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Jack @J_Holliss Plymouth, England

25, Devon boy, Liberal Democrat, Economics/Politics graduate. Chaotic Bi.

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@YorkshireLad_87 @direktaus Absolutely not, we're not blind @YorkshireLad_87 @direktaus @YorkshireLad_87 @direktaus @direktaus Yeahhh that was the final straw for me, the Chancellor is hearby objectively hotOkay I'm fully on board now👀 @davemuse Purification one seeing as I was only ever going to manage one playthrough @davemuse Cant wait to never ever play it again 😂 @neilrpickles When I listen to Physical this is what it makes me think of and theres nothing that this doesn't do better tbh @neilrpickles Absolute anthem @hnjsamuels When can we expect a live tweeted Mare Nostrum run?Just finished Sekiro after 9 months stuck on the final boss @MFoxEastHam I agree with all of that, it's just so bloody infuriating how badly we hurt ourselves needlessly sometimesLooking back on my nearly 3 years as a Lib Dem and I've learnt so much about this party, perhaps most crucially tha… proud to support a club with a sense of decency and community rather than some Billionaire's play toy League 2 club has opened its grounds and facilities up to the NHS to reduce the strain on Derriford Hospital whi… @rantingkat Not men... @rantingkat Good job!The World Gravy Wrestling Championship also has YET to be cancelled but weirdly we dont have a fucking article abou… @rantingkat You answered your question Kat @IJohnson_TNF Its just hasn't been cancelled yet and obviously will it's just another utterly pathetic dog whistle… @Liberal97 Daily Mirror can absolutely, and I cannot stress this enough, get fucked and cease to exist, penis, marriage... let's have it.
Listening to this was the most at peace I've felt in bloody forever but respect for MY party president 😤 @Liberal97'm going to pretend that none of the last few days happened because Christine Jardine won :) @Liberal97 The vampire look, the turning of tables, or sucky sucky? @Liberal97 You look like the kind of vampire who would call it sucky sucky xAll these renaissance painting tweets are throwing me back to when one of my friends found me on antiques roadshow…
@leonardocarella @THEVIVIENNEUK 💋 Cc: @Divinadecampo
Retweeted by Jack @JoshTrood I'm pretty sure you swore you wouldn't to me at some point in this monthTwo cat posts in less than 30 mins, y'all are blessed😭😭😭 she is LIVID @direktaus @direktaus Ahhhh thank you, I love it so much because it literally goes with anything @miss_s_b Beauties aren't they?You have to like this because't think I've ever got so tarted up for a trip to the shops @vikki4mdnp Can't see my dad unfortunately but I'm sure I'll have fun with the rest of my fam!Absolutely buzzing for my birthday trip out to big sainsburys tbh @leonardocarella You could have just lied to me instead... @leonardocarella Thank you! Though I'm not 24 I just hadn't updated it 😭 @youngbuckeen @piiipluuup Thanks ☺ @MattRedmore ta!
@Liberal97 @blair_scott95 Thank you Blair, tho I have to say now @GarethLShelton Thanks Gareth ☺ @Harrydrewer Thank you! @FraserCadman @Liberal97 not, piss off @Liberal97 @FraserCadman Millennial? My generation of zoomers walked so yours could run @Liberal97 @FraserCadman's okay to be a lib dem @FraserCadman @Liberal97 Ahhhh my fans x @Liberal97 shit this @JoeBiden ad is good.
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Retweeted by JackTwo full playthroughs of future nostalgia is probably long enough for a bathKeepin it clean in quarantine @michael_tarling A very happy birthday to him too!to anyone spending their quarantine thinking about men, you are already sick
Retweeted by Jack @eloka4lambeth @jackpv544 @jackpv544 Rich teas are one of the finest biscuits and I will die on this hill with you @dylanhm Well if you got pestilence, I guess I'm in for war, famine or death? @arrowjam @SagaUK @TheSCX @YorkshireLad_87 No thank you x @Liberal97 @YorkshireLad_87 Dont do this to me I'm in a delicate place 😂😭 @blair_scott95 Better be a right posh one @Liberal97 @YorkshireLad_87 Are you saying I look older!?!?!Would like to take this opportunity to address the salacious rumours circulating about me online. Sadly, it's all t… Johnson is now saying he may have to tighten restrictions because we’re not being disciplined enough to halt…
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@JoshTrood Low key feeling those yellow ones tbf @JoshTrood Definitely go for it, but ibvs prepare for the trying to sneak an extra inch jokes @JoshTrood How tall are you?Pets for her > peace for me home to the country has meant that I've actually spent more time outside during the lockdown than before, wh… @Damonthecaiman I mean I always suspected this could be true xShe's serving us feathered realness"am I got to" this is why you dont fire off a tweet as you're falling asleepTaking a nap without setting an alarm is like my lockdown version of russian roulette, am I got to wake up in 20 mi… @blair_scott95 My rightful place 🤴🏻Doubt it tbh @hnjsamuels For future reference, as either Aragon or Castile within 50 years you get the Iberian Wedding which giv…
@noahlibertarian @YorkshireLad_87 just a little comes at you fast huh? @michael__42 I am hoping this is my problem too @timpresario @nialltg Never @nialltg @timpresario Thanks for saving me having to find this x @timpresario @nialltg