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I play video games for a living. Available for weddings. @ExtraLife4Kids Ambassador. For business stuffs, email jacklikesthings at gmail dot com

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Anyone have any tricks for buying a Switch right now without getting gouged or scammed?Thinking of streaming Satisfactory tonight. I have an urge to automate. Or maybe we keep working on @kingdomthegame ... or both? @itszerolove @BluuMune If you know any folks looking for influencers for their Displayport cables, I could use a re… @Derohk @BluuMune They are beautiful machines, I wanted to let people actually see them!Join us next week in spreading some good vibes during these strange times. We’ll have some live streams centered a…
Retweeted by Jack Pattillo @BluuMune Yup, the red one is my streaming/recording machine and my green one is gameplay. 2 40’ HDMI from red, 1 2…
✔️ Rehearsal complete! With our #LaunchAmerica mission four days away, @Astro_Doug & @AstroBehnken started their d…
Retweeted by Jack PattilloT-minus one hour until our friends @Kierabridget, @AzzyLand, @BriArsement, @BrennenTaylor, @Preston, and @Caylusq
Retweeted by Jack Pattillo @FionaNova Why does this make me think of you? folks asked for the set list from the DJ JONK stream last night, enjoy! Here's hoping I can do it again! #RTTVWe are four days away from the launch of @SpaceX's Crew Dragon to the @Space_Station with @AstroBehnken and…
Retweeted by Jack Pattillo @CrystalClearAr1 @AchievementHunt This is fantastic. Thank you for the beautiful art. @GassyMexican @_b8con_ Throw some quotes around DJ. I am yet still a rookie. @matt_viana17 Thank you for your service! Be safe out there. @jack_p DJ Jonk dance party
Retweeted by Jack PattilloWhen @jack_p plays “Shut Up and Dance” at the end of his DJ stream
Retweeted by Jack PattilloLoved the stream @jack_p !!! Had a blast just dancing and having a good time! Hope to see more of these streams in…
Retweeted by Jack Pattillo @TabiDramaQ Let @chattykinson know! We will get more dancers next time! @Amberle21225 Tell him I say hello! Thanks for coming out. @dot_lyxo Hit up @chattykinson the next time we do this!It warms my heart to see all the photos and incredible comments from tonight’s DJ JONK stream. Thank you all who ca… @jack_p So much fun with you guys tonight! Keep up the positive vibes; we can’t tell you how much it helps all of u…
Retweeted by Jack PattilloI’m LIVE DJING!! now @ItsLukeStivers What would you recommend? @asharsaleem121 All. @oddball_amy OBVIOUSLY. @WALKTHEMOONband @ScottBiggs I grabbed Nobody Speak and Legend Has It already... :)Two things before DJ JONK goes live in just under two hours: 1.) Is there a song that I HAVE to play? 2.) Do you ha… you have experience running awesome community campaigns? Do you want to work @Ubisoft? I'm hiring for my team:…
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Now that I've seen this, I want to create @AchievementHunt themed Golf gear for @RTXEvent 2021. @GeoffLRamsey
Retweeted by Jack Pattillo @ElyseWillems @larrymatovina PIVVVOTTTT @EmmaSkies @joakim_dahl Yeah, picking up a specific line in source from my mixer.Well this is just silly. DJ JONK, 10pm CST, tomorrow night. anyone have experience using Plane9 with OBS? Namely, I'm trying to change the audio source that Plane9 picks… @neoxfire Yup! That’s me.Tomorrow night, DJ JONK returns. 10pm CST on RTTV
@MurryPeeters I BELIEVEEEEEEEE⛳️ More like hole-in-fun. ⛳️ The Hardcore Mini Golf trailer drops tomorrow.
Retweeted by Jack PattilloSPECIAL EVENT: We invite you to experience #LaunchAmerica virtually with us and @SpaceX! From your own home, you ca…
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This Tony Hawk shot and chaser made me BURST into tears.
Retweeted by Jack Pattillo @jan_dulce I’m worried that you may be on drugs.There’s an alternative universe somewhere where a different version of me still gets to do stuff like this. Bet he’…
Retweeted by Jack PattilloHey @UPS Thanks for sucking!
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Keeping the Lights On is going live on RTTV right now! Join @GeoffLRamsey and I with our special guest… @elgatogaming A lot of us at work have had issues with our 4k getting weird distortion on our captures? A reboot wi… @TheAlanJohnson THE SHRINE OF THE SILVER MONKEYJoin us in 1 hour for the Crunch Time season 2 episode 1 table read & help us raise money for @GiveDirectly!…
Retweeted by Jack Pattillo @GeekyFriedRice Also, here's the story on it if you want to read up on it. It sucks that it was a classic Texas bas… @GeekyFriedRice Creamy Creations is the HEB in-house brand, it's my go-to. Ben & Jerry's is great too obviously. (A… @MarlowTheDucky He has thirteen beans on his front paws. 7 on left, 6 on right. @AndrewW2016 @GeekyFriedRice @MuseScroll It's a super old model, like 5+ years. Newer ones come in all kinds of colors. Mine is an XLR, but they also make USB versions. @GeekyFriedRice Hey, remember when Blue Bell knowingly let people die while using their products. Creamy Creations all the way. :)Problems when working at home.
@MrWoodyArrives it's a Blue Spark. I bought it ages ago. (I love it)Do you want a Raw Fury game key that unlocks every single Raw Fury title now and forever? Your chance to win is end…
Retweeted by Jack Pattillo @achievehaunter @RTXEvent Help a brother out!Join me as I ride this creepy beetle thing to victory in @kingdomthegame. Live now at
@Admiral_RDBeard Ezio is number one by far, then it’s tough. Kassandra is awesome, Edward Kenway, the Frye twins...Check out @SpaceX test firing a brand new engine on their Starship! Watching @Erdayastronaut walk us through it now: @MarcusMosberger @JamesGunn I imagine they’ll have a small role. He’s with them at the end of Endgame, so he has to… @BelderBoss @JamesGunn Endgame is my number one by a mile. It’s a cinematic accomplishment. @DJ__Paint @JamesGunn The first is incredible, but I’d put 2 above it.Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is fantastic. I still tear up every time. Congratulations on your achievement… to the high school Class of 2020, as well as to the teachers, coaches, and most of all, parents and family…
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@lloydkaufman @kinky_horror Lookin’ good Uncle Lloyd.Graduating is a big achievement no matter what, but with all that the Class of 2020 has dealt with to get across th…
Retweeted by Jack Pattillo @lonelydecemberr Not yet, I want to though!Hey Uncle @lloydkaufman, would you like to be on my new talk show Keeping the Lights On?
@FionaNova @AchievementHunt I'm sorry that Sarah is so mean to you.Want. @assassinscreed @Ubisoft, who wants to play some video games? I’m live now at
It's TTT and today we're joined by the awesome @jack_p and @RyanTheTwit from Achievement Hunter!…
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About to go live with Keeping the Lights On! Join @GeoffLRamsey and I on our new night with special guest… @TheOnlyRyann Lean it back 180 degrees, stare at the ceiling and spin yourself around a few times. IT'LL CHANGE YOUR WORLD. @TheOnlyRyann I have as a joke once or twice. @jack_p can you help me to remind Nebraska to vote in primaries today 🥺🥺🥺
Retweeted by Jack Pattillo @tamoorh And that's $50 spent today.Folks! Don't forget, Keeping the Lights On moves to Tuesday nights starting TODAY! Also, we'll be solving your prob…
@DyBree440 Yuuup
@jonweaver93 We aren’t going back for a while, but we are all pretty happy working from home right now. @IFightDragons @opsmminer I mean, I’m not going to say no :) I’ll drop you a DM @BecMcGee Portugal is my fave. @BecMcGee Talking is Hard is so good. @TheVulfmon @thelonelyisland @MondoNews @jormataccone @AndySamberg @akivaschaffer Standing in Front of Buildings, I have all of @thelonelyisland albums on vinyl, as well as the @MondoNews release of Popstar. Do I sort… @onmetzger Zuuuuuul @arandomfresnan Yeah, I noticed that yesterday. 3 is so good. @Jonathan42K I absolutely have the @MondoNews version of it. @ArrheniusSvante Dark Side is in there. @Rich196 @alyankovic It’s in there, it’s just a bit torn up. Great album. @BMVagabond666 It is under P for Popstar, will probably move it to Lonely Island @YepItsKeys I love me some @VinylMePlease @BecMcGee I. Love. Walk the Moon. @PurdyCoolz Red Dead Redemption. (The first game) @BudgetSethRogen I’m Australian by marriage. @Jrex1514 @alyankovic Yup! And a fantastic @SYLARNY album in there too! @JaydenPanesso @dustin610 @JosephEMontalto Best Green Day album. @djaysux @alyankovic 90% spin, 10% collecting... but if I buy an album, I have to listen to it at least once. @trebolt_ @alyankovic So good. I could listen to the Blue Album on repeat forever.