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Joined Twitter 3/21/06 @zamosta @leslieberland @brucefalck He’s way ahead of you are red 🌹 violets are blue 🔵 pls stop asking❓ if my subtweet is abt u 💕
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Today Dog Mode: set a cabin temperature to keep your dog comfortable while letting passersby know they don't…
Retweeted by jackValentine’s Day. It sucks. Until now. Follow us and reply with your $Cashtag for a chance to win a $25 Boost for yo…
Retweeted by jackLove love love @jayrock school didn’t teach you. Twitter definitely did 👍🏽
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@EricaJoy What are those @zackvoell If you want @code_jide Interesting! @brucefalck No @mep No need to be sorry. I wasn’tThis whole #KaraJack thread is a perfect example of both the potential and current flaws with conversation on Twitt…
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@karaswisher Go eat! Thanks, Kara #karajack @karaswisher I don’t think you’re mean. Always good to experiment. #Karajack @RMac18 @karaswisher @finkd @waltmossberg NO RYAN @karaswisher Yep. And they don’t have to be wack. Need to figure this out. This whole experience is a problem state… @karaswisher This thread was hard. But we got to learn a ton to fix it. Need to make this feel a lot more cohesive… @karaswisher @elonmusk @AOC Tried to do too much at once. Wasn’t focused on what our one core strength was: convers… @karaswisher I’m focused on building leadership in both. Not my desire or ambition to be CEO of multiple companies… @karaswisher @elonmusk @AOC I think it’s better to spread that responsibility across multiple people. It creates le… @karaswisher @elonmusk @AOC Focus on conversation earlier. We took too long to get there. Too distracted. #Karajack @karaswisher @elonmusk @AOC True #karajack @karaswisher @elonmusk @AOC Totally. She’s mastering the medium #karajack @karaswisher I’m moving as fast as I can Kara #karajack @karaswisher To me personally? I like how @elonmusk uses Twitter. He’s focused on solving existential problems and… @karaswisher @realDonaldTrump We ultimately decided we were better off independent. And I’m happy we did. We’ve mad… @karaswisher @realDonaldTrump Always going to experiment with new models. Periscope has super hearts, which allows… @karaswisher @realDonaldTrump We want to be valuable to people daily. Not monthly. It’s a higher bar for ourselves.… @karaswisher @realDonaldTrump We should expect a lot more coordination between governments and platforms to address… @karaswisher @realDonaldTrump We shared a retro on 2018 within this country, and tested a lot with the Mexican elec… @karaswisher @realDonaldTrump I think it’s more durable to focus on use cases because that allows us to act broader… @karaswisher @realDonaldTrump Our work against automations and coordinated campaigns. Partnering with government ag… @karaswisher @realDonaldTrump We have to enforce based on our policy and what people do on our service. And evolve… @karaswisher @realDonaldTrump I don’t believe our service or business is dependent on any one account or person. I… @karaswisher @realDonaldTrump We hold all accounts to the same terms of service. The most controversial aspect of o… @karaswisher It’s the reality. We tried to do too much at once and were not focused on what matters most. That cont… @karaswisher We made something with one intent. The world showed us how it wanted to use it. A lot has been great.… @karaswisher I also don’t feel good about how Twitter tends to incentivize outrage, fast takes, short term thinking… @karaswisher @finkd I did. I’d rather be eating cheez-its #karajack @karaswisher Feels terrible. I want people to walk away from Twitter feeling like they learned something and feelin… @karaswisher @finkd @waltmossberg Ok. Definitely not easy to follow the conversation. Exactly why we are doing this… @karaswisher @finkd Does he check this much? @karaswisher @finkd Just resonded to that. Don’t see the twitter purge one #karajack @karaswisher @finkd For instance, we look at probability of abuse from any one account. If someone is abusing one a… @karaswisher @finkd 1. Misgendering policy as example. 2. Using ML to downrank bad actors behind interstitials 3. N… @karaswisher @finkd 1. We have evolved our polices. 2. We have prioritized proactive enforcement to remove burden f… @karaswisher I think it’s fair and real. No question. Our org has to be reflective of the people we’re trying to se… @karaswisher @finkd Likely a reason. I’m certain lack of diversity didn’t help with empathy of what people experien… @karaswisher I think we tried to do too much in the past, and that leads to diluted answers and nothing impactful.… @karaswisher @finkd I see the link, and that’s why we need to put physical safety above all else. That’s what we’re… @karaswisher We action all we can against our policies. Most of our system today works reactively to someone report… @karaswisher Exactly. What can we do within the product and policy to lower probability. Again, don’t think we or o… @karaswisher No, not a police force. I mean we have to consider first and foremost what online activity does to imp… @karaswisher Within the service? Likely within replies. That’s why we’ve been more aggressive about proactively dow… @karaswisher I mean off platform, offline ramifications. What people do offline with what they see online. Doxxing… @karaswisher Good question. This is why we’re focused on understanding what conversational health means. We see a t… @karaswisher This is exactly the balance we have to think deeply about. But in doing so, we have to look at how the… @karaswisher Second, we’re constantly evolving our policies to address the issues we see today. We’re rooting them… @karaswisher First and foremost we’re looking at ways to proactively enforce and promote health. So that reporting/… @karaswisher Agree it matters a lot. And it’s the most important thing we need to address and fix. I’m stating that… @karaswisher Putting the burden on victims? Yes. It’s recognizing that we have to be proactive in enforcement and p… @karaswisher Myself? C. We’ve made progress, but it has been scattered and not felt enough. Changing the experience… @karaswisher A question we ask ourselves all the time. In the past I think we were trying to do too much. We’re bet… @karaswisher Ready @karaswisher To be clear, we’re interested in an experience like this. Nothing built yet. This gives us a sense of… @karaswisher @ashleyfeinberg Deal @karaswisher Got you. Here’s my setup. I work from home Tuesdays. In my kitchen. Tweetdeck. No one here with me, an…🆕 Introducing Dark Mode. Available in the latest Weebly app update.
Retweeted by jack @karaswisher @soulcycle @Laur_Katz @voxmediainc @cheezit I love cheez-its. Guilty pleasure. @brucefalck It’s 24/7 now @brucefalck Never changeYour move @uninterrupted @HBO 👀
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@brucefalck True @yoda @Square Thanks! @buzz Maybe an error @SanctiGrail Good thing we have a Bluetooth and lightning reader! @coffeeloveranil Still figuring that out @StefanMierz Thank you! @joshl_campbell @Square Thank you! @chalozin Think that’s an iPod touch @casinclair And made it faster @BitCatCash Good to know @CanadaKaz Wow that was early! @jsneedles Thank you!🙏🏽 All love! Finish strong bro #icon
Retweeted by jack @mims @AlexJamesFitz Interesting @kayvzThanks for the conversation Stephan! @oliverburkeman I don’t have the details of every case. Nor do I make enforcement decisions. I was speaking broadly… turns 10 years old today. Thank you to all of our customers! ❤️ made me a cake!! I have icing, what should I write on it? If you say edit button you *will* be blocked
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Retweeted by jackGreat warriors game :05.4Okay @JayRock we see you gettin that #GRAMMYs #WIN ‼️💯🏆
Retweeted by jackFrom the 90059 to a #GRAMMYs #WIN‼️ This is #EastsideJohnny’s BIG #REDEMPTION! 🏆💪🏾🏡 #TDE Everyone congratulate…
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