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Jack @J4CKMULL Manchester, England

Don't DM me unless you want my children πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦ Business / promo -

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We really all owe 2019 an apology @The_Kitsman @SoundersFC @MLS Yes mate please @The_Kitsman @SoundersFC @MLS Incredible shirt this, couldn't get my hands on it when I last seen itIt's actually amazing what going for a long walk in the sun can do for your mental health when you're not feeling too great
Literally me rn when I should be sleeping episode of black mirror is this? @timthetatman @EzekielElliott πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯being in your 20’s is like β€œif I can just get through this week I’ll be ok” but every fucking week
@Kwebbelkop @MrBeastYT What an LThis is not a "glo up" please stop aspiring to be people who pay mega money to alter themselves, if shes happy then… @ArianaGrande @ladygaga Oh my fucking god @brierichelle It is xDont forget to follow me, I follow back too x @kayPOWXD It happened last time, I cant wait for the second waveWhite chocolate is the best chocolate and you cant change my mind @damnraqzz 😭😭😭😭
I am officially scarred forever 😭
Retweeted by Jacklong live mac miller
Retweeted by Jack90's R&B will forever be undefeated, nobody can change my mind @craymusic Queen of tiktok @ArianaGrande Two queens ❀❀Ariana Grande is such a baddie, I'm actually in loveBig spoon and little spoon @razza6999 Sat here eating em, I dont believe it @amy_jadee I'm sat here eating them now and I dont believe they're all the same, Google is bullshittingMy entire life is a lie, how are all skittles the same flavour? @_rpviii *humanity also left*Things I didn't want to see today: 1. This
@ArianaGrande @ladygaga 2 queens @CouRageJD @timthetatman Lmaooooo
We are only mean because we love you
Retweeted by Jack @breequigs @HeathHussar @MariahAmato My guy heath is the king of the cowboy hat @HaleyyStout I got u covered Coors queen @akaMrMarcus Greece bossMcDonald's hate the north and I for one am disgusted @McDonaldsUK Why only the south? Dont be like this lads bring some up north too.1/2 A message from Tom; 'I am absolutely overwhelmed. Never for one moment could I have imagined I would be awarded…
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Dont just like the tweet, follow me too I follow back @Q7Niki It's some weird avatar profile picture thing, everyone is doing it and it's so annoying @Q7Niki So sick of them haha @Ninja @FortniteINTEL Lmaoooo "intel" took the biggest L @theemskennedy Switzerland @taco_papi @LilNasX I'm not sure but I hope he says yee-hawThese are the kind of places I'm tryna see with my future babe @CaleSaurage Good luck bud*me, kneeling with tears in my eyes* Will you do me the honour of turning me-haw, into we-haw? really wish I could see my friends 2020 was a movie character: @Valkyrae SameMe: *opens Facebook* My entire timeline: @Metaaphor Hero, cheers! @Metaaphor Hey man, i run a gaming network on Facebook with over 1M likes, any chance we can use your video with full credit?
my brain every night: is ever too busy, it's all about priorities @Q7Niki Facts are facts @officialcctc Correct @Jess_RLC Mango juice is better than them both tbhOnce again I'm here to remind you that apple juice is better than orange juice @ArianaGrande @ladygaga really do be like that though @realDonaldTrump Grow upNah I'm too petty for that I'll just argue with you until the end of time instead πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ you've finally had enough of the quarantine @AshleaaJade Gonna be a long day for u hunny xo @AshleaaJade Makes two of us wide awake πŸ™ƒ
I swear it just feels like bad manners going through a woman's bag you again the internet teaches me things I'm too dumb to realise @timthetatman @cloakzy WaitBlack Mirror 2020'd rather be here without a care in the world 🌊
Me after watching Dourtmund play
Do you ever look at your face and think "I wish my nose was smaller" or is it just me?This was the life of a kid born in the early 90's, talk to me about fashion @Ninja Ass and a pizzaNot sure who needs to hear this but you will never regret being the better person @arianasjstin Works wonders, I do this weekly @theintrovert0ne @Twitter Not when your reach is restricted man πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ @ZubyMusic @Twitter Thanks man!Today is my @Twitter birthday, it's been 11 years since I made my account 🎈
Not to be dramatic but I would die for Storm @Ally7Ally Ally it could be inside out and I'd still do anything to eat oneThe goodest boy @DeauxRaeIsMe Im English Rae, ours have. @officialcctc I honestly cant wait @CoDJohnStud Not in the UK manMe watching my first pint get poured in the pub after quarantine @livcookxx I'm v sad livI miss you sm x @beeronts Italy to Bristol, ouchSomeone come visit Lake Garda in Italy with me 😍"Wait for me human, I am only smol" @officialcctc Black tea, sugar, splash of almond milk
Retweeted by JackThere's something so calming about listening to the rain @ACBaldwin16 Bourbon creams! @ACBaldwin16 Of course! @Jenni_Marie8819 Coffee at night?!I'm such a slut for a cup of tea and a movie in bedIf I don't get to find out what they're hiding in Area 51 before I die I'm gonna be pissed