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Save the fucking bees. He/him🔶

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this is so niche but high key iconic
Retweeted by JackWhy is Anne Widdecombe on TV AGAIN? @ArchieCoomber Las Falklands are British @J_Holliss I guess we're consistent there I suppose @J_Holliss Better than 6 @CJ_Morrall Fair pointWho is Caroline Calloway1130845655283
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@Alishacmlewis Caroline Voaden Martin Horwood Graham Watson Shaffaq Mohammed Elspeth Atwool (wildcard) @michael__42 @pingualoty @MichaelCraig96 I mean with the record I got there it's doubtful @michael__42 @pingualoty @MichaelCraig96 I also missed the first 3 questions which doesn't help @pingualoty @MichaelCraig96 I came 18th ripIf there were no control group, we could not be sure whether it was the teachers' expectancies or the head's action… have no idea who most of these are @ArchieCoomber F @michael__42 @MichaelCraig96 Is not!Was preparing for @MichaelCraig96's quiz and @ArchieCoomber It was more about the phrasing following those months of "no deal is better than a bad deal" @Kieranmmw @Kieranmmw it's not Friday?"no test is better than a bad test"Holy See (🇻🇦) + Poland (🇵🇱) = Holy Poland:
Retweeted by JackMatt Hancock still looks and sounds unwell tbhWhen a pregnant Jewish MP was bullied out of the party When another Jewish MP quit Refusing to stand aside for some…
Retweeted by JackMoments that should have made Corbyn resign - Losing the 2017 election Every local and NA election since he became…
Retweeted by JackCorbyn is finally no longer the leader of the Labour Party. Something that should have happened in 2016 and most of…
Retweeted by JackSocial distancing baptism
Retweeted by JackSo @YouGov are asking in a survey if I've seen any adverts from SAAB within the past fortnight. As much as I like S… @vauxhall extends its Roadside Assistance programme to all Vauxhall-driving #NHS workers, no matter ho…
Retweeted by JackLove how most of the songs that have come up are stuff that I don't really listen to anymore @emmalxvery I appreciate you and your tiktoks xox
@emmalxvery 🥰🥰🥰18) no some Lana Del Rey into an assessment This is for @emmalxvery ✌️ stolen from @FinnOBeytsYes pls do DEBUT ALBUM IS OUT. I am so emotional!!!!!! Its a strange time for all of us, and to be honest it feels pretty s…
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Retweeted by JackPretty sure there was a quite important division that day @TheBengwin @AndrewJMcGlynn That's not how it works. 11p extra from each carton sold goes to farmers@ John Major @AndrewJMcGlynn Morrisons 11p semi skimmed here @CJ_Morrall @lisanandy She'd appreciate The Town! @PazzoJinn No just semi skimmed. @lisanandy's okay to drink straight glasses of milk @CJ_Morrall Danke True but oh wellWine marriage butter Hello yes this is Paula Deen anyone have the link for this painting ai?.@willie_rennie asks for clarity about which businesses should be closed @NicolaSturgeon says there are guidelines…
Retweeted by Jack @lisa_trandy This reply thread to it ended me by the X-Factor Finalists and chill this update from my wee granny😢 93 and still going strong ❤️
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@MrAlexWard Not what I expected tbh @MrAlexWard Which?I am CEO of good Eurovision songs was a good song and no one can tell me otherwise men are men, trans women are women, non-binary identities are valid. We will always stand in support of the…
Retweeted by JackIs Gavin ok mean I have a history of it fuck around and Buy a geological map of the British Isles from 1891I may be Lord Llandudno, but the goats bow to no man or woman, they are the true Barons of this town.
Retweeted by JackWell, it’s official - the party’s making me redundant as of the 26th May. If you happen across any jobs that might…
Retweeted by Jack @CJ_Morrall Just in case...Day 17: morale is weird
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Retweeted by JackIf anyone doubts my Scottishness I'm craving haggis at 4AM and searching it on the Morrisons website @katharinemacyLD Rockhopper Emperor Humboldt
@TakingThePitt aide @ArkhamRavenPlus That I'm not sure about @ArkhamRavenPlus 3 25 75 @unicornkx Dancing on my own - Robyn The Dull Flame of Desire - Björk Let Me Know - Roisin Murphy @lewispringle Sweet Sweet Smile Top of the World Those Good Old Dreams @unicornkx Butterscotch Burgundy Sea blueProbably.. Jo Grimond Kier Hardie Hugh McDiarmid barely have a favourite anything but try me
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