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jack exotic @JackWilliamRtF chicago (the one in illinois)

you broke me john. but the fiend? he put me back together. (suggest future paninis here

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all of this because i wouldnt let our dm get away with casting 3(!!) concentration spells at once @maladeleine let's do it up big time folks @maladeleine remind me tomorrowoh im absolutely going to "vote for" joe biden. im going to point my "ballot" at him and "vote for" him in the head until he "wins"
Retweeted by jack exotic @TheSwift5 @BigTucsonDad @kelseybuckles oh fuck yeah
@AudreyEEvans only the smallest biti painted this stupid thing a month ago. i was so young then. so naive to what was coming.⏳Dalts of Our Lives⌛️ Episode 3: a San Fernando Rendezvous
Retweeted by jack exotic⏳Dalts of Our Lives⌛️ Episode 2: Threes a Crime Scene #SoapOpera #Quarantine #ThisIsArt #TimeForMyStories
Retweeted by jack exotic @DaltonRayce because you always be on that damn phone but not texting me @LoverOfShrimp me too @LoverOfShrimp oh no i am so sorry mrs shrimp @JackWilliamRtF I'll try to get my wife to watch it even though she doesn't understand art
Retweeted by jack exotic @LoverOfShrimp hey thanks man i'm glad you watched it too that makes me feel good :) @katesalkz like they were asking for submissions and i was like hey man why not and i got the email today and was like YOOOOOOOOshout out to @kelseybuckles, @Druperman, and @mattjrodgers for being on this creative team i love all of my big fans of the fanhere is the short itself: GET DIS SMOKE OUT DIS HOUSE short we made called GET DIS SMOKE OUT DIS HOUSE has been selected as part of a digital fringe festival that will… @LoverOfShrimp this is past jack taking care of future jacki'm gonna post this tweet now so that when it happens in the next 1-3 years, i can just retweet it and not have to… Warren: does not have to endorse anyone, as a powerful politician in a key historical turning point Me, a guy…
Retweeted by jack exotic @PeteButtigieg @BernieSanders shut da fuck upIt's time for left twitter to rise up and cyberbully joe biden into a stroke.
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Retweeted by jack exotic @avantnard also both of our senators and 17/18 representatives are D and won't lose so like. cool! @avantnard i love to live in new york or illinois and get the luxury of my vote not counting ! so i don't have to do it :) @uhhhhmad this is the wayHey liberals, when trump inevitably wins a second term, I really don’t want you pointing fingers at third party or…
Retweeted by jack exoticLiz really just said “omg sooo sorry I just saw this message” to the entire progressive movement
Retweeted by jack exotic @avantnard okay! 👍🏻 @avantnard nard said "helen keller was the only blind person ever"😪mohammad😪sanders😪
Retweeted by jack exoticbiden is a sexual predator who is responsible for mass incarceration, voted for the the iraq war, has shown no lead…
Retweeted by jack exotic @pissboymcgee but also like i would hope that if there's a big big big movie coming out people could hold off on sp… @pissboymcgee i'm someone that doesn't want to know anything about a movie before i see it so to me if there's some… @_ricecooker DW, no doubt. the other two, by default, present the viewer with two distinct choices that have a chan… @_ricecooker aggressive car exit is much more chaotic it's like a much more split second and rash decisionthis is how i've wanted to greet all of my friends always i just like kissin :-)
Retweeted by jack exoticin this essay i willDW behind the fence expresses a sort of exclusionist longing that guy looking at other girl just can't communicate.… @theb0tfather this is self awareness, i'm proud of you @theb0tfather what's with the line through the skull kali just,, just shave his whole shit if this is the job you're gonna do @doyalikebaileys you do have that goin for you, which is niceday 22 of quarantine's easy to complain about netflix asking if you're still there but then you wake up in the morning and hulu has p… my girlfriend and i shaved our head at the same time we'd both look like sinead oconnor isn't that neat @garrcie the reply right before the tweet i linked is such a wild backtrack. it's like. oh yeah. definitely. god. this is so pathetic lmaoan account with 22.5k was like i'm gonna make up a HUGE lie just for clout and didn't see anything wrong with it a… @Maddie_Freeland @kevy416 wait WHAT @batteryeater911 representation in media is so important @lenatheplug @adam22 what i think is most interesting is that your baby daddy is actually? a pedophile :-)if josh groban can be extremely handsome and have a double chin then dammit so can the rest of us
@kelserwilde best i can do ya @itsmattfred i basically already live in 3 so. that one i guess. @ButNotTheRapper i have a scar in my eyebrow from sprinting into the coffee table at 2 years oldi have a split toenail from dropping a glass on it watching flubber as a child @dennis0rtez better therapy @mynameisoldgreg i don't cheer or yell or do anything else tho. that shit is Dumb @mynameisoldgreg i do the same thing but because i have a loud laugh and i wanna disturb as few people as possiblesaw a man walking on the sidewalk wearing an eyepatch as a face mask. right over his little mouth. @slizshady @badboychadhoy shit was incredible. so so so good @badboychadhoy no i have i watched it this morning did you not read the tweet you replied tobalance is important which means when you watch two Great films (one of which may be the best movie of all time??)… the RNG has landed on the danish girl and the shawshank redemption, neither of which i'd ever seen before and… @BigTucsonDad @budweiserusa @BoyYeetsWorld @doyalikebaileys i hope u lose @AsaAppel man me tooMade my wife say "dudes rock" before I opened the juice carton for her.
Retweeted by jack exoticwas watching dark phoenix last night and realized that the whole conflict could be solved if the characters went to… @officialdan10 i am going to steal this from you @crocfanpage let's go @_ricecooker totally2020 said
Retweeted by jack exoticit was bad enough when y'all had a picture but a video? delete the whole account.
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fundamentals of caring was v fun, good movie. we're now watching xmen dark phoenix not because it was chosen by rng… that took seven hours to finish but we're finally here it's time for number 154 THE FUNDAMENTALS OF CARING i t… left three times Dora asks if you can help her find the blue star.
Retweeted by jack exotic @pienar it was cute, i agree it's cute the problem is that the kid IS a bummer hahawow armie hammer knew the etymology of apricot? he's not like the other guest professors 😎👍🏻i love physics @arizonablueme okay i'll try to tell the number generator to do oldboyalright that movie was NO GOOD both the kid and it i give a 3/10 the next movie is number 136 which is call me by y… susanna wanted to read a book instead of going in the water? she's not like the other girls 😎👍🏻here's the spreadsheet so far, it wont automatically add new responses as they come in but there are already 140 mo… i spun the wheel and got 118 which is a movie called The Way Way Back that i've never heard of before i look f… @ericformanstan, as a species, are losing our minds
Retweeted by jack exoticwell that's just sad free to send in as many as you want there's no limit herehelp me out here folks what movie should i watch @ohip13 because why draw any attention to their account at all in general @ohip13 i don't know why anyone would follow a huge number of people in the first place but they do anywayand this happens all the time. it's literally how gun girl got so popular-- people spread her content to a huge aud… you quote it to be like "iF yOu'Re CoMpArInG tHe BaDnEsS oF tWo WoRdS--" you're just playing into their hand; yo… guys! if you see this tweet with the poll about the term karen, don't retweet or quote it to dunk on them! beca…