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Jack 🔶️ @J_Holliss Plymouth, England

24, Devon boy, Liberal Democrat, Economics/Politics graduate. Chaotic Bi.

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The takeaway lesson from Lisa Nandy today is don't you ever bloody dare write anything with a dash of nuance or a w…
Oh we getting the gang back together boysIf u like this tweet you are a true ally x"Wow I can't believe that Pete Buttigieg is too gay for some people and not gay enough for others" Bisexuals: @Emmingott Nahhh solid B because it covers all bases @JoshTrood Okay I see and I will stop tho just out of interested *if you were* to do a new playthrough, which you'r… @blair_scott95 Fuck that @Emmingott Quarter pounder meal and 9 mcnuggets decisions were made go get that mcdonalds I really wanted last night, but ultimately decided against because going through the dr… @JoshTrood I mean, name a game with a better opening sequence? @blair_scott95 Which one?When I tell yall I am HOLLERING 😭😭
Retweeted by Jack 🔶️ @blair_scott95 2,10,17 @blair_scott95 I can legit remember buying it release day with my buck teeth and emo fringe. Bring back 2010. @blair_scott95 Same it's still one of my tops. Tho I just realised it's a decade old now and that's upsettingToday feels like a "new Mass Effect 2 playthrough" kind of day tbh @SimaDavarian I wont allow it! Technically only 2 areas and it's because HQ is useless. But I will absolutely take…
@neilrpickles Our queen 😥 @blair_scott95 I'm the daddy now @BenPowick Same but I was bored and needed a change and now he wont leave me aloneGetting valentines day texts from a man I turned to in a moment of desperation and madness one night last week 🙄 @WorrallJack One of our activists in the GE was born post invasion of Iraq and I felt sickThis guy thinks that this is a gay pride knife, it's Afghan flag colours. Don't need to tell people you're a hetero… @WPTench Nah the claps were a necessary evilTrump vs Bloomberg 2020 @miss_s_b Bring back aqua @shakespeare_t @miss_s_b Magenta is good salmon pink is badI really hope we're not going to make salmon pink part of our colour scheme because on the passes its bloody vile @nickadopoulos Literally the third time I've ever worn it, piss off lmao @beninthenorth Would much prefer a simpler uniformity personally aha @MFoxEastHam Its two, home is South Hams but I live and work in MDNP so asked to get it changed and as usual HQ got it half right @beninthenorth If it was that it would have to be Dorset Mid too @miss_s_b Love the colourMy conference pass looks like it's been through a random constituency name generator @MarshallGradyT You've already talked to them, mistakes HAVE been made @MarshallGradyT We've all made that mistake..
@Liberal97 Omg I clearly know how to pout... I meant I dont know how to stop 😂 @Liberal97 No lmao I just cant not automatically do it @Liberal97 I actually dont think I can that's the problem @jackpv544 I fucking love brown sauce. But even I'm going to draw the line at fish ffs.Me: eugh none of these are good enough for twitter Also me: finds a way to post ALL OF THEM on twitterGuess who learnt how to take selfies remotely today dude has actually never used a spade before has he? @JoshDixonTweets @ScottEmery92 @calroscow oh my god that dress @SHANEOfficial_ reacting Twitter reacting to Julian Smith to Esther McVey getting sacked getting sacked God hes going to do something mental like make Esther McVey Chancellor isnt he?? @youngbuckeen
If Pete's campaign bus isn't nicknamed the BUTTI BUS then he should honestly just suspend his campaign and drop out nowWorth remembering that 20,000+ civilians died in one nights bombing of Dresden vs 40,000 across the UK during the w… @Will__Morgan "too late to stop him" if from the perspective of the Democratic party establishment who would rather… @Will__Morgan Ignoring that Bernie is not Obama, polling 9 months out from an election is irrelevant and his leads… @Will__Morgan Throw in billionaires pumping ads out about self declared socialist Bernie Sanders and how awful elem… @Will__Morgan Its nothing to do with policy. It's to do with being 78 and having a heart attack 6 months ago, pock…'t* believe the Democrats are just gonna let Bernie walk state after state with 30% of the vote but 50+% of dele… @OliverMField @Emmingott Lmao I would make a great Pink News writer @gasw_ Don't tell anyone but I gave up and paid the two quid because I couldn't live without the needle @JoshTrood I'm not sure what I've done to make you think that could ever possibly be the caseThe biggest joke here is that Chasten could ever be a top tbh @Emmingott Oh we all know Pete's a top, I just cant make that joke again in relation to NH @Emmingott Just go along with the joke Pete topped in Iowa but not in New Hampshire, which I guess makes him vers? @WorrallJack @michael__42 Pretty sure I saw somewhere turnout was actually slightly up on 2008 and significantly up on 2016 @tristangrayedi Amy to Warren? Or do you mean leftwards to Bernie?Twitter Warren stans sometime in the next week or so #NewHampshirePrimary @JoshDixonTweets You're welcome x"Pete Buttigieg isn't gay enough"
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I'm amazed that the hazards of running a 78 year old nominee, who's had a heart attack in the last 6 months, seem t… @OliverMField This is all correct @blair_scott95 I just got out the shower tbfHonestly see Klobuchar getting 15 or 16% and Biden in single figuresGood for Bootigieg and Klobuchar, probably pretty bad for Biden and Warren ready to inject Wolf Blitzer's key race alerts straight into my veinsBaba Vanga but for politics twitterFeeling a bit rough but also low key rocking the slavic granny look going to run out of email addresses to create free New York Times accounts with to avoid payingPlease stop asking me what my valentines plans are cos really y'all should know @MCSion67 I cannot and will not be made to apologise for this @dylanhm @JoshTrood I can hear this gifBi update: Reliably bisexual today.
Retweeted by Jack 🔶️Decided to take some radical self care @Liberal97 Depends on how soon people start dropping out, I guess. In a straight moderate vs progressive fight a mo… @Liberal97 Her vote tonight. Theres only really room for one progressive in the race and sadly it's not her. You're… @Liberal97 Tbf 2/3rds delegate allocation is based on congressional districts so she could still squeeze one out of… @blair_scott95 Correct @Liberal97 I think your Warren and Biden are both 2%ish too high. Literally no point voting for Biden now because h… @JSxully @we_are_biscuit @AndyBurnhamGM @AllianceLGB The Labour Party throwing minority groups under the bus?? @Dunkiecan Honestly dont see how Amy comes ahead of Pete but the rest of that is correctWhats your predictions for tonight? Calling Klobuchar coming in 3rd and Biden ending up on less that 10% this was a good tweet but now I've spent an hour thinking about Nick Clegg and feeling sad so this was actually an L @blair_scott95 It's only my first tweet if the day 😂
@JamesMcHale99 Happy birthday! @FraserCadman Thank you for the vindication of what I know in my heart of hearts, is a good tweet @blair_scott95 WHAT NOW @AlMcNulty