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@MeekPhill_ ConfirmedGuillorme vs. the Nationals: .375 Guillorme vs. everyone else: .202 @Alguera Singled today, try again.What can’t this guy do?
Interesting comments on fielder positioning from Luis Rojas. Nimmo is starting at an avg of 315 ft. this year but… @AmazinsNews @TheAthleticDFW That can’t be further from the truth..@TheAthleticDFW proposes a look-to-the-future move between the Rangers and Mets: Josh Jung, Scott Heineman, Ande… @metsfansince02 and... publicizing it yourself. @MeekPhill_ King @Kevin_Higgins_ Idk man it still doesn’t top Brazil’s comeback win in the 408 BC chariot race. @SotoC803 That was depressing to listen to..@Jacob_Resnick returned to talk about what's next for this depleted Metsies rotation and much more..
Retweeted by Jacob ResnickTeam player. That’s the tweet!
Retweeted by Jacob ResnickLuis Guillorme on August 10: 2019: First major league home run (game-tying in 8th) 2020: First major league pitching appearance (1-2-3 9th)Luis Guillorme might be the most athletic Mets pitcher of all time two innings late! @MetsDaddy2013 Even if it's not a Hietpas situation it could still be a Depastino situation.Dom Smith was clocked at 92 mph in high school with two secondaries. 👀 Get him on the mound. really want to see Billy Hamilton pitch and play center field at the same time in this game. @PSLToFlushing You mean the cherry-picked Giménez stats don’t amaze you?The Nationals have put up 14 runs on the Mets for fourth time since 2017. A tradition, really.This Mets game screams "reading from the media guide in the 6th inning."Pete Alonso could have asked Keith Hernandez any question in the world. This was his choice:
@DeeshaThosar What are days, anyway. @anyerslifeinnh The Blue Jays delayed his free agency by a year by waiting to promote him in 2014. I wouldn't blame…*Even if* Stroman waited to get his service time to opt out (he didn't), literally the reason he's a free agent aft… @capnsammy stop with the "he just waited until he got his service time" narrative. He's been over the threshold for two weeks.Marcus Stroman's decision to opt out should not impact his upcoming free agency. He entered the season with 5 year… said his calf is back to 100%. His decision to opt out is purely in the best interest of the health of his family.BREAKING: Marcus Stroman has opted out of the 2020 season.DRA* is out from @baseballpro. #Mets SP (through Saturday): deGrom 2.22 (rank: 9, ± 0.57) Peterson 5.53 (rank: 83… @DevanFink I was told small baseball is winning baseballI swear A-Rod guesses the next pitch incorrectly like 95% of the time.
@TJHannam10 Extreme feel-good story. @MeekPhill_ His name translates to Dinelson the MetSocially distant celebrations from Luis Rojas and his coaching staff: big pitch has eluded Edwin Díaz so far. Not this time. with 3 H, 3 R, 1 SB in a game before their 22nd birthday: Andrés Giménez (today) José Reyes (2005) José Reye…és Giménez, man... cannot wrap my head around this. @Moore_Stats Looking forward to it. Certainly a concept that, given the lack of public information, has been diffic… @tangotiger Are you still planning to eventually include spray angle and fielder positioning into your x-stats?Today ends in “-day” so Brandon Nimmo reached base.2019 Jacob deGrom: 6 four-pitch walks deGrom today: 2 four-pitch walks to consecutive batters @galijandrooo Blevins is even more recent 😆Luis Rojas said Robinson Canó has progressed “really well” in his adductor strain rehab. He has been taking live A… infield coach Gary DiScarcina said Andrés Giménez reminds him of Omar Vizquel with regards to his movements in the field.Marcus Stroman needs to pitch in one more simulated game, so he will not be ready to fill that spot immediately.The #Mets have placed Michael Wacha on the injured list with right shoulder inflammation. Ali Sánchez has been recalled.Some Sunday morning David Peterson sliders... #Mets @MetsDaddy2013 They already were. Now if Kay’s throwing 96 as a starter... @linds_moran Nobody: Lindsay at 10:36 on a Saturday night:You're welcome.Pat Venditte release points are BACK.“Can I have [Fernando Tatis]?” “We have [Fernando Tatis] at home” [Fernando Tatis] at home: lesson in tunneling from the rookie. Red: Fastball (first pitch of AB) Yellow: Slider (last pitch of AB) my goodness David Peterson home runs with a launch angle of 18° or less since 2019: Manny Machado - 4 Pete Alonso - 3 Jonathan Schoop -…⃣1⃣7⃣ for Pete Alonso.
2020 @Metsmerized @JustinCToscano It certainly can't get worseThe #Mets are 0-8 when their opponent scores first this season.Three years and three days after he was introduced at Citi Field, David Peterson makes his first home start for the… related news, Mets legend Phillip Evans is now on the Pirates. @jackmain32 BettsEntering today the #Mets were the worst in the league at converting outfield fly balls to outs. 17.6% of their OFFB… Met is really a vibe
Dom Smith my word latest official #Mets roster and Player Pool includes new additions Quinn Brodey and Luis Carpio and re-entry R… news here regarding minor league free agency. Nothing has changed, although it could have given that FA is base… add MIF Luis Carpio to their Player Pool. Carpio was Andrés Giménez’s double play partner in Binghamton afte… are just making stuff up on this app now.
2020 @jasoncfry Need to get Ali on the phone with Buddy Baumann to cheer him up. @_sschaudel_ Francisco ÁlvarezBy optioning Ali Sánchez, you would think Amed Rosario and Jeff McNeil are good to go. Otherwise they’d be running… @greg_prince Something poetic about a (temporary) Mets Ghost being sent to the Alternate Site.Mets are going with 10 relievers and a four-man bench (with Rosario and McNeil dinged up). @NotRealCertain @BillPetti has been pulling individual spin direction for some (not sure why not all) games. I assu… @FTLO_Baseball This thread was interesting. Not taking anything away from him, but it's probably easier to command… @MisterDee91 Yes, the d'Arnaud single on Monday was the first hit he allowed on the FB this year. But only 10 total have been put in play.Another great (and simple!) tool from @darenw and the Savant team: deGrom's swinging strikes on sliders since 2018 ⬇️ I think he has a sweet spot. @MeekPhill_ Damn I’ve been sleeping @MeekPhill_ What happened to the Brady video @MKennedy872 Top 20 in the league in sprint speed so farRick Porcello just became the 7th pitcher to reach his 150th career win in a #Mets uniform. The previous 6: Liván… @mikemayerMMO Who has a meeting at 8:30 at night"Defense, defense, defense!" It's a beautiful thing. start for Rick Porcello tonight. 10 groundouts are the most by a #Mets pitcher this year. Absolutely pounde… what point does Davey Martinez start telling Sean Doolittle to take the series off when the Mets come into town?
The Andrés Giménez development is pretty wild. That front foot was glued to the ground for his first three minor le…
Retweeted by Jacob ResnickThis goes hand in hand with @SteveGelbs comprehensive look at Andrés Giménez strength improvements
Retweeted by Jacob Resnick @MeekPhill_ Rojas burner?This was Giménez in Columbia in 2017: Andrés Giménez development is pretty wild. That front foot was glued to the ground for his first three minor le… @OmarMinayaFan You missed a lot in the first two starts.Remember when the Mets passed on Billy Hamilton on waivers and then he had a go-ahead RBI against them in the 14th…