like im already drunk! @evankinney @nickchester You're weird for completely unrelated reasonsI mean let’s be honest My plans 2020
@pugsushi HERE'S A FUN FACT @EpicCog @therealcliffyb Maybe if... @EpicCog @therealcliffyb Yeah RTing one thing and having it change out from underneath you is a big part of the pro… @EpicCog @therealcliffyb Gotta be a “locked in” threshold of both time and engagement. @crwilso Forgot an include @decltype_sammy Same. Totally worth the money. Faster than my office XGE setup @CliffyVG @evankinney Well... sorta, it’s a 1v1 ps1 fighting game published by Square, has some final fantasy chars… @rohanlikespants It's pretty WTF AND when you launch into it, you can never return to the fighting game. it's like… @PhilippeStA ITS SO WEIRD @rohanlikespants Lost my copy many, many moves ago. Ain't about to pay 160 bucks for an ebay one either! Wonderful game though, best genWhat an *amusingly bizarre* game this is. @s0nlxaftrsh0ck Noooooooooo @s0nlxaftrsh0ck Agreeeeeeeed I just don’t have it anymore :(GOD BLESS THE RING
@heyalexei Actually same @blankslatejoe @adambromell @Nufane <3 @blankslatejoe @adambromell @Nufane The only problem with that is if any pressure is put on that side of the box, u… @adambromell @Nufane Also wow sorry for typos. Also also meant to suggest that @Nufane ships hundreds of PCs and pr… @adambromell @Nufane You can get a small TV moving box at Home Depot for about 20 bucks I think? It has solid foam… @adambromell @Nufane has done this a lot I’m sure :) @adambromell What I’ve done is - Big foam corners and a snug fit in the box. Also bubble wrap the box first to pro… played some NFL Blitz on PS1. Still tons of fun :)
Running a live service game #gamedev @WesPhillips I hear smoking is addicting. Looks awesome @chetfaliszek It's easier to compress at those sizes @Serellan @UE4Memes SHOW ME HOW TO USE IT CHRISTIANSomeone alert @UE4Memes, I found an actual Soft Object Pointer @JoshYTsui @rje @JoshYTsui @rje You can do better and you can get that cabinet @evankinney Red bags is a boss dude @gameism I see @gameism Haha what Battlefield do yo have 👀 @gameism Kidding! I should host a zoom at some point though I think that would be a ton of fun :) @gameism Yeah I would have been interested but you ruined it so im trying to figure out what to do nowSoft Object References are great. And no, not talking about couch cushions or tissue paper (but those are pretty co… am very fortunate to have a job and other privileges during the quarantine, so this feels like a really superfici… @crwilso Pretty much family, beer, The Smiths and work. I think. And patios @ffejnosliw It's not what you think: @UnrealAlexander's a "Work on the patio and listen to The Smiths” kinda Saturday afternoon. @UnrealAlexander Ah so you're not in the picture @UnrealAlexander which one are you @_PizzaBot_ Me too yoRecording the walk to the pizza place on my Apple Watch as a workout gives me great pleasure. Yes I’m burning those… @OwenGoss @GavinBowman Needs more plaidWeekend plans @MeatheadMilitia @PatrickBlank fix pls
@Luos_83 @unrealslackers Bruhs @jesseschell Awesome! @jythri Best subreddit:
@PezRadar and like 500 pixels per video @prusso It’s like 3p your time @backbonegame That album to your right 👌👌👌 @ffejnosliw I have a ways to go, I knowI miss famed radio host Rabi Ray Rana from Far Cry 4 #bacontime