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Jack Wood @jackandwood London, dreaming of the North

Enigma | @RadioX |Part time Presenter, full time Pub singer | Does some comedies | Presenter of the @mancmade podcast | insta : @jackandwood

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#LetTheMusicPlay #SaveOurVenues Sign the campaign here: has 124 million premium subscribers. Imagine if they stepped in to assist the live music industry (their pl…
Retweeted by Jack Wood#LetTheMusicPlay You’ve used music to escape from lockdown, it’s been more effective then pints for me. Now we need…
@mikewalshmusic @foals @E_E_ I can feel this tweet mike I’m so sorryAs we'll have to provide contact details at pubs, it'll be good that they'll finally be able to ring people's loved… @john_ascroft Touché @kiidnapz @snugglyjaden We’re in a pandemic mate @Dan_Gibson365 @jamesholtmusic Shush don’t expose me ( I’m clearly trying to prevent that)New #BathFullOfTheBands 🛀 with @jamesholtmusic coming tomorrow. Only asking the important questions: @emil_franchi Saving the world from Dan the VanNew Batman film is shaping up better than expected’m starting to think I’ll never look as good in a bikini as @DUALIPA But my god you’ll all suffer me tryingJust paid my taxes for the first time during lockdown. It’s a sense of dread paying them usually, but without them… “willing to do nudity” to my CV as I’ve just stormed into my flatmates Zoom meeting in just a towel. To be…
@AlastairBoyes Bats @Vinay_K_Joshi Spring/Sun/Winter/dread Tin (Manhole) Desire @Vinay_K_Joshi Wall of arms, Marks to prove it, No kind words? @TravisGlossop @marksandspencer @Morrisons I have such a large amount of respect for Yiur nanYa Nan be like “I know a spot” and take you to @marksandspencer cafe to bitch about the other women @FayeTreacy Last time I went to the dentist, he dropped the drill in my mouth, and him and the assistant both reach… tired of my hair looking like the fourth Harry Potter film @c0xy21 @AvaSantina I use them as bookmarks @AvaSantina I genuinely take better care over old gig ticketsYou know your certificate for your degree? Where is it? I spent thousands of pounds on it, and genuinely have no id… you be punk and eat pâté?
2020 for every child he has do want to go to the pub. But I’m put off by the fact you have to book. It’ll be full of those organised smug ars… @LaurenNotLozza But they’re user interface seems so simple at first!Lama Del Ray @RountreeJackson @marksandspencer Nah one of m’Nans had this. I just thought she got bored and played with them when on the looIf your Nan’s bathroom didn’t permanently smell like @marksandspencer ‘Royal Jelly’ then she wasn’t really your Nan
@IssyPanayis He’s Britpop JesusRight socks on for today’s @RadioX show, so I can knock them offThe first draft of Parklife was very different:
@RachJacob_ Look you chose to work in a record store, on your head be it @emilyfrancesss Coming up!Or just listen to me playing tunes so filthy you’ll have to clear your browser history after @RadioXIf you want to feel like you’re at #Glastonbury this weekend, just lose your mates and then spend 3 hours trying to…
Sharon has THE best stories! So check this out @emil_franchi Don’t make me hurt you @AlastairBoyes You smell like a WoodstockJust received an out of office email saying they can’t reply as they’re at ‘Glastonbury’. Yeah I imagine it’s hard… people really wanted to “feel like they’re at a festival” then why are you showering so much? @TravisGlossop How many baths do I need till you’ll trust me?Is it just London? Or does everywhere smell like sweaty bins today?
@mark_andrews Haha cheers man! @john_ascroft @QueerEye What a ducking look @john_ascroft @QueerEye I just want them to transform meAs a millennial I feel I’m entitled to have my house made over by @QueerEye and made to look like something Wes Anderson would film in.New #BathFullOfTheBands with Oli from @creepingjean . We chat through iconic artist outfits @liamgallagher , to… it a watch and see if you can spot me, so far off my face, that I’m trying to do the “robot” to “Wake Up” can tell who’s still on furlough based on their tan linesHey guys, if you see a lung on the pavement can you post it to me? Think I’ve just sweated one out @creepingjean Oh you know it babyNew #BathFullOfTheBands vid with @creepingjean coming tonight. Featuring sexy candle chat:’t this the government advice for the 4th of July?
I’m doing fine, I’ve been to the solarium, I’ve spoken to the citizens advice bureau @AvaSantina It’s water with some texture, get on the band wagon @charlie_clinton He wants to smell your scentSomeone, somewhere in the wide world today has made the decision to wear leather trousers today And I’m just sweating at the thoughtIt’s maftingDe-frosting your freezer is just adult Tetris
@thisisalexjames Well In man! @AlexJhealey They’re alive in our heartsIf she think’s Turkey Twizzlers’ are a Tik-Tok trend she’s probably too young for you
@steve_mitchel1 @_Wolfenden Crash bashing our lights out @_Wolfenden Crash bash is innuendo having a wank for a reason mate @FatPresenter Yes ya sexy Scottish beast @ofluff Think of the economical benefits thoughMiddle age is calling, when you’re excited about a heatwave because of its laundry drying qualities @JWHFB15 No problem manBack on the mighty @RadioX cause someone needs to play you Oasis at 4am. And for a certain fee that man is meAnyone above 25 trying to watch Tik-Toks
@TravisGlossop Can you video a short review of it when it arrives? @TravisGlossop’ll get some dad friendly tunes on @RadioXHere’s to all the Dad’s that thoroughly “loved” taking you to gigs #FathersDay’s Wally is getting easier’s Day is such a great day to hire a few more Dad’s. If you want a position as my Father figure please reply…
@A_Whince @empilbeam Get in the sea, pickled to perfection @AvaSantina Why you are trying to convince it to go inside a bread cake? You monsterWhy aren’t more crisps pickled onion flavour when it’s clearly the dominant flavour ? @Radio_Gaz Looks like you’re ready to protect some statuesBack playing songs that are better accompaniment to a pint, then your partner, children or share bag of nuts @RadioXProper missing that pre-festival booze shopping:
Katie Hopkins banned from Twitter 2 weeks later: *Mrs Snikpoh has followed you* @saffronmirza Maaaate, it was so sweaty last year, you want it tepid so you don’t have to queue for endless water @mancmadepodcast @Mark_Lippmann It’s offensive to the eyesTwo vicars just walked out of my block of flats as I was leaving... It sounds like the start to a joke, but it’s j… picture was taken 30 minutes before a haircut just so you know.... But we’re back, big chats, small costs and…
New #BathFullOfTheBands with the incredible @Wyldest . It’s the daftest one yet, we go from her song appearing on… @AvaSantina @AvaSantina It’s a more accurate warning then we had in March to be fairNew Lockdown drinking game, neck a shot every time Matt Hancock gets someone’s name/title wrong. You’ll forgot your… @jordan_scudder Fucking hell mate @jordan_scudder Ironic it didn’t predict you can’t touch anything else thoughImagine believing in horoscopes, when for March as a Taurus it predicted you’d “make some difficult relationship de… had a notification saying one of my friends has JUST joined @houseparty That was a tiger king and a revolutio…
@empilbeam Yeah, I’d honestly ban them