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@Rewind1K @MitcheIl @factszy “cares” @m2sty no @MitcheIl @Rewind1K i think your screenshot is perfect the way it is 🫂 @m2sty i would let her bug me every 10 seconds @Rewind1K @MitcheIl WOAH WHATS WRONG WITH BEING A LITTLE DARK??? @Polar_Pioneers @SolClones @TeamSynergy @ATKmode @VIRTUOSOVAL syn vs sen when? @duhloraa man
@lurmo_ @TeamSynergy poggers @Spenczz @TeamSynergy 7ikJgzQ4zaHxMAyEoh9WxtGJkYBLUgS6vGAg25jNSrHF @TeamSynergy yo @TeamSynergy @J33BY @TeamSynergy @maumiee who is him @maumiee this reply would’ve made it 0.75 SOL @maumiee you’re lucky i replied to you without charging you 0.25 sol @maumiee ratio @notokayrosie i just copy and pasted tbhshe’s so fine ima just let her win every argument
Retweeted by Jeeby ⚪️ @Polar_Pioneers give free mint @Rayzahs @MadDayus @TeamSynergy you can check if he’s followed by syn page @m2sty i wouldn’t do this to her just putting it out there @mzttss as long as i get the one with flowers holding it @alviism oh @avlatr @Rewind1K @Albaaxo @maumiee i would quit nfts if it meant that she would give me a chance 😪 @maumiee i just realized this is a 1000 IQ play into getting guys with deep voices to slide in ur dms LMAO @Albaaxo @Rewind1K @maumiee why won’t she give me a chance alba @Rewind1K @maumiee it’s ok i’ll be able to treat the one for me right someday @Rewind1K @maumiee nah i gave up this was just a joke @maumiee ima need ur address and all that @Spenczz BRO 😭 @Spenczz synergy is powered by kovaaks too jajaja @antxxn i have no clue @antxxn same thing with condoms i think @antxxn flavored lube @Rewind1K check ur cashapp @Rewind1K how much is it @adrianastreams j33by :)
@Nighty10k fr @venusluvvr when my turn @Polar_Pioneers wen jeeby 1/1 airdrop @maumiee we the same @Spenczz @okazyey bro @okazyey my personal favorite is “my little jpeg collector 🥰🥰🥰🥰” @okazyey orange mucus, upside down frog, milk juice, etc. @Adrianfnm shut up @TheOddWaffles yooo @luvvoceann poggers + ratio jajajaAnime : Bunny Girl Senpai
Retweeted by Jeeby ⚪️
@Nighty10k me too me too🎁 GIVEAWAY 🎁 📅: LIVE Fire 💰Price: 0.3 SOL 🏆Prize: 3 x NFT ($100+) 1⃣Follow @J33BY & @udbayc 2⃣RT + ❤️ 3⃣Tag Frie… @DevourPeanut @wildwestverse these are so sick omfg @skxpski 5k not good enough man @TeamSynergy 🗣️🗣️🗣️ @scarI2t tis a joke i just got paid like $300 to make a tweet in a few minutes i cant stop nowyour favorite jett main in the new episode of VALORANT
Retweeted by Jeeby ⚪️ @scarI2t it brings in money tho 😪 @scarI2t i can do this and she still won’t choose me @m2sty hi @MitcheIl @MoonKiller_VAL i’m always here for u 🥰🥰🥰🥰 @mojiwtf when dty 🙏 @LarryBanks05 where can i purchase one of theserealized that i had fumbled atrociously while i had the chanceafter a meeting with the counsel it is officially time for me to move on guys @Rewind1K i just wanna be enough for her man @tiffqyn ratio @TeamSynergy fr @TenZOfficial when is it my turn @Rewind1K @Glickward wewind🎁NFT GIVEAWAY🎁 1️⃣ Follow @SolPokerHouse 2️⃣ Join our Discord: 3️⃣ Like + RT ⏱️ 72hrs to…
@spenczisdense my fault master @spenczisdense i’m 13 bro @SynergyPistol @zuckrs @syIv1a i don’t refer to women as bitches i refer to them as beautiful independent strong women :) @m2sty this my fav quote ever @scarI2t i don’t wanna have to pay $3 a month just to show something i have that’s $1k+ is real 😭 @zuckrs @syIv1a she got a really pretty name ngl @Spenczz @m2sty and how to make her love me back jajaja @Spenczz @m2sty only thing i wanna learn about is staking @m2sty u weren’t jk it’s impossible for me @m2sty only good thing ab having 0 independent beautiful strong women is that i’ll have no one to miss @m2sty who is him @ryuwtff NICEEE @kndohs oh my fault i was just tryna stop by @klefoh LMAO @maumiee @Trent7k woah what a coincidence @Voxbii sure thing @Voxbii delete and say yesguys am i nice and generous @Trent7k @maumiee is this true @maumiee thx @m2sty there’s a 0% chance that you are 5’8 unfortunately @maumiee if ur on ft with caleb rn tell him we can start hsm after i shower @maumiee ik a guy named jeeby that can provide you with anything regardless of how expensive it is 🙈 @spceys whyd u put so much money into a derivative @spceys wdym @maumiee hey hahaha (i’m the sanrio bouquet thing that you want) @BazziVAL WWWW @mojiwtf dude please$15 | 210.000 IDR ~ 3 HOURS ~ retweet + follow @udbayc @die4nat depends