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JB @JackBluffy Limerick, Ireland

Lower Your Expectations // Féile Na Gréine (@feilenagreinelk) // BYOL // LYE Radio on DDR

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@WildState I've been saying for years that the stat thag matters most is attempts. Not goals.Paging @FathyClynn"Scream inside your heart" - Ancient Japanese Proverb @mattthewmeehan I actually have an electronic one that I sent exactly 1 newsletter on. @Apartment_rec How the hell am I gonna remember the date off yr jpgThey're actually canceling journalism. Like, as a human activity. Everyone fired, under-funded and unable to report…
Retweeted by JB @rbcakn I liked it. @endahouse (Kinda Enda's Idea) @tony_poland Sweet @endahouse *wasn't considering @endahouse The FOMO bit I was considering so of that happens I'll have a byline that says (Enda's Idea) @endahouse Already strongly considering it. @PostPunkPodge Looking beyond all of this. If there is one.Minimum wage workers earning a little bit more on the COVID dole: not fair and not sustainable! Apple not paying…
Retweeted by JB @dancolereview It doesn't seem like anyone uses it. Seems less geared towards smaller, independent promoters and mo… @Bandcloud Nah. Also, it's not wide ranging enough.One thing that really bothers me is how Facebook has the only widely used event listings. If we could all agree on… @Rubberbandits Sweet! Have been watching Archictural Digest to get a Cribs-esque fill.If Podge can do a two-hour set in a plastic-lined envelope mask, mostly in the middle of a sweaty crowd, bellowing…
Retweeted by JBSaw this last night and I have been thinking about it since. Poor fella.
Pls someone take me to oneI'd love a good aul car boot sale @morebeoursthanu I'm proud of him.Tony Keogh for Minister for Agriculture
Retweeted by JB @District8Dublin Have ye had a look at the news lately, lads? @Bandcloud Dopes @diarmuid_os haahaahahhaahthis is incredible stuff and I hope everyone in dance music reads it - - a well-researched,…
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Remember being in Cork for the Sound Fair about to go to a gig in Nano Nagle Place. I had never heard the words Nan… @mothermarx That was becauee I hated my job. @ghoulcabin Ur crazy 😂
@mothermarx @WeirdlandTales Too graphic @cackjollins @mothermarx Holy shit class.
@ChiuauaTeardrop You have to isolate with everyone from the gig for 2 weeks. @culturalfatwa Mark McCabe should come back with Maniac 2020It's hard to believe those lyrics are both in the same tune. The magic and versatility of Mark McCabeMy favourite part of Maniac 2000 is when he goes, "Life, it has no meaning" and my second favourite bit is "yeah yeah funky yeah" @hughmanji Sort it out HughSaw a ridiculously adorable dog too. My head is sore and so is my soul.Went to the market for the first time in ages. That's my update.
This mask makes my profile picture look like a little man wearing a hat.Wear a mask. @MasonJurphyLK Young and Free @mothermarx :') @MasonJurphyLK The City Is Our PlaygroundDeplatforming Versatile is a good first step but those systems will still be in place and will profit off something… did not just rise to their position through hard work or whatever. They were assisted by a system of adve… less than half an hour my Cairde performance goes live!! Here is the YouTube link, it will also be on their Face…
Retweeted by JBIt's time for all media outlets to agree to stop covering Versatile. Media and advertisers have legitimised them an… anyone in the Irish government going to ban Americans coming in? What’s the point of three months of lockdown if…
Retweeted by JB#deplatformversatile Because black women in this industry do not feel SAFE. This is not about hurt feelings. This…
Retweeted by JBNext time your fave streaming platform is down you know what you could do? Play CDs like this one here we just last…
Retweeted by JB @emma___flynn To be honest I just don't want any more emails. The weed joke is an excuse.Nobody email me @brilliantshane @JurassicArse how the hell were they even hired for that position?? absolute joke!She did an amazing show for us in Limerick with @BALIBOC - two legends.Gemma is superb. Read this then go listen. need to Log OffPosted it in my dream and all. @inztantcrush Why are some amuseable and some fluffy? They're all both?Dreamt this tweet last night: "We can't stop here, this is Donkey Kong Country"Playback Monday’s #Thiscityhaslostitsway show 🖤 💚 Featuring two banger Dublin 2001/2 EPs…
Retweeted by JBfuck it. skydogs
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made a mix with Odd Ned for his show on @DublinDigiRadio starting now!
Retweeted by JBIt's like a slap in the face.I listen to this @lighghtmusic remix a lot. Charlie (@HookedOnLSD) has just dropped her debut EP Betelgeuse. Grab it on bandcamp and stream it everywhere…
Retweeted by JB @theoryofmoose It's delicious.I'd love a bottle of Football Special rn @BleedingHeartPs @foggynotions Shit. Congrats. Didn't know about that.Cannot wait for this album. @RuPolitics_NC @RussianMemesLtd @newschambers That's you @RuPolitics_NC @RussianMemesLtd @newschambers
@windings @foggynotions Steve rulezI don't think the Covid tracker works unless you download diffin game from @ItsAPooleParty games also King
Retweeted by JBThat album will never see the light of day again. Imperioli takes over for the next hour, presenting 632 ELYSIAN FIELDS, featuring music from Charles Mingus,…
Retweeted by JBWe have some chairs available. Free to a good home. DM for details.
Retweeted by JBThis week's #viewitonvolta collection is ON LOCATION. Showcasing Ireland’s undeniably beautiful landscapes that ha…
Retweeted by JB @BrenReid Pls doOur new #ViewItOnVolta episode is now live. This week, we discuss 'The Wind That Shakes the Barley' and 'Black 47'…
Retweeted by JB @getaroundtoit_ @Volta Sweet @HoundstoothLBL @lighghtmusic @aya_yco @coreselfsaves @delibeat @deena0deena @Hyph11E @TirandoaVioleta @girlpouts #33EMYBW #Amazondotcom @aya_yco @coreselfsaves @delibeat @deena0deena #DRVGジラ #ESaggila #Gooooose
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@elongzo Another reply says Kilcullen @elongzo No idea.Just found out a Jurassic Park Ford Explorer was on sale in Kildare for 9,800 in 2016. Who bought it? @JackBluffy Not really haunted but definitely cursed
Retweeted by JB @emma___flynn Too difficult.
Retweeted by JB @emma___flynn Hell yeah @TheThereseT The more I study his face, the more I think he made it and is very proud. @TheThereseT I hope so. That would explain the photos.Think I've found the world's most haunted lasagna. @BleedingHeartPs @wearecanteen It's the ubiquity factor. The association in your mind is that Google make your phon…
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imagine replying with this to the founder of underground resistance.
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