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ja2ke @ja2ke Seattle, WA

Jake Rodkin Designer at Valve. Helped make Firewatch, The Walking Dead, Sam & Max, other fine video games. Pods cast at @idlethumbs. Avatar by @michaelfirman

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These Half-Life: Alyx photo albums are incredible: Part 1 & 2, Part 3… @bburbank Enhance... @bombsfall Rey writes a tirade on Twitter about how little training Rey got and yet she is somehow beating Kylo in…, what the heck. Thanks to the Super Mario 64 code disassembly it's been discovered that the smoke Mario emits…
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@JackOfHart @peaksrewatch Yep we'll fix it, sorry. It will take a little time. @JackOfHart @peaksrewatch Season 1 and 2 never had YouTube videos, but the audio episodes should still be up! What…'ll attempt to articulate what made HyperCard special and different from all modern "make an app easily" programs:…
Retweeted by ja2keSorry; normally don't ask, but would appreciate a retweet to widen the net. My wife is turning a milestone while w…
Retweeted by ja2ke @cabel At this point a complete mini wood paneled living room entertainment center is needed to house all this. @merryh Yeah it was a completely unexpected twist but I’ll take it :) Hanging out at Bucca di Beppo at WWDC or some… @merryh ... but in late ‘08 I started a podcast with two friends, that ended up defining huge swaths of my professi… @merryh I turned down a job as a graphic designer at Panic in early 2008, out of a mixture of feeling like I “owed…
@totalnanerdoza @ollymoss @idlethumbs Olly doesn’t need to be dreaming to be told he sucks by Idle Thumbs hosts. @keithcalder think of it as a handy way to keep your week grounded in this untethered time. When your phone takes a… Doom (1996)
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@Beavs Yessss that face!I'm doing this in about an hour! I've never tried doing a live museum tour of the original Half-Life 1, and I expec…
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@jplebreton the most ArtStation portfolio frames per second around @GregoryKoll Got mine out of the back of a drawer and into the laundry this week for the same reason. @patrickklepek ❤️❤️❤️ congrats! @Pentadact I guess what I’m really saying is I want to customize your look, which means maybe you’re already there. @hideous_ Looking great dude @Pentadact You need one more layer popping out at the collar, maybe a redundant scarf-as-makeshift-mask draped unus… @house_house_ Gonna get a creepy metal mask on a metal stick. It’s weird. Proud of you all! @hummeline Yes. good news we need a guybrush dress but accidentally made his legs look like my legs
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@pokeythepenguin Hi pokey!!! @bburbank @ultrabrilliant I think of it almost weekly.The end of Whiplash except it's the Mute City theme from F-Zero.
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Not an April 1 joke! After severe downtime and a catastrophic database failure, Max Goldberg brought internet fixtu…
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Note: This incredible trick juggling video includes game-wide spoilers for Half-Life: Alyx.what. @MedeaSuki @videodante For a friend hangout that doesn’t seem like a big deal, but that makes sense. At work we hav… brain for the last 24 hours, after hearing the “3D Mario games remastered for Switch” rumors @jplebreton They called that generation... zoomers @videodante The other piece zoom gets right, which everyone else weirdly refuses to do, is persistent URLs for room… game developer in the 90's: so we're making a bass fishing game composer: oh hell yeah i got you [adds "drop th…
Retweeted by ja2ke @GilesPink Carmageddon energy @GuanoLad @shoomlah @camposanto I don’t think it’s on a route you ever explicitly have to take. Some people find it… left audio out that tweet because it deserves its own (definitely not because I forgot or ran out of space). Watc… love the HL:A G-Man. Jamaal and Matt and everyone else on the tech art, lighting, choreo, writing teams who worke… always fun to start a new char. I create model sheets to help guide my decisions. GMAN was hard because his exp…
Retweeted by ja2ke @CarlMuckenhoupt @stirpicus My memory was sometime in late 2010 being told “in January we’ll all fly down and meet… @tylerepperson Oops sorry. Season 3 is in fact good! But Rob Thomas basically made a video essay defending the them… @tylerepperson The beginning signs of Rob Thomas misunderstanding his own show @GuanoLad @shoomlah @camposanto It’s on the hill dividing cottonwood creek from the meadow with pork pond. @shoomlah There’s our boyI don't think I've ever posted these Firewatch bandana illustrations I did at @camposanto a few years back! Still v…
Retweeted by ja2ke @mistertodd @CarlMuckenhoupt @stirpicus I think PA2 got made in part because there was a multi month delay before TWD started p… @CarlMuckenhoupt @stirpicus My memory of the overall world across the games was that other Puzzle Divisions start s… @tccolby @stirpicus @CarlMuckenhoupt Don’t worry, making Sam & Max and Puzzle Agent was also an experience of feeli… @stirpicus @CarlMuckenhoupt Graham did a tiny rough pitch for the very opening scene and I wish I still had it :( (… @CarlMuckenhoupt I barely remember anymore but could try. I think we had barebones plot & loose world state for lik…
@erin_yvette @ItsMeNickHerman @liamesler @thatJaneNg @MiellynB @NerdAppropriate This list is good. Hell yeah Pajama Samcame me in dream had to draw it
Retweeted by ja2ke @Urzashottub Nope, pretty sure it was it was Jay/Erik/Sean, not sure which. @ArtoftheTitle have you guys done Space Jam? Its title sequence is so of its era. @pablohidalgo Astrophysicist accidentally the whole coronavirus
I've just released a new episode of the Zachtronics Podcast! The catch is that this time it's not about video games…
Retweeted by ja2ke @zachtronics Yes! @tundaware @siracusa @Leukbaars @eggbadger FakeOS is a fake *nix-windowing-system-approximating-window9x-convention… @shoomlah 👀 @SuperrodanDotA @EndlessJeopardy WowKivett & Myers, Kansas City International Airport (1972) Kansas City, MO KC International opened to passengers on…
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@LokoGD @Leukbaars @eggbadger HL2 did it: did “color change when it hits the corner” thing just with dynamic expressions inside the material editor. It’… @LokoGD @Leukbaars @eggbadger We talked about doing pipes or labyrinth but they would have required rendering anoth… good friends of mine are doing a giant livestream to raise funds for COVID-19 relief. Watch people make good c… that’s a mess of a tweet. Oh well. Please enjoy our lovingly crafted fake CRT content.I did a lot of the fake OS screens in Russell’s lab with @Leukbaars and @eggbadger, and this screensaver was the la… special pre-OST mix for @jessicacurry2's awesome program. #HalfLifeAlyx #gamemusic
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Upcoming streams: Saturday at 1PM PST: Wizard Jam remembrance, part 2. @ me if you want your game played! Sunday…
Retweeted by ja2ke @mistertodd @SL128T It needs to have remote play together enabled by the developer, but if that’s the case, yes! @SL128T The host has full control over how much input is allowed for the remote friends, and yes you can split it s… enabled this for Firewatch and it was immediately really fun to screw around with with friends online. I hope mo…
@ZPostFacto I don’t know either but that’s the point when I went from not hearing it to hearing it all the time. Ha… @ZPostFacto I wonder if that one fell out of industry jargon and into common parlance because of the TV show? Same… LIFE ALYX SPOILER WARNING IGN interviewed myself and a few of my Jeff cabal team mates before launch, and the…
Retweeted by ja2ke @bombsfall Having a brand new kitchen with big holes in it where the stove and fridge go, and a one burner hot plat… @bombsfall We have been renovating our kitchen and it is incredible to be able to do and it rules now, but the "fin… @bombsfall God this sucks. Nothing is worse than discovering you owned a cursed image all along, except for discove… @radiatoryang @HilariousCow jack nicholson yes gif
I got to spend a whole podcast talking about how much I like Full Throttle! a book? Need a copy editor? I just completed the University of Chicago's editing certificate program and I'…
Retweeted by ja2ke @ibogost If it’s not an email straight from the CEO of the company I’m no longer interested. @cabel @DavidDarnes @sadlando @ollymoss I withheld this information from you all this time. If it was going to be s…
Half-Life: Alyx. Now Available.
Retweeted by ja2ke @chetfaliszek @valvesoftware its 10am now @eggbadger keep an eye out for your glitchy monitors! @Papapishu What a good choice to name the whole computer system something that can rhyme with Hack @jplebreton It is deeply weird.
@djf1107 Yes! Has optional binds for quick turns, crouch and stand that you can enable and tune.Have to say I’m excited for the HL:A gifs. I think people are going to make some good ones. @garywhitta welcome brother @Papapishu index audio is all around really good, I love it