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@MatthewFerrari are you the young popedeficit mongering and the program cuts it causes disproportionately harms black lives @TankieSanders very niceHillary gonna Snatch that Presidency so Watch out!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸She's A GIRL GONE WILD!💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🎉🎉🎉
Retweeted by dr johnny bananas @TankieSanders @CinematicZodiac yeah you’re probably right @CinematicZodiac i don’t think it’s an indicator either waywe’re getting to the point where more people are going to have voted *at all* before election day than voted for tr… was going to vote for joe biden until i just now learned he’s not a socialist @ACorollaries none of their stuff can reach the broader culture it’s all become hyper insular @ACorollaries they think the pepe stuff is why they won last time @shreyabasu003 i just leaked it to the wall street journalcomey letter played into existing clinton image that had been building since whitewater, and a narrative that had b… @ACorollaries they’ve gotten wrapped up in facebook fox news shit. they’ve lost the plot @shreyabasu003 as a child i would go to the butterfly house and live in fear of stepping on themthe most unrealistic part of batman v superman is that holly hunter plays a democratic senator from kentucky @pineappleheave you’ve gone too far @MatthewFerrari inner circle @otter_weekend rack emnate BRONZE. has anyone said this? has anyone done this? @GeraldFordVEVO im analyzing alfred hitchcock's psychomichael steelside @responsiblerob ran bythe boys exists in two political moments simultaneously: 2004 and 2015. and it rocksspectacular use of "thank you for being a friend" in s2 of the boys @marx_posts lmao oh my godi wonder how reliable a pollster called "surveymonkey" could be @Crosley_ sorry noahPLEASE is the worst thing i've seen in my life @CokeEnjoyer he's a pretty generic-looking guy tbf @shreyabasu003 it's goodit's pretty epic that iceman from the x-men movies plays the fire guy in the boysbest emoji is this guy -> 😟 he looks so saddonald trump is the pest, joe biden is gustav shanksongs but they're about the boys of amazons "the boys" "the boys are back in town" "let's hear it for the boy(s)" @katemaclel gnA24? more like A twenty-boreme to biden @wspieler trotbah gawd, is that john kerry's music i hear? president @tamagotchimilf rip to your phonei voted for biden in a red state basically because i thought it would be funny. shut up alreadythis is so bad ass can you say this presents: bad grandpa fails as critical cinema“borat 2 fails as critical cinema” is something where if you say it you should stop and think about how you got here @voidhowler im lloyd howell carter brothers (jimmy, billy, graydon)
There is truly nothing better in a horror movie than a scene when someone uncovers a shocking revelation through a…
Retweeted by dr johnny bananas @bobo_the_second ?tony soprano is an example of non-toxic masculinity because he goes to therapywearing a face mask not to stop the spread but because it’s cold outI think this kind of mid COVID show is the apotheosis of this moment in culture: something totally didactic with no…
Retweeted by dr johnny bananas @Zennistrad 🔥 @TankieSanders wow(borat voice) im going to become a my wife @babs_bebop ma wife @TankieSanders is this about me @TankieSanders i disagree @fellawhomstdve i don’t want to Myers should look at the success of the new Borat (and other mid 2000s things that are coming back) and realiz…
Retweeted by dr johnny bananas @kodak_kaffir im so sorry @kodak_kaffir did you live with the pest (1997) @MarriedAMartian they left out the best parts @GeraldFordVEVO please there’s no need to lie @fellawhomstdve sorry the movies are too epic for youi’ve watched trial of the chicago seven twice and i don’t even like it @MarriedAMartian honestly yeah @katemaclel nothing better than driving in the mountains at night and then it starts pouringthere’s a risk of left twitter becoming jeff tiedrich but for joe biden if he wins @katemaclel my experience of colorado (around denver) was that there’s a lot of precipitation @katemaclel has jiji ever seen snow @katemaclel there’s a winter storm warning here for tonight this is gonna own @basiltuesday well it’s not easy for some people’s brains to take in new information and adapt to it @bobbenh2345 cruise and creep @basiltuesday the disease has already reached all parts of the country. there’s no special dimension of danger to travel anymore(john leguizamo in the pest voice) I LIKE TO @fellawhomstdve no this is king shitmy latest for jacobinactually the working class loves bojack horseman, it’s a show for the people, @TankieSanders 🔥 @evren__7 @punzerdragoon second. i think he’d be down too but not by that much @evren__7 @punzerdragoon i disagree @katemaclel i hear it’s going to be william h. taft’s great great grandson @ronston8 they’re confused elderly people what do you expectremember when everyone thought they were going to swap out biden on the ticket @TankieSanders she lost because the moderate electorate was afraid of her communist policiesThe most important thing Mr. West said today in his interview with Joe Rogan:
Retweeted by dr johnny bananas @TankieSanders the moderate joe biden won in a landslide, while the “too far left” hillary clinton lost @MattTheGweat 2 has biden over 50% i am just saying that trump not being over 50 in 1 is bad for himenforcing “and how do you feel about that” at the barrel of a gun @thucydiplease bring back the individual mandate @Ex_AnarchoAnon i know, and it would be an incredibly stupid idea to run again. but he could do it, nobody could stop himaustin powers is a racist caricature of the english @Ex_AnarchoAnon william jennings bryan did @MatthewFerrari @Will3316 @thebeardhunter0 pat buchanan got like 20% of the vote in 1992. not exactly close but mor…