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Hi Twitter, this place is giving me brain worms so I’m gonna take a break. Donate to my fundraiser please:
Retweeted by giabuchisaw pictures of another couple quarantined together on my tl
Retweeted by giabuchiIs that jaboukie?! Lmaooo
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@javeighyw same sis @JavaughnSYW yet i drive your mans crazy wipers when you accidentally turn them on
@jovandemic kingj - jovan? we get a thread of 100% (no offense) italians going?? 😍 bottom and vers but when i make shit up i get suspended it cause they drank the t
Retweeted by giabuchi @jaboukie Please tweet / email and call Philly officials to demand that they seize the hospital and worry about the…
Retweeted by giabuchido we still live in a society someone explain to me how that dude in philly holding a hospital ransom & demanding the city pay him to use it… @javeighyw and the devil laughsthat baby’s genetics said A a —————————— A | AA | Aa…
@javeighyw i’m on em beans forealyikes yikes yikes yikes yikes yikes yikes yikes yikes yikes yikes yikes yikes yikes yikes yikes yikes yike…
Retweeted by giabuchi @znali5 @m00nicorn this is iconic @malcolm_121 bless up mi breddayeah i’m a 90s BABY! - childhood defined by irrational american patriotism - teenage years defined by economic re… @malcolm_121 suck yuh maddaif you see me make a typo in English DONT bring it up I’m decolonizing
Retweeted by giabuchiwhen drake and future released “what a time to be alive” that was actually the last time to be aliveWHAT ARE HER SOCIALS 11:32 PM
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this is patrick stump erasure$1,200 stimulus package or lunch w jay-z 🤔pizzagate twitter come get yall juice @UncleZumba stranger by the lake
just started animal crossing and felt a wave of calm pass over my body that i haven’t felt since i accepted death a… @nwrosey96 okay here we go with another bernie bro in my repliesICE is non-essential
Retweeted by giabuchii miss being at work and me being like “what’s up” to my middle aged coworkers and them being like “nothing much ju…
This is what Jabokie was doing while on his suspension
Retweeted by giabuchi @MarlonEttinger false. i can’t grow a beard and yet yours is full. i am for all incense and purp hazes younger than you @MarlonEttinger anyone older than me is oldeating mangos is really the purpose of life huhboomers: first you do the hokey pokey gen x: stop! hammer time :) millennials: yUUUUUUUUUU!!!! gen z:
einstein: can you tell us your secret?? nietzsche: we're begging MLK: please. we must know. karl marx: elaborate. w…’m trying new hobbies during quarantine does anyone know how to read??i don’t think i’ve ever used the 😃 emoji...... the fuck he smiling for aint shit sweetperiodo one: the stanford prison experiment: immigrant parents never let me leave the house. this is just summer break
Retweeted by giabuchino weapon formed against italians shell pasta tweets people got off are literally what made them allow me back lol. thank you all so much
@ChrisDStedman deletelol. people clearly don’t understand. my RACE is italian. my NATIONALITY is sicilian. CULTURALLY i am black my ET… was wrong abt corona please don’t let me be wrong about thisi think i’m gunna try to learn bass geetar. it’s supposed to be easier for black people right2020 started with the assassination of an international political figure and threats of nuclear war and that’s just a side plotwhy did i have to be a carbon based mammal what if i was a phosphorus based sentient ball of lightjoe biden tm morning: hey sorry i was in the showersoulja boy has more historical relevance and musical impact than john lennon
eye contact is going to feel like nutting at the same time after thisMY QUEEN!!! LITERALLY BANISHING CORONA FROM THE EARTH LOOK AT HER HANDS!!!! SHAMAMNNANALAKESHABBABABA YESSSSS!!!!!!… one: the concept of time: @ethreeezy Florida: Lake Worth Beach city commission meeting turns ugly
Retweeted by giabuchiquarantine got y’all discovering the weirdest things 😂😅 tf is a father @javeighyw i was just about to flame you
tame impala is better than the beatles⚠️Uh oh craft alert⚠️ I hand-painted these @Margiela tabi boots. And Per @tweetrajouhari I added an awful foot tatt…
Retweeted by giabuchinoted italian @jaboukie giving us a quarantine live with special guests and a multimedia presentation…
Retweeted by giabuchihe was ahead of his time. say it with me. ahead of his time.
Retweeted by giabuchinow y’all know damn well if china did this...’m doing good how are you?
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.@jaboukie on 'Moonlight' for @nytimes 💜
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that’s enough being perceived for todayday ??? and millie bobby brown singing “yew MEH seh umma dreeeemuh” is playing on loop in my headbitch you’re a building people! So we found a delivery driver, and now it’s time to get food to the people! The Okra Project Team is wo…
Retweeted by giabuchii got featured in this article of black creators talking about black art !! @imbobswaget ty for providing consistent cooking inspirationonce again thank you @jaboukie for this playlist
Retweeted by giabuchiday ??? of social distancing @shegonsuck @Lalabandlala it is canoni have a playlist for when you bust from sexting during social distancing but the post nut clarity never comes
it’s okay to not exercisei be forgetting this country is run by religious extremists thought that was bear in the big blue house shit will be normal and then every 10 minutes i’m like oh right the world is ending
i eat mushrooms but i do not respect them. they spoil and then they grow mold like how you a fungus getting clapped… @chunkbardey KINGGGus: we need to fix the systems that created this pandemic in the first place. that means FREE not affordable FREE h… da he’ll is going awnchicken back gang wyawhat are some struggle meals from your culture/household that are actually good as fuck making smegma
film twitter come get yall juice yang: