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Video game 🎮 freelance writer and creator of I play a lot of games, & like to write about them. "The best things in life are indie".

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What are your must-play games? Four ‘Must Play’ Video Games #Gaming #RetroGames
Retweeted by Jacob TillsonAnyone have a good recommendation for a creative sci-fi show or short for me while I'm waiting for more Love, Death…
👑rebel prince👑 #HADES #Zagreus it's my small love letter to @SupergiantGames thank you for your existence!! <3
Retweeted by Jacob Tillson @elias0roa Ya! They even slip in their signature storytelling and character design into a genre usually focused jus… @elias0roa Another awesome rouge-like that I've really been enjoying is Hades by Supergiant Games. Holy hell is tha… @elias0roa That's awesome! I never got the wall climb. @elias0roa Damn! Ya I bet. I’ve been thi king after my current Indies (Frostpunk and zombie night terror) I want to… sweet setup @Luigithegrump @popcannibal Some new rooms, music, and backgrounds are the main things I want more of in Kind Words… video should be playing on every screen on the planet.
Retweeted by Jacob TillsonI’m playing my first elusive target ever tonight! I’m taking the sniper option and I’m so close to getting it right! #hitman2 #elusivetarget#ポケモンと生活
Retweeted by Jacob TillsonAnyone else planning on going to the #Pigsquad #OMSI After Dark event next week? #indiegames #PDXEventsI can't stop watching this! I think this is a longer version than the clip I first retweeted. I love art so much.…« Is it 2d or 3d???? » another Blender mystery 😂 #Blender3d #b3d #greasepencil (ps you have tutorials on the blend…
Retweeted by Jacob TillsonCheck out awesome retrofuturistic animations made by @dedouze_. One more reason to start learning #Blender and…
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Retweeted by Jacob TillsonMeg is the best. Super cool fan art. I've also been really enjoying Hades recently. It's a really good rouge-like w… for something new to play? I wrote an article about three great early access games worth playing right now.…
@Jaymusaurus @Ahr_Ech Especially that last pic. @Jaymusaurus @Ahr_Ech This might sound strange based on what you are probably actually making, but based on these i… cool art from a cool artist't seen a gif from this game in a little while. This is a super original platformer(ish) indie game where you… shit this perspective change is so cool! I wish more games would mess around with stuff like this. Like how Oc… @Kotaku Weird. Cool, but weird. @elias0roa Spring Man from Arms right? Ya, he would be such a great addition!It's kind of crazy how our bodies and minds are both connected but also separate. All it took was taking vitamin D,… week I've had some kind of horrible sickness and I'm not really sure what it was. Bad timing (or negligence) c… 1999 by Evgeny Zubkov
Retweeted by Jacob Tillson The Steam page for Dawnthorn is now up, so be sure to wishlist it if interested! #indiedev
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@SplattrCatGames That’s great to hear cause SOMA is on my to-play list and I don’t even like horror games usually.… tonight with an old indie fav I've been meaning to start playing again, Zombie Night Terror! It's loosely b… Genesis (Part 1) Gets A Release Date #ArkGenesis #StudioWildcard
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So stoked! first @PIGSquad Truffle Hunter newsletter went out today! $5+ supporters on patreon will now be receiving a mon…
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《バーコーダー》バーコードリーダーのスキャン信号をレジではなく、スピーカーに直接接続することで音を鳴らす。 いま渋谷で巨大レシート版、演奏できます┃┃┃┃_ρ゙ #electronicosfantasticos
Retweeted by Jacob TillsonToo busy with work (exciting stuff that I can't wait to show) and life these days, to work on my own art 😅 So here…
Retweeted by Jacob Tillson @SupergiantGames Thanks for your hard work!
The LONG WINTER UPDATE for #HADES has arrived!!❄️🎣Meet the Goddess of Seasons, master the Rod of Fishing, discover…
Retweeted by Jacob Tillson @EmpyreanFlaw What are the top 2 games? Can’t tell from the screenshotsPokemon fusions
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Love these @FrappMocha WW S1 specifically is incredible (if you are a sci-fi fan). You can totally just stop watching after S1… @FrappMocha Ya I think it’s a ways off, I saw people saying 2021. 😧 @FrappMocha I thought the back and forth/flashback thing was not done as well as other shows (Westworld nailed it).… @FrappMocha I just finished this week too!Mira's Tale by @canalsidestudio A Zelda inspired 3D platformer about restoring the heart of your village + explori…
Retweeted by Jacob Tillson🎵 SUNGORTH is coming to 🎹 OMSI AFTER DARK W/ @PIGSquad 😙 JAN 29th 2020 #indiegame #sungorth #indie #wip #gamedev
Retweeted by Jacob Tillson3 Early Access Games Worth Playing Right Now #EarlyAccess #IndieGames
Retweeted by Jacob TillsonI've been looking for some more relaxing/chill experiences with games recently and I recently bought Golf It. Turns… @CharleneLebrun @genintco This is 100% my shit right here! Thanks for the share!
So cool and so important! are the best indie games on PC
Retweeted by Jacob TillsonAwesome art! Omg she is so good! My fave also, her and Dionysus. @FeatheredIcarus @SupergiantGames So cool!This guy mapped out his home in Virtual Reality! 🤯
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‘So much wrong, so little poster’ ‘Public Cervix Announcement: F*ck the patriarchy’ ‘Does this ass make my country…
Retweeted by Jacob TillsonEveryone is sick, angry, and cold... but I finally have an atomaton! Maybe it can save me. #frostpunk #indie just won the internet
Retweeted by Jacob Tillson @TheSwordBrush No you’re right. It wasn’t enough to be satisfying.Love this Bastion merch so much! Lookin’ good pooch. @TheSwordBrush Ya that is my hope. I actually like the shrine challenges but I'm just missing that dungeon gameplay…
Haha I love this ❤️😂
Retweeted by Jacob Tillson @TheSwordBrush @ZeldaRetweets I’m always finishing games like a year after they are out. BotW is super good, glad y…😂 yep. At least this gives me more time to get a new pc first... indie of the night: Frostpunk This is a super unique idea for a city builder/sim game. It’s worth checking out…'m enjoying the hell out playing Hades. I've already started NG+and I want more. Combat and abilities kick ass whi… @Thafnine Bioshock 2 is better than Bioshock 1.
@agentbizzle Oh sweet it comes with my favorite: “TV Game”! I haven’t played TV Game game since I was a kid... 🙄What is this game!?! This looks like loads of fun! think that it's funny that so many people online seem to be shitting on the new Xbox. I LOVE IT! I think it's sle… so happy with how this turned out... We 💜❤️🧡 @folklaurel_ Anyone wants to DM me their physical address so I ca…
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@ryrykubes @PIGSquad I played this at the most recent pig squad event, but didn’t have time to leave comments. It w…, I'm Jen, a 2D artist/illustrator working in games, film & tv, and I am currently available for hire! I do portr…
Retweeted by Jacob TillsonFeeling optimistic tonight. song - Sayonara Wild Hearts by Daniel Olsén, Jonathan Eng #NowPlaying @ParallaxStella Apex is very good, but I REALLY want Titan Fall 3! @DOOM Hell yea!!! So excited for this one! The level/gameplay design was incredible in the first game, This one has…
Breath of the Wild meets A Link to the Past! #LegendOfZelda #zelda #BreathoftheWild #SNES #fanart #Retro
Retweeted by Jacob Tillson#PortfolioDay
Retweeted by Jacob TillsonMy first #PortfolioDay ! My name is Nina and I'm a 3d environment artist that loves handpainted textures. Looking f…
Retweeted by Jacob TillsonTekken-style health bars make watching taekwondo so much better
Retweeted by Jacob TillsonBlack Widow Official Trailer #2 Is Here #Nintendo World Japan Trailer & Wristbands Reveal #SuperNintendoWorld
Retweeted by Jacob TillsonPokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX Demo Impressions #Nintendo #Pokemon
Retweeted by Jacob Tillson @Sprinklequ3en @SplattrCatGames Cause they were different and better. There was rumors that other platforms would p… seven days, our first #HADES Major Update of the year arrives!! A new Olympian will join the fray, bringing new…
Retweeted by Jacob Tillson @SplattrCatGames Also WTF happened to the Netflix Origonal series??? They were (mostly) so fucking good! Jessica Jo… @SplattrCatGames They hit a good spot with some of their last films, (black panther, far from home, Thor Ragnarok)… Hunter World: #Iceborne Might Delete Your PC Save #Monsterhunter
Retweeted by Jacob TillsonWe're full up on our showcasers for @OMSI at the end of the month! You're still welcome to join the After Dark fest…
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@noclipvideo @SupergiantGames Wonderful doc about an incredible game. thank you all for your hard work at @noclipvideo and @SupergiantGames!If you enjoyed Transistor, this new documentary from @noclipvideo features tons of never-before-seen concepts and p…
Retweeted by Jacob Tillson @0jenzee0 I love Meg so much. Wasn't expecting to fall in love with one of the game's bosses... but here we are. (yes I ship Meg and Zag)So stoked for this! @SupergiantGames's titles are all amazing but Transistor will always hold a special place in my… simply can’t stop giving away cool free stuff, can we? In partnership with the dev @TenChambers and @IntelUK we…
Retweeted by Jacob Tillson @jkcorellia Perfect! Y-Wings were always my favorite. (I got one as a Lego set when I was like 12 and it was the coolest things ever.)The game has a good look. Reminds me of The Witness (and of course the Myst games). @jd_40 These environments are beautiful! @Leukbaars YES! I love games that switch usual things around, like how that card game Boss Monster makes you kill h…
@Seppuku_Doge @fsparise Love the lighting in this piece!