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@codeinedrums Country loses so much in culture and being human. Impossible to quantify the loss in money. @mrmitchmusic Never thought about like that. A fave character just wish they made him stronger @ArpHov Horrible @HudMo SickWe need to work so much harder to stop this disgusting “sport” There are better ways of managing these magnificent…
Retweeted by J wUHad a video call with @OlsiJ who visited camps in Xinjiang. I watched all his videos, made some notes, had 2 hour v…
Retweeted by J wUI've learned China is evil because it's trying to reduce food waste & teach all kids the official language of the c…
Retweeted by J wUMy debate with @Noahpinion over China is out! I had to correct Noah's notion that US protected China frm colonizati…
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Calling this project done✨Made with @UnrealEngine and @quixeltools. More images and a 17min video breakdown on my…
Retweeted by J wUcapitalist exploitation is the real villain of the movie 😔
Retweeted by J wUThe Grime & Bass Round Up — September – The Art of Grime
Retweeted by J wU @FinnMcCorry Do it😎 @W9Anubis 🔥🔥🔥 @Snazzy_Tomato @jmrbmr @GoodIdeasHaver @jchomt1 @FecesEater @DouchebagDeity @PLDroneOperator To confirm, Aspergers Syndrome. @dj_garna Sick
@Quantum_King_ 🤣🤣🤣 @regium_bagel @RossMcK_GAWA @_alexcoleman1 Americans will do literally any mundane thing and act like it’s the cool…
Retweeted by J wU @jmrbmr @GoodIdeasHaver @jchomt1 @FecesEater @DouchebagDeity @PLDroneOperator I am and I haven't played any of the games mentioned.... @rdavidbrandt I thought the house looked pretty decent tbh. Just my perspective though.Understand, don't memorize. 🧠
Retweeted by J wU @kingbuddha27 Elon Musk is so automated, I'm convinced he's an AI in a human vessel
Retweeted by J wUASPI's report's Turpan Detention Center Facility #7 & Facility #1 turn out to be Gaochang District Bureau for Veter…
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Technicalities with JP Souza
Retweeted by J wU @AllegedlyZo Looks about white.....Crack Mix 226: Grandmixxer
Retweeted by J wUSilas I can’t find your at but big up on this one
Retweeted by J wUDreamRooms(); PART 1 - tonight 22.30h CET
Retweeted by J wUthis is an imperialist talking point. sad to see my fellow filipinos falling for it. china charges 4% interest on…
Retweeted by J wUThe alternative hip hop scene in the UK (it pains me to give it a name because I hate genre types) is arguably the…
Retweeted by J wU @RamadaWhite @ColonelKSpeaks Agree @FattiusM @ColonelKSpeaks Agree @thomas__barker @ColonelKSpeaks Agree:)
Retweeted by J wU20 Life Lessons for the Gentlemen in their 20s 1. There is no arbitrary age in your 20s in which you “figure it al…
Retweeted by J wUI'm Shocked, SHOCKED To Find There's Gambling Going On In Here!
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Just the best.
Retweeted by J wUThe Liberal Meltdown over China continues. Today -- a Vox story about how we need to out-reproduce China by having…
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Retweeted by J wUThank you for everything Huf ♥️
Retweeted by J wU.@anthonypops with words on one of the best.
Retweeted by J wUWe’ve actually passively accepted a lot of wild shit. The plane MH370 disappeared six years ago, into thin air, and…
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Stop moaning about comedowns a proper cuppa tea will sort you out kid
Retweeted by J wUIn 2012, a 12-year-old American schoolgirl doing research on her family history stumbled on an incredible discovery…
Retweeted by J wU @lordricebwoy @nobody18729854 @NickHintonn Yeah I remember hearing this too.
LOW BACK STRETCHES //A Thread// 5 of the best stretches to keep your low back loose and pain free.
Retweeted by J wU @Roctakon A litmus test? @Blay_Vision Quite like Wagamammas =/ @timsoret Reminds me that in the 90s western markets had almost no anime style art, for games ads/covers released i…
@sapphicscone 😅
@Selsation 😅
If the number 666 is considered evil, then technically, 25.8069758 is the root of all evil.
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@UKRaveComments Legit questionFor people that want to watch the removed PBS documentary on China’s poverty eradication program
Retweeted by J wU @RIZLATEEF111 Yeah, agree, it's pretty sickJakob Rosenfeld 羅生特, a Holocaust refugee doctor who escaped frm Dachau concentration camp to Shanghai in 1939, join…
Retweeted by J wU @ebarcuzzi @RossMcCaff @joelgolby They love *market forces* when it's a 1 way street.
Retweeted by J wU @RichardDawkins @historical_iris No he didn't
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@_Mikemo Same @yungsingh35ol Yeah, they all feel like timeless films. @yungsingh35ol I like all the suggestions. Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke are my favourites.His brother got his dad fired trying to Opium Trade in '73: >On 15 January 1973, Rennie's son Charles Rennie, and…
Retweeted by J wU @cralias Yeah, it's sick @adzbanks1 Cool colour way, just wish it said Nike on the back instead of Paris.PlayStation 5 is free if u have black airforces and a bally
Retweeted by J wU @CHIMPOMCR 😆 @SukhKnight Lol, went from snes to ps and that was it. Games never really changed after that for me for the most pa… a PS5 costs £449.99...🧐 Did you know you can literally start a business with that?! - £30 register with compa…
Retweeted by J wUIn college, it took me 3 semesters to outgrow my awful study habits from high school and I had to do it the hard wa…
Retweeted by J wU @andymok Looks goodHappening right now. You know the drill 😊. A ride on #LagosIbadanRail.
Retweeted by J wUXinjiang has been a part of China for longer than Hawaii has been a US state. Why do we talk about the former so much more?
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Retweeted by J wU @RIZLATEEF111 Lol, I do think of that record....
no officer, this isn't an illegal rave, we've just got a DJ for our fox hunt
Retweeted by J wUOn twitter, as a Chinese, the most frequently asked question for me is, why don't you oppose the CPC? Why don't Chi…
Retweeted by J wUEvery country should choose a political system suitable for its national conditions. No "good" or "bad". What disgu…
Retweeted by J wU @bolandeva @joe_yer99 @GlasgowCC @bt_uk Agree, that's pretty cool. @JazKahina 😅 @UKRaveComments Lolain’t reach for his gun once........respect
Retweeted by J wUSome media keep saying China is demolishing mosques in Xinjiang.
Retweeted by J wU @bolandeva @joe_yer99 @GlasgowCC @bt_uk So they are not operational? I'd maybe keep one for ppl who may need a payphone in an emergency.Americans have said way more about forced sterilization of Uyghur women than they have about mass hysterectomies of…
Retweeted by J wUExclusive photos from #ForcedLabor in #Xinjiang. Inmates of a re-education camp are picking cotton and doing other…
Retweeted by J wUBrexit. What’s going on and what’s going to happen? A thread. /1
Retweeted by J wU @0w3n16 @baylenlevine Maybe don’t take your daughter to a skate park absolute idiots
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@thomas__barker @mmunzenrider Might need to check the Sorry extras with the tour footy, from Really sorry dvd @Dystopian_Rob Correct quote credit goes to Ronald Wright.
Retweeted by J wUplants give so much life and healthy air quality to your bedroom and if you’ve been discouraged from getting plants…
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Venezuela announces the capture of a US marine who apparently was helping plan an explosion of the country’s oil re…
Retweeted by J wU @maxdubler @carbonite1994 I agree. Ideally no metal edging on granite block though. Its like a skate prophylactic..…
A lot of folks acting as if 2020 has just been a string of bewildering bad luck, rather than what it truly is: a co…
Retweeted by J wU @quartersnacks @realskateboards Sick. Need to watch the real part before this one nownever forget the first 9/11, 1973, in which the cia helped the chilean military overthrow democratically elected so…
Retweeted by J wUSeptember 11, 1973 U.S. coup against Chile. Never forget.
Retweeted by J wU @SameeraKhan Makes sense. Something I will raise with my Pakistani diaspora friends the next time we go out for foo… @SameeraKhan I'm from Glasgow, menus tend to be lamb, chicken, veg, prawn as options. Some offer beef as a choice a… @AllegedlyZo First time in history a plane crash caused a building not hit by a plane to also collapse? (Building 7)
@herosnvrdie69 Lol