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“And you ain’t there.” —Angels in America
Retweeted by Jack ViertelHallelujah, Baby!
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Have the lyrics to The Star-Spangled Banner ever resonated in so dark yet heartening a way at an inauguration? Refl…
Retweeted by Jack ViertelDid he leave the nuclear codes under the mat or what?This man's whole life is in shambles because he got mad at Seth Meyers and Barack Obama roasting him. Could've just…
Retweeted by Jack ViertelMove over, Eleanor Roosevelt. “Mrs. Trump said that during her time at the White House, she ordered the restoratio…
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Far and away the essential profile of #JoshHawley.
Retweeted by Jack Viertel @BCDreyer I think they'd have to go to education camps first. @sammicannold @zackzadek @NYCityCenter Talk to Lear. But I say ok. @BCDreyer Actually I wish we had done it better but I don’t think you could get away with doing it at all at the moment. @BCDreyer I’m trying to picture in what context I could have made this mistake. I suppose she could have played Apa… @RobertFalls @BCDreyer @atzuniga Or watchable, I'm afraid. But admirable in its way, I suppose.
What if we stopped asking Comey for his opinion? 😑
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@debpuchalla Isn't it basically Variety-speak? @BCDreyer Thank you! About time somebody said that. @noteon @BCDreyer Good old Doug. @MrJoeKeenan Definitely a Princeton man.
@BCDreyer @DannyZuker She and Charlotte Russe are still at large. @DavidZippel It's like Richard III's tent the night before the battle. When do the ghosts of the 393,000 lost Ameri… @BCDreyer @j_smithcameron That would be most of my vocabulary. @benjpasek @ossoff In the old-fashioned meaning of the word, it certainly will. I'll be merry and peppy as can be!… @BCDreyer Assistant manager.Phil Smith was the first important NY theater person to ever treat me kindly, when I was a lowly critic for the low… @MollyJongFast Maybe it's a secret plot to sicken them all.
Trump has a 29% job approval rating. Once you eliminate people who wear horns and fur costumes in their Mom's basem…
Retweeted by Jack Viertel @1tomstraw It's underneath a big "W". @BCDreyer I always say yes -- for ten thousand dollars.“White privilege doesn’t mean your life has been easy. It just means the color of your skin hasn’t made it harder.” -Jimmy Kimmel
Retweeted by Jack Viertel @MrJoeKeenan Finally dragged ours out yesterday.It’s not easy to be a Christian in America today but luckily there are people like Franklin Graham to make it virtu…
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@BCDreyer Most pertinent question of the day. @benjpasek My love for NOWHERE TO GO BUT UP. @benjpasek @ossoff Little typo there. Sorry. @DavidMarkoMiami @kevinddaly Well, they are called "zip tie handcuffs" on Amazon. I'm just saying. @codyrenard Thanks for sharing. @MarkHarrisNYC I own a string tie. Does that count? @MollyJongFast Any particular crime or misdemeanor?
@Tartick @codyrenard Or Broadway performances of Kelly, as long as we're counting. But I take your point. @CoriBush As Pearl Bailey said, "it means just what you think it means." @benjpasek @ossoff Or as Kieth Carradine used to sing, "I'm easy."But let's face it - convicting an impeached president who has already left office is not the bravest thing a senato… Hillary lost, we knitted pink caps, marched peacefully, and donated to PP. When Trump lost they built a GALLOW…
Retweeted by Jack Viertel @frankrichny @Harvard Let's face it: it's not much of a college. @BCDreyer Please, calm down. 5 milligrams of Klonopin and a glass of good red wine and you'll sleep like a baby.
@benjpasek I hate when that happens. @BCDreyer I always have. I recommend the Louisville Slugger Pete Alonzo autograph model.My brother just texted me: “I love the fact that the entire moral fate of the country depends on finding just 17 ho…
Retweeted by Jack Viertel @kevinddaly But the '51 Show Boat is truly awful.To be impeached once, Mr. President, may be regarded as a misfortune; to be impeached twice looks like carelessness.
Retweeted by Jack Viertel @StephanieJBlock Not any more, alas.
@MollyJongFast This is not the primary reason we need prison reform. @BCDreyer I think he’s just hungry. @petridishes Well, as Chico Marx said, "Who're you gonna believe, me or your own eyes?"“Removing Trump will only make his followers more violent” isn’t a call for unity. It’s extortion.
Retweeted by Jack ViertelI don’t think that 1986 me would find it credible that 35 years in the future Donald Trump becomes president, incit…
Retweeted by Jack Viertel
@khanartist79 @littlebrown Would have been my second or third choice. I could play this game for a long time. @littlebrown There once lived, in a sequestered part of the county of Devonshire, one Mr. Godfrey Nickleby: a worth…“Only later did it become clear...” was the boilerplate alibi for every collaborator on trial in Europe after World…
Retweeted by Jack Viertel @GrantGinder For chrissakes buy some fresh Roma tomatoes and oven dry them. Delicious. Do I have to explain everything? @AoDespair Careful of your A1C. Cookies ruined mine.
@RandyRainbow I've definitely heard of you somewhere... @MollyJongFast @RadioFreeTom @Olivianuzzi It's like W.C. Fields said: "I love Bolivia. It's too good for the people who live there." @JYSexton @kevinddaly And none of them have actually read Orwell, I suspect. However, I find the length of the paus… @park24hrs @MsPackyetti And for a few other reasons. @LilyJaniak @TerryTeachout1 @petermarksdrama Two great ones that tend to stay beneath the radar: Tenderloin and Wildcat.In the end, Trump cost Republicans the Presidency, the Senate, and the House. The son of a bitch actually did it. H…
Retweeted by Jack Viertel @jdawsey1 OK. But he didn't deserve much better. Maybe a little bit better.Seeing the news of the the Twitter ban, my daughter asked me how Congress will get his tweets for use as evidence i…
Retweeted by Jack ViertelI can't believe Twitter just destroyed Donald Trump's entire Presidential Library.
Retweeted by Jack Viertel @MrJoeKeenan @Faith_Salie Best laugh of an (admittedly un-funny) day.
One joke going around South America today is that the US coup failed because there was no US Embassy in Washington…
Retweeted by Jack ViertelIt’ll be a shame if history allows one horrific event on this president’s watch to overshadow all the other horrifi…
Retweeted by Jack Viertel @BCDreyer If I had him in an interview I'd ask him to spell potato. @BCDreyer @HawleyMO @simonschuster The fact that (there it is again) he refers to them as the "woke mob" kind of says it all, doesn't it?
Retweeted by Jack ViertelThese cops enabled criminality on a greater scale than even the neo-Nazis of Charlottesville. They must be arrested…
Retweeted by Jack Viertel @BCDreyer You did!Ben Sasse just gave a folksy, jokey stump speech/preening history lesson that was tonally wrong in so many differen…
Retweeted by Jack ViertelDespite the horror of day, we can celebrate the victories in Georgia, with a deep bow to @staceyabrams, and, of cou… excellent question. @DavidCote I believe the number is zero.This is the actual quote
Retweeted by Jack Viertel @glenkelly1 Such relaxing music. I'm going to turn on Stockhausen and listen to the birdcalls.
@BCDreyer Cheesecake. But it's stollen.
@HimymCraig He looks like someone just asked him to name the 16th president when he wan't even raising his hand in class. @HimymCraig But will anyone buy tickets to see him in it? @AnikaChapin @Julia_May_Jonas Also, while no longer "contemporary" in the sense of being written recently, Angels i… @SircarTikku @sallyt I wouldn't mind, but my wife (she/her) would be upset to discover I had a girlfriend. @obaewan_kenobae @sallyt Him is.Cartoon
Retweeted by Jack Viertel @khanartist79 Please no. @sallyt I'm a liberal and if I were you all I'd want is a new gynecologist. Of course I don't have any gynecologist… @carriecourogen @StMartinsPress @MichaelFlamini @nickirichesin Very excited about this. @suzzzanna @BCDreyer And not as interesting. @IrisRainerDart @MrJoeKeenan I get them both in tandem. About every 15 minutes. I hope both of them win, but I can'…
@JasonDanieley Stay safe and take care. You are loved by an awful lot of people, me included.Cartoon
Retweeted by Jack Viertel @BCDreyer As Julia Child said about stinting on the amount of butter in the pan for an omelette, "you can, but you'll regret it."If you aren’t following @AmyEGardner, you should be. She’s been leading the way with deep reporting on voting — and…
Retweeted by Jack Viertel @MollyJongFast I'll try. The most patriotic thing that can be done is to keep Devin Nunes from receiving the highest civilian honor.