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Managing Editor at /Film. LGBTQ. Heavens to Betsy, come on let’s see, what could be worse than the wheel of history?

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I know I have the soul of a crotchety old man because people live-tweeting movies they’re watching for the first ti…
January 7, 2019 vs January 18, 2020.
As someone who has watched and still watches a ton of JEOPARDY, the "Greatest of All Time" tournament was the most… can confirm that the leaked script details are completely accurate. liked PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE, but wished I loved it.
@valhallabckgirl Saving it for tomorrow.The first episode of THE OUTSIDER is such a smart and creepy take on that material. I’m into it. Let’s see how the…
@Rob_Speewack Hey look, a guy who doesn't know how movies are made.We're closing the door on 2019 with /Film's countdown of the 50 best movie moments of last year. Number one may see… one thing I'll say about the Oscars is that they got it about as wrong and about as right as they do every year… of people revealing that they don't know how filmmaking works with their "IRISHMAN for best editing??? LOL" jokes.A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD and JOHN MULANEY AND THE SACK LUNCH BUNCH would make a fascinating double featu… BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD is lovely and far more offbeat than I was expecting. But as someone with with n…
@boonejbruce Yup. Original is streaming on Amazon.One thing I absolutely do not recommend is watching the remake of JACOB’S LADDER because you’ve had too much to dri…
It was a Dwight Schrute-level example of someone abusing their minuscule amount of power.Give me the confidence of a fast food manager who chases me into the parking lot to yell at me about a drink he thi… if I told you the new GRUDGE was actually very good and that Nicolas Pesce fills every frame between the admit…
If I die in a tornado tonight because my limbs are too tired from exercise...well, fuck.Session #31 on RING-FIT ADVENTURE. Entered World 9. Currently on level 73. Just when you think it’s getting predict… current tabletop goal is to learn how to play Go and I understand 95% of what seems to be deceptively complex ga… are /Film's Top 15 Movies of 2019, compiled from everyone's personal lists. Our number one was never a questio…
@rudycoby It’s a movie with many funny scenes. I wouldn’t call it a comedy. @russfischer I give all of the credit to Jesse Armstrong. Even McKay's episodes aren't as well-directed as the others.Non-comedy Adam McKay sucks. Don't remake PARASITE. @zachyworship @PeterSciretta Peter's suggestions are all great. I'll throw in Unmatched, a really good and really s… @newbiedm I know. @cevangelista413 @benpears I would say “It’s not as complex as it looks,” but I’m also an expert.STAR WARS: OUTER RIM is a blast and not just because I won. The stories you generate are nuts - Lando won the game…
@We_Lost_Doug /Film publishes original content every damn day. It's my number one priority as an editor. We do not… do not share any “scoops” from We Got This Covered. It makes my industry worse.Re-watching THE OFFICE straight through for the first time since I watched it as it aired and wow, the number of ga… @aprillovespizz1 I warned them days in advance to watch it. Did what I had to do to get it on the list.
@Tony3inPA It’s almost like opinions are a thing that exist, huh?Here are my top 10 movies of 2019.'m not sure if the /Film staff gets yelled at more for loving THE LAST JEDI or hating THE RISE OF SKYWALKER.Officially having pieces of my body chopped off today. Nothing I’ll miss.Finished DUEL IN THE SUN by John Brant, an unexpectedly moving and thrilling look at the 1982 Boston Marathon and i… this anniversary by going to the doctor to possibly have chunks of my back hacked off to prevent future… year ago today, I set out to change my life and be healthier and more active. So far, mission accomplished. I’v…
This was a ton of exhausting fun. arugued, successfully, for the climax of this film to make /Film’s top 50 moments of 2019. Watch it, watch it,…
Goodness, didn’t think I’d have to share this sentiment again so soon.
At Fantastic Fest, I overheard two bros loudly complaining that the title of SWEETHEART didn’t make sense. Meanwhil… is streaming on Netflix and it’s one of 2019’s most under-seen gems. An incredible monster movie that cu…
If this synopsis intrigues you, the comic on which it’s based blew me away. @mrbeaks The comic it’s based on is exceptional.Look, this technical paint that simulates the look of blood isn’t going to test itself.
And also this. IMDB quotes page for THE LIGHTHOUSE is the only drug I need. makes me want to fall on a ceremonial blade quite like discovering a typo in a headline for an article that has been up for an hour.You should read both books, but just in case: was not expecting DEAD MOUNTAIN and Margee Kerr’s SCREAM to make unlikely companion pieces, but holy shit, they d… Donnie Eichar’s DEAD MOUNTAIN in a few breathless sittings. It sets out to examine and demystify the Dyatlov P…
I won the New Year’s Eve Crokinole Tournament because I am the coolest motherfucker on the planet.’s project: build a display home for my minis.
Carl is on alert.
They always find the sunlight. need to extend my holiday vacation by 48 hours for mental self care currently being battled tooth and nail by t… @WilHarris @Devindra Between MARRIAGE STORY and THE REPORT, December 2019 knocked two out of three Adam Driver movies out of the park.So when a few people tell me they found that scene over-the-top, I wonder if they’re just lucky enough to have neve… great fear of any longterm relationship is that one partner is eventually going to go too far and will break ou… MARRIAGE STORY understands, and what I can’t shake, is that no one can hurt you like someone who loves you. Th… dying laughing at Chewbacca, integral member of two antifascist movements and member of a species subject to…
Retweeted by Jacob HallThis movie is my every dream and my every nightmare. Llewyn Davis is the avatar of my every dashed hope. Also: gr… should remember that Oscar Isaac is reliably good as a charming rapscallion, but he’s GREAT as literally… mood, new avatar pic.! I get stressed and anxious, my stuff gets organized. My gaming space has never looked better. the “Adam Driver punches a wall” meme is very funny, I wonder how many people realize it’s from one of 2019’s… prepared for MARRIAGE STORY to be a brutal and draining experience. Was less prepared for it to also be so funn…
I suppose this is my way of saying that if you’re in the Austin area and want your tabletop minis painted, I’ll work for cheap.My first “commission” miniatures paint job. Well, at least the first time someone has asked me to paint a figure fo… painting tonight.
@cevangelista413 I have yet to actually calm down on this vacation.UNCUT GEMS: Another high-stress, scumbag nightmare thriller from the Safdie Brothers. So unrelenting that it makes… were indeed uncut.Considering the 9am start time, these gems had better be *really* uncut. @whatevercove I’ve been tinkering with them, but the cost is so prohibitive for ordering more than one at a time.If anyone knows of any great mini companies that have products beyond traditional fantasy, let me know. I can only… @DoNatoBomb Now I’m thinking numerous skin colors (blue, green, red) with earth outfit painted to look like it was… @DoNatoBomb I have an unbuilt and unpainted orc army gathering dust and now I’m considering moving them up the queu… vacation means just being able to sit down and paint minis for a few hours.
If I had seen LITTLE WOMEN earlier, I would’ve pushed for it to be on the site’s best of the decade list. It’s my s… Gerwig’s filmmaking feels effortless. When laid next to the sweaty, desperate, trying-too-hard direction of o… new movie is my first exposure to any version of LITTLE WOMEN and it sets a high bar because it is literally on… @aRobertsg It’s billed as a sequel but it’s really just it’s own little thing.DOOM: ANNIHILATION was clearly made by people who actually play video games, which adds to the fun. References to P… a dirt cheap direct-to-video sequel shot in Bulgaria starring actors who spend every scene struggling with thei…’m livid
Retweeted by Jacob HallI played two “what if we put a bunch of different archetypes into one room and had them fight each other” board gam…
@BradAMcHargue Those aren’t in the rotation here, so I cannot comment.Being around my nieces and nephews for a few days has given me some valuable TV insights. DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORH…
From @mistertodd, here are the 10 movies that defined the decade in cinema, some for better and some for worse: @HauntedMeg, here are the most important cinematic debuts of the decade: @abbyolcese, here are the movie characters who defined the decade: @ChrisAlgoo There’s nothing actively crude or R-rated, but the humor definitely skews adult.JOHN MULANEY AND THE SACK LUNCH BUNCH is far more sincere than I was expecting, using its format to dwell on fear a… @mistertodd Will get this fixed ASAP @JoshMockensturm I think cutting that song is a mistake. I grew up with the VHS release that restored it and it’s better.