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I play video games for a living. Available for weddings. @ExtraLife4Kids Ambassador. For business stuffs, email jacklikesthings at gmail dot com

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@Jessy_Campbell @RoosterTeeth It's November 9th! @mattandkim Absolutely! Let me know if you want to grab some BBQ before the show!“Money” is out today on all the streaming platforms💸 Let us know what u think! Also the twitter algorithm powers t…
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Hey @jack_p, don't mean to step on your toes, but my company is participating in #EXTRALIFE this year. I know how g…
Retweeted by Jack PattilloSocial Media professionals, if you love Disney, you're going to want to check this job out: Social Media Manager:…
Retweeted by Jack PattilloBest. Music Video. Ever. @kbc_325 Stop breathing, obviously.Thank you @barenakedladies for tonight’s soundtrack.’s like a dream. You try to remember but it’s gone. @fraggle_r0d Hope you got the moist brisket, cream corn, and plenty of cheese. @fraggle_r0d Sorry if it’s too late. If you are looking for a nice sit down place, try Lambert’s. If you want delic…
@RoosterTeeth Booooo
@FionaNova @TheRTStore I’m right here Fiona. @_MightyPotato TEASE @GassyMexican @FortniteGame I wonder if we could get a mode that is JUST building... no shooting. Maybe add in som… @AchievementHunt Audio Mixer. 2019-2019. @UniversalORL Hello friends at @UniversalORL, my name is Jack and I'm an internetter. I would like to review your… trapped, call for help.
Also, join our @ExtraLife4Kids team! We're raising money for the kids! @Rebel_Wolf13 Great question!! Quick journal post about #RTExtralife, you gotta sign in to read it though, sorry about that! @jack_p I just voted in my first Federal election and would like you to remind my fellow Canadians that the advanced polls are open
Retweeted by Jack Pattillo @CBP If I applied for Global Entry, and have to have something expunged from my record before approval, would I hav… @DrewMcWeeny I once caught a fish... THIS BIGGGG... Love that movie. @TheAlanJohnson WAS? Ska is love, ska is life. @spacegabaxy Noticed. @TheAlanJohnson Throw that in your CD changer along with the Baseketball soundtrack and you're in for a good time. @TheAlanJohnson I know you're joking around, but one of my favorite ska songs is on that soundtrack. "Wrong Thing… @EricVespe @DrewMcWeeny @TheRagingCelt @jack_p can I trouble you to help remind people that today is the final day for advanced poles in Canada, with the…
Retweeted by Jack PattilloMars: Inside SpaceX (2018)
Retweeted by Jack Pattillo @AlfredoPlays Beef friend @AlfredoPlays Ladder half.
Hey Canadians & @jack_p! Advanced voting for the federal election closes TOMORROW! so if you can, please go out and…
Retweeted by Jack PattilloStreaming at a Euro-friendly time! Join me now at
We were so close if only we had: ☑️ prepared ☑️ coached good We might have won
Retweeted by Jack PattilloAustin! I’m going to be hosting a Zombieland: Double Tap screening with Q&A with Ruben Fleischer and Jesse Eisenber…
Retweeted by Jack Pattillotoday's primary elections in louisiana and this pink haired kobold just wrnt out and voted and so should you. ccing…
Retweeted by Jack PattilloHello again, @jack_p. Just thought you should let all of your Canadian followers/fans know that this weekend they c…
Retweeted by Jack Pattillo @jack_p Hey! I did my civil duty today for the first time!! Everyone on Louisiana should go out and vote!!!
Retweeted by Jack PattilloHey @jack_p Remind the people in the state of Louisiana that they need to go VOTE today. State-wide elections are h…
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@jack_p can I get a retweet to remind your Canadian followers that this weekend is the advanced polling for the nex…
Retweeted by Jack Pattillo @Eric_DuncanATX @MicheleFeghali Marketing Deer has probably had a place in marketing longer than most of your team.Marketing Deer is love. Marketing Deer is life. @R15EABOVEALL I had no idea that was a thing. Is it still running?We are Live Now! I've signed up for #EXTRALIFE this year to raise money for sick and injured kids at my local child…
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For #WorldMentalHealthDay2019 I’m making a story on Instagram (CaitiWard) of how I get through each day. You didn’…
Retweeted by Jack Pattillo @kickedtripod RehandbladantennawaaavingI’m exhausted. Let’s play some Minecraft. Live now at @veppman Fantastic question.
@AwwstinTweets @VinylMePlease Demon Days was fantastic, that and the Fugees release. So so good. Or Notorious...… lord I'm exhausted. You guys are going to love it. @youssefmaguid @Kinowolf @youssefmaguid @Kinowolf Fate of Atlantis is one of my favorite DLCs ever. @VargarViking Take a load off, sir.
This months @VinylMePlease release of The Flaming Lips album is incredible. AND I love the stickers that come along… @nutmeggles Yeah, @TheSteffie made it as the official @AchievementHunt playlist, it's solid.
Today is #ChildHealthDay! Use today to celebrate! To promote your fundraising efforts! To ask your friends and fami…
Retweeted by Jack PattilloYo, Austin folks, make sure you get registered. @kerryshawcross Don't worry, they grow up and eventually get to the point where they knock shit off your counters/dresser. Gotta love them.Looking at my pictures from RTX again and found this one of @GeoffLRamsey and @jack_p
Retweeted by Jack Pattillo @Faucius Make sure you clean your whispering eye first.
Hey! European friends! We on that Sky Factory 4 game now. Live now at @LadyGwynn81 @RyanTheTwit @Axialmatt Whaaaaat.@WestVirginiaU just remember. Horns down means you’re about to be murdered. Like what happened today.
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We're almost at our first goal of $1000 for charity, but that's not gonna stop us from going the full 24 hours! Com…
Retweeted by Jack Pattillo @B_of_Hanson Orlando or Hollywood? @FionaNova How dare you speak to my child like this.
@Blvdknight @robcantor If someone created a masterpiece like this based on my need to hunt, kill, and eat humans, I would be beyond pleased.After a bit of thinking, I firmly believe that @robcantor's "Shia LaBeouf Live" video might be the best video on th… @saikocat They never suspect hummingbirds. @StinkBugGaming @sorola As a follow up to your thread: @saikocat Does it come with a minion or series of animals that will do your bidding? (Very cool.) @Blank_engima November 9th!But AHH, your leg, it’s caught in a bear trap! @Murrda446 Thanks dude!! @StinkBugGaming @sorola @JeremyNDooley If you think this is @AOC giving a thumbs up to eating babies, I’d love to g…
@itzaferg @elonmusk They actually added this feature a couple of patches ago! Check your "keys" in settings and set a profile to it! @LazarBeamYT @Jack_Septic_Eye @Ninja Congratulations dude, I hate you. @Muvono Put probably 5 hours in to it, haven't encountered any microtransactions and the currency in the game comes… am digging Breakpoint, but man, it certainly seems like you could be completely silent, hidden, and then 100 enem… @jack_p You should remind people in Mississippi that they have until the 7th to register to vote. They've got a…
Retweeted by Jack Pattillo @christheFER @meschwartz90 Deal. #ForTheKids @ExtraLife4KidsHey @jack_p care to help get the word out that @christheFER is doing his #EXTRALIFE stream saturday and that at $10…
Retweeted by Jack Pattillo @BecMcGee <3 @DevinDiTucci @MicaBurton I think 2 Bros is a chain, not sure, but they are delicious. @MicaBurton I have yet to see you say you've eaten any pizza. So therefore, no, not New Yorker yet. Find yourself… Call 200 Fiona: "It's called a Boomerang, okay? I know people your age don't understand what that is." Jack:…
Retweeted by Jack PattilloWe are going half and half tonight! Half solo Sky Factory 4, half Warden server! Live now at
@Kinowolf I never knew how much I wanted this until now. A perfect way to introduce Deadpool into the MCU.Hey everyone! You've got 5 days left to submit you or your group for consideration for the RT Community Extra Life…
Retweeted by Jack Pattillo @KindaFunnyKevin cool cool cool @TheCJMorgan @Aaron_Morgan @DudleyandBob I will 100% tune in for a proper goodbye for Jeff. @Rhodes_Writes @Kotaku The Fate of Atlantis DLC was everything I ever wanted from an Assassin's Creed storyline. N… @Rhodes_Writes @Kotaku Congrats on a hell of a run. Odyssey is fantastic. @Aaron_Morgan He started at KLBJ in 97. Damn. @akasocks And POTUS @akasocks Alt-Nation is 99% of what I listen to @Aaron_Morgan None yet, people are assuming contract ran out. Super sucks though that he didn’t get a proper send o… Austin folks: I just found out Jeff Ward was let go from KLBJ and I'm sad and happy. I'm sad because he was…