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jacky @JackWilliamRtF chicago (the one in illinois)

my name is shawna skelten and i am very real

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thinking about goin sledding tomorrow does anyone have a problem with this @ShannonMary5 okay looks like there's a dog park where they have dog tetherball but i see no reason it couldn't be… @_OdalisGarcia_ @ChiefSteveTX you and brian gray sparks @carterhambley haha whaaaaat haha what no haha wait haha wait stop haha wait are we doing this haha @carterhambley pizza boyfriend proposed
Retweeted by jackyvoting for hillary is the most cringe shit i've ever done and i was on the improv team in high schoolthe everything bagel isn’t even their most fucked up flavor
Retweeted by jackyTonight’s T-shirt giveaway from @goaawol 🙌 RT now for a chance to win - the ONLY way to get this shirt!
Retweeted by jackyseason 1 episode 4: the squad enjoys beverages
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@goldwhining bomboclaat, sco pa tu manaa, so many words to kill @alcoholeic 200 is too few @C_LosR OOPS, I HAVE ADDED A ZERO OPTIONthis is a one question survey that i wish could be conducted on a twitter poll but alasnotifications > settings gear > muted > muted words how many you got YOUR KIDS TEXTING ABOUT CORONAVIRUS BRB- breathing really bad SMH- sanitize my hands TTYL- think that you'll l…
Retweeted by jacky @suuuhdudeee when i worked my hotel job in austin i would intentionally hold in my poops for when i got to work and… unspoken bond between you and the guy in the stall next to you while you both pretend to be pooping so you don't have to do any work 💙 @2kool2kat there are a lot of y'all here do any of you subscribe to the @DramatistsPlayS Book Club and if you do what play… @constantsideeye @constantsideeye i think it defaults to season two. the winner of s1 comes to the hot shop in like episode eight or… @constantsideeye we watched all of season one in a single sitting when it came out last year and were very excited… @constantsideeye because the show bangs because it rocks!!!! season one doesn't have a villain if you haven't seen… @suuuhdudeee have you thought about no guaranteed DH @WolverKeith @emryspaperart @rough_sketch_ wheres the block button on this thing @plantessie right, he got a lot of leeway throughout the season that was not afforded to his less popular or well k… @JennRodgers1 @rough_sketch_ mom pls nowedding trend you're the most tired of
Retweeted by jacky @rough_sketch_ you know, that's. i don't have a problem with serving donuts at a wedding, donuts are good and (poss… @rough_sketch_ what is a, donut wall @velvetbuzzkill i don't see it but i'm glad you're able to have that moment for yourself @velvetbuzzkill he takes the stupidest pride in not fulfilling the brief, it is infuriating @velvetbuzzkill wait which bearded guy i did not clock any george springer lookin dudes @velvetbuzzkill literally no one will ever be able to convince me that his fuckin pencils should have been declared safe. it's unbelievable. @dxxnya @BigTucsonDad he literally saves these in his drafts for months and then rapid fire spits them out, it's a flawless system @velvetbuzzkill the first of chris taylor's many unjust survivals @BigTucsonDad your deadass gorgeous @velvetbuzzkill they get paid wages for being on set, they're on screen talent on a union set they're all being pai… @velvetbuzzkill those assistants put up with so much, they're amazing @velvetbuzzkill they lose three hours of work in a format where they only have four and they go oops!, let's try again @velvetbuzzkill i would never be able to do it. they have such good attitudes about it @SweetBabyTayz imagine all the people :) @plantessie it doesn't matter if i can kick a football farther than anyone in the world if i don't know the right w… @NealB4zodd @jelenawoehr well you see, with average interest for undergrads, at $450 a month, a number you invented… @jeanginngene TIP. of the ICEBERG. @alorakid i think on the whole i preferred s1 but there are some AMAZING pieces in s2, it's a great show and is (mo… @purpl3m it's a whole competition show and it's so good except for one dude in season two who can eat my dick!!! @Exalt4747 just getting Mad Online about the new season of blown away lol @purpl3m see you're excited just hearing about it!! Blown Away, season two just came out on netflix. ten episodes in both seasons.imagine going on a show about something as extremely chill and instantly cool as glassblowing and somehow coming ou… @GagaManiaUK i think the problem with him is that he has the ability to execute techniques but he does not have the… @mondilator the centerpiece was too tall and off kilter and honestly fucking ugly and a BUMMER to have at your dinn… @TaslaDragon ugh they put him on there too? cant even eat glass this is ridiculous. @mondilator oh my god shut the fuck up dude!!! how are you so up your own ass to think you're too good to make a ca… one cares, none of y'all care, i know this, but the amount of riggery on blown away season two to keep chris aro…
@BrandonMH1 @purpl3m @Amberggggggg there it is haha @BrandonMH1 @purpl3m @Amberggggggg no yeah you did, by five seconds @BrandonMH1 @purpl3m @Amberggggggg i came here to say this to figure out this weird meme at my insta feed for several minutes before realizing it was just an add for do…
Retweeted by jackymen will literally be the worst contestant on the netflix original Blown Away instead of going to therapy @celiastupid if you said perfume falcon to me i would say tell me more and we would only fight if you refused to do soanyone who says "flacon" instead of "bottle" definitely thinks they're better than me and that just won't doif someone said the words "perfume flacon" to me in person i would be forced to fight themright now, full anonymity, no judgment whatsoever, did you enjoy watching season one of Emily In ParisShe is a drooling, stumbling moron. He is a regular person. They're trying to find common ground but wonder if she'… @earthgrrrrl that is very specific @slugmagic good word @slugmagic beanpole @suuuhdudeee it's so beautiful. thank you for your of course this is a troll account, don't feed the trolls, yadda yadda yadda but if enough people tell you you'… to it! legendary ratio cawthorn claims to be pro life and yet here is getting aborted on live television, curious.
Retweeted by jacky @glickzac what am i lookin at hereMy "A Pedo is Attracted to Kids Not Teens" t-shirt has people asking a lot of questions already answered by my shir… days of the biden administration and they changed the $2,000 checks to $1,400 moved them to April, forgot the kid…
Retweeted by jacky @itsmattfred GREAT idea kingLarry king was the first white person I ever saw. The adults would watch him on the TV in Ghana. I was petrified of…
Retweeted by jacky @stinkeigh thanks i'm related to him
@avantnard you invented a drink called 5loko that has almost certainly punched your ticket straight to hell, you ou… @avantnard youve also never been to taco bell you dont count @AnthyPellegrino just outta pure curiosity. kels thought she'd be able to get pop rocks at the store and they're al… lil guys, these guys right here when's the last time you poured a pack in your mouth and just let em crackle's the last time you ate the formerly very popular candy Pop Rocks @chunkyfila here how's this @kelseybuckles @Braves’s face it: the @Braves are in need of a rebrand. but unlike others, i don’t believe they need to change their c…
Retweeted by jacky @mr_reddy and yet henry kissinger's bitch ass is still kickin after all these years how do you explain that @_mylies_bs i'm sorry to have poisoned your mind like this @mr_reddy how is this my fault!!also you left that west virginia shirt here in chicago on accident over a year and a half ago and it is very much i… birthday chris aka thebotfather aka our fallen brother who got bipped by twitter for being too awesome we lov… have our first death of the WTD season, rest in peace Larry King Chang's waiter: "[Recites specials] Stephen A. Smith: (Acts surprised) "To me, that's preposterous. Crab Rangoon, things of that nature."
Retweeted by jackyGet rid of the filibuster and pass everything: healthcare, childcare, family leave, minimum wage, etc. Pass it all.…
Retweeted by jacky @ZippydoodaJr oughta be !
@itsmattfred BUT. @itsmattfred acab obv