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Uncompressed, Restless, Analog. Sr. Tech Designer @EpicGames. Go outside.

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@shaun_mccabe Yeah for us was immediate mode at NC State campus, really nice to have the wait times for Wake on a w… @GeorgeRoyer @zachnwood Excellent film. Was just telling @raczilla that it’s been maybe 20 years since the only tim…
I voted. @ibogost In the end, we’re all just candy in a crunch shell to something. @markkilborn @shaun_mccabe Same. Buying miles digitally though, but it is definitely my first purchase.two incredibly important job opportunities have opened up in our nascent external publishing group here @EpicGames
Retweeted by Chance Ivey #UE5 @_plop_ @grujicbr @jobyek Yeah I’m not entirely sure on perf. We’ve got hundreds of folks working with hundreds of…
@tha_rami Happy power-of-two birthday! You may only have one more left :( @jobyek And it’s not often on my default which is terrible. @shaun_mccabe @mechaghost He has a lot of ink and parchment, Elbert. @shaun_mccabe I wonder what the next tiny device you move to when your phone dies, a tamagotchi? Pls keep us updated @danacowley Congrats! So glad to have been able to work with you for some of that time. Your dog and i need to hang though.Heck yeah! tips, art friends? @t_looman @HighlySpammable I jumped to the 3970 in the spring and am doing full rebuilds in 12 minutes. It’s incredible.And that's Ratchet & Clank wrapped. Too many games to finish before the PS5 gets here! #PS4share
@JKashaar @AnTimNguyen @Fusi0n_Pizza Newton the Crouton Jake the Bake Han the Naan Rita the Pita @AnTimNguyen @JKashaar @Fusi0n_Pizza Beau the Dough Carter the Starter Evan the Leaven @nickchester @evankinney The Amazing Amazo™️!Little brother decided to follow suit, of course. (Excellent costumes courtesy of mom)
@kidkoexist @JoLammert Don't cheat by using the "Dollhouse" view!My son is the best. Two years ago for Halloween, he wanted to go as the moon. Today, he is heading to a Halloween p… @JoLammert @kidkoexist I love how, also, you can use the floor plan as a “map” of sorts like you’d get in some old SNES boxes. @AfroDeezyShak @GuppyMFJ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH @JoLammert Did you get the quest from the cat? I'm still trying to find where they put the cache of incense. @joewintergreen For me: - Spider-Man - Ghost is Tsushima - God of War - Persona 5 - Ratchet and Clank - Uncharted -…
@minuskelvin It is very good. Can’t wait for the next! @xemu I played a little bit of "The Heist" missions and enjoyed it. I may take some time away after grinding throug… some unfinished business in preparation for #MilesMoralisPS5.#BeGreater #PS4share
@Fwiz @jacquicollins_ @geoffkeighley can we start measuring quarantine weight in PS5s? I have gained a PS5 since March. @kbgg_ I have an Nvidia account to download GPU drivers. @elfredpagan @charlesv deleting Chrome also helps
@GuppyMFJ @torchystacos It’s a bad experience.m, but that’s why I am here! @evankinney @nickchester @ZedtheGamer same. This is by *far* the longest I’ve stayed in one place since maybe I was... 17? @ZLow4sho @torchystacos It is the best Tuesday. Probably the best day of this whole year for me. Things maybe looking up @ZLow4sho @torchystacos Spring or summer. Betting on late summer.Twitter ads these days: Here’s a video of Jerry Seinfeld choosing Chobani yogurt promoted by Discount Tire. @rohanlikespants @evankinney I am always in for Torchy’s. Always. @evankinney Summerrrrrrrrr
@AnTimNguyen Yes but you know what this implies for the margarita @TheGnome Being an adult is really just improvisation until you die. @RockTomara @TScottY99 Real game changer for the area, for sure! @arCtyC @torchystacos Yeah for real. Trying not to overhype but I don't think it's possible given how good it is an… @EpicCog Haha I know, I think of it every time I see it. @arCtyC @torchystacos K.L. IT MAY ALL BE OKAY @kviglucci Thank you for your service @shannaleigh Yeah, I feel this @LeeleetheBunny @torchystacos BEST DAY @heyjoshua @torchystacos Yep! Last yearRaleigh getting a @torchystacos is absolutely the best news I could have received today or any day.I am seriously freaking out. I just went downstairs and hugged my wife and kidsHOLY! PRAYERS ANSWERED @GameOnGardner No, I am just obsessed and have probably 2k hrs in the game across platforms, haha. @GameOnGardner Pick up every couple years. I own it on PC, PS4 and Switch.Mopping up some other trophies in prep for the PS5 release, this one was a grrrriiiiiiind #Diablo #PS4share
Shadowgate on NES. So many scenes still haunt me. @AnTimNguyen @JKashaar Why is Jan dumping on his hand
Remember waterbeds? @EpicCog This is Bob TellezThanks, @SuckerPunchProd, for #GhostOfTsushima. First game I've cared to platinum in years! #PS4share
Thoughts on the PS5 UI? I am so ready for Nov 12 <3 @EpicCog @Twitter I do the same. @danemaddams Metal teeth user here
@jonjones Great place @s0nlxaftrsh0ck @AnTimNguyen Yeah it’s a bit insane. @andrewbusey @ATT @Verizon I’ve been on Verizon for about 10 years. Zero complaints and good contiguous states coverage. @grrlaction @PTibz Chimped @AnTimNguyen The PS5 is a lot bigger than the PS4, for sure @ShaunPeoples I hope not. @shaun_mccabe You know what they say, "Where there's a will, there's an Executrix."EEEEEEEEEE @kylegaddo @ThatBShar It showsHow it started How it’s going
@ZachHonig sticking with my 11
I’m super excited to announce Quarantine Studios. Come visit our new home on the web - more soon!
Retweeted by Chance Ivey #UE5 @raczilla Haven’t seen it in like 20 years and I still remember so much about it. Can’t say that about many movies. @raczilla Loved this one. @gstaffinfection @DCDeacon @crecenteb Sega Pico would like a word:
@Serellan Not in 2020, nope @AfroDeezyShak @WesPhillips Frank Weiners. For America.
@ibogost Old boss used to buy new printers because it was cheaper than ink. He had a dozen of the same model. @johncolucci Bourbon and scotch wake me up, yeah, but both beer and wine put me on a path to an early bedtime. @johncolucci This has been me since 25
@ZakBelica Yeah man. Great game. Don’t know why I slept on it for years. Looking forward to follow ups! @AlanNoon I really enjoyed it for the same reasons I enjoy far cry games and ghost of Tsushima. HZD has a much bett… @ben_silverman @ibogost Yeah even the pears on the tree behind my house are bruised and I’m all wtf. @deoulism Definitely luigis mansion as well. Loved it. Super Mario 3d all stars is out right now too. @deoulism Zelda, Mario odyssey, animal crossing, yoshi, Diablo 3, dozens of indie games. @HfLaya I knowwwww I cannot wait. @HfLaya Yeah it’s all pretty great. I played it through on story mode just to burn through it and I legit want to g… may play Horizon Zero Dawn again soon. I absolutely loved that game and played it way, way too late. @Bagelbeard @PezRadar @DallasStars I don’t think he is Ben, don’t read into it @gameism This is *precicely* how I think about time! I thought I was alone. @gameism 6 between dec and Jan. @gameism And no hands or tick marks @gameism This is how I picture it but winter is on the bottom! And months are all colored @jesseschell Dogmented reality @s0nlxaftrsh0ck They don't sleep on the beach anymore. @DaveOshry I had that setup @TimSweeneyEpic The cheese crackers I’ve eaten since childhood are all fish-shaped 🤷‍♂️