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@Rodritaber yes we did @Kiki_coaching @nelson_sng can't read I guessFriendly reminder that The Crack Down with Carlos from G2 will be live in 8 hours, gonna get all the juice we can. @TSMDoublelift @loltyler1 @Yassuo Just bought one in Austin, you are welcome anytime 🥳
@dontgetmad14 yeah I'll just go ahead and block your argument is so cringe bad that i won't waste any more time wit… @dontgetmad14 yes if they use every tool possible to deal with renekton and all ultis then he won't be able to in f… @antipheonixna @LSXYZ9 think their draft idea was to try and punish the double immobile mf/seraphine bot lane as much as possible @dontgetmad14 then they automatically lose the teamfight as Kindred and Kalista will both be lowered to the health…'s Claw is legit one of the most underrated items in the game atm, outside of just giving the most raw letha… @LSXYZ9 This is assuming season 11 with Prowler's Claw renekton available. @bach09049700 I mean if you're not gonna even look at the fucking enemy bans why even attempt to argue with this point. @Heinrich_XI you missed a ton actually, really horrible draft analysis if you think that Malphite is the pick with… @dontgetmad14 He literally just has to E once and prowlers claw and she is 1 shot, if he has flash he can get on her every time as well. @mightylomo player restraints I have an amateur mid laner vs an LCS mid laner here, why put him off comfort where I… @Gonzalo12494421 @Omnisia_ I doubt he said this word for word, the champs are a lot different and have completely d…'s an example of a draft where I drafted 5th pick renekton and it's extremely useful. Good matchup vs Sett top… @EragonUK yes I know but even your sarcasm is not even the main point i'm talking about, I know that's how some peo… @Omnisia_ i don't think LS thinks that Renekton can never be an optimal pick in any situation, which is the argumen… @EragonUK my point is even if players make 0 mistakes renekton can still be good lol @GeneralSniperr @macawcaw123 @loltyler1 you throwin up gang signs or whatI see people in my chat consistently flame if I ever draft Renekton on R5 and spam "KEKW R5 RENEKTON" as if this ch… have entered the timeline where if a pro player thinks a champion is good (Renekton) they are flamed and conside… @Adam_uwu What does this even mean @DatWay24 @Amazingx @Deficiolol He was coaching last split? @hoajuu @step1v9 ????????? @XqC_XjA don't see hundreds of upvotes on hatethreads of mine on other team subreddits, when you find one let me kn… : Be correct about a rumor TSM Fan on their subreddit : HOPE HE GETS HIT BY A BUS XDDDD @mehngo @loges_burge By your logic responding to anything means you care about that person's words in some capacity… @assur_boi @ober997 @BorzyRom @VeteranEU Ah so you disregarded every other point and made it seem as if my entire a… @assur_boi @loges_burge I have only 2 posts of reddit comments in the last 2 months on my twitter my friend. I sim… @KarasMaii @chaseshaco no you don't understand Udyr is just an unplayable matchup cuz if you walk directly into the… @Jim37922171 @Redyennn 👍 @JAPrez757 Sure, if fan bases don't baselessly attack me or lie about my credibility I won't have to defend myself against those attacks. @Jim37922171 @loges_burge you sure that's not you jimbo? @Jim37922171 @Redyennn nope :P its literally just hundreds of upvotes of attack on my character, credibility, and c… @ODYramona They did keep him informed. In his words "TSM management told me the Swordart deal had fell through and… @loges_burge oh I don't remember any of them personally and tbh I didn't even look at the hate thread until today b… @Redyennn fans feel free to apologize here in this thread for the attacks on my credibility and hate thread that you guys… Doublelift confirmed all my reports in 1 stream, really cool stuff. - He was informed by TSM management that t… @MarcusEngardt @Kold35 how is any of this petty, everything that I reported was confirmed in Doublelift's stream an… @ACAnalyst @ncraw37 Well I simply didn't get it wrong. This confirms that the deal DID fall through and a new deal… @RealJoeParadise sure, just wasn't wrong in this situation. The fans simply were and that's ok. @ncraw37 He literally says that the deal FELL THROUGH in this fucking clip which is what I reported on.… @Dyrus YES PLEASE
Damn it’s exactly what I reported which is why all sources and reporters said there was low chance of swordart sign… fleets are only cats, stream plugs and onlyfans sales promotions.IWD - TL COACHING VS TSM COACHING IN HOUSES TODAY CASTED WITH CAPTAIN FLOWERS | GTA SAN ANDREAS AFTER
@Damonte @asyyyc You know what maybe Metroid isn’t the worst out of both these guys @Sanchovies Inhouses are fun to coach/cast as well, just solo queue is Astro cancerGTA streams are a vibeThe fuel that preseason inters needed @assur_boi @ober997 @BorzyRom @VeteranEU What was the flaw in my argument @Mel1ph @JennaTwitch You look like myths unsuccessful less attractive twin @JennaTwitch I’m too old to understand this generation @JennaTwitch “I’m very depressed so I send you dick pics” wot
Inhouses were fun/productive as always @BorzyRom @assur_boi @ober997 @VeteranEU go name your top 3 ADC from 2019 @assur_boi @ober997 @BorzyRom @VeteranEU What “tantrum” lol if you think perkz was not a top tier ADC in 2019 your… @ober997 @BorzyRom @VeteranEU Yeah true he lost lane to showmaker, guess that means his whole career is worse than…
Will be streaming/coaching in houses tonight vs @AndreGuilhoto94 Teams are My team is Licorice/Spica/Copy/Keith/Po… @ober997 @BorzyRom @VeteranEU Caps is easily the best danish mid laner in history, he's currently #2 or #1 dependin… @BorzyRom @VeteranEU XD @LeNoob63 Yeah bro it’s easy to become and maintain relevance in streaming, just no one wants to do it because they… just cannot wait to get out of this shit city and be able to stream on my own termsBut of course :) @hoajuu You tryina collect that bounty or?Idk if it this breaks any laws but if you date Sanchovies and get him to shave that mustache there MIGHT be financi… @hoajuu @Sanchovies @asyyyc Ratio’d by mike jones @hoajuu @Sanchovies @asyyyc In the words of Michael Jones “back then they didn’t want him now he hot they all on him” @hoajuu @Sanchovies @asyyyc Just deactivate for like a week and lay low after that one @Sanchovies @hoajuu @asyyyc ☠️As an animal lover I hope we can all agree that PETA is cringe I can get this fucking shit program to work on PC :DMy god damn Ethernet cord was old so I was only getting 20 download instead of 600...
Since the Friday Variety streams have been going so well we will continue tomorrow with GTA : San Andreas at 8 AM P… @FNC_Upset nah im good @Broxh_ should do it for sure, playing it now and loving itIWD - CASTING NAIHL PRO INHOUSES | TACTICAL COREJJ TOMIO TONY TOP 5FIRE VS GRIG HUHI COPY BOBJENKINS YEON actually gaslighted me into thinking that this Poki Fed drama was some crazy shit but its actually so boring…
Creating the master plan today with @Cloud9 @JackEtienne @Cloud9 When are you creating a seniors teamIf you want all the details on the Perkz trade to C9 and the Rekkles acquisition by G2 then don’t miss The Crack Do… @Voyboy Prob can get back into old hobbies during retirement 🙂My upstairs neighbor is legitimately the strongest man alive. He’s now found a way to dribble a bowling ball for hours on end. Impressive
I wonder how much it would cost to get a license from @HospitalRecords to be allowed to play their music as background music on stream @GiliusLoL @Vakin_jgReally enjoyed coaching and breaking down games and doing a full Bo5 yesterday on stream. I truly believe this in… - COACHING PRO-AM INHOUSES | Darshan RoseThorn APA Value CoreJJ is my team for the day! @CarlosR @Thorin True, when conducting business always try to act in the best interest of you biggest competitor an… starting team for tonight's inhouses will be @DarshanU @RoseThornLoL @alwaysplanahea1 @Value247 and @TLCoreJJ!…
@Tuesday_lol I can’t promise you an apology but I can promise you counterpick midThis is proof that pro players try to stunt their replacement’s growth for job security purposes! coaching debut to be Captaining/Coaching one of the inhouse teams tonight as opposed to casting. Who wants to be part of my… shit he's escaped the garden're live should be a fun stream, casting @TLCoreJJ's inhouses with @CaptainFlowers! BABY THE CAPTAIN FLOWERS/IWD DUO CAST FOR INHOUSES?? LETS GO @CaptainFlowers @UnFazedChaosx at the time that the tweet saysGoing to be casting these on my channel! Should be some fun games