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jazzy @j4zzyko 4EVER (he/him)

yo soy tu wachito rico

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@stereoberrys SAD! @Isahellish sup @Oreologyst dude FUCK THAT GAMEmy hair is long and I have to cut it but I don't wanna go cause every time I do, they fuck it up @Nefertidddy sleep @oFabz can yall stop tagging me 🙄😹 @Oreologist AHAHAHA IM DYING @KittenElise @liImorg @Oreologist @oFabz DUDE WHYY @Oreologist @oFabz @KittenElise this man is really trying to do a speed run @megnrnee is that a yes @megnrnee can I borrow 5 dollars @Oreologist @KittenElise youre gonna make her deactivate tooim crine, he made one girl deactivate and the other one go priv LMFAOOO
Retweeted by jazzy @reaIlyfunny LOL @Grahamalott the end AHAHA @Boy1drr @AlexaDemie ill get to her one day @sophiesolit yeah and @Boy1drr ask her @AlexaDemie @oFabz bro its like eating hot chocolate con pan @Nefertidddy thats why you put it in the middle @ELPWSwastaken @scarrfries no I didn't @scarrfries did u stay up all night @Hehe_TV @Hehes_Wifey I made u haha and she made you hehe wasn't it @visionofviii do we have our own private esex channel? @Hehe_TV @Hehes_Wifey you cheated on me :( @AlexaDemie bump lol @sophiesolit yeah? @Hiko what was he in jail for? @wtfKobra @rinaeles you can spare a couple gifted subs @rinaeles @wtfKobra fr send proof here tho @endeylol @BrenBrenlol please SHUT THE FUCK UP ENDEYPLEASE TAKE ME, IM LITERALLY LISTENING TO BROCKHAMPTON RN @rinaeles ill stay up for you @rinaeles going to sleep @NoshinOcean are u ok @BrenBrenlol shouldn't you be getting tucked in bed by the staff at your retirement home?chewing my water @playgirlyas sup @silvasalavisa fr @jwtrammell @Dexerto @HarryButAverage go feed your starving childrenalmost there @scarrfries yeah no we're fine now @scarrfries bro the fires were so close to me but they're gone now lol @scarrfries California @scarrfries I absolutely love the rain, it feels like warm and cozy. I love hearing the sound of it too, can we trade places lol @jakkuxd we will both meet our alt lovers one day @scarrfries wait is it raining @jakkuxd BOYS HIT HIM UP PLEASE @rossstopher_ good morning @jakkuxd go get ur alt boy jakku @scarrfries ITS A GOOD SONG also why u sadI need a gf for the holidays @scarrfries well here listen to this @scarrfries what song are we listening @anitneIav poetic @yungricepatty @scarrfries OMG DINO NUGGETS @nosainta poor man @Boy1drr gn leg @katellahh omg welcome back katellah @clairo CLAIRE HELLO HII PLEASE NOTICE ME @endeylol shut up moronthinking of her @rossstopher_ how are you my king @TheSamsman why @bbyslaze yes pls update me @rossstopher_ hiii ross @bbyslaze i hope everything goes well !!!yeah letting yall know that @xAidanZul and @100TJackiee 's song is a banger. #JCFCALBUM October 30 be ready. @_karsz @Boy1drr @Nefertidddy dude huh? @reaIlyfunny @Boy1drr @Nefertidddy dude please untag me omg @Boy1drr @Nefertidddy get away from me you sicko @Boy1drr @Nefertidddy WHY DID U TAG ME??? @reaIlyfunny @sophiesolit yeah hes so ugly @optiuh odesza is so poggers @ImMashed_Potato I'm not even pretending to be a girl, go back to playing genshin lil man @ImMashed_Potato your name is literally potato, I dont wanna hear it from you @ImMashed_Potato bro you're a child 😹 @Nefertidddy dude @TheSamsman heat 🔥 @SkreetMan @TheMob @hitchariide u were nuts @optiuh @Nefertidddy I want some orange juice
@reaIlyfunny @CorinnaKopf aired @reaIlyfunny are we cool? @Nefertidddy horrible joke 👎 @xoxabstract no sadly @oFabz glad you're back @roojuliee what did bison do to you @oFabz my king is back @oFabz @af4iry @Oreologist @reaIlyfunny dude ur fumbling so bad @sophiesolit @G00NGII get away from me you FREAK @G00NGII @sophiesolit DUDE @af4iry @Oreologist @reaIlyfunny @oFabz bring him back then @sophiesolit yeah sorry i did that, youre a fucking man @Oreologist @af4iry @oFabz where is he @Boy1drr ishan my biggest fan wassupratio @sophiesolit stop using my name for clicks you whore @prakdip @sophiesolit @yNope_ @vietNblack @ItsZenron no jazzy slander @yNope_ @sophiesolit @ItsZenron @vietNblack i hate u