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Izogi (Hiatus) @Izogii Glendale, CA

Carly Henson /22/ Character Designer @ Netflix / Prev CN Intern Just a cool kid tryna have a good time! / Contact: /

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@KAINONAUT So fucking disgusting Im so sorry
Time flows away in an instant.
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@KAINONAUT Do it 😈 I would absolutely buyBday in a week
@TheFantasticIan Happy Birthday sweet Ian! 🎉🎉🎉 May your day be as bright as you!!
Mash Rose Provensen (1918-2018) & Martin Provensen (1916-1987)
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I dont want to keep spamming on the tl w/ pointless text posts so im gonna chill for a bit, but I'll be back soon e… last couple of months have been spiritually and emotionally draining in a lot of ways And i feel this pressur… going back and forth abt my self worth as an artist lately And been dealing w a nasty burnout these last few m… @cybunnyhada Yo thank you so much for the heads up, i had seen rad post abt it on ig but had no idea how quickly things devolved! @radsechrist RAD!!! :(((( i'm so sorry omg just blocked and reported the stolen account- I hope you're able to get…
Retweeted by Izogi (Hiatus) @LeCorbussy omg yeah!! please feel free ! 😭💕 @jumbogumbo4 THANK YOU SO MUCHBurger and Wado--
Retweeted by Izogi (Hiatus) @schlndwn :O!!!!! omg yeah absolutely! go for it! @TheFantasticIan aw thanks ian!!i wonder if these would make cool tattoos
@TheFantasticIan i miss him俺も彩度100にしてみた
Retweeted by Izogi (Hiatus)/sucks the flavor dust off my fingers like some kind of starved, deranged animal/ i would fight wars for thesethis is the best snack in the entire world this is my forbidden lover my heart's one desire
@Nagrolaz Happy bday colo!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 @manny_oe love how much personality you always put into your designs these are SO GOOD!!!
Bruh @Shnikkles DUDE SAMEEEE there's so many little things I forgot about the series over the years but its been so fun… @Shnikkles omg literally all of my friends have started one piece recently bc of quarantine and so far they're lovi…
@DroseAttack oo! illustrations if you have any! i've been digging through my own references, but I thought i'd see… know where i can find good anime-type glove hand references? that kinda chunky style like you would see in… @lirthel omMG😍💕💕💕💕💕Norman Lindsay
Retweeted by Izogi (Hiatus)African Gothic. Bad. Ass.
Retweeted by Izogi (Hiatus)no clue when they'll arrive- it might be like 2 months from now cause of backorder 😓 but I got them in red!!!!
@oni_hat VTUBER VTUBER VTUBER LETS GOOOOO @doodlefrog Definitely a pricey expenditure 😭 But i bought mine from Moxi skates! From what im seeing they seem to… @AriadnePicaro skaTES BAYBEE 🤩uPDATE: I BOUGHT SKATES 😳Hello! My name is Artyom Trakhanov. Sometimes I draw comics (Protector, 7 Deadly Sins, Turncoat, Undertow, Slavic N…
Retweeted by Izogi (Hiatus) @DreaminErryDay LMAOOO dude i used to draw on tests and forget to erase them before handing them in Teachers used t… @mariehrx LOVE!!!! 💕
2020"ODEON", an animated short series by Jonathan Djob Nkondo, now airing in the U.S. on FXX channel ("Cake" program).…
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@hamtarto @Bunnynaut omg ham what is this gif called @rhymewithrachel bro--- bro you're doin smth here--- you're onto smth u might have snapped the tea a lil bit here… @spookybri YES BRI!!!!!
Retweeted by Izogi (Hiatus)I JUST started saving up enough money to plan a trip to japan 😭😭 Im so sad rn u dont even knowTheyre closing the tokyo tower one piece exhibit down permanently because of covid .... Yall.... PLEASE... SAY SIKE PLEASE SAY SIKE @foxville_art YOU LOOK STUNNING~~~!!!!
Hey, i'm Carly-! Recent animation grad, and currently a Character Designer at Netflix working on some real cool thi… accidentally deleted my pinned portfolio tweet last night so i'm going to be reuploading a new tweet to pin- just ignore it @practice_novice Silvagunner 'Core Kabula- Kirby Planet Robobot' ! @YAKETY_YAK_YOLK they really have a knack for rips!! LMAO I accidentally got stuck in the PSY rip section today an… rot @insidematthieu waa your drawings always have so much life and form to them matthieu!!🤩 these are so charming!!
@softosoft YES!!!! omg i'm so happy for you dude !! congrats!!Netflix Animation is looking for Art Trainees for prop design! If you're interested in applying, go to…
Retweeted by Izogi (Hiatus) @aydanadhira Oh! And dont be afraid to exaggerate! Half of the fun of drawing faces/profiles is trying to see how m… @aydanadhira I find looking at random photos of people and fashion models brings me a lot of inspiration when it co… @aydanadhira Apologies if a lot of this information comes off as generic/overplayed! 😭 this is what has helped me p… @aydanadhira It can take some time, but the more you do it, the easier it will become! You'll begin to find patter… @aydanadhira ! ! Aw thanks so much dude! And honestly, what helped me best was studying human anatomy and facial s…
how am i just now finding out jango has heart shaped eyes WHAT @RacoonRaptor I should clarify im also black lol And I agree with where you're coming from on this My issue is not…
Whuddup Twitter! I’m a show runner at Cartoon Network. I am looking for black/brown character designers that love t…
Retweeted by Izogi (Hiatus)Cornelius Fredericks died after 3 men sat on his chest for over 10 minutes, all because he playfully threw a sandwi…
Retweeted by Izogi (Hiatus)IF Fast-Food had an Action packed Animated series
Retweeted by Izogi (Hiatus)Just wanna say thank you guys for enjoying my art and putting up w me and my constant posting ilysm thank you 🥺💕💕💕💕
@KAINONAUT Oh this looks fire omgSpace Dandy is a dandy guy in space.
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Mon #sailormoonredraw
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@okapitar oh my god dude these are incredible they're so CHaRMING AHHHHHHHHeh
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Retweeted by Izogi (Hiatus)JUSTICE FOR BREONNA TAYLORwhat's up #PortfolioDay I'm a queer Korean illustrator, comic artist and tattooer. I'm really weird about being an…
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🦀 ✨ hello #PortfolioDay !! 🌞 i’m a freelance illustrator based in toronto, looking for work in editorial, comics, m…
Retweeted by Izogi (Hiatus) @jacobossa Dude your art slaps and rocks my mind constantly!! I love your work so much!! 🥺💕💕💕💕 And omg thank you! I…'s #PortfolioDay again! hello i'm Sheryl and i'm a #visdev #artist based in LA! i'm still looking for work and a…
Retweeted by Izogi (Hiatus)Lrt FOLLOW JACOB FOLLOW JACOB FOLLOW JACOB FOLLOW JACOB AHHHHHHHHthis is all i got #under10kgang
Retweeted by Izogi (Hiatus) @sinister_taint 🥺🥺🥺🥺💕💕💕💕💕hi! i'm Jean, a Malaysian character designer based in Vancouver. Here are some of my works🌞#PortfolioDay Will be…
Retweeted by Izogi (Hiatus) @Chibuyum DUDE SAME HERE omg I didn't realize how much I missed him until I started rewatching it recently I can't… bumpHi!🧙‍♂️ I'm an Illustrator available for your creative projects! Love solving problems metaphorically in Editorial…
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@jessluongart OMG JESSICA DGLDLGHSLGHNi did it i committed the ultimate sin.... i ate chocolate while wearing new white pants and stained them 2020 wants…