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jacky @JackWilliamRtF chicago (the one in illinois)

ring ring the school bell, everybody listen to the teacher | he/him

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@DaveMcNamee3000 cannot imagine having this amount of stuff and things in my possession @thebiggestyee in this picture it is blue but in real life it might be a white dress. but the color in this picture is blue.Weezy F baby and the F is for... (record scratch) Financial Compensation? Hi, I'm Lil Wayne from Carter and Baby A…
Retweeted by jacky @theb0tfather you can force me to wear a mask but you will NEVER take away my capicola @officialdan10 as someone who has been in your exact shoes, i can tell you our first winter here in chicago was not… @Dzikhead we need to stockpile arms in the cuban missile crisis imo @Dzikhead i heard yasiel puig is availablerussell texted this to me and i turned around and tweeted it after only replying "YOOOOO" so i stole from both him… @benjamilive more weight(ed blankets)i can do infinite pushups i just get distracted by my curious mind
Retweeted by jacky @zuckerfvcker @fuckmarrywill see if you can dig it out of there's alright kids are alright @jbfan911 MAN LOOKED SAFE TO ME @jbfan911 amen @avantnard GORGE @mariokartdwi @crocfanpage @BoyYeetsWorld you literally only ate two r u kidding me @doyalikebaileys it's really brave of you to share this, thank you for your courageratio'd by dancing hot dogs doing a zoom reading and heard a bit of music i wanted to see if i could sing while i was "offstage" with my vi…
@PookieSports @jackthebasepal wow and i left him on my bench this week too :/ @notviking okay, this is epicNeat example of how order can emerge from chaos: sorting this tupperware of coins.
Retweeted by jacky @carterhambley we got to noon, i really thought this terror might not come but here we are anyway. wow. @badboychadhoy @Coll3enG this tweet is a banger and colleen is jealous she didn't think of it firstIt’s Always Sunny at Walter Reed National Military Center
Retweeted by jacky @DDenkler holy shit dude how did i never see this
Retweeted by jackyLMFAOOO PLEASEEE!!
Retweeted by jacky“New York is a ghost town” New York:
Retweeted by jacky @MiserableSDFan @pochinesky it's not that hard. i've never given up a hit in my entire mlb career. it has been the… @ValiendoPadres brett phillips is apparently high 24 hours a dayrandy and the rays to the dodgers:
Retweeted by jackyUNBELIEVABLE. 😱 #WorldSeries
Retweeted by jacky @blakeslun JUST THE KINDA GUY I AMif i was kenley jansen i simply would not have let my teammates commit two errors on the same playkenley jansen confirmed scrub @invest_in_soup subscribing to this thread @mousedisorder it is yeahCVS stands for Con Venience Store
Retweeted by jackyTLDR stands for The Lord of Da Rings
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wow lotta white people in here, huh kicked out of the zoom stand up show by typing "wow lotta white people in here, huh" in chat over and over again @delaneycirce well there's a lot of material to cover therewhen the cop car pulls up in get out it felt like the air was sucked out of all our lungs at the same time i was boxer i would say “i do not consent to being punched in the face” at the beginning of the fight and then e…
Retweeted by jacky @merestromb no i luv u @rosalindfaires i miss you too!!Drank a glass of Cawfi (coffee for you plebs) which I am allergic to...currently I’m vibrating and sputtering and b…
Retweeted by jacky @catreynoldsnyc HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYY 💙 @rosalindfaires @catreynoldsnyc @Roysenotes @fuckmarrywill YOOOOOOO @barlybonklin it's all that BIKIN @collins_rush you've won a five night getaway.... to your own living room... courtesy of Al and Chuck dot Travel. t… @JackWilliamRtF Your Dinosaur runway was... a meteoric hit... Condragulations you’re the winner of this challenge
Retweeted by jacky @Coll3enG i have to represent for all my fellow sluts @suuuhdudeee do you wanna,, go out sometime? walk on the beach, throw rocks at kids building sand castles? :)the trophies this time around were dvds that matt and jp found at the thrift store and were assigned their placings based on IMDB rankingsfinal standings of the second ever chicago friends babe ruth challenge: 5th place: @john_from_hr 4th place:… @kansassykat LETS GOOOOO wow i feel so validated @sushipregnancy he's a slender boy except he's got a double chin. i have the same problem. he's perfect. @PookieSports oh that's disgustingrussell showed us his trex impression @ajbabyboi heyyyyyyyy haha @garcesecret 🥺 @arizonablueme NO YOU @CdyRnkn thanks cody :) @PaulEffr thanks bro @suuuhdudeee 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 @JackWilliamRtF v slutty u lil tryannawhoreus
Retweeted by jackythe theme for the night was "Dinosaurs and Sluts" so i went as both
lyft driver changed the music to mamma mia when i got in the car, feeling like years of hard work are finally paying off @DaveMcNamee3000 you have to have two qualifications 1) be sexy and 2) act sort of like a child you already have se… Twitter's the only place I haven't posted this BUT! I'm hosting a Big Brother game this Sunday (the 25th! start…
Retweeted by jackyi am ready to meet my tinder soulmate
Retweeted by jacky @BoyYeetsWorld seems like everyone was tweeting about that AOC girl a couple days ago and she hasn't followed ANY of y'all lmaoooooonce every 4-6 weeks, the Boys will all tweet about one single girl for like a full day and she'll blow up to tens… @vegieluvr @MediumWilly
@DaveMcNamee3000 dave how could i possibly ignore that @WenzlerPowers OH YES @chaztoria who is jaboukie ive never heard of her @nxtvxkxng i do enjoy that little knit twitter bird on the sweater
@crocfanpage elise, this means nothingyou are a Stupid Person if you dont accept $30,000 to go on a date with someone’s Halloween Tyme Babie ............. boys becoming men men becoming wolves
Retweeted by jacky @ChiefSteveTX but have you heard sonic adventure 2 greatest hits revisited @Coll3enG @poelogue of y'all ever listen to the bandcamp album Sonic Adventure 2 Greatest Hits Revisited by Sonic4ever? it's this a… up my dying and broken laptop and uh yknow i don't think that's correct @aliwhitesox it was much easier to eat than i imagine the boomstick is but not very good! because food is not supposed to be that big! @aliwhitesox have you seen the less offensive but similarly gargantuan Fowl Pole?
@Dzikhead king @HIBlSCUS i want for you to be right, i really do, but people smarter than us have already tried it and failed mise… @HIBlSCUS binging with babish made it and it is uh,, not greatEmily in Paris Starring @SamanthaDockser
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