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@Chapapi14 oh of course, not even the slightest bit surprising. Amateur is cursed with all these issues. Solafide comes to mind as well @Thorin Half the time I just feel so bad for them that they have to compromise their entire moral guidelines for su…'ve been scammed/fucked over so many times in esports by so many different companies/people and I never do anythin… a great discussion on coaching and team building with one of the longest standing coaches in the scene… @RiotPhreak Try out rumble @Fresh_Feline Did he go to hard summer? @tsmdunc It’s Mexican coke (real cane sugar as opposed to sweeteners) and it comes in a glass bottle @tsmdunc Man you need to try a mexican glass bottle coke brotherI'm just sitting here wondering how many influencers are going to be tweeting about how they got covid from going to Hard Summer @VeteranEU Steelback has been LEC level for like 2 years straight now on support
@Kiyoon I’m 1K lp below a guy who tweets shit like this, it’s doomed. @alegator_86 @FilipZoksimovsk @macaiyla 91 pounds still 91 pounds @FilipZoksimovsk @macaiyla wrong, i can lift 91How is this impressive? I've seen @macaiyla lift 3x this and she's 1/4th the age. @C9Perkz @Inspiredlol smite mid pussy you wont @Sanchovies The forest.LPL has the best tournament format in League of Legends and it's not close
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@AsycLoL @indiefoxxlive NVM, stay away from him @AsycLoL Asyc will treat you right @indiefoxxlive @FNC_Upset @Paulaeal Vitality sweating right nowRNG are still good? Who would have guessed. 18-2 in their last 20 games and 9-0 in their last 9 series. Still th… with the same 5 members won LPL in 2020 Spring and made finals in 2020 Summer. This split they came in 11th pl… @hoajuu then you woke up too early? I don't get what the problem is @hoajuu just wake upHE'S DONE IT!!! Knight officially has the world record for most solo kills in a split. He sits at 32 kills, 1 more…
Retweeted by Christian RiveraC9 IWD | TES VS OMG + RNG VS WE #LPLCoStream TES Wins this and they are in Playoffs Creme Qiyana game 1 @Voyboy The only people that still will support him after everything you’ve exposed are people who enjoy sending these types of DMs
Impact is someone whose name I'm barely seeing pop up for MVP votes. I definitely think he deserves more considera… complain about ads in league but it’s actually super fucking cringeworthy that during the Olympics they play… @WhiteKnight108 I think this set is pretty fun, I'm hardstuck Master-GM tho. Brain too old to push Challenger I guess @WhiteKnight108 TFT angleRA VS SN 2021 LPL Playoff Race #LPLCoStream
@Zven you a fortune teller or what?I respect Tactical for not taking the easy way through playoffs. @portilho @Linku @tsmdunc @xSojin @ayo_dom @Fudgecakey @Kirnino_ HUEHEUHEUHEUHEUE @tsmdunc Huni the type of guy to go 0-10 in that ARAM while sweating and play it off as "trolling"Neo actually the best Gragas i've seen in LCS this split (sorry @XerxeLoL)LCS PLAYOFF SEEDING DECIDED TODAY #LCSWatchParty @CrownshotLoL @G2Mikyx right now attempting the W flash mechanic on Lissandra OK!? @LaureBuliiV @CrownshotLoL @nelson_sng Secret XL FAN, it's all good I also hate @CrownshotLoL @LaureBuliiV @CrownshotLoL @nelson_sng Thats why he doesn't want it, they want G2 to winI have no idea why I've spent my time doing this, but the pun appeared in my head so I photoshopped it. I introduc…
Retweeted by Christian RiveraIG ARE SO GOD DAMN PAINFUL TO WATCH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH @Damonte 2-7 Angle LETS GO🦀IG IS GONE 🦀 @G2GrabbZ I got vaccinated and LCS instantly lost 50% of the overall viewership. Coincidence? @nelson_sng @JackEtienne Tommy is inevitable, REPSECT @Shakarez yeah I found it in the video description of an LEC YouTube video XD @Shakarez Playoff datesWhy is it so hard to find playoff information for LEC potentially 1 week before playoffs starts? I literally had t…
@AsycLoL @juliamajch Just trying to wingman you bro chill @AsycLoL @juliamajch Hey Asyc, thanks for making me a Buffalo toe nail pizza and then shitting your pants in front… did a 1 AM, a 7 AM, and a 12 PM stream today and just don’t have much energy left. Gonna take off LCS today and… fuck Kirei please man Liveview LEC with @IWDominateLoL
Retweeted by Christian RiveraXDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDLEC Liveviewing with Febivern the Gardener | LCS CoStream After Match of the Week FPX vs JDG | FPX Enjoyers? ModCheck #LPLCoStream @akaNemsko Does Blizzard have hospitals? @WhambamJP @Veigar_v2 Just in general a very low damage comp @RiotPhreak Whatever happens just can't miss The International @Veigar_v2 I mean I don't think TL's draft is very good either tbh @Ablazeolive Flex Syndra/Trist gap
@LSXYZ9 And LS Twitter claims another victim @PenguinCasts_ I actually went back, it was his first shot lolNah there's no way Gnar Q just stole Soul with no contest...My respect for @Froskurinn after saying FUCK TSM on broadcast 📈📈📈BIG DAY OF LCS | TSM VS 100T AND C9 VS EG | #LCSWatchParty @VeteranEU Nah I just made up that huni played that lane like shit :pWTF am I watching?Imagine being Hirit this game, your jungler comes feeds free fb and red to your laner (that already counters you).… Adam Renek in Week 8 @k3soju @emilyywng @Prestivent we remember what you said about emily wang you mother fuckerI'm just a collector hater. I hate it in almost every build all the time, looks so out of place with sunderer/steraks on GP.Damn Armut winning Jayce vs GP in LEC just like Xiaohu and Nuguri in LPL @pcdv8r Just trying to start WW3 on social media, I respect it.It must be more complicated than I think but how on earth did the LEC timer become so dogshit this split with it sk… @Yassuo Moehatma Ghandi#FREEBBAnyone elses OBS Studio perma crash these days?My prediction is Tahm Kench rules LEC/LCS this week, lets see if it ends up becoming true.11 HOUR STREAM TODAY - LEC LIVEVIEW INTO LCS CoStream | Starting off with VIT vs S04 | PLAYOFF RACE IS ON @CarGoesB3epBeep @FiyaBear_ @JoshRaven96 @Nukeduck bingo brother @FiyaBear_ @JoshRaven96 @Nukeduck The real entitlement is thinking that your opinion should matter on this where yo… @possiblyaGod @JoshRaven96 @Nukeduck I think the downsides outweigh the positives by far. Ive never gotten death t… @possiblyaGod @JoshRaven96 @Nukeduck This is EXACTLY what I'm advocating for, anonymity just allows people to be th… @trna12718689 @JoshRaven96 @Nukeduck Sure i've commented, its more that I don't think my opinion on any of those th… @FiyaBear_ @JoshRaven96 @Nukeduck Im advocating for top 1% (HUGE FUCKING POOL OF PLAYERS) to have their opinion con… @JoshRaven96 @Nukeduck Which is probably a good thing, people hard abuse anonymity to shit on pretty much every con… @DjapeFS @JoshRaven96 @Nukeduck its like all of masters too pretty much its a huge pool @Nukeduck @JoshRaven96 Yes and because of those blind spots their opinion shouldn't hold the same amount of weight @FiyaBear_ @JoshRaven96 @Nukeduck How obnoxious to believe that your ability to play a strategy game would determin… @JoshRaven96 @Nukeduck I think especially in a game that has an extremely low mechanical bar compared to other game… vs FPX Our rebirth. #jdgwin
Retweeted by Christian Rivera @nelson_sng @pcdv8r I mean teams rarely even do 8 hour days anymore let’s be honest, it’s 5 hours or less of scrims and then free time :P
@AzaelOfficial FactsThis is a guy who preaches about streamer negativity on reddit btw @ItsMeHimi @KaraCorvus Frosted flakes in S tier with their broken glass shard ass cereal. This list is super illegal for that.