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Me Mum Leo Dog-Lover Teacher. Lover of Books Films Music Wine Cocktails Chocolate Cheese Tattoos Photography Nature & LFC. An ambivert & empath.

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@carol_stirling It spends a fair bit of time out East. LOLKey saying about the PM..."I don't know if she's terribly interested in all that stuff." meaning the economy. Classic misogyny.
Retweeted by Jacs. @KellieHailes Thank you. @jcwhaea Thank you fellow Jackie.Birthday Expresso Martini! @mother3bears Out of the mouths of babes!
Say yes to masks And no to bras. Free the titi But protect the city
Retweeted by Jacs. @kirsty_johnston That bloody helicopter. It’s ruined 4 evenings out my way this week. @tweets_tracy @PowderPuffPlay PMSL @kerriatlearning #NZBFC630 Thank goodness. Been a busy week. Will be having Friday drinkies on way home so that’s nice to look forward to.Moèt is so lovely!Today, on my actual birthday, said child asked me how old I actually was? I replied 57. He thought for a while and… week I forget to do something and admitted it to some Tamariki, and one of the 4 year olds I teach looked at a… @Suzyiam He He!Sorry. This rain is my fault. I commented on how mild and dry it was this afternoon.It’s a great day when it’s your birthday and you work in a kindergarten! @dbseymour is a boring, out of touch knob.
Retweeted by Jacs. @Becs Good on you .
one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by @richardboock I think Freddie will approve. @richardboock IKR. All the hairs on my arms stood on end and I was just smiling and rocking along to it!Got to love 4 year old boys. One of them at my Kindergarten chose this for my birthday tomorrow. I will wear it wit… This is sooooo good. @nzrckstr Oh wow! That was amazing!!!!!!!!! @JennyWi18628806 @NZStuff But I still don’t understand how you can get HD for what he did. @JennyWi18628806 @NZStuff I think you have to stay at home with HD.Talk about stating the bleeding obvious. ANZ chairman Sir John Key warns 'financial crisis coming', via @nzherald
Dogs just gone to sleep with his head on my foot. Will this be a good enough excuse to make me late for work?Hey @NewstalkZB, Can you please send Mike Hosking to Melbourne or Florida to report on the pandemic? Thanks in…
Retweeted by Jacs. @JaneTHoye I’m finding couriers back to being very efficient. Hopefully the system just hasn’t updated. There can’t… and Mabel - The trust of dogs. via @YouTubeThe new road between Panmure and Pakuranga looks scary and confusing. Not liking forward to my first time on it tonight.
Lovely Tara Nats this is just pathetic. If you can’t get your own house in order how is anybody supposed to conclude…
Retweeted by Jacs. @FoxyLustyGrover Yes, I fail to understand this as well. @Becs @keith_ng I fell for itThe new Masterchef programme has done what I hoped it wouldn’t. Become desperate to be different and as good as the… @nzrckstr @JennyWi18628806 LOL @Becs Good job! @Becs Sending you much ❤️ xxCrusher Collins actually just did a ‘Trump’ and said that National have the best signage. They are ‘creaming it’ ap… Yorkshire day we remember one of the purest videos to surface on the internet
Retweeted by Jacs.I'm really sorry. I know you won't be able to unsee this. But:
Retweeted by Jacs.I just got kicked out of a flat earth Facebook group because I asked if the 6 foot social distancing guideline had…
Retweeted by Jacs. @keith_ng I'm just trying to come up a reason for why this photo was ever taken. LOLAnother fiasco for them. Shambles even. Fitness photo of National Party candidate for Auckland Central circulating…
Daughter got up, dressed, make up and hair done. Then finds out her one Monday Uni lecture is a virtual online lect… @k4ty_b No. It’s awful. @tina_plunkett Chill and be kind to yourself. It’s scary and stressful. Don’t feel the need to be achieve heaps. Se…….back into the grind of it all. @kareninaotearoa She’s fairly irrelevant tbh. Not worth wasting O2 on.But no ‘bought coffee’ wasn’t tough. It was barely an inconvenience. You can make coffee at home. What a bunch of s… Karen, getting COVID and dying would have been tough. Not being able to physically say goodbye to a loved one wo… on FB asking what we’d say to Victorians as they possibly go into complete lockdown. God, we are so soft. Appa…“Someone get Judith a tin foil hat.” Bizarre stuff. The Collins leadership is utter chaos.
Retweeted by Jacs.Seriously... everyone’s signs are stolen and ruined every election. People really don’t like signs anyway. People…
Retweeted by Jacs.Please RT: Found Gold Card Wellington City. Just now I found a Gold Card on Lambton Quay belonging to a Patricia…
Retweeted by Jacs. @phdwahine Never @Bobtobob @DarienFenton @JudithCollinsMP There are Nat’s that hate Crusher enough to stir up trouble.
National will sacrifice YOUR life for the economy. #NationalNotFitToGovern #nzpol #NatsAreCruel
Retweeted by Jacs. @andrewr124xx The Fan ZoneIdiots @nzrckstr It won’t help but it was interesting to google it. @nzrckstr
@vanessacwills I’d need two boob tubes at a time these days. @mikeshappyplace True that.100 reasons to vote labour.
Retweeted by Jacs.I have rights. I ain’t wearing a mask 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Jacs. @Capt_Caffiend @Becs yes, mine too. @Becs Ka Pai.This is my overview of the Twitter accounts I had the most interactions with recently. Via’ve been busy!
Retweeted by Jacs. @Becs No. been in sick bed all day.TVNZ Poll – Winners & Losers | The Daily Blog #nzpol
Retweeted by Jacs. @threadnz @trinnylondon I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. @JennyWi18628806 @VoteLabour2020 @JudithCollinsMP For a parody account, it’s quite realistic....LOL @ClintVSmith
Retweeted by Jacs. @melulater I'm home sick as well. Pretty sure one of my charges gave it to me. I want to eat something but it probably isn't a good idea.
Don't think so, mate.Morons come in any race or gender. Throw the book at them all. Covid 19 coronavirus Queenslan… bugger!’s been a long and busy week so this was much appreciated tonight. Nice Rosè. you thought Seymour was bad, wait until you see the lack of quality further down the ACT list!
Retweeted by Jacs.#nzpol
Retweeted by Jacs.What is wrong with people in Victoria? How stupid can you be? The huge COVID numbers, and when people have been tes…
@WendyWings @stampmemesnz Crooked before shown moment. While shooting in Manhattan right in front of a comic book store, I spontaneously sugge…
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Please support if you can. Nats are standing 18 years olds in electorates.
@wallacelchapman Not that I can remember. No. Nothing.This fella has it right:
Retweeted by Jacs. @PhillipLaings Hope you’re doing well.
@jayonaboat @puxanphoto He has made you look good! @lisametofox Absolutely. If u just come home then no, I don’t think u should have to pay, but if u go out of the c… @thewildernerd @nzlabour I hope not. This is not the message Michael Wood was giving out about this election campai… @SirWB An under-performing dinosaur? No, don’t think I could sell him to anyone.2 people followed me // automatically checked by