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@oldbluefact LMFAOOOmarriage story but it’s two immigrant parents staying together even though they have nothing in common except for the country they came fromme watching succession detachable shower heads seeing a gay check in i’m on my housespouse shit. i’m ready to be taken care of in exchange for doing da cookings and da cleanings.… @shutupaida i feel the same way to u every time i tweet something reckless <3whenever i delete, i feel His force wash over me. who is He you ask? the invisible hand, the guardian spirit, the t…
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2019 to meet Jaiyden.!!*🦋 Out (2017)
Retweeted by jaboukie“the fuck you poories smiling for” @quendaline my good sis fauvism would like a wordif i was michaelangelo dicaprio i simply would have taken a picture of moana lisathey’re on their phones cus classical art gets old so fast. it’s just fruit and porcelain tiddies and naked childre… fox reincarnated on the tl as timmy thick @mossperricone addy?slowthai *** **** * ***** of **** or *****
A long time ago I worked as a copyeditor on a dictionary of human gestures and I learned that in southern Italian d…
Retweeted by jaboukieThe fact that I did not understand what was happening until I read this is....
Retweeted by jaboukiehappy italian american history month drivers be like “can u give me directions.” none of us know what we’re doing. this world is pure chaos @yve_ning28 @jaboukie Ik. Beyoncé is at 13% 😓😓
Retweeted by jaboukiethis is one my favorite videos of the decade... i've probably watched it like 100 times its literally a time capsu…
Retweeted by jaboukieWHY'D YOU DELETE IT @jaboukie
Retweeted by jaboukiesomeone airdropped me a photo at the airport and i was expecting a dick pic but i got this
ur mcm wore anti social social club to his grandpas funeralno. make your own
Retweeted by jaboukie @JavaughnSYW looking cute bruv xxbiden stans show yourselves. he’s polling too high for none of yall to sneak fw him. stand in your truth and accept…
Retweeted by jaboukieyes i’m gay but i am so much more than that for example i am gay
@MajorPhilebrity “i’m your son, remember?”
Retweeted by jaboukie @swamiill okay TASTEit’s like i know ur selling my data but it’s nice when you let me see it
celebratory soup
@icedoutomnitrix lmaooocall me JABOUKIE cuz since I was YOUNG I been moving that WHITE ‼️👀💯
Retweeted by jaboukie @haneswhitetee LMAOkinda fucked up how everyone is saying theirs no POC representation on the democratic stage now forgetting that pete buttigieg is gay“i’ve dropped Jayden off at his grandma’s. “”Orland Park”” my ass!” people be like “what! you’ve never listened to the van springjovi!” like we all sat with them in their dads f… next @JharrelJerome @WhenTheySeeUs @IndyaMoore @PoseOnFX @QueenAndSlim Of course there's @jaboukie who has made us all l…
Retweeted by jaboukieOMG. @Forbes thank you! 😭 in company w. my sibs @JharrelJerome & @jaboukie we out here!!
Retweeted by jaboukieitalians this is for us
@quintabrunson love it to see weit’s snowing outside.. who wants to start a family“I’m gonna whoop your grandmothers ass” HFJWNDBSJSMA
Retweeted by jaboukiethis could be she was fearless and crazier than him can do both she was his queen us how i’m tryna be with someone’…
BROOKLYN! My comedy festival starts this week! Then I can stop promoting. Blessed relief. Tickets on sale now!
Retweeted by jaboukie @rihanna we love a Jamaican star who has vacation homes in barbadosrealizing im approaching an age where all the good romantic prospects are starting to get in serious relationships…
I love representation — I think it’s something the italian community lacks — but what kind of representation are we… lot of people asking what i think about black things — movies, music, art — happy that you care about my opinion but i am italianat last night’s show i saw someone writing in their notebook toward the end of the set. went back to the green room… posting pics holding coffee mugs when they’re trying to signal theyre ready to settle down is mandem getting on tonight wots tha move bruvs xx
future really sang “I know ima get my bitch back” then did absolutely nothing of the sort
Retweeted by jaboukiejust had somalian food for the first time... suqaar... i’ve haven’t stanned a dish this hard since i first had inje… are my cousins, tony, anthony, giancarlo, gianmarco and farfalle. delete this racism immediately coming back from christmas break in 2nd grade ready to tell the rich kids santa klaus is fake cus i didn’t get a…
@ipa_guy12 glowing n well fed kingso we can try to catch all 500,000 people or have like two billionaires pay taxes. idk this is a hard one can’t do Thanksgiving without farm workers: Make a donation during this season of "thanks and giving" and help f…
Retweeted by jaboukieit really is wild how jamaicans will remix a song by just putting photon lasers over it. like the track is untouche… inventing corn flakes
Flight attendant: Is there a doctor on this flight? Dad: Me: Dad: Me: Dad: Mom: you two should talk Me & Dad: Nobeen in london for chew days now - a bit mad how life works innit xxATMs be having $5 withdrawal fees talm bout “cover your pin” nigga YOU the thief
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ty for bringing awareness to the fact that no black women has released music during since 2009 am so mad my jamaican parents decided to go to the US instead of the UK i would be a closeted football player wit… @unemployedfatty when in rome luv xxnevertheless peepee poopoogoing to london. bout to chase some pavements innitif we can’t have well funded public schools or health insurance can we at least have teleportation. capitalism is n… remembered i’m a person i’m not deleting tweets2020 i’m turning on read receiptsa lot of people from other islands saying they have sorrel too but the mexican joints don’t call it agua de st. tho… love that sorrel is so jamaican other cultures who truly fuck w it just call it jamaicajamaicans: sorrel mexicans: jamaica white people: hibiscus
gay @bIondiewasabi don’t let them silence u kingsoup time is the apex of human culinary innovation. it transcends identity: every culture has a soup. it is more nutriti… got locked out of @eikuobaj :( @netflix big mouth writer’s room snacks got me zebra caked up 😌 @jaboukie you don’t have to like the film but there’s simply no need to come on this website and lie
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im sorry but 3 and a half hours for a movie. i do not have enough ass meat to sit that longme in 2008 giving my christmas wishlist to my parents after the market crashed @jaboukie @dondrapersbitch Ecclesiastes 1:9 What has been will be again, what has been done will be done a…
Retweeted by jaboukieniacinimide and salicylic acid reducing my acne and sebum production @dondrapersbitch @jaboukiedeleted someone else tweeted it b4 me 😔there needs to be more 80s synth pop christmas songs @promisedenise @WrittenByHanna huge @ItsJakKnight energy
Mojo Jojo was more than an ape. He was a stunted revolutionary trapped in a systematic cycle of abuse due to white…
Retweeted by jaboukiea pharmacist tried to make some kool aid and created three girls who enact repeated state sanctioned violence on a…