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jackie bryant @jacqbryant San Diego, CA

freelance journo: cannabis/culture; contrib: @forbes bylines: @sdut @afarmedia @playboy @sierra_magazine @healthline @weedweeknews + 🌿💨 newsletter/podcast:

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@ChelseaCebara It's absolutely wonderful, I own it and am a huge fan. Do it. @kat_reinhardt Thank you!! @LisaWeser @WeedWeekNews Thanks, Lisa!I have a new column at @WeedWeekNews called On Brand! It's about branding and marketing in the cannabis industry. T…
excellent read by @demarionunn for @1843mag (last year he spent 6 months as an UberEats courier while reporting thi… @delightedbite Literally laid down for a nap 10 minutes ago (and here I am) @meltrecha @TheCannaWriter you all know what i'm going to say so i'll save it but YEAH, WHAT MEL SAIDStarting the year with a bang and a cover story over at @platemagazine and some really heartening conversations wit…
Retweeted by jackie bryant @MummyMaster420 tbh i understand and, kinda, same lol @MummyMaster420 didn't expect to see this at 7:37 AM but you are correct, sir @FoxxPress Yes @jenniferboeder @mistressmatisse yessss! Big fan of Velvet Swing. They will def be on the list @CAStinchcombe I'll also echo what @messyepicure said...if the pitch is accepted, it's news! If it hasn't been cove… @designbyalva Nice! I'm on Clubhouse but the audio aspect is hard for me to get into, tbh. Plus, everyone on there… @charynpfeuffer @mattvillano @Velvet_Swing Still one of the only ones on the market that is! It's been a couple of… @designbyalva makes sense! does it work? i don't know if i'm ever going to be moved to care about linkedin but i'm curious @CAStinchcombe like, this is a really specific example but most of my cannabis writing is geared towards people who… @CAStinchcombe this may sound bleak but nobody reads anything anymore so, for the most part, it is actually news fo…, this may be obvious, but they must be from licensed companies. Though I'll GLADLY try your unlicensed stuff,… BIAS towards THC-rich products, I don't much believe in CBD-only oils and will only be including a couple for very specific reasonsPlease be kind to my inbox: for the cursèd V Day holiday I'll be rounding up sex-enhancing cannabis-infused oils/lu…
can someone translate this @DasheedaDawson ooooh yes, we are in complete agreement there. just wanted to head off at the pass anyone who might…, the legacy market isn't all roses and there are some large, awful criminal interests exploiting the mar… @DasheedaDawson Imagine what could be if there were some actually meaningful equity initiatives providing a *cheape… I see more BS w/ legal brands than I do legacy growers/sellers on a daily basis. IMO one of the biggest prob… @madysentaur it was my outfit...i had on wide, flowy pants and a bodysuit and i was like, "This is something i'd we… @madysentaur I was just having a contact improv longing over the weekend!! @Blunt_BlocPDX do this every day hahahaha1. fuck the algorithm, it is not your friend 2. it's not okay that we are not allowed to post pictures of weed!!!!!… time a post of mine containing cannabis content gets taken down by Instagram I complain about it and lots of… @leland_rad @TheCannaWriter adult-use suicide is the preferred nomenclature, thank you very much @jordoncloud @skrishna I'm down. I am very pro- "any flavor can be ice cream," despite how cursed this actually is @bcamcrane @latimes Yeah, hard to get too mad about this one @GrimKim Honestly, not so much, but I live in SoCal and mainly write about cannabis (and chefs before that), so, ma…
@noahreservation It's prettttty good
@ashladerer I would legit love nothing more than to be stoned with you at a rainforest cafe! Weed was the one thing… @ashladerer Omg i was a childhood REGULAR at the one at The Source @CliveSandwich @JHBlaze_ LOL, that’s great, I should use that in the future. Thanks for sharing! I liked this one, too :)Omg perfect. Literally just got a client who is doing delta-8 edibles and I wanted to learn more about it. Checki…
Retweeted by jackie bryant @designbyalva Oooooh, I want to hear about that. Delta-8 edibles are a good idea, imo. Very into that marketMy latest for KPBS. On Dec. 4, COVID-19 cases at Donovan jumped to 196, according to records from the California De…
Retweeted by jackie bryant @TanyaMCastaneda Thank you!! It would seem that way....because it's true.....AND YETThis is your brain on breaks people, lolcouldn't be me who feels disgustingly unproductive after...publishing a newsletter, moving thru heavy edits on anot… @shawnjvandiver @andykoppsd @msmayarosas Seconding Cesarina @donnyshell omg please tell i am always here for it @jmolmud Tacos El G, the fake one on Highland in National City, is honestly just as good FYIIIIIIIIII
@LaurenJMapp i'm going to refrain from simply saying "this," but I really have nothing to add because everything you wrote is spot on. @katierowboat @fritzed_you okay, so, that's my other question! There were too many people there?! Aren't we not sup… @fritzed_you Unhinged is precisely the word that comes to mind for me, too. Like, what? Also criticizing him for no… on deadline with a working jackhammer right outside your window and zero recourse to work elsewhere because… @nigelduara It's also close to where the Hanigan Incident occurred in the 70s, just outside Agua Prieta. Wrote brie… @J_WALK___ sure is @TenleyLozano @PacificSD @sdut @netflix That is awesome! Thanks for sharing. I’m totally mesmerized by it, as well,…, if you're doing Dry January or beyond, the infused sparkling drinks I mentioned are a nice substitute and are l… if you are not already, you should follow @vronirwin's work! She has a sharp eye for things and doesn't suffer b… #Cannabitch: on Delta-8 (or, as I like to call it, "diet THC) and a relatable essay from journo @vronirwin abou… @jordoncloud @sdut She is the most adorable/reliable!!! I love that so much. I hope you told her about your assist.My latest: in the paper today (@sdut) and on Netflix as of midnight last night! you'll forgive me for being absol… @metaltxt @jimychangas Yelp as a standalone reason.....and I'm done
@metaltxt @jimychangas Oooh, which article?San Diego County has provided local police with the home addresses of everyone who's tested positive for COVID whil…
Retweeted by jackie bryantFor @PacificSD and in the @sdut tomorrow I wrote about Mike Shelbo, a Vista glass artist (both cannabis-use and fin…
Retweeted by jackie bryant @LaurenJMapp (I never knew this) @LaurenJMapp YES. After I posted this I decided to tell my mom, who said, "oh, yeah, that did come up with doctors… @bellamayaross Yes, that's exactly it! I'm a consummate deadline writer and it's really the only thing that will mo… @danqdao iconic @suzuppello Truly, same. I felt like kind of a POS for utterly failing in the corporate 9-5 world and am now just r… @mcalpena I'm starting to find that, as well. Like, I know I need to develop tricks to stay more organized to help… @suzuppello It's kind of amazing. So many people, so many of us....freelance writers and journalists @AliWunderman regarding the articles, same here! @ChelseaCebara @taylortrudon It is very interesting (heh heh) that all my favorite Twitter friends also have the same diagnosis :) @SarahMElSayed Dude, seriously, right? I kind of choked up reading about the messiness part. So many people have ma… coming to terms with what this means for me, but I was recently diagnosed with ADHD (everyone who has ever wo… @forceghostbrad @gastrognome I don't get why we are not doing this more!! My guess is the guilt, lol @WillYakowicz Whoa. @SoniaHendrix @PacificSD @sdut @netflix Thank you! I loved this one :)Plus, he has a tattoo on his forearm (just above his elbow) that says "Shhh..." (...Shelbo, lol) that is in UNION-T… @PacificSD and in the @sdut tomorrow I wrote about Mike Shelbo, a Vista glass artist (both cannabis-use and fin… @wxdam This is actually a really popular and valid take among cannabis activists, FWIW. The bedrock for all of this… @gastrognome hahahah ahahhhhhhh i hate it here! @suzuppello Exactly. @suzuppello That's true! But I don't know if people always conflate it, they seem to also think it's this separate… @maggiesavarino LOLLLLLL how true! @suzuppello Gotcha. That set me off but it's been a chain of comments from the last few days that all accumulated i… many people are Catholic? 70 million people in the US consider themselves Catholic, lol. It's not really… reeeeeeeeeeally need to drop the White House is Catholic discourse. so tired, irrelevant, weirdly fetishized, and misunderstood @sbillisitz YESSSSSSSS, this is so good!!!
This reminds me to check in on the unlicensed dispensaries within the next month to see what neolib packaging/brand… @SohumJShah Exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you feel me @askcannaqueen oh DEAR @SchadenJake hahhaha I JUST started watching X-Files for the very first time, if you can believe it, and now I get this!! It meeeeI still believe. It's still funny @InDaIndica LOLLLLLLLL I don't know if my brain could handle the cognitive dissonance @thetinyraccoon @Forbes @ForbesLife Oh, and this was pubbed yesterday--since then, Scarmazzo had been taken off the… @thetinyraccoon @Forbes @ForbesLife The sources are in the article! But the full list has since been made public.Any cannabis industry people who are willing to speak candidly about what kind of customer they're marketing to? LM… @bayw0lf Yep, big time.