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Congratulations Luis!
Retweeted by Jacob ResnickCongrats to Luis Rojas! First class guy and great baseball mind. Known him as a player, administrator and manager.…
Retweeted by Jacob ResnickCarlos Gomez may be retired but his spirit will never die. ROJAS! Love love love it. Loved being around him on the bench last year. Always teaching and full of knowledge…
Retweeted by Jacob ResnickLuis Rojas becomes the sixth Dominican-born manager in Major League history. His father, Felipe Alou, was the first…
Retweeted by Jacob ResnickIf you want to get to know Luis Rojas better, I highly recommend this great profile by @NathalieMLB: Rojas was voted by his peers as the Best Managerial Prospect in the FSL in 2015 and 2016 and Best Managerial P…
Retweeted by Jacob ResnickCongrats to one of the best managers I’ve ever played for! Well deserved! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Retweeted by Jacob ResnickLuis Rojas checks all the boxes for me: • Knows the organization front and back, wont have to acclimate on such sh…
Retweeted by Jacob ResnickSavannah ➡️ St. Lucie ➡️ Binghamton ➡️ New York Luis Rojas’ path to becoming a major league manager was truly a g… Baseball has released its 2020 schedule as it looks to defend the 2019 MAAC championship. Highlights:… @BNightengale
Retweeted by Jacob Resnick#Mets top prospect Ronny Mauricio checks in at #10 on @MLBPipeline’s list of the best shortstop prospects in baseba…'t blink, you might miss it. @RyleyGilliam is zipping through the @Mets system. From #ConeyConvos:
Retweeted by Jacob Resnick @rtpiers @MattyCuso We called this Suicide @Stlync78 I was really just referring to being comfortable around his colleagues and surroundings.
My big takeaway: really glad Bobby Abreu didn’t get dropped off. Hope he gets some more recognition going forward. favorite baseball minutiae thing is that Mike Trout is already a lock for the Hall of Fame but if he retired tod… FOLKS... For some reason, @TwitterSupport decided to lock @AndrewJClaudio up and doesn’t like responding to e…
Retweeted by Jacob Resnick @SimplyAmazinPod @AndrewJClaudio @TimothyRRyder big question, IMO: if the front office is operating with Cohen in the back of their minds, was he consulted on…"The fear...had tilted the search in quality control coach Luis Rojas’ favor as of Monday. Not only did Rojas recei…"...there is concern that if the Mets hire somebody who wasn’t originally considered for the job, it will look bad… @RobertJP31 Assuming it’s unrelated to his previous injuries, yes.Reminder that Cespedes’ base salary increases from $6M to $11M if he doesn’t open the season on the injured list (r…
#Mets prospect @Blaine_McIntosh was named the 2019 recipient of the Todd Helton Award as the Tennessee high school… @jonathanbanks8_ Spoken like a true ESPN production assistant.Conor...Those last couple of possessions have to fall on Mike Miller there. You need to get an open look out of an ATO and that was just ugly.
Not sure why this got re-posted but ICYMI from last week, check it out! had a solid run with the Mets over the last two months of 2019. Wish him well. @TheSportMouth If only there were in-house options that wouldn’t require any of that. @TheKingNYM There’s also a difference between a rookie coming in cold and a rookie who has been involved in everything you just mentioned. @WC1221 I understand that. I still don’t see it as an impediment to potential success. @WC1221 How often do coaches get managerial interviews from other organizations after being in the farm system of o… @WC1221 That’s both not true and of little consequence. @WC1221 Some don’t understand who has credibility and who doesn’t. @Picander37 Luis Rojas has been on the coaching staff since the winter of 2018-19. The proximity to spring training… were down with Beltrán as a first-time manager and are now scared the Mets are going to hire someone else with no MLB experience?
Rubén Tejada’s nine plate appearances for the *2019* Mets will go down as one of the weirdest stints in recent memo… Mets promoting Luis Rojas to manager would go over very well in the clubhouse.
Retweeted by Jacob ResnickAs if I needed another reminder about the sad state of New York sports tonight. @evrybdyluvsant Well-respected by all accounts. As far as “can he handle New York,” at this point I think they just…
Hechavarria collects the $1 million he missed out on by one day with the Mets last year. Callaway watching today unfold like in all of the craziness: #15 remains open for Tim Tebow. @nyleetch2 Link?This is a real thing that happened. @mike_petriello “taped” really hope the Yankees don’t get exposed (if there is evidence of them cheating). I don’t know if I could handle… @teixeiramark25 to be calling for a former teammate to be fired instead of keeping his comments to himself is d…
Retweeted by Jacob Resnick“Iván B” weighs in... @ODYIean Looks like itAnd it keeps coming... person might not be related to Beltran. They still clearly have inside info. @thesteve2016 Doesn’t mean it isn’t someone with info“She claimed they would sign Rendon.” First, no. She said they would offer him big money. Second, that came out so… @mike_petriello @mikemayerMMO additionally and Beltrán will ultimately not be reuniting in 2020. #Mets @Siminski19 His job last year was to translate the analytics from the front office to the players. @duckisgod @MeekPhill_ She never claimed they would @MeekPhill_ I mean... twice she was ahead of everything.Anyone doubting the source now? @NYSportsGuys5 It has nothing to do with himLuis Rojas checks all the boxes for me: • Knows the organization front and back, wont have to acclimate on such sh… news particularly hurts my demographic: those whose first introduction to baseball was a team led by Beltrán a… quote came after Beltrán had already been named in The Athletic’s report as “playing a key role in devising the… Van Wagenen, Nov. 14: “I don’t see any reason why this is a Mets situation.” January 16: @Jasondeger He needed to have been better prepared for a question on the topic. @Jasondeger Jeff Wilpon was taking questions. That’s a press conference, however informal. He sounded completely ca… @Jasondeger That’s not how press conferences usually work.I would say I’m shocked that the Mets didn’t have the foresight to prevent this from happening but... yeah. Francisco Alvarez was named the no. 5 catching prospect in baseball by @MLBPipeline. @CespedesBBQ That’s WWI veteran Ivan Bigler... @jt_teran I love how it sounds like this was being blasted throughout the entire room.Plot twist: Wilpon will be introducing Piazza as the next manager of the Mets. Ventura was just named an assistant at Oklahoma State yesterday. @darenw @tangotiger @Sabanero__Soy Would love if these charts could link to the corresponding video! @rtpiers Source? @daguilo17 No. She said they were going to “throw money at” Rendon.
@MetsDaddy2013 If only they had a way to know what pitch was coming.Source: Mets have an announcement on it's way
Retweeted by Jacob Resnick @jbm418 @SeanFlannery13 Ok. But she didn’t claim that they were guaranteed to sign him. @SeanFlannery13 No. She said they would “throw money at” Rendon. @Tkro42 The dugout roof would like a word.#Mets bench coach Hensley Meulens has the second-best odds of being named the next Red Sox manager, according to… @FTLO_Baseball @MBrownstein89 @mikemayerMMO and T.J. Barra left, etc... @FTLO_Baseball @MBrownstein89 @mikemayerMMO Chris Pang @Sean_Dobbin @seanlahman It should, but it won’t. @seanlahman I’m willing to believe number three. The report hadn’t come out yet and MLB didn’t open an investigation until the story broke.For those who missed it: @zestypix People who publicly write about analytics.Um... @zestypix The public analytics sphere.Russell Carleton and Andrew Perpetua, two analysts hired out of the community last offseason, have announced they a… @LizFlynn__ 🐐 @DeeH_NYC @Mets
@FTLO_Baseball @MetsFarmReport They have done a good job considering the account was dormant for a couple of years.