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- write headline - check twitter - rewrite headline - jot down a few notes and copy/paste in important links - rewr… the plus side I really enjoyed answering these questions did the quiz. I’m not sure how to feel about this
tonight's the night! log on to club penguin (@CPRewritten) at 5pm pt / 8pm et / 1am bst to meet us as penguins and…
Retweeted by JakeThor did incredible work at Inverse, from uncovering coronavirus disinformation bots to getting an interview with A…! Join me on Instagram Live at 5pm EST for an ADDIE LARUE happy hour! I’ll be reading the scene where Addie…
Retweeted by JakeFacebook is using the coronavirus to sell its creepy smart home screen @KaitlynJakola AP style is cancelledI've been checking the Rick and Morty subreddit for story ideas recently and... it's exactly what you'd expect it t… need to be crimes against humanity trials after we emerge from this.
Retweeted by Jakeholy shit, this is the BEST interview so far
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.@Annaleen joins #InverseHappyHour to discuss changing the past with time travel.
Retweeted by JakeCheck it out in article format too: had a really great time chatting with @Annaleen for Inverse Happy Hour episode 2, and they gave an incredible rea… this is over (in the years 2030 probably) I'm going to invite everyone over for a potluck where we all cook a… you lord* *nicole kidman last year when there wasn't a pandemic and we went outside to watch #AvengersEndgame in theaters? I want t…
Retweeted by JakeLOVELIES. Tomorrow at 5pm EST, I'll be live-chatting with @inversedotcom over on Instagram, and reading an entire c…
Retweeted by Jake @raywongy This is some Nathan For You level trollingPut on Fun with Dick and Jane thinking I’d relax with a Jim Carrey movie I’ve never seen. Huge mistake. This movie…
i'm dead. this tweet killed me Plot Against America is a really good and scary show perfectly suited for our times. I had a fun time interview… @raywongy @markyarm No but I heard that vertical snowpiercer is pretty goodmovie night with the boys story from @SofiQuaglia on the burial practice transforming how we honor the dead: human composting🌳🌻…
Retweeted by JakeSunday: Well the good news is this month can’t possibly get any worse before it ends Monday:
@YannickLeJacq @AnthonyBLSmith this is a prank. don't listen to himDavid Jaffe really didn't like our God of War essay's that quiet part out loud.
Retweeted by JakeMy apartment has a small balcony that faces an interior courtyard, but ever since I moved in it's been covered in p… the morning pitch meeting becomes a show-and-tell
Choose your own binge watching adventure (love this insanity)
Retweeted by JakeThis is the most pure distillation of the spongebob “many hours later” meme I’ve ever seen almost had an April wedding, extended honeymoon, and graduation from med school right after. Everything was can…
Retweeted by JakeWatched Space Jam last night. The whole time all I could think about was this Family Guy joke
From the mind of @EricFrancisco24. A new and more meaningful way to watch the Fast & Furious movies (because you we… has so much cool stuff coming this weekend and a lot of it fits together into one big exper… Shalom and solidarity from NYC, the epicenter of premeditated mass murder. Never Forget what is unfolding n…
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LUBE MAN = PETEY CONFIRMED! @sopharela must continually state that Kratos was NEVER a misogynist in GOD OF WAR 1. Like AT ALL. And it pisses me off 'jou…
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2020 @moviedetail @sethrogen stop touching your face and stand at least 6 feet away from Jay. we're trying to stop a pandemic hereElec-TRI-city Biscuit TRISCUIT MEANS "ELECTRICITY BISCUIT"
Retweeted by Jakeif only there was some way we could make this guy president instead of the checked-out centrist hiding in a bunker…
When there’s a bird outside and you really want to kill it (sound on) out this cool new thing I'm doing at Inverse! Live readings and interviews with your favorite sci-fi authors: @YannickLeJacq Extremely hopeless interview with a medical expert who said we're all gonna die and New York is on t… is crazy out there but we're still looking for card story editors for @inputmag who have great ideas and are v…
Retweeted by JakeDid anyone else listen to the latest episode of The Daily and now they can't sleep, or was it just me?When civil war breaks out, the battle lines will be drawn based on what fruit was native to your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Describe your quarantine using only photos on your camera roll, day ???
I specifically would like to know if anyone's parents have gotten into video games for the first time because of co…, but then never give the streets back to cars“This might be the biggest gig I’ve ever done” — James Blake, playing live for 25 thiusand people on Instagram @ryepastrami Can I join as a catfish?I know there are bigger issues right now, but why were tech CEO's hoarding ventilators and masks in the first place? “i’m social distancing”: - feels sad - very isolating Saying "i have to go now. my planet needs me": - has… 'Y: The Last Man' TV adaptation delayed again due to coronavirus the fuck is this facebook ad I just got
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@IAmAsarch There’s nothing cool about thisLMAO, does he not have a smartphone? @raywongy Can’t Zoom and stream in HD at the same time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Not even Coronavirus can stop me from watching Dragon Ball Z with my friends final God of War Week essay by ⁦@momozuch⁩ might be my favorite. GoW is the rare gaming franchise that grew up…
This one was worth the wait you binge all three episodes of Little Fires Everywhere and then realize you have screeners for the entire sea…
I'm going to train my cat to give me a back massage during this quarantine. This is my King LearI’ve never wanted anything more in my life Asian person I know has made some version of the dark joke that it might be safer for us to stay inside 🙃
Retweeted by JakeOur third God of War Week™ essay takes a different approach. @AmandaFarough explains why the economics of console e… @NYGovCuomo What about GameStop?Psyched for new Animal Crossing or just getting started? I transcribed out some Celeste & Chicory melodies for you…
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@EricFrancisco24 Now that you mention it. 2020 is pretty chill by comparison @AaronFlux this how you work from home? one: Inverse: 🗣️WATCH BLADE RUNNER, a malaria drug, has had a meteoric rise this week. It's being touted as a “cure” for COVID-19. Here’s…
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@eelliiot sorry, but you've been canceledGod of War Week™ continues with an essay by @jmrivera02 on why Kratos is so good at making you feel horrible, George, same case you haven’t worked it out yet, it’s ‘Avenue 5’ in memory of Fifth Avenue, where he said he could shoot some…
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Sadly, it appears we somehow made a documentary. #Avenue5
Retweeted by Jake @MelanieHannah day 6
One of my favorite Apple Music playlists (Indie Music Anthems) just updated to add this song I haven't thought abou… @AnthonyBLSmith Thanks for that @EricFrancisco24 Ok, but Yoshimitsu is about to unload a 30-move combo while also somehow healing himself @rachelmillman i recorded the audio and then this was the only way i could figure out to upload it to twitterCan anyone explain this weird sound my cat makes when it sees a bird outside the window? God of War week! To kick things off, @YannickLeJacq came out of retirement to argue that GoW 3 is the best en… Biden is not telling the truth at the #DemocraticDebate. Here’s the video — please retweet right now:
Retweeted by JakeEvery time Biden says “my time is up” take a shot
if you pitch me a story this weekend between the hours of 10 am and 9 pm ET, I'll get back to you with a yes/no/may…
Retweeted by JakeWho’s trying to play some Smash Bros online? @raywongy 2014 me was really banking on this as an excuse for never getting a driver’s license...The Coronavirus episode of High Maintenance is gonna be really good, isn’t it? @Anna_Snackz My grandpa had a mountain of toilet paper in an empty room in his house. Now I finally know why