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Jaack @Jaack Norwich, England

Self-loathing YouTube personality & host of @JaacksHappyHour Podcast available on Spotify & most other platforms.

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@StevenCDavison Thanks for supporting brother! @Jaack is one of the few creators I’ll never mind throwing money at 👌 Didn’t need to throw in a signed picture wit…
Retweeted by Jaack @Calfreezy @bluntxsaunders Angry @ the fact you don’t know Lino when you see itTook me 64 attempts you're bored, this is a great up and coming YouTuber who I swear will go on to have a long career on YouTube. H… know when a lad's insecure about their height when they add "and a half" on the end.Content from your favourite creators @Stevie11White Stop. Touching. KIDS.Find it very cringe that @Stevie11White’s bragging to me about how easy he finds self-isolating. The twat’s had no mates for years...The ending of this is fucking funny... @LegitimatelyNo1 Make him a channel! @JasonMaza A tale in 2 pictures“We journalist are working to keep you informed” Can’t even form a sentence you silly twat. Also, nobody wants yo… @iNabber69 That’s like if the boss of McDonalds saying Nike are going to open 24/7. Not up to him.Season’s gunna be null and void isn’t it? 😂
@jcp237 that's a throwback! @RhysWil60818376 appreciate that Rhys! @TheTrueFraudie too kind! thanks manA little side idea I wanted to run by those who consider themselves to be avid consumers of the content I make! Do… @oli_g14 fancies a new video Wednesday "Rewriting Awful YouTubers Tinder Bios" If this gets 5,000 likes (big one) I'll… a paid ad. The lovely @Alana_Spencer_ sent Fiona and I some of her Ridiculously Rich cakes to get us through i… tasty bat 😍
Found this old photo in my camera reel and despite having no memory of it being taken, you just know I crazed this…’m a fucking idiot...
Retweeted by JaackI’m a fucking idiot... always, you are, a disgruntled pug. @Ashmwhite18 2 photos ashMy timehop from 3, 4 and 5 years ago makes today’s self isolation even more painful. It’s actually taking the pis…
@iNabber69 We should give babies guns @RainManItec Quite frequently!Didn’t realise all the profit from the virtual grand national is going to the NHS 😂😂😂 That’s fair enough then. Fair play! @J_White1993 @Jake_CAFC Didn’t realise! that’s fair enough then @CutzyGaming Ahhh I didn’t know that. Fair play then! @steveoo242 Oh didn’t realise that! Fair enough! @Jake_CAFC Exactly. Like betting on a fifa simulation.I invented quarantine. @shookgurdx Nice wan!I find the idea of blokes trying to be an “alpha” incredibly pathetic. I’ll be a beta all day long... you can have your heavy weights x @RoarStefan You look better in these than I do ya cunt. @hucks6dh6 @Paulmcveigh77 That is some time 😯
@TaylorC15379534 Blaaaaah blah xxxxx#ThankYouJeremy for the countless hours of swaz, tekkerz, and rabona crossbar hits.#ThankYouJeremy but seriously, next time just give me a heads up a bit earlier than 3 minutes before we record. @jamesallcott HUGILLLLDINHOOOOOOOOO
@DudeyRhino_HQ @DudeyRhino_HQ They want me dead mate. Never knew Photoshop could bring a man to his knees.This is an emotional reaction to one of my videos. A video in which I photoshop Morgz into my Instagram photos.… on the brie. @LewisCapaldi You deserve it mate. Insanely talented.My official unveiling will be at 4pm - looking forward to getting to work with the lads. First port of call is to… @zacalsopp Bet you disliked it with your TINY HAND
@JasonMaza Haha yes Jase! Hope you’re well mate x @JackReeveTNC @AlfieIndra Love ya mate!If JaackMaate has 1 million fans I’m one of them. If JaackMaate has ten fans I’m one of them. If JaackMaate has onl…
Retweeted by JaackI have sent £140 worth of Amazon Codes out this week alone... I will send more tonight - AS ALWAYS - retweet my PINNED tweet to enter :)I have been trolling my YouTube viewers for 3 months... The secret is out - NEW VIDEO NOW the sex offender register has 1 person on it, it's you. 7pm. I spent three months trolling (not trolling trolling) my YouTube viewers. Spent a while working on t… @Stevie11White fuming wiv uI don't care if it's fucking past midday. Video tonight. @Thogden So much better than what I have planned, hahahaha.
Retweeted by Jaackhmmmm, not too sure mate, seems a bit dodgy just had a thought, can u lot turn me a mini meme? i'm gunna post a pic with a shite caption - think of… @JaacksHappyHour jack defo tweeted this @theobaker_ Although if you wanna watch 80% of them at once, just watch any with Oli White in the title. @theobaker_ I’ve got so many videos mate. Take your pick x @RobbieKnox @LloydGriffith Just don’t let Lloyd get the crack in, it’ll come with mushrooms, probably. @RobbieKnox @LloydGriffith Podcast slagThe ledge that is @example is one of the funniest chaps we’ve had in the Happy Hour studio so far. Kill 10 minute… dick little dick
Retweeted by JaackSpent the day working on a banger of a video with @AlfieIndra. I hate when YouTubers say shit like this, and can’t… @harrys @mattconroy88 Can you follow me back when you get a chance please, even if only briefly - I have a super idea I'd love to DM you!“I’ll be staying in, in the near future” So... is he going to go out for a bit first? @brookexneilson I do!
200k on the new video in just over 3 hours... you lot are smashing it! @OMGeorgia2 @Morgz FANKS mate - keep ya head up during this isolation shite x£50 worth of dominos going out to a few of you who retweet my pinned tweet - however, you only have until 10pm. Go… NEW VIDEO I spent 3 MONTHS photoshopping @morgz into my Instagram photos and NOBODY noticed!… @Morgz Main channel video in 35 minutes! Kept this one a surprise as I don't want you lot to know what I've been u…
@dawkinscov1980 @Stevie11White Hahaha, SORRY. @EdGambleComedy This has gotten Joe Exotic written all over it.Anyone know where this was filmed? @EdGambleComedy I fucking adore your podcast with Acaster mate!its officially a meme @ImAllexxapparently a coronavirus symptom is having no taste, thoughts go out to all the imallexx stans at this timeFucking creasing Tish! Quality 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 In bits! @JWWFC2 Friday night I'm going nowhere all the lights are changing greeeeeeeeeeen to redWhatever happened to David Gray? Banger after banger. @RoryHarper1 @JaacksHappyHour Love u
@stxysxne @Daniel_Sloss I always consider to be one of my favourite episodes. Was an invaluable lesson in the beaut… @HernanJFC Seaman's blunder in 2002 still having a big effect two years later it seems.Quick thank you to everybody that has given up their time to come on my silly podcast over the past year So many g… @LloydGriffith Not a bad combo, but I empathise with your lack of pepperoni. Also - why not go full meat?!what are the beetles @ImAllexx You're a braver man than most.