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@TroyBakerVA Me likeIt’s nice to meet you, I’m Nate. #uncharted
Retweeted by Jacksepticeye @TomHolland1996 Lookin good! @CouRageJD Who hurt you? @nolan_north @TomHolland1996 @unchartedmovie Now this makes me happy to see! @LilyPichu @YouTubeGaming @BasicallyIDoWrk @Valkyrae @VanossGaming @CouRageJD @MrFruitYT @DashieXP @I_AM_WILDCAT @LaurenzSide Shadow Lily! @Lazarbeam Congrats man!
@tommyinnit Congrats big lad! @Marzzzzzy So sorry to hear that D: @DisguisedToast @BarackObama Vouch! @AOC @hasanthehun @IlhanMN @pokimanelol @DisguisedToast @mxmtoon @Hbomberguy @DrLupo @Valkyrae @Gusbuckets @DisguisedToast ICONIC @Corpse_Husband @AOC We are trains passing in the night my sweet boy!
I will be joining this too! with Mark, Bob and Wade in 30 mins. First one there wins a lifetime supply of yogurt and bread. @peterparkTV Have they been in a war? Lol @MoistCr1TiKaL I’m just friends with you for that juicy ass @MrBeastYT last time I was this early Jack still had green hair @Corpse_Husband @DisguisedToast Same! It sounded way too specific @Corpse_Husband You deserve it!!
Those dang impostors are up to no good again! Time to get em Scoob! @pokimanelol @AOC If you need a diversity of accents hit me up @seriouslyclara @monsterprom I see Calculester, I simp! @heymikayIa I’ve pavlov’d you @cris_psd Which is it? @sexygirI888 Intros are a young man’s game @mooseleys The movie and it’s incredible. This scene made me sob @NoDuhLauren Eardrums everywhere would ring out @sup_stace My memes will save us from this pandemic @hanmairead In my head I do @determinedjack Sorry, fresh out of fonts @SethEverman Lov u 2 UwU @SethEverman Happy Birthday King! 👑 @DaithiDeNogla Daddy de nogla!! Congrats guys, very happy for you :D @thegameawards Did someone say greatest game of all time?! @X3M That’s wonderful to hear :) @Skullkidsteve Glad you like it :)
@vgdunkey Love to see INSIDE get some recognition @Valkyrae Life changes are hard and take a lot of work and time to commit to. Especially when you have thousands of… @Valkyrae You got this! Making steps in the right direction, not always an easy thing to do @chrismelberger CHRIS!!.... IS THAT A WEED?? @DisguisedToast In this house we simp for Toast!
Retweeted by Jacksepticeye @shimhaq @Corpse_Husband Hell yeah! My boi deserves it. This is sick @acarboni @BrightSpotLive Great job hosting man, you nailed it! @jarvis You kno it 😎
@bwecht @BrightSpotLive I was ROFLing @jxssicalilyx That's a sexy robot! @chrismelberger @muyskerm I’m so sorry to hear that Bob. Take all the time you need @McLaffyTaffy Pretty great alert though! Well worth the price of admission @notjulen I like your glasses
@LilyPichu Your corpse impression is getting better! @RTGameCrowd What the absolute fuck! That’s insane. I’m sure you can get it resolved but it’s a scary thought that…
@DisguisedToast @Valkyrae Among Us is a horror moviePlaying Phasmophobia in VR with Felix in about 20-30 mns! If you come, I'll name my first child after every single…
@GabSmolders 😍😍😍 @Corpse_Husband Choke me with those six fingers! @Behzinga Should really be adding “endurance athlete” to your bio!
@Corpse_Husband Huge!! @michaelreeves You’d fit right in here! @Sykkuno You’re a beast
I was out and about with my mask on today when I noticed a hair landed on my phone. I tried blowing it off many tim… @MoistCr1TiKaL That’s huge man! Couldn’t happen to a better guy. Always love slappin cheeks together @JohnWolfeYT Congrats guys!!! Very happy for you @SirWrender @BeatSaber So since you can see the future can you tell us what happens? @scarra Feel better man!
@crowsmack Game failed successfullyWhen I was a kid I wanted to be an astronomer haha fucking dumbass kid. I’M A YOUTUBER BAYBEEE @neatdude When I got my food the delivery guy said “nice shirt” and high fived me and I got the food for free! Thanks Neat Dude
@cyanacity This is dope! @agentbizzle That's so cool! @CrankGameplays Congrats! That line work is c l e a n @ChilledChaos 🥺❤️ @DisguisedToast GANG GANG @BrightSpotLive Commencing phase 2 @Corpse_Husband Well deserved man! @podcastage Thanks man! I really appreciate that!
@BrightSpotLive Nah fuck this! Make it 2k retweets. I don't even know what this pic is, you can't sell me this easily @BrightSpotLive Wait wtf! Where did you get this picture? @eddyburback Prove that’s you! @shawnwasabi Thank you shawn @Davie504bass Baby toe nail @tommyinnit *big Sorry, my hand slipped @stevenspohn Gotta catch up to you somehow! @tommyinnit Thank you little man! @itsgfreviews Twice! @Strippin Oh I can think of plenty haha but thanks man! @JohnWolfeYT Thank you man! To think that I have more subs than the population of the world is nuts @jenny_twigs No thanks haha @kimmykims24 Oooh pie sounds GOOD! Thanks Kimmy :) @dantdm See you there very soon bud!Thank you so much for 25 Million Subs! If you had told me 8 years ago that he channel would ever be this big I woul… @DisguisedToast Always
@JamesWillems Wishing all of you guys the best. ❤️ @RTGameCrowd But don't you want to keep getting better forever? @Valkyrae It's like an addiction!Youtubers can relate happens when and Irishman, an Irishman and another Irishman try to break into the Queen's house? Well watch my…