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Jack Califano @jackcalifano Washington, D.C.

Deputy Distributed Organizing Director @BernieSanders 🔥 Socialism or Barbarism 🌹 Knock on Doors:

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If you want to win, you need to knock doors. Get a list of doors in your neighborhood today! wait for Super Tuesday when we prove that all of the money in the world is not more powerful than human solidarity.Billionaires should not exist.
What are you doing to ensure a billionaire doesn’t buy the Democratic nomination? 📞 📱…“Bernie needs to stop trying to win elections. If Democrats win elections, Republicans will lose them, and we can’t… was clear Bernie could beat one billionaire to become President, so they decided to recruit a second.🚨SUPER TUESDAY ALERT🚨 To fight against billionaires trying to buy our election, we need an unprecedented level of… we want to win, we have to fight against the fortunes of billionaires with unprecedented grassroots organizing.… @J_ManPrime21 Be like Justin. Go to Nevada. ✈️ shit.,000 in CA 11,000 in CO 17,000 in WA It’s called a revolution ✊🔥It gives me enormous satisfaction to know that despite all of their endless wealth and power, there is no amount of…* ...which, even more to the god damn point!Watching this absolutely mind bending crowd in Seattle tonight... time is up for the billionaire class. A revolut… everyone who hasn’t always felt the bern, but has recently decided to join the political revolution knowing some… @michelleyujin Michelle... STOP 😭
11 more to go 📞 📱 ✈️ 🚪 idea that bernie would lose the meme wars..... ridiculous
Retweeted by Jack CalifanoThe working class of this country has had enough. We’re coming. No billionaire can stop us.👑 @nationalparke 👑 think this was an underrated tweet. Bloomberg, like anybody else, has a right to run for president. He does not have a right to buy the presidency.
Retweeted by Jack Califano @willmenaker Be like Will and go to Nevada. in a march state? You can knock doors for Bernie in your neighborhood NOW! Go to to… votes on Saturday. Go to Nevada. really ought to refer to this as the “mask off” primary. Good god.You’d think 2020 took it as a challenge to be dumber than 2016.“The poors are getting too loud. We must silence them.”I can’t believe my generation is going to have to fight tooth and nail to ensure we live in a country where everyon…’re going to win this election because we are putting together the largest multi-racial working class coalition i… gods No masters Bernie SandersBernie good.I am.. very proud of how ground breaking our organizing program is! We are doing things other campaigns have never… I get really stressed that we aren't doing enough. Then I remember... - solidarity turnout to strikes -… @mags_mclaugh -carbonated milk-seltzer -seltzer -seltzer -seltzer -seltzer11,000+ in Colorado 😎🔥 @cascamike @ariannaijones CC @hannahafertig @kristensoulina
🔥🔥In 2015 Michael Bloomberg stated, "I, for example, am not in favor, have never been in favor, of raising the minimu…
Retweeted by Jack CalifanoAlso we’re gonna winShow me another candidate whose merch literally says “Solidarity Forever” for @BernieSandersMe rn., 362 days into the 2020 election cycle. @hasanthehun @willmenaker have $500 in the bank, and you spend $2.75 on a subway swipe in the crumbling MTA. A billionaire has $64 billi…’s late and I’m tired I can tweet about something that isn’t Bernie okayI’m sorry but all of those videos on Instagram of burgers covered in 3 pounds of mac and cheese? Gross!People make fun of Bernie for being repetitive but jokes on them his stump speech lives in your head he is literall…, the fact that everyone in America can parrot his stump speech is a *monumental* rhetorical achievement.Bernie Sanders’ ability to quickly and clearly communicate how the capitalist class uses racism, sexism, and all fo… @meaganmday @lil_yenta Mindy thank you for always calling it a Bernie Journie.Pretty cool that a Jewish Democratic Socialist who talks openly about fighting racism in order to unite the working… like Meagan. Go to Nevada. 🚗🚌✈️ saw an ad for a payday loan app staring.... a girl in her 20’s in a hospital bed with a broken arm and $12 in… policy demands of someone who has been working on a campaign for 361 days! 🙃Nap Time for All
➡️Important message for Nevada voters:⬅️ If you vote early, you MUST select three options on your ballot, or your…
Retweeted by Jack CalifanoIt is so overwhelmingly obvious that Bernie only wants to take care of people he doesn’t know, and I will, till my… is Texas. We’re gonna win. this is literally why Bernie is going to win.
(this is a joke... obviously the limit should be $27)Personally think there should be a $20 limit on spending your own money on running for office. Ya know, enough fo… supported Bernie with all my heart in 2016. When he lost, I worked tirelessly to defeat Trump. Now, Bernie is… Sanders is the most electable Democratic candidate.Bernie Sanders is the most popular Democratic candidate in the country, has the most enthusiastic base, has raised… at the bar after I put dream by fleetwood mac on the jukebox🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑Bernie 2020🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑🦑 YORK: today is the last day to change your party registration if you want to vote for Bernie in April. Change…
Retweeted by Jack CalifanoNo more waiting for a field office! Just head to to take our training and get started tod…’s why I am SO EXCITED about what we’ve built with our distributed doors program. You can get a list of doors… 2016 I was in NY. There was no field office near me until 3 weeks before the NY primary. There was no way to… of the wildest experiences of this campaign, for me, is solving problems that frustrated me as a volunteer in 2016.Solidarity is what love looks like in public. This campaign is about love.Whenever I watch this ad, I cry. isn’t true but I wish it wasIf you’re confused as to what “going squid mode” means it’s internet slang for knocking on doors for Bernie. Squi… fuck around and adopt a winning mindset, win the primary, dominate the general, start a mass workers movement… @BernieSanders👑👑👑 @lil_yenta @nat_stylo lol, thank you Mindy
No one can buy Bernie.Remember in 2016 when you wanted to knock on doors for Bernie, but there was no office in your area, so you couldn'… how annoying I was about calls? Remember how annoying I was about bernie journeys? Get ready for KNOCK T… is how we're going to win on Super Tuesday - by talking to voters in our communities, and organizing thousands… you take our training, you'll get everything you need. - A script to talk to voters - A list of doors in you… knocking is currently available in AL, AR, AZ, CO, FL, GA, ID, IL, MA, ME, MI, MN, MO, MS, NC, ND, OH, OK, TN,…✊BIG ANNOUNCEMENT✊ Do you want to knock doors in your neighborhood for Bernie? Well... now you can! Visit… a Winning Mindset 🦑 Colorado learns @letmebefronk is gonna be at the Bernie rally.
Me, 3 minutes after we win NH, preparing to go back into battle. check @cjmab28 “Yeah, okay. Good.”We won Iowa We won New Hampshire We will win Nevada We will win South Carolina We will win the nomination We will d… because that base is... ORGANIZED 😈Bernie Sanders is going to win the Democratic nomination because he has the most diverse base of support