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@G00NGII @leahdb98 a jacket @leahdb98 my dog and I are late to the post @gf2swag need 50 @JoeyTheSuperJew LMAOO @Attqcks happy birthday Alex!!LIL B'S #NOSEX movement MEANS NO SEX AT ALL!!! NO TYPE OF SEX. NONE RT THIS IF YOU ARE APART OF IT
Retweeted by jazzy @SiriuslySarina real sad hours @100shreccs STOP @Boy1drr I'm here
@cyphersimp @Grahamalott if you love her so much why don't you marry her @notchaselyons nvm I already follow @notchaselyons I gotchui love you !!!
Retweeted by jazzy @SimpinFR it's clearly a yes right @raspbabygirl @prakdip NEEED HER @Logic301 @GFuelEnergy LETS GOO @JERMAlNE @mxmtoon hiiii @HarryButAverage @SteelSeries POGGERS @tommyinnit @WilburSoot omg it's that guy from victorious @FusnIV fr need someone to do my eyebrows @sophiesolit we stan @sophiesolit @sophiesolit @sophiesolit this a classic jazzy was styling @sophiesolit mmmm bachata @Boy1drr I hope u passed @longneckedbeck cool, he does that every day @fvckwill and @Nefertidddy PLEASE @no9mi dude u need help @no9mi @Nefertidddy @hoedoroki me too @ripyambo crickets @fvckwill @gg7homas lol what happened to old zealand @fvckwill @JhbTeam gonna block u @Boy1drr gn leg @MoH4_hhh thank u @cyphersimp lol idk @cyphersimp huh @xLambo_ @longneckedbeck frrr @cyphersimp yeah im different @cyphersimp yeah and solve racism during lunch @cyphersimp imma solve world hunger next @IamLilimar lol heyyy @cyphersimp dont sleep then @Daymeeein YOU KILLED IT @longneckedbeck @jesus_is_king33 @xvslader @Boy1drr @CrypticNo @VinnyCantFight i do too @longneckedbeck @jesus_is_king33 @xvslader @Boy1drr @CrypticNo @VinnyCantFight bro thats a duck @Boy1drr @cyphersimp shes jealousPlease read if you have time Read:
Retweeted by jazzy @lemiwrap buenas noches! @leahdb98 i wonder if twitter is starting to think ur a bot @Briszee @luvmia__ breezee @lemiwrap hola lemi, casi es tiempo de dormir @lemiwrap si porque? @JoeyTheSuperJew lol heyy @fvckwill @KingEmail0 pass again @fvckwill changed her mind @fvckwill @KingEmail0 pass @fvckwill yeah its your sister and i @KingEmail0 go back to ur little jerk circle @pdotsully @BakeHatesItHere u got me right @Attqcks mf i aint edating @Boy1drr nou broke my tv @Grahamalott
@visionofviii what ocean @BakeHatesItHere @may_wedda his chat just like mine @silvasalavisa why would I hit her @Yuhuuur @longneckedbeck @jeangaultierr prince you were supposed to be on my side @longneckedbeck @jeangaultierr but I will @no9mi GO NOEMI GOO @shookpika omg ur skirt has pockets @Boy1drr gn leg @serenatei does that unfollow button look good to you rn @leahdb98 bro what account did u mean to post it to lmfaooo @leahdb98 ???? @JERMAlNE ive been informed @JERMAlNE wait i feel like i missed something on the tl @endeylol @JhbTeam @notchaselyons @ELPWSwastaken yeah, gimme 10bucks and ill go beat him up @JhbTeam @endeylol @notchaselyons @ELPWSwastaken hes from sacramento? @leahdb98 In quantum physics, entangled particles remain connected so that actions performed on one affect the othe… @lemiwrap HAVE A GOOD DAY MAN @lemiwrap HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEMI !! @jackiereyz sup lol @endeylol @Wis_Alt @shivisdumb is he bothering you queen @maids It was a pretty good day till I saw this
@Boy1drr OMG NEED IT HOLLYYwhat it do aha @clairo @leahdb98 poggers @sophiesolit yoo i need to frame some of mine @Nefertidddy @convvr dont talk to me @convvr @Nefertidddy she sent it to me too @Boy1drr let me INLETS GOOO ISHAN GONNA GIVE US MATERIAL FOR A WEEK @charlieacog 🤝 @charlieacog wanna have a skirt photoshoot @charlieacog nope