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musical theater kids at a denny’s sitting next to an elderly couple sharing what will be their last meal together’all be getting richard portraits in your dms?
i stared into the abyss and tell me why the abyss stared back?? lmao i’m like keep playing with me before i eat that abussy🚨 I’m accepting freelance pitches from POC journalists on race, culture, criminal justice and health care for CBS N…
Retweeted by giabuchi lastrassithey’re fighting to not go back but in the meantime families in poverty will still need supplies whether or not the… mom is head of the teachers union in Harvey, my home town. a lot of Harvey families live in poverty & cant affor…
Hello Again #drawingwhileblack My name is Pen! I’m a multi/media freelance artist with a focus in digital illustrat…
Retweeted by giabuchi lastrassiEffective immediately, I am no longer employed by @WearYourVoice. Nor will I be writing for them ever again. And w…
Retweeted by giabuchi lastrassi“Boston” dynamics ??? see and theyre making sure the robots are racistwe already know yall are gna use it to kill poor people you can stop pretending @veganhippiesol @Esosa_CA_Films 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by giabuchi lastrassi& that’s that about that situation
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@KaceOmolade @jaboukie Why does Chile keep being mentioned everywhere
Retweeted by giabuchi lastrassiATTENTION: one of my dear friend’s brother was dragged out of his apartment in front of his children, and arrested…
Retweeted by giabuchi lastrassino one: baby birds when their moms come back with fresh vomit:
@JazWritesLines @jaboukie or venmo: desmoinesmutualaid-bailfund thank you!!!
Retweeted by giabuchi lastrassi @jaboukie Since this is getting a lot of attention, please please PLEASE donate to the bail fund. What DMPD is doin…
Retweeted by giabuchi lastrassiAnother political prisoner in the USA and he's 21-year-old Vietnamese American.
Retweeted by giabuchi lastrassiTW: Rape, police retaliation In June, Norman, OK cut the police dept. budget by $865,000. In retaliation, an NPD…
Retweeted by giabuchi lastrassi think everyone should see this update on the Breonna Taylor petition
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@Muna_Mire .... anyway july 23rdt around the corner @xoajid i’m humming a song and daydreaming about what life married to one of them would be like and tapping along to the songa day of tragedy for multiple diasporas
the way the united states is a cult and not the good kindokay is it“it’s a pandemic” exactly sneeze on your hands for a power up @ghostinmp3 i watched my grandpa say peanuts without the tyou live within a 10 mile radius of each other and ur subtweeting just go fight @JavaughnSYW “i take 10%” the COGIC leaptage is a big factor but what’s most important is that your country’s education system failed you @joesocialism 33. most social scientists say the gen z cut off is 1990 gecs is for early gen z / late millennials, you have to had been a zooted off pixie sticks running around to cr… is a photo of 32 year-old Oglala Lakota activist Regina Brave during the 71-day standoff at Wounded Knee betwe…
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Retweeted by giabuchi lastrassiI've put a lot of thought into making and posting this so if you can't donate then sharing goes a long way 💕
Retweeted by giabuchi lastrassiMy family's store is one of the many small black business affected by this time Went from 30 meals a day to 3. And…
Retweeted by giabuchi lastrassiO fadda god wi come to yuh in jesus name o lard tek dis picknee ah urs hoff di eart o fadda Lord mek di virus chakk… plath did not invent depressed 20-something oversharing to be erased like this
2020 finally won back the freedom he never should’ve lost. Now let’s give him the fresh start he deserves. From es…
Retweeted by giabuchi lastrassii’m no longer having sex i’m think pro black movements are anti white because pro white movements have always been anti-black.
Retweeted by giabuchi lastrassi @JavaughnSYW the way i was just rewatching jamaica footagefreud come get ur juice would you be interested in an interview on my Instagram live? you’d be an iconic guest
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*laughs in extension cord* @haaniyah_ “um shaun king is half black but go off sis”non black people will be in ur replies like “yikes nigga sis this ain’t it :/“today a group of my coworkers and I wore these shirts in protest of the Whole Foods sending TMs home for wearing BL…
Retweeted by giabuchi lastrassi @ripmisskeisha @surpriseitsme_ fr i just read it somewhereapparently some people are younger than me and other people are older than me 14 year old son was so excited to vote for Biden until kanye came along and ruined things... we are in danger of… liberals seeing kanye announce like “well there goes the black vote 🙄” @fuckass_thma i just went out for some hemp milk i’ll brbi’ve been italian since july 24, 1988. i cant control what conspiracies people make out of my identity when i said beyoncé was my cousin y’all took me for joke. said i was doing the mostissimo... i’m done defending…
yoooo this girl coded an entire website with full links to get a racist councilmember out of santa clarita, ca!! pl…
Retweeted by giabuchi lastrassiwith all due respect they are still sitting better not see any of u being happy today. aint shit sweet @moehammadrifki nothing @emily_murnane it’s the hand for me
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Retweeted by giabuchi lastrassiHey everyone thank you so much for sharing and donating I’ve finally reached my goal and I would like everyone to p…
Retweeted by giabuchi lastrassithis is precisely why anyone who can donate to black trans girls, should donate. regular citizens & political offic…
Retweeted by giabuchi lastrassi?? everybody talking about anthony hamilton is he making a come back?? i loved cant let goKaren was black lingo used for annoying ass white women and now white people took it and are using it for fucking k…
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shane dawson: @orbgoddess LMAOOOOOOOOOOOif jaboukie was dl
Retweeted by giabuchi lastrassihi! my friends and i are summarizing these readings to make them more accessible! we're trying to do one a day.
Retweeted by giabuchi lastrassi’s winning in a scam offBevin was fired from her job for warning customers they might have been exposed to the virus. let’s support her the… & allied staff of @nowthisnews sent a letter to mgmt Monday demanding changes to diversity & inclusion, racis…
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After Columbine over 10,000 school police officers were hired just in case a school shooting happened. Two decades…
Retweeted by giabuchi lastrassiI just downloaded this app called Health in Her Hue that connects Black women with Black healthcare providers. Pls…
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Retweeted by giabuchi lastrassithe inventor of plastic:’ll sleep between yall it’s nothing fri’m not dating i’m just waiting for a couple to take me in as their third so i don’t have to do too much work just follow the rules
Retweeted by giabuchi lastrassirealizing things. amount of “just now seeings” i’ve sent read receipts have been on for over a year and i didn’t know. a beautiful day to idealize another person and project your own fantasies of who they could be, setting yoursel…’m wearing masks for the rest of my life virus or no virus tf you looking at me forthe way islamophobes showed up but ummah showed out wallahithe way islam was right abt statues and covering your face
i really just be saying shitsatan visiting Gilead board members on their death beds being like “what a Karen 😂😂😂” she’s a white supremacist and she looks like a molted lobster