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Block/mute and keep it moving. Don’t need this kind of negativity. swank and gerard butler in ps5 love you
Retweeted by jabari mcdonald @patrickchunq Very chaotic to be named after Superman and Luke Cage and also Nic Cage is your father @summersentiment For all our sakes hopefully not some light reading on military dictatorships yesterday and then went to sleep and had a dream that the BTS Army… @elcincodemaya Hailee is THE reason I am looking forward to it! THE!Smarmy Steve Mnuchin had the audacity to ask Katie Porter if she’s an attorney. Lol. Rep. Porter received a BA fr…
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@TravisAGunn the police for dummies...
Retweeted by jabari mcdonaldWhenever I have to hit the breaks or almost get into an accident my first thought is always damn this would be such… @michellenation @runolgarun I got a concussion on the zipper at Neverland Ranch and I think it’s the closest I’ve been to death! @alibrooke4ever Let’s Be Bad slaps tho so I get it
@jlealsays Idky ur setting yourself up for failure like thisAm I a glass half full or half empty person? First of all this is milk and I’m lactose intolerant.
Retweeted by jabari mcdonaldBeing good at things is not the point of doing them.
Retweeted by jabari mcdonaldTheatre kids systemically colonize Denny’s after their performances and make helpless strangers watch their stale c…
I’m loving this question and will have to think on it a bit! @jacklyn_uweh throw on some BBC bb! @jacklyn_uweh is remarkable for being able to connect distant family members I’m so happy that Danity Kane and Citizen Ka… British accent My British accent in my mind when I speak“LAPD can handle 1 10,000 person march, but 10 1000 person marches across the city would cripple us”
Retweeted by jabari mcdonaldme, crawling on desert floor, dehydrated and dying, shadow shorter than me: I ne...I need...I need to tell you why… I say “someone told me” something it was probably something I read on twitter that I’ve twisted into the delus…
art references in movies — a thread
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person: thx for ur help. Now you must go to the tundra planet of Tiramisu and look for a man by the name of BubbleT… @michaelkarakash Love subtlety! @michaelkarakash Sneaky sneaky! @michaelkarakash Herero I am screamingThe Crown taking some creative risks with the Diana years...excited to watch!
A reminder, 400 years after the Mayflower, that the Wampanoag people are still here, still practicing our culture,…
Retweeted by jabari mcdonaldthis dog told your dog that it’s illegal to be unleashed at this park @shutupaida How I heard this internet: Wow is it me or is Thomas the Tank Engine a zaddy? He can run a train on me! The rest of the interne… @namogram currently arranged in chromatic order tbhhh @sarahelizaa_ we DO NOT mention the number of extracurricular heavy cotton tshirts in this house!!
why have a resume when I can show you my closet full of Gildan crewneck sweaters of all my college extracurriculars… the Big *Honey Mist Auburn* Dog in the vain of Zack & Cody about the Younglings living at the Jedi Temple. The series finale is Order 66. @sheisAlexandria I’m on the floor unable to stand wheezing you are absolutely correctI want to be rich, not to pay off my loans or to build generational wealth, but to be an eccentric artist who does… immediately pops into my mind when I hear The Queen’s Gambit
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@MorganicInk this is great and would love to be considered if it's still open! @aprilwrites @donnyhighrollah My name?? @NadineTruong The way she throws the board and storms off...I’m cacklingwe love to see G̶r̶o̶w̶t̶h̶ public shaming @keatingssixth It’s very good! I be gasping when chess pieces get moved and knocked over and I don’t understand chess at allNot the best but an honorable mention is funny because I would’ve tweeted this in biblical times with no intention of ever going to the club“Y’all heard about that new club? The Bush? Heard it’s 🔥🔥🔥”
@clhblair I could, you!What is Biden’s plan to get this girl a cabinet position?? @saaaranotsarah It’s a very unfair burden Peppa has placed on us but it’s simply the truth!Oh you’re a comedian? Be funnier than Peppa Pig hanging up on Susie Sheep.
100 Ways to Not Appropriate From Native People (Aka 100 Ways to Be a Decent Human Being) 👀 Continue celebrating…
Retweeted by jabari mcdonald @sheisAlexandria you woke up this morning and chose violence @MKhaalil It’s so good! I love it so much. Nicole was a few years ahead of me at Columbia and she’s so nice and ver… writing articles on the psychology of Trump voters and start writing articles on the people who update Wikiped… @MKhaalil Can I share one of my favorite recent short films?! It's not a drama, but it's v good! am a paper straw I try my best but at some point I will fall apart -rupi kaur @namogram @michaelkarakash lituhrully came to say the same thing
If filmmakers think it's unfathomable to accommodate the people they want to tell stories about then maybe they sho…
Retweeted by jabari mcdonald @donnyhighrollah I need namesIn October, 88% of the Missing Children in South Dakota were Native. Since then we've been following it and posting…
Retweeted by jabari mcdonaldCongratulations to Missy Elliott
Retweeted by jabari mcdonaldI’m tired of this grandpa! !⃝ 𝗧𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗰𝗹𝗮𝗶𝗺 𝗶𝘀 𝘁𝗼𝗼 𝗱𝗮𝗺𝗻 𝗯𝗮𝗱
Retweeted by jabari mcdonaldI missed the part where scientists said Corona is a nocturnal creature and only hunts at night
What in TV-MA Netflix animated series is going here in the Pixar short film is going on here season of The Crown that’s only about the royal family’s reactions to The Crown.
@hoeglizzy @jacklyn_uweh that one day you got a lil reckless.....okay but when will Club Penguin get stories @saaaranotsarah The Crown has taught me that My Country, Tis of Thee is really just God Save The Queen (USA remix) @TravisAGunn Recently, The Great!
@TravisAGunn @thetzechun @subrawoman Get in line (behind me)!sorry this is the only thing I have to contribute to the fleet dialogue. is a very unpretty thread with likely some of your favorite actors and musicians and you should really witness…
Retweeted by jabari mcdonaldI call my student loans “my sins”, so God has already forgiven them. Take that Republicans!
Student debt cancellation is a racial justice issue.
Retweeted by jabari mcdonaldBitcoin? You tellin me this money got jokes?Missing these dudes. Before I got into photography I frequented their work 👀 lol.
Retweeted by jabari mcdonald @donnyhighrollah It’s so good! @lindseyariannax The way you just slapped @aaburch1
Hurt my own feelings in an argument I had with someone in my head in a situation I completely fabricated...literally, my mind.The Philippines was recently hit with #TyphoonUlysses & #TyphoonRolly, which both caused a lot of destruction and c…
Retweeted by jabari mcdonald @anothermishap I would like to see it!
no carceral state but I wanna snitch on litterers soooo badMultiple friends reached some pretty significant career/life goals this week and like.....gimme more of dat American of us to cancel the Olympics but find new ways to keep winning 🇺🇸🥇🙌🏻 @NickBouier Congratulations Nick! @whycarolyne Watch the last 3 seconds and tell me he doesn’t look like a cut out! @whycarolyne Orange cardigan in the back was so still I thought he was a cardboard cut out
@Byronsince95 you woke this morning and decided to come for LLC Twitter’s neckHey friends from the US - your $5 will be a big help in a country like the Philippines. If you feel it’s too small,…
Retweeted by jabari mcdonaldThis is pretty much the 2020 election*me coming down from Mt. Sinai with two stone tablets* Hey y’all God says writing dead politician in heaven fan fi…