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Jack Igoe @JackIgoe Mayo, Ireland

Investigative Journalism in Esports. Freelance Esports Play by Play Commentator🎙 Streamer @TeamSerenity | 🇮🇪 🏳️‍🌈 | DM for Enquiries | 21

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1-1 for the day. No mald yet POG man pushes for plat @ZanderVibes @SilverNyx_ If Silver has million number of fans i am one of them . if silver has ten fans i am one of… at 3, Solo Q. u no da vibez LOL @itilica snapchat @relznt @itilica LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @itilica nvm @itilica about 3 and a half inchesDidn't take Zander long to get us a partnership. So proud of our management. A massive change from when I was invo… @rad1ac MY GUYAs do I 👀 @zxmxrie nope, I went under Journalism category, used my Chronicles of Scam videos @_OfficialHanZ_ @Emijuju HAHAHAHAH @evo_vfx its in account settings @evo_vfx twitter verificationI mean.... it's worth a shot? @overtimeroan @renomahm @becomelegendseu You aint wrong at all. But its the level of entry that makes it easier and… @overtimeroan @renomahm @becomelegendseu EU Valorant aint got that high a level of entry/ anywhere NEAR the same as NA. It could be SERIOUS. @renomahm @becomelegendseu BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @renomahm @becomelegendseu BL Valorant….. Reno dont get me excited @matnjz i dislike stupid people, i could have told him to fuck off immediately LOL @matnjz whar? LOLGm. Think i need to go back to bed @sabpie69 sab ur so cute @ItsDrMoose @BigShotWRLD THATS MY GUY MOOSE @ameiaval super cute @TorseFPS @606Ericaa @laandreyuhh to be fair, smarties are banging @morgeestreams @StableRonaldo just marry me already @TorseFPS bro its not even that it’s probably inexperience. I run all of my own shit. Ive done SRN community gamez.… @itilica If i had a producer, observer and an organiser run it id run cups every week. No one wants to do shit. I p… @Th3AkwardPats LOL @emijuju_ evil bitch @Th3AkwardPats TY @_Whiske @TorseFPS @AyeeTrain @LoganAims cancelledtime to leave srn again ft @TorseFPS @AyeeTrain @LoganAims @_Whiske @azrb_ @VertekFPS @globalmilf thats so weird. I turned 21 june 1st LMFAO
@JakeMcBoss Lets be honest, it was more like half a hand🥱🥱🥱$100 VALORANT Gift Card Giveaway To win: - Must Follow @JackIgoe & @climbs - Must Retweet Winner picked on the…
Retweeted by Jack Igoe @Fade2541 NOT AGAIN LMFAO @StableRonaldo @gneasuil @Styxistaken recent tweet @pinquk @Michaelfnr_ @serkanfn_ @Styxistaken @itsjustbeckss @whotfisbeckss ,Mum is well and truly intact @DylanJFreeth @Styxistaken @itsjustbeckss @whotfisbeckss I KNOW YOU SCREENSHOT/ RECORDED IT REPLY RIGHT NOW WITH IT @Styxistaken @itsjustbeckss @whotfisbeckss Same bird that punts a hamster / endorses it. How is she still aroundabout @itsjustbeckss @whotfisbeckss Read:
Retweeted by Jack Igoe @emijuju_ PAWG @carmeldest1 omfg @boomykate QT KATE @GeneraIMo NAH FUCK OFFThis day 12 months ago I started streaming with purpose. I wanted to entertain and had an xbox one, a 22 year old T… hit Plat today. ALL BY MYSELF @EoinTechTips LOOOOOOOOOOOL @EoinTechTips ah. i seeSolo Q stream? Thoughts? @wafflingcunt @vibingcunt @KWNhB0Frter2rlo @Howlsv Thats fucking hot @carmeldest1 omfg @TorseFPS W @TorseFPS Sup TorseApologies for blazing the TL yesterday. Super stressed.Let’s not forget Lootboy fucked Jackigoe over SO hard either
Retweeted by Jack Igoe @CelticEU Yeah its not hard. Its just really wordy. Hoping i can sort it out ASAP thoughSo my lecturer is trying her best to find a resolution since i “failed” the exam and tomorrow morning im gonna get…
.@JackIgoe is becoming the new @ZefyrosTB the hero we need but dont deserve
Retweeted by Jack Igoe @ohloti_ Name changed because someone tried to interact with my college. FN kids. @bumpaah @Glorinsz @root7K @brawku @Justinovah king @ohloti_ never claimed to be a lawyer you doughnut. Stop signing kids into contracts YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND @Glorinsz @bumpaah @root7K @brawku @Justinovah pls tell me there is a VOd of this @relznt @HitBox_Hiros ^^^ Relents one of the best in the Biz @Eluzify @ManikJNH SPLIFFED @Mxtiqe @ManikJNH LOLLIKE IT UP BUBBAN JUST SMOKED A MAN ON THE TL @Bubbaaan @ManikJNH CLOUT CHASING LMFAOOO @GosseFN @ohloti_ @xzcobra @MindOfFatal @elitejakey @DreeksFuture @piercegod @StrictAU @ryansedz @Berserkstaff @DamienVG @LegolasSC @ohloti_ @xzcobra @MindOfFatal @elitejakey @DreeksFuture @piercegod @StrictAU @ryansedz @LegolasSC @DamienVG @ohloti_ @xzcobra @MindOfFatal @elitejakey @DreeksFuture @piercegod @StrictAU @ryansedz @Berserkstaff OK LEGOLASSC😭 @DamienVG @LegolasSC @ohloti_ @xzcobra @MindOfFatal @elitejakey @DreeksFuture @piercegod @StrictAU @ryansedz @Glorinsz Congrats @LegolasSC @wavegb @ohloti_ @xzcobra @MindOfFatal @elitejakey @DreeksFuture @piercegod @StrictAU @ryansedz ordered a chair. Good god my arse is cramped as hell on this thing @climbs @QueasyFN @QueasyFN this is fucking fire manEnough of this nonsense, either have proper people verify your contracts or suffer the consequences. Looking over…
Retweeted by Jack Igoe @_Whiske oh shit. Whats happened @_xans @ohloti_ @xzcobra @MindOfFatal @elitejakey @DreeksFuture @piercegod @StrictAU @ryansedz @Berserkstaff @sabpie69 @ohloti_ @xzcobra @MindOfFatal @elitejakey @DreeksFuture @piercegod @StrictAU @ryansedz @Berserkstaff @LegolasSC ur so handsomeAnd @factszy guy fuckin stinks @Th3AkwardPats BRO HAHAHAHA @AyeeTrain SHEEEESH @TheBigDarrel So much love <3 @Cyb3R3X no, get your parents to read it$100 VALORANT Gift Card Giveaway To win: - Must Follow @JackIgoe & @climbs - Must Retweet Winner picked on the… @BoopNL_ Just saw this tweet as I made mine. Exact same thought process. your fortnite manager got you in a shit contract. @AwakeEU holy shit how could I forget the how many .... can you type with your breath held @SpaceSFN @ohloti_ @xzcobra @MindOfFatal @elitejakey @DreeksFuture @piercegod @StrictAU @ryansedz @Berserkstaff @hennesheijmans @Glorinsz @AwakeEU Sir yes sir @hennesheijmans @Glorinsz @AwakeEU Imma do it on my own tweet by all means. You are to professional to do it, and I… @Glorinsz @hennesheijmans but like, I know what you mean. If we are talking about managers that shamelessly impres… @Glorinsz @hennesheijmans Im in a bad mood rn. Gotta wait til ive ate sir