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jazzy ko ! @j4zzyko tsusai l he/him l 20

already dead so im not scared of dying

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@_NotTeryn why me?? @Oreologist @Boy1drr @lovellaxo he taught you too?I love white women @IcyVert holy shit bangerOMG?????
Retweeted by jazzy ko !jean is off this app, today is a good day. @CultureCrave @Variety oh my god @leahdb98 its not that bad anymoreBAPESTA AOT THEMED SHOES GIVEAWAY retweet and follow to enter ending 21/04/21 good luck ✨
Retweeted by jazzy ko ! @Boy1drr he said the thing @Briszee @DerekJoon that sounds nasty @leahdb98 I gave her my holo charizard and she dipped @hvirid iced matcha latte with brownsugar goes crazy @buffcore I dont need to be strong, you're the alpha @buffcore I like milkies @Boy1drr sheesh you look great @TheTopViking cryin @TheTopViking who got catfished lol @Kittyghostin @visionofviii @XxQu1cKSc0peZz @prakdip that jean fella so weird @Kittyghostin @visionofviii @XxQu1cKSc0peZz @prakdip reality is rewritten πŸ™ @prakdip gosh I hate him too @prakdip omg I love frank Ocean heyy @baggedbabe18 strawberry best flavor @pupb0icarti why is this word blacklisted for me @simpin_fr wtf is this bruh @RealShadesMcGee sheesh πŸ’―πŸ₯΅ @endeylive @Bongo_Boy @TwitterSupport LMAOO @_karsz @XxQu1cKSc0peZz why is this girl tilting in the photo @exJackiee @OTKnetwork @REALMizkif vouch @Bongo_Boy get it, its pretty fundoing COC rates! @Froste @Boy1drr mob moment @VanishingTerror THANK YOU @yalocaIwaifu @sail0ramy I'm in love with you @ELPWSwastaken I was really looking forward to an elpws stream !
@TheTopViking yeah cause im a popular loner @TheTopViking ur part of the weird kids @TheTopViking Just cause im mexican huh @TheTopViking yeah its me lolFINALLY @Luciid23 that baby fucking sucks at rapping @Oreologist @JoeyTheSuperJew no shot @Oreologist @JoeyTheSuperJew this is bait right? @ELPWSwastaken @SkreetMan flop @siccbagel idk but look @silvasalavisa you were right @DerekJoon @HERlSSA @Briszee and i showed briszee to both of them, this was my doing. i fucked the timeline @DerekJoon @HERlSSA @nCaustic_ i feel like nat is gonna corrupt pure herissa @HERlSSA @nCaustic_ @DerekJoon wtf is this crossover @ELPWSwastaken leave her alone pal @HERlSSA who ever did ur pfp popped off holy
@WillLuvsYou 10 @KaleiRenay piss my pants @22lexi_ you pick 2 @lavagrll we wanna see your tiddies @JhbTeam I hope they get terminated! @_NotTeryn she never responded ;-; @Froste this popped off Ladies!! Get THE BEST vibrator from Revolving hearts !! with @DerekJoon - I play Sent but willing to fill any role - Derek plays Sova/Sage can play duelist - Have e…
Retweeted by jazzy ko ! @sophiesolit fuck you @jordanfisher OH MY GOD HE SAID THE THING @OnTheFlyTwitch Lil durk a fan lol
@silvasalavisa @Wis_Alt @fandomhuub @COSTCOBACKWOODS yeah cause it ain't photoshop bruh @sophsolit ill uncolonize you @sophsolit YOURE ONE OF THEM @HERlSSA ill be giving you spanish songs then @HERlSSA wanna learn spanish @WillLuvsYou fuck no @IHATEVIRGlNS what the fuck broI no longer want a white girl because I cant play slow Spanish songs with her @thegingerbatt same. @valkmyrie take it back @OnTheFlyTwitch yall are nuts @buffcore @thegingerbatt how do you like yours? @oFabz praying
@Oreologist @oFabz @itsandreabotez shes just thinking of a reply, give her time @sophiesolit just say u saw some boobs @siccbagel what the , why not @siccbagel can u introduce me to ur hot friends thanks @XxQu1cKSc0peZz @Boy1drr my bad @XxQu1cKSc0peZz @Boy1drr mmm @2dlex nice flowers πŸ‘ @reaIlyshort @prakdip fr i could barely take care of my dog @IcyVert good video icy πŸ‘ @Oreologist @itsandreabotez OREO SHOOTS @IcyVert happy bday!! @wittlekittin mine too
@notbil_cipher u couldn't talk to a girl either @notbil_cipher lol @qcures @Layymooon @AksharaMReji ok @Layymooon @AksharaMReji @Daymeeein @BrotherYeehaw @RealShadesMcGee @JCFCofficiaI VALID AF BREH πŸ₯ΆπŸ’―πŸ’― @IcyVert @pupb0icarti Ill send you links in a bit @pupb0icarti @IcyVert yeah you can get a way better one @leahdb98 I NEED THE PINK AXE TOO
@Josh_Tries can't wait for him to win! @kvrohs nothing. @kvrohs I needed this @wtfKobra happy bday!!!