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Award-winning comic book writer, librarian, and publishing pro • She/Hers • Tweets represent my opinions only• Repped by Anjali Singh at Pande Literary

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i mean the answer is EASILY Crime Frankenstein
Retweeted by Ivy NoelleWhen you catch Tom Nook just staring blankly out the window with a cup of coffee......I feel thatDescribe you mood for the past 4 months in a single picture @BenjaminBirdie It was a good shirt!! I wore it until I graduated high school and it was very threadbare @curtofranklin @eugewarrock Sounded like y’all were having a very rough time with Mr Shrek last night @jenn_woodall Extremely fashion @RobSmells Wow Rob!!!! petty @donmartinfeet Rebellious!!What was the first band t-shirt you ever bought? Mine was this very bisexual energy Adrian Tomine-illustrated Weeze…
@DaveScheidt Omg the sparkly one 😱If I die without having gone to the Kappa museum my life will have been a waste : *points to Devendra Banhart album cover* what’s with all this art? why doesn’t this say like, “stra… week is going “listening to Death Cab for Cutie at a frequency I haven’t since I was 19” if anyone’s wonderingand I was a white kid who was doing very well and was generally liked by my professors. I can't imagine dealing wit… art school conversation has had me reflecting on all the times I would cry in the bathroom after crit at Parson… want to do the “you’ve seen this movie 42 times” meme but I know the only true answer is Shutter Island because t…
@curtofranklin Oh man y’all would be really good droids @kevinpanetta That’s ok ❤️ @kevinpanetta OR we team up for the Ultimate MandoI am shooting my shot here: Listen, Star Wars. I will write you such a good Mando. If you’re looking for more autho… the last day of #PrideMonth , just a reminder that even though I married a cishet dude this year I’m still bi as…
@DaveScheidt I'm so sorry for your loss, Dave. Holding you in the lightWe have watched one (1) episode of The Night Manager.@eugewarrock , literally crying laughing, shouts to me from the living room: “I JUST TEXTED YOU SOMETHING I MADE” @teaberryblue @NotLasers Happy anniversary!! @rosejianlan I miss themThe best part of the gas station order meme is seeing people learn about Wawa for the first time. Once in a comment…
@oheysteenz Me to you at any con: “you want some fruit snacks?” @rosejianlan Peach iced tea, jalapeño pretzel, tastykake lemon pie !!Our younger dog started doing this thing where he comes up, hooks your hand with his paw, and drags it over so you’… @killswitchkatie The tastykake lemon pie is proof of god @oheysteenz I remember one time at a con you asked me if I “wanted the ‘Dettos” and that day ended with me learning somethingGas station order (in all places other than PA bc then it’s all Wawa-specific items) @jmeninja I bought the Gokinjo shirt and two Ultraman ones h e l p @jmeninja Oh no, my moneyyyy @jmeninja ?!?!?!? NOI woke up thinking about Gokinjo Monogatari and Paradise Kiss and how much I was just OBSESSED with them as a teena…
The man is so good at scowling 👀💦 much scowling does Dan Stevens do in this Fire Saga movie? Because that is....a particular interest of mineI was watching a Ghibli movie and halfway through I had to pause it and go start two loaves of crusty bread proofin… @DaveScheidt @oheysteenz This is a hug a crossaint in bed is a garunteed crumbtastrophe.
Retweeted by Ivy Noelle @so_engery I have been there, lichWhen I was 18 a bunch of friends and I went to see the premiere of Grindhouse at midnight and it was the loudest, r… have established my summer uniform of only bike shorts and crop tops, which paired with my absolutely wild pandem… @so_engery omg💕!! uh...pastries? Love a good Pastry Lich @so_engery Comforting Lich is a combo of words I didn't know I needed, but turns out I really did needI’ve had a bad week and a particularly bad/sad day, and I’m so thankful to be married to @eugewarrock , who demonst… @oheysteenz I only ever refer to him as “St. Louis’ Nelly” in your honor @BlerdGirl I’m always grateful I got to meet you ❤️💕❤️
@NoPlaceLikeOh @oheysteenz The best that ever did itIt was a decision forced by years of frustrations from the members, the admins, the greater comics community— frust… can appreciate being out of your depth and conflicted, and I’m a person who tries to leave the past behind and ju…’d never discount the criticism of the Valkyries bc it’s warranted. I have walked away from it with a much deeper… personally was left scrambling to try and hold the library side group together a few weeks after my dad died, bec… don’t talk about what happened with The Valkyries because it fucking sucked. It was a mess and it hurt a lot of p… you get the editorial feedback
@AngrygirLcomics Absolute unitIt hurts to see so many of you feeling the same way ❤️ summer is a minefield of triggers for me surrounding my own… @treswritesstuff @Nadia_Shammas_ Currently trying this with mixed results!!! @Nadia_Shammas_ Sending whatever weakened but determined good vibes I have to you 💕Every time I open The Hell Bird App this week I struggle with my PTSD because of the (important) conversation happe… I see the photo of the baby oppossum in the Arby’s I immediately start crying is this normal send tweet @ericsmithrocks Eric please do not call me out like thisif you mean: Not Cis Men please consider using: Marginalized Genders
Retweeted by Ivy Noelle @DaveScheidt You’re a good one, Dave, these clowns can buzz offAs states continue to re-open as cases spike I just keep thinking about this Futurama joke I was younger, nerd dudes told me it was Haru Haru Haruko but I always suspected it was just a way to project… do not know who my animated doppelgänger is and it makes me sad @oheysteenz @OhHeyDJ LITERALLY was yelling “were people doing coke in your bathroom?!?” at Euge the other night. An iconic moment
@ShawnaGore Shawna I’m so sorry, you are so rad and I’m furious you ever had to experience thisThis has been my situation a lot over the past week— please remember to take care of yourself. I didn’t even notice… heard @eugewarrock call @curtofranklin a Karen over Discord wow wow w o w
@clementeworks Our apartment has a light up mirrored shelf that is ALSO a weird door. All places have oneI’m a ball of rage today and that’s no good for anyone and I wish my apartment had a tiny soundproof room where I c… @SamMaggs @ImprintReads @WeslieTurner Congrats Sam!!!I’m sure there are many folks who are posting it with good intentions but just like, take a minute and ask yourself… too pledge. I pledge to drink water when I am thirsty. And to exhale CO2. I pledge to let blood run through my ve…
Retweeted by Ivy NoelleThe capacity for things that Aren’t It in this industry truly boggles the mind sometimesAre people really posting a pledge not to be sex pests like it’s a Facebook bumper sticker from 2007? @jezzacat jessi no @vqnerdballs I replied to this and then deleted it because the longer I sat with it the more I felt about the show…
@itscalramsey She tells me it’s “modern heroes”(?). But also sometimes she tries to trick me by showing me her comi… was recently given FB Messenger For Kids so I get lots of important updates like thisImportant update from my little sister in nonsensical nerd shirts being advertised to me that I am very tempted to buy: feel that @eugewarrock lacks the personal grooming to be a himbo, however going back to the last trend, he IS 100… wake up to himbo discourse???
Baby photo that exudes the same energy I have now: @TiniHoward @rycady @UnburntWitch I’ve never been so jealous in my lifeIt’s Father’s Day, and while quarantine helps because I’m not confronted with happy brunches in front of my face, I…
My neighbors are having an extremely loud maskless party and this is the reason I won’t be able to hug my mom for a year @watchthemutants @oheysteenz Thank you so much 💕What I’m learning is that folks need someone to be physically harmed in order to feel sympathy for them or believe… @suzusaur ❤️
As someone who struggles with their mental health, who tries to be an advocate for mental health awareness through… feel like I can't contribute anything of worth to the world today, so: - Don't work with abusers - Sometimes abus…*stares at this picture of a tree and a building* I will pretend this is DorianThank U for the 2 seconds of Dragon Age, I GUESS
For all those wondering, this is my son Baby Yoda. We share no blood but he is my life. He came from [redacted] (le…
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