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Me Mum Leo Dog-Lover Teacher. Lover of Books Films Music Wine Cocktails Chocolate Cheese Tattoos Photography Nature. An ambivert & empath.

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Yesterday was knackering. First day back at work with Tamariki. Only a small number turned up but it was sooooooo h…
You know when you stick your fingers together with Superglue and you prise them apart? Does it take your fingerprin… dog should be treated like this (🎥 @kono_in_orlando)
Retweeted by Jacs.Goodboye: "OK you two, break it up"
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@realDaveBowman @ABC 😬Sad to see Derek Fowlds has died; Yes Minister is a work of genius.
Retweeted by Jacs.Between the overwhelming majority of the scientific community agreeing, the fires in Australia and the flooding in…
Retweeted by Jacs.Happy Birthday, Dad. Thank you for a lifetime of superb performances! @jamesearljones #NationalTreasure
Retweeted by Jacs. @MorganGodfery Muldoon was a hateful, dyed-in-the-wool Tory. The photo was a PR ‘I’m one of the boys’ stunt. Why th…
Retweeted by Jacs.After thirteen days of world class tennis, record breaking crowds and a whole lot of drama it’s time to farewell th…
Retweeted by Jacs.THE NATIONAL PARTY caught out LYING...AGAIN!!
Retweeted by Jacs.Big hugs to Basil. RIP Derek. great actors. don’t know what the hell he’s saying but i agree
Retweeted by Jacs. @Becs Sounds like a great deal to me.
@nzrckstr Everyone in media is now all about Megxit, sadly. I’m over hearing about the royals. Fire situation is st… @LostArcNZ Yes it is.
It will be the worse government in history if @dbseymour gets a seat at the adults table
Retweeted by Jacs.It’s been a tough afternoon. Me, reading in the hanging chair in the garden, and the dog snoozing. Back to reality…, big ears! @Andrew124R_ And ache.
@RudderGustlock Thank you. That was person unfollowed me // automatically checked by Springsteen hugs his son Sam Springsteen, who was sworn in today as a Jersey City Firefighter.…
Retweeted by Jacs.I love this woman so much
Retweeted by Jacs.If anyone loves a good Whodunnit and hasn’t seen ‘Knives Out’ yet, go and see it before it finishes. Great cast and… @sarahpolo10 The latter.Whoever is making Sky’s advertisements is doing a fine job. I love the one with the child running across the beach. Brill!My wonderful dog Beatrix has been missing since 9 Jan from Lyttelton. I have posted on FB on a number of pages. I…
Retweeted by Jacs.I’m instituting a new, well-over due rule. On mammogram day, the treats & presents must be many.
Retweeted by Jacs.The koala pulled his hands towards itself and held his hand ❤ My heart can't 😭
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Hanging out.
Retweeted by Jacs.Anyone watched the film ‘Phantom Thread’? Interested to know your thoughts about it.Very sore back after my gardening escapades yesterday. That’s why I avoid it.I'm not a royalist. I'm not actually necessarily a fan of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. But one thing I can see i…
Retweeted by Jacs.Stop being ignorant about #WhitePrivilege It does NOT mean you're racist. It does NOT mean your life has been easy…
Retweeted by Jacs.If you're wondering what a Bridges/Seymour government would look like, this week they've: -leapt to the defence of…
Retweeted by Jacs. @TheJacobTrueman Take care and get well soon. @TheJacobTrueman Fingers crossed!Just completed my gardening for the year. At least an hour, weeding, sweeping, cutting back things, making 3 huge p…
@TheJacobTrueman Oh dear. Pics?#NationalNotFitToGovern #CantAffordNational #NationalLies #NatsOrFacts
Retweeted by Jacs. @juliefairey Motat.WOW! Big of him. me too! @mariahmocarey It’s looks expensive. Very flash on you. @mariahmocarey Nice lippy! @DylanReeve I bought my daughter a mix of new and secondhand uniforms. @KellieHailes LOL...I’m a newish vegetarian so I’m always looking for interesting and healthy salads. Great for work lunches as well. @DylanReeve I never understood how Whānau with multiple Tamariki afforded it all? They must start saving in May.This is our job. Wāhine. Mujeres. Badass babes of planet earth... #WomenSupportingWomen
Retweeted by Jacs. @KellieHailes That looks delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe. @ChangHung23 I remember those days with my now 22 year old so clearly.Feel like a zombie today. No energy. Hoping it’s a mixture of bad sleep last night and the heat. Managed to shower,…’t believe I missed my first anniversary of becoming a vegetarian on January 6th. It’s also the same day we got…
this is what happens when your dog steals your gopro (viralsnare)
Retweeted by Jacs. @nzrckstr Darn it! @nzrckstr I’m back Friday for a set up day. I’ll have to wear shoes, I guess. ☹️ @mother3bears Ear plugs.Serena Williams wins the ASB Classic in Auckland to end three-year title drought and donates her winner's cheque to…
Retweeted by Jacs.It's an army!
Retweeted by Jacs.Moon. @ProckyHorror I love both those smells. LOL @mariahmocarey One of them looks about 12.
Relaxing music for studying, meditation and sleep - Clair de Lune & more... via @YouTube Ju… Sakamoto Trio_Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence.mp4 via @YouTube Your welcome. @FitKiwi I’ve seen these. I so want one of my Labrador.The dogs very bony head and my cheek bonehave just collided. I came off second best. 2 Panadol and an ice pack later. 🏥
Dear @NZParliament I think it's a great idea to rename New Zealand Fisheries Officers as "Pāua Rangers" 🐟🦈🦐🐚🦪🛥️
Retweeted by Jacs.Animator Lee Loechler created his own version of his girlfriend's favourite Disney movie to propose and it's a trul…
Retweeted by Jacs. @Suzyiam That is actually true. We have a local courier driver that seems petrified of him. He’s never seen him. Just heard his bark.Best line of the year: Poor man’s Medusa, Katie Hopkins...
Retweeted by Jacs.Thousands of people marching through the Sydney CBD demanding action on climate change.
Retweeted by Jacs.I’ve got a red rose and a Labrador, so I’m stuffed. @nzrckstr BeardEgg: omelet, scrambled or poached. Steak: No thanks. I’m a vegetarian. Milk: I’ll pass. Lactose intolerant. Alcoh…
@threadnz On drugs?To any who went lighting fires around to destroy nature, animals and people's homes, and fulfill their demeaning ma…
Retweeted by Jacs.I’ve got the whole house to myself this arvo. Till late. First time in ages. I can Uber Eats dinner. Peace and quiet. Bliss!This 14 month-old was helping his dad shovel in Newfoundland after yesterday’s 15-inches of snowfall - when he glit…
Retweeted by Jacs.It is even greater than you think. It's a grandma and her grandsons. The kids were trying to prank her and she one…
Retweeted by Jacs. @LostArcNZ PMSL @beechworks I LOVE clean sheets night. @Becs What you do in your home is your business. She needs to butt out. I think that’s a cool thing to do for ur bo… @Burge2010 @chrisshipitv She wrote it in a letter so it must be true then? LOL WTF. I could write anything in a let… @smithjosephy @chrisshipitv I agree but it’s way they have done it that pissing people off. @Flkittie @chrisshipitv She knew she’d never be queen though, before she married him. He’s the spare. @Rexiebyronbay @chrisshipitv Why should poor old Canada be lumbered with them? @chrisshipitv Doesn’t the queen still legally have custody of all her children, grandchildren and great grandchildr… @Burge2010 @chrisshipitv She was killed by a drunk driver, but you have it your way. @melulater Just cos you can make tweets, doesn’t mean you should! She should engage her brain first. She got a dose… @robyn_rt A reminder from my teenage years.How to finish an argument when you're wrong. 📹: Reddit user to_the_tenth_power
Retweeted by Jacs. @SarahMcCrann @benhurleycom The ability to deal with life isn’t solely based on the size of your bank account. It m… @natemcdermott I always do. @le_friwi Remember today and when you , support someone else in return.The dogs got fleas. Someone forgot to treat him.