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Everyone has a plan until they push into production Data science, some politics, and pictures of my pups. Lots of retweets of things I want to revisit

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Read this powerful thread on how elections are actually stolen in this country: voter suppression.
Retweeted by Jacob KreiderThe True Story of My Grandfather's Name, for What It's Worth
Retweeted by Jacob Kreider @kansasalps @darth He's hibernating, right? @Hammbear @dburbach @BrendanNyhan I absolutely did forget about this until this tweet. gonna be along 2021 and beyond @bearloga Also, I have not figured out a way to translate my attention to digital detail and organization into the… @bearloga Kinda? I either over-engineer the simplest data things (my monthly budget is a wild place) or I go the…
@CharlesLHughes2 @FiresideFiction @redclayscholar @MauriceBroaddus @chellenator @KevinRineerVO good lord. the kids are not alright. @CharlesLHughes2 @FiresideFiction @redclayscholar @MauriceBroaddus @chellenator @KevinRineerVO he did not actually… @NaamaCohen8 @LockWilford @Chhapiness Hot dog is definitely a taco. I can't believe this is the first time I've seen it called that
(p+l)(a+n) = pa+pn+la+ln I just foiled your plan.
Retweeted by Jacob KreiderThe commentary on this 2 AM Wawa brawl is 👌👌 @ilanaslightly @hels I'm always so amazed at these specific johnny-come-late-to-the-thread reply guys. Like, you…🚨🚨🚨 A slew of recent data is consistent with slow or even negative jobs growth in November. A quick thread.
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@FrankLuntz It isn't just the lawyers embarrassing themselves. It is also Trump. Lawyers act in service of their c… @Noahpinion 100% a bucket list city. We almost scheduled a layover in our way to Germany a few years ago just to ch… @IanColdwater If you want to get *really* fancy, there's a magic eye puzzle that's also a Perl program that generat…
Retweeted by Jacob Kreidersubway is the only chain that realizes the ideal bread texture is soft/wet, like it’s been breathed on a lot by a dog
Retweeted by Jacob Kreider @BasOMatic @Seblaquis @tomscocca @mattyglesias Which is the exact opposite of what he said he was doing in the tweet above...
@Seblaquis @tomscocca @mattyglesias But they do belie his claim that his point was only that politics shouldn't be… @StoneGrizzlies @jbouie Fig balsamic is so great. Got some as a small gift a few years ago and now it's a mainstay @jbouie This is our household list, exactly. Though, apple cider, rice, and balsamic get the most use. We started… if you're doing a lot wrong, it's hard to climb out: you have to fix many bad policies at once, against politica…
Retweeted by Jacob KreiderFor ppl not interested in the full 10 week slog, the first 3 weeks are a concise introduction (with coded examples)…
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Retweeted by Jacob Kreiderok it is time to remember when three dogs thought it was just another day and it turned out to be a great day they…
Retweeted by Jacob KreiderI
@PeterAlexander @NBCNews I, for one, am astonished that he didn't spell it HIPPA @BadLegalTakes @bethbourdon Thank goodness they specified this was Donald Trump Jr the president's son and not the other one @AlexJamesFitz @TaylorLorenz There's no way to not read that article after that description ...and it was worth it… @ParkerMolloy Holy shit the money they have to pull someone away from the site they founded and run to... host a po… 💕
Retweeted by Jacob KreiderUtterly embarrassing that this woman was a governor & still doesn’t have a grasp on public investment. Wonder if sh…
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I've always loved this moment of Muhammad Ali being serenaded by Diana Ross and Whitney Houston. And look at a baby…
Retweeted by Jacob Kreider @LeahabShaffer @olgakhazan My chickens need to hear this speech!Come on, man. Yeesh.
@NatMcIntyre @Bobsalltimehits @ParkerMolloy No, it's just a fairly stated rule she has-- if you do the exact thing… @tiredgenerally @cleverbutshort @mattyglesias Outcome itself means that every leader at the local,state,Congression… @cleverbutshort @mattyglesias Ballot measures don't have anything to do with the party being unable to pick up seats in a Census year lol @mattyglesias How any rank-and-file Dem can look at this map, in a year when the party head got more votes than any… @Bobsalltimehits @ParkerMolloy You gon' get blocked for thisBiden just hit 51% in the popular vote, which is the third Democratic presidency in a row that that’s happened. Wh…
Retweeted by Jacob Kreider @redditships Good thinking with the throwaway and hiding one person's gender. I'd hate for someone to have enough d… Trump is out. Do what’s best for the country in your final acts. Protect the people from COVID. Protec…
Retweeted by Jacob Kreider @sunnyguacamole @della_morte_ This was my exact experience lol
Broad student loan debt cancellation via executive order is good economics and politics. A thread (with lots of data). 1/
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@HylaPam @jascollins @RSanfordSmith @PennyRed Yeah, I use a Paperwhite, it isn't the screen. It's that reference/t… @HeerJeet It's been hilarious to see Dems internalize the idea that wealth redistribution is bad while the Republic…
Retweeted by Jacob Kreider @TovAayla @EyesOnTheRight WatAmazing thread, @BenKShaw @Queenansrevenge @jbrians @ModeledBehavior Thanks! @ModeledBehavior what site is this from?
@RSanfordSmith @PennyRed I definitely prefer Kindle books over physical books unless they're reference books that I'll use out of orderlet’s see how Dilbert guy is coping
Retweeted by Jacob Kreider @CstmrDisservice @BadLegalTakes I'm pretty sure it's HIIPA @monfera Maybe. No way to tell without some links to sources for your claims. @monfera @MaxCRoser I mean this was a whole lotta tweets without actually answering the request for papers or research lol @BadLegalTakes Damn that really escalated @Transition46 Then please don't start Day One with a super spreader Inauguration event! Lead by example and sacrifice the party. @MattBruenig @Econ_Marshall Fun Fact: Väänänen is pronounced ai-fōn in English, hence the device name
@wrathofgnon Already in the works for cargo ships, it seems retrospect it's amazing time has proved Zack de la Rocha had a better understanding of America than pretty much…
Retweeted by Jacob Kreider @gathara @AJEnglish The best of this style I've ever read. Really well done!My piece for @AJEnglish. #ajopinion
Retweeted by Jacob Kreider @LHGarrett @DylanGelula No, don't! That's a beautiful version of Dreams and people should get to hear it! 🙂 @LHGarrett @DylanGelula That's beautiful but different song @ratemyskyperoom Eh, how often do you take books off shelves? Mainly they stay in the same place forever unless the… @UncleDeker @darth She's gotta go @darth ... eventually @willwheels @jenniferdoleac I've started really enjoying my new Friday at 4:45 PM tradition called "Mark All as Rea…!
Retweeted by Jacob KreiderI worry so hard about my family that when I really think about it, I can't breath. Please, please, please, please d…
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@MLE_Online Evergreen Tweet right hereBiden won the popular vote by 5+ million & got 306 electoral votes. Trump lost the popular vote by 2+ million & got 306 electoral votes.
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Meanwhile, in Miami (Truly, this is worth your time)
Retweeted by Jacob Kreider @InDevOut @hardmaru They say it is not in their rejection justification @akkitwts @DownloaderBot @SheilaMunson7 @kristenhowerton Oh that's a real kind.I ask because I worked with a guy that was a homeschooler but…
@kristenhowerton Offering only non-alcoholic drink options to guests @SheilaMunson7 @kristenhowerton Wait what's the "other kind"?"Other countries have social safety nets. The U.S. has women." I talked to @JessicaCalarco about her research on w…
Retweeted by Jacob Kreider @rbravender laborious because I put a 'u' in labo(u)r. damn british.
@cragcastcomic2 @asscredit But then why ask to repeat it again?! @_matterall @asscredit But he also implies he'll be doing this repeatedly? @_matterall @asscredit Giving new meaning to sweat equity @asscredit Can't stop thinking about this. If you can sell kidneys for more than you paid for them, why go through… the country thinks Obama was born in Kenya & a third think the dems are an international pedophile ring...but…
Retweeted by Jacob Kreider @asscredit Rare to see someone working out the details to offal arbitrageElectoral Precedent 2020
Retweeted by Jacob KreiderBreak out the tissues. NYC Prima Ballerina Marta C. Gonzalez Valencia suffers from Alzheimer’s. She listens to…
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You know borat tried to warn us about this guy
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@megynkelly lol @BarbaraKB @Sethuels @megh_wright @nwquah @ProjectLincoln @staceyabrams lol exactly what I thought. I think we fou… @TrentonJocz @jbarro I mean, he backed him 2 out of 3 there, soo... @DJ84 @jbarro Generally, I balk at low follower accounts that try and jump on a thread like this and say they calle… @BarbaraKB @Sethuels @megh_wright @nwquah @ProjectLincoln @staceyabrams So we should keep waiting is what you're sa… @HotlineJosh @Noahpinion How does this dovetail with gains among Latinos in Arizona? @AlexMLeo @yashar Trebekanda Forever @RobDenBleyker i must draw her @BarbaraKB @Sethuels @megh_wright @nwquah @ProjectLincoln @staceyabrams We will all patiently await your links to this evidence, Barbara