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ja2ke @ja2ke Seattle, WA

Designer at Valve. Helped make Firewatch, The Walking Dead, Sam & Max, and other fine video games. Pods cast at @idlethumbs. Avatar by @michaelfirman.

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@czircon Vox But For MemesWelcome! (I made a dumb thing in VR)
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@panzer The Sound Of Silence 10 Hour Loop [left channel only] @fullbright @laura_hudson you've drawn some Playdate-spec art (400 × 240, 1-bit black and white only) and are curious what it looks like o…
Retweeted by ja2keExcited to be growing the team a bit this year! We're currently looking for a Junior Writer. Industry experience is…
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i enjoying mysekf by the snow day, but then i remembered instances of regret in my life, and pain i have caused oth…
Retweeted by ja2keKix: the only cereal so good, you'll eat the spoon too!
Retweeted by ja2ke @bombsfall Evergreen tweet... oh it’s only 3 minutes old
@phrenopolis @telarium @DoubleFine @Bozeke Dave I hate to tell you this but Robox is right behind you. @ja2ke @DoubleFine @Bozeke @phrenopolis
Retweeted by ja2ke @garywhitta deciding to follow Bill Farmer on Twitter @DoubleFine @Bozeke I only ever saw Robox at parties and press events and was always happy to be in its presence.Just remembered Robox, the giant cardboard box robot that lived in the back of the original Double Fine office 9.15(!) released:
Retweeted by ja2ke @bombsfall It’s so good, from the moment you turn it on.
@WeaselOnaStick this rules reviving games from 2007 by recreating them in a game from 2003 👍 Stay tuned for more stuff!
Retweeted by ja2ke @ultrabrilliant Not sure if this counts since it’s cargo, but the rig and refinery being towed by the Nostromo feel…
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@ollymoss @logicalerror @chetfaliszek It was for the USB cables only so I could get them quickly when annoyed that… @chetfaliszek @logicalerror Four shelves deep in the sub basement is a full rack of SCSI cables and null modem serial adapters. @logicalerror @chetfaliszek A while back I just admitted to who I was and replaced the boxes of cables with a small… @RowanKaiser Wishes like this are an absolute curse for everyone involved. Never forget: @flenser @siracusa Thank you, this is so great!
@Brandon_Bird (Then a Death Star showed up and you could see the end from the half way point. TLJ was the first tim… @Brandon_Bird The first 20 minutes of force awakens were spellbinding for me because of that. It was all new charac… @jaytholen hopefully that something is a copper globe @MaxKriegerVG Imagining the kids face slammed down on a scanner.Today we're enabling better support for gaming soundtracks on @Steam! ✅ new "Soundtrack" app type ✅ manage soundtr…
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@BooDooPerson @johnnemann Thanks a bunch for starting this thread guys, I’m sure it will be valuable. Looking forward to your reply, Jake @BooDooPerson @johnnemann This is what I aspire for, and occasionally achieve in a professional relationship, but I… @johnnemann Always relevant
Nicolas Cage / 63 posters
Retweeted by ja2ke @patrickklepek I stopped a couple weeks before the 2016 election, one of them said “thank god in just a couple week… @legobutts @Sir5000 @mcgill_gabe omg all of this
@Scarfulhu @samandmaxUK I do have them!
@castpixel These are awesome! Also those movies are surprisingly fun! My dream now is for you to somehow do the end…
@ollymoss @alexgriendling Snows probably incoming down here too. At least a little bit. @KrisLigman Only when I’m excited about something, usually a specific element or angle of the thing I’m quoting (ot… @corybarlog Yeah it’s so good! The twist to use stakes for the Dracula billboard was a good one on someone’s part too. @corybarlog From the replies, it looks like the idea came from this gallery show: @rifflesby Goddamn @megballs @mistertodd Really though the stuff about your brain back filling time is wild. I want to go read more about it. @mistertodd Casuals need to stop being coddled by the forces of evolution. @mistertodd Petition eyeball devs to turn off easing, motion smoothing, and rubber banding. Let me use my eyes for real.
We don't do this very often, but we're looking for a writer or two (in Chicago). For @jackboxgames
Retweeted by ja2keI've been building a Facebook Events style system for decentralized social media based on the simple, open source,…
Retweeted by ja2ke @cabel @tvaziri The 2021 model was only capable of swapping any human face to that specific face and was quickly removed from sale. @tvaziri @bombsfall I’ll buy your CD. @MAKLUNKY @mudron I hope whoever this was kept recording through the father reveal.
@stealdiaper @idlethumbs Yep we fucked up.
Happy 2020 to this guy only
Retweeted by ja2ke @videodante I learned a lot about the tropes everyone was working with in TTG Walking Dead episode 102 from watchin… @videodante Saw it this year for the first time, in a theater. Not sure if I ever want to see it again, but it felt… @BooDooPerson The story of the laundry bag can go either way really. @BooDooPerson ✔️ Home of friend since we were 13 ✔️ Non-canonical order @cabel How to open: @NikaHarper Farewell, send some tweets back for us about what it’s like.
I hope I'm reincarnated as one of those badass chains that hang down from under school busses and spark on the ground
Retweeted by ja2ke @laura_hudson Oh shit congrats Laura, that’s so good! @alliartist This is a good goal that I will now also adopt. @bombsfall @zusty Back before the earth was covered I guess.
@nsuttner One million congrats to you all. @glassbottommeg @AlexPriceAnim looks great! great crest. @czircon All I ask for is Standard Definition, nothing more nothing less. @crossniq @MaxKriegerVG God that box of VMUs must be satisfying.silken dooku
Retweeted by ja2ke @ItsMeNickHerman @laura_hudson I hope you offered to restore the data to the new PC just for old times sake.
not sure how to explain why i did this
Retweeted by ja2ke @videodante @giantbomb It's just what I naively typed, then I read it back before sending, and saw it. @videodante @giantbomb Reading everyones giant bomb GOTY lists every year makes me realize we greatly squandered ou… @videodante @giantbomb This is a great list. Thanks for adding to the great read that is Giant Bomb's GOTY guest roundup. @laura_hudson So so good. @wizard_jam Sorry that took so long to do. @pabosher @idlethumbs If memory serves, everyone stopped making that color. We looked into getting some blank shirt… Just because you made a game in 1994 when you were 12 and only gave away one copy, doesn't mean it won't…
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@CoreviZecter Fair enough. I meant that I screenshotted the front of the store and didn't think enough about what w… @CoreviZecter You could have just directly @'d any of us instead of a tweet that puts us on blast. What is the poin… @pekuja @idlethumbs We use the Shopify shipping API and work with our warehouse to make sure the prices are in line… @munocard @idlethumbs That's from the Campo Santo store, and nope they've been sold out for years! @pekuja @idlethumbs We charge what fedex or the post office bill us to ship to you. We aren’t amazon! @Winter_traps @idlethumbs Congrats, you are now released from having to be on Twitter! Unlike the rest of us, who m… @MixedUpzombies @idlethumbs :( sorry. Those went quick. @berendj @idlethumbs @chrisremo Sorry, the soundtrack vinyl is already sold out. @GravityPixel Yep, timing TBD. @Nebula63 The rest of the site isn't going anywhere! The store is just a lot of infrastructure and physical warehou… @telarium Ah yeah that is the correct choice. @mudron It felt so much like a video game, sometimes that worked for it, sometimes against. But Baby Yoda as "impr… @HazelMonforton The Good Thing in that movie. @thespaff @patrickklepek @christilton @Flargenstow Really just play a bunch of them. @patrickklepek @christilton Honestly not sure if that is a real term. Nobody correct me or confirm. @patrickklepek @christilton But that’s personal preference for sure. How I like my Star Wars lore: @patrickklepek @christilton 🤷‍♂️ Part of the appeal of Star Wars to me has always been that it’s dominated by one s… @christilton @patrickklepek (Which is to say I liked a lot about that series, but I think a TV-focused universe is… @christilton @patrickklepek Same. That coupled with the Mandalorian recycling so much (Jawas are not unique to the… @mistertodd Better option, I think, is all major zodiac suspects are human. Sort of a Mindhunter angle where the ki…