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I'm a bad moon rising on a hot summer's night. Don't start any shit and there won't be any.

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@BillReagan16 Thank you! I'm eagerly waiting to read your next paper! Talk soon! @BillReagan16 Oh no!!! I can't imagine any distress caused by reading such an interesting paper. Not sure who you…
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@poppij @BlueTsuni @bobbiejaneV @BandieraNancy @Rhinocerization @VinceGottalotta @PatriciaMillin @RoddyMeganuts @BlueTsuni @bobbiejaneV @BandieraNancy @Rhinocerization @VinceGottalotta @PatriciaMillin @RoddyMeganuts @trom771 @Educ8kids @MairScott3 @bobbiejaneV @BlueTsuni @BandieraNancy @Rhinocerization @VinceGottalotta @PatriciaMillin @bobbiejaneV @BandieraNancy @Rhinocerization @VinceGottalotta @PatriciaMillin @RoddyMeganuts @trom771 @MairScott3 @ImTheDudeMan1 @iche_me @JadeResists @TaggartRehnn @spiritdance33 @stuffbusted @ShopSmartResist @debiowens Oh lawd.… these are the folks we are up against in 2020. Recheck you are registered to vote.. make sure your fri…
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Curious Julianne wants to know, what’s your favorite #perfume or #cologne Why? Because I’m curious 🤔 😂 🙃
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Retweeted by Ivy2.0Who do you think will will release the Mueller report?
Retweeted by Ivy2.0Barr is the star at Mar-a-Lago. Not that Barr. The other one.
Retweeted by Ivy2.0Today is Small Business Saturday® by American Express. #ShopSmall and watch it add up for your community.
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@MaryHow16 @jasonbaum @trom771 @bobbiejaneV @BlueTsuni @kristyshl @AlimonteLina @mick719 @VinceGottalotta @62WalterP @iche_me @CatWomanResists @PattyArquette @RavenResists @tizzywoman @donnasfineart @Nofearnofavors4 be silent about a former MLB player posting a threat of political violence is to normalize it. It is not normal.…
Retweeted by Ivy2.0News Flash! Butter to spill da beans on Trump😳🤦‍♂️ Courtesy of Stephen Colbert🤨 Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍽 😝🤣😂🤣🤷‍♂️ 🐝…
Retweeted by Ivy2.0To go from the most gorgeous first family in the White House to a delusional self absorbed creep show who retweets…
Retweeted by Ivy2.0 @LRPow79 @CunningSq16 I am absolutely speechless. 🤢🤢🤢 @waltshaub I'm thankful for people like you, Walt. In a day where lies become the norm, yours is the voice of reas… @BlueTsuni @MaryHow16 @jasonbaum @trom771 @bobbiejaneV @kristyshl @AlimonteLina @mick719 @VinceGottalotta @Ldogls @BlueTsuni @bobbiejaneV @jasonbaum @kristyshl @MaryHow16 @AlimonteLina @mick719 @VinceGottalotta🦃 In case anyone at your Thanksgiving festivities missed the hearings, I’ve condensed some hi points into 2 minutes…
Retweeted by Ivy2.0RIP Hero. May your legacy inspire other WH staffers, Mr. Ruckelshaus.
Retweeted by Ivy2.0Trump is a worthless piece of shit! My fucking tax money up in smoke!! Trump keeps bragging about donating his $40…
Retweeted by Ivy2.0 @SelfImposedXile @WhyNot_RESISTS Done! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, doll! 😘 @SaysHummingbird Don't forget to report him not only is he threatening anyone he thinks voted against trump but he'…
Retweeted by Ivy2.0Why is this man not considered a domestic terrorist? RT if you think he should! Imagine a Muslim tweeted a photo…
Retweeted by Ivy2.0America Sincerely Thanks You; Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman - God Bless You & Your Family! - Please Protect This Man!
Retweeted by Ivy2.0"Good boy, now roll over and commit some felonies on my behalf." *Barr commits multiple felonies in one go* "That…
Retweeted by Ivy2.0 @crinolinedreams Backatcha, love! #IndictBarr Barr exists only to inflict his personal agenda on YOU🔥Bill Barr Peddled 'Made Up' Theori…
Retweeted by Ivy2.0Yes, I read and read the text over...Trying to really see if I missed some prior statement....If Ru Putin hacked an…
Retweeted by Ivy2.0💁🏼‍♀️ ... the holidays aren't always joyful. For those who might need it: • Suicide 800-273-8255 • Bullying 800-42…
Retweeted by Ivy2.0There is a reason I always think they should put up a wall around Florida during elections... this guy has had one…
Retweeted by Ivy2.0 @mrose1965 @batts_tracey Video please! We'll make it go viral! 😂😂😂 Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. 😘 @MaryHow16 @jasonbaum @trom771 @bobbiejaneV @BlueTsuni @kristyshl @AlimonteLina @mick719 @VinceGottalotta @BlueTsuni @MaryHow16 @AlimonteLina @mick719 @VinceGottalotta @zazzybritches @bobbiejaneV @Rhinocerization @Ldogls @BlueTsuni @bobbiejaneV @jasonbaum @kristyshl @MaryHow16 @AlimonteLina @mick719 @VinceGottalotta @Mschade2020 @TaggartRehnn @MapleTommy @JoeMomma833 @LA_Karma1 @Rosie @Cruellaisdevine @EdwinKovatto @IvyTwoPointOh
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Retweeted by Ivy2.0 @TaggartRehnn @MapleTommy @JoeMomma833 @LA_Karma1 @Rosie @Cruellaisdevine @EdwinKovatto @IMundebo Fork that dirty b… Trump Jr. challenged his supporters to 'trigger' their liberal relatives over Thanksgiving dinner #SmartNews
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Retweeted by Ivy2.0 @BrookeMorenso Oh jeezus. @Thunderbirds511 Oppression is common ground to all who experience it. That being said, I oppose false equivalenci… @TeaPainUSA ImPEACHment pie for everyone! @bobbiejaneV @trom771 @jasonbaum @BlueTsuni @kristyshl @MaryHow16 @AlimonteLina @mick719 @VinceGottalotta @bobbiejaneV @Ezim79 @jasonbaum @BlueTsuni @kristyshl @MaryHow16 @AlimonteLina @mick719 @VinceGottalotta @jasonbaum @trom771 @bobbiejaneV @BlueTsuni @kristyshl @MaryHow16 @AlimonteLina @mick719 @VinceGottalotta @TrumpSuxPutins @iche_me @CatWomanResists @62WalterP @PattyArquette @RavenResists @tizzywoman @donnasfineart @jasonbaum @trom771 @bobbiejaneV @BlueTsuni @kristyshl @MaryHow16 @AlimonteLina @mick719 @VinceGottalotta @trom771 @bobbiejaneV @jasonbaum @BlueTsuni @kristyshl @MaryHow16 @AlimonteLina @mick719 @VinceGottalotta @TrumpSuxPutins @iche_me @CatWomanResists @62WalterP @PattyArquette @RavenResists @tizzywoman @donnasfineart @Ezim79 @bobbiejaneV @jasonbaum @BlueTsuni @kristyshl @MaryHow16 @AlimonteLina @mick719 @VinceGottalotta @zazzybritches @BlueTsuni @kristyshl @MaryHow16 @AlimonteLina @mick719 @VinceGottalotta @bobbiejaneV @trom771 @bobbiejaneV @jasonbaum @BlueTsuni @kristyshl @MaryHow16 @AlimonteLina @mick719 @VinceGottalotta @BlueTsuni @bobbiejaneV @jasonbaum @kristyshl @MaryHow16 @AlimonteLina @mick719 @VinceGottalotta @zazzybritches @BlueTsuni @bobbiejaneV @IvyTwoPointOh @jasonbaum @kristyshl @MaryHow16 @AlimonteLina @mick719 @VinceGottalotta
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