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Que @Jacquees Decatur, GA

“Put in Work” ft. Chris Breezy available everywhere!

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If you want it go get it ! No matter what it is!Jacquees put some heat out on Exit 68
Retweeted by QueFrom the Eastside. Exit 68. Here to rep the ATL. Here to conquer. Your Golden Spike Hitter, Hip-Hop Artist…
Retweeted by QueTest their loyalty then u’ll know if it’s real ! I promise !
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If I ever lost something I was never suppose to have itBefore I let somebody play me I’ll just leaveHappiness over everythingHonestly Your mental state is most important
Focus on the Goal
I’m still dropping “Quemix 4” this year as promisedI wanna be better than I was yesterday everyday
#RICHGANG 🐕🚘👑🐶 @Jacquees
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#MiddayshowwithNadine NP' Put In Work- @Jacquees x @chrisbrown
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Ladies, @kcamp and @Jacquees need to know "What's On Your Mind." Word to their new video 💭 Watch:…
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Don’t get off track for nobody!!!I can’t love someone I don’t trust
After da brown.... Jacquees hit different.! 😆
Retweeted by Quey’all can stop lying about Jacquees. his music is very good
Retweeted by QueK CAMP & Jacquees dropped one of the smoothest songs of 2020 with “What’s On Your Mind” 🌊🌊
Retweeted by QueJacquees Releases ‘Exit 68’ Mixtape Plus Promises A New Album #TheSource #Jacquees
Retweeted by QueDope dealer and then both sides 🥶🥶 Jacquees ain’t playing no games huh?!
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damn i just took the time to listen to “Never Again” by Jacquees & the lyrics 😭. everyday i listen to this album i…
Retweeted by QueI like Jacquees lil ghetto flavor of RnB. There’s a time and a place for it.
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qui écoute jacquees ici??
Retweeted by QueJacquees il mérite tellement plus de succès
Retweeted by QueGossip about how I helped you
I might be a Jacquees fan again🌚 he snapped on this mixtape*sent in invisible ink*
Retweeted by QueDon’t tell me you love me, show me actions speak louder than wordsThat new joint wit @kcamp “What’s on your Mind” out now 🔥🔥🔥“What’s On Your Mind” music video featuring @Jacquees OUT NOW 🎥
Retweeted by QueWHATS ON YOUR MIND FT @jacquees TOMORROW 10am KISS 5 Deluxe Soon.
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Your Welcome...”Exit 68” Mixtape 🏎
Retweeted by QuePut some respect on that boy jacquees. He don’t miss
Retweeted by Que"drop the location where you want me at" Jacquees energy 🔥
Retweeted by QueThis new Jacquees going stupid
Retweeted by QueJacquees doing his thing
Retweeted by QueI always have to listen to a @Jacquees project multiple times before it gets old to me and even then it still bops!…
Retweeted by QueEvery time Jacquees drops a mixtape, there is an album immediately after. 👀👀👀👀👀
Retweeted by QueDear @Jacquees, Please put #Exit68 on Apple Music. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, @dessykins33
Retweeted by QueJacquees definitely got his crown backkkk!
Retweeted by QueI aint even gonna cap @Jacquees really cold with this R&B shit
Retweeted by Que @Jacquees u got one with exit 68. All of ur mixtapes and albums are amazing and this one is on repeat just like all the other ones were 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by QueY’all fake as hell lmao whole TL was dragging Jacquees saying he couldn’t sing now look at y’all
Retweeted by QueJacquees returns with ‘Exit 68’ mixtape
Retweeted by Que👑 @Jacquees 👑
Retweeted by QueI like Jacquees’s new tape. Y’all gone stop hating on that man lol.
Retweeted by QueI ain’t never said this before, but Jacquees new mixtape fire
Retweeted by Que @Jacquees the whole mixtape slap but that “sumn’ bout your love” just hit so different🔥🔥
Retweeted by QueStream Jacquees’ surprise mixtape “Exit 68” 🏎💨
Retweeted by QueJacquees Releases ‘Exit 68’ Mixtape Plus Promises A New Album #TheSource #Jacquees
Retweeted by Que[NEW] Jacquees – “Exit 68” [Album]
Retweeted by QueJacquees new album really 🔥
Retweeted by QueJacquees new album fye, I know yall hate him because he dont whisper on overpowering samples or lofi instrumentals though
Retweeted by Quejacquees new album is back to his regular self 💕 I love it.
Retweeted by Quejacquees really be hitting that hoe😩this mixtape hit 🔥🔥
Retweeted by Que“I’m calling you daddy” when jacquees said yeah that’s what it better be I was like 😳 lmao #Exit68
Retweeted by QueJacquees has a nice project.
Retweeted by QueJacquees dropped a tape and as much as I hate to say it it’s RnB Hard 😂
Retweeted by QueJacquees trending in Apple Music but didn’t even upload an album 🙄 uploaded a mixtape 🙄🙄 I’m sick of it 😭 I only wa…
Retweeted by Quei feel like y’all don’t fw @Jacquees on some follow the leader shit. that man got them mf hits. i said what i said.
Retweeted by QueJacquees got me putting this shit on replay and shitttt
Retweeted by QueBruh I’m not really a Jacquees fan but his new shit 🔥
Retweeted by Que#exit68 is my 11th mixtape.@Jacquees' new mixtape "Exit 68" is here Listen:
Retweeted by Que.@Jacquees returns with 'Exit 68' mixtapes with @TreySongz & FYB features 🎧 ⏩ PRESS PLAY:
Retweeted by Que#NewMusicAlert 🚨 Dedicated to his hometown, @Jacquees delivers #Exit68. Stream the full project here:…
Retweeted by QueJacquees voice is just DIFFERENT
Retweeted by Que @Jacquees back ! On his shit no more that king r&b shit couldn’t be any happier
Retweeted by QueInfluenced fasho but I wrote it was never trash! Y’all just big haters lol
Retweeted by Que“ I just wanna support all of your dreams, whatever you need. “ Jacquees new tape gone set the vibe. @Jacquees solid tape. 🔥
Retweeted by QueHad to get that @SoundCloud subscription just so I didn't have to listen to the ads while jamming the new @Jacquees album 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by QueJacquees back in his BAG 😭😭🥵 that’s all immaaaa sayyy 🥴
Retweeted by QueThis Jacquees tape is some pressure 😅
Retweeted by QueIf @Jacquees next album is 🔥 like his last 3, he above R.Kelly for #2 on my list💯🤷🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by Quejacquees didn’t have to bless my ears like this but he did
Retweeted by QueI actually like Jacquees’ music and I’m shocked at myself bc I tend to hate everything 😭
Retweeted by QueI like Jacquees music
Retweeted by QueI need to admit something to the TL. I’m a Jacquees fan.
Retweeted by QueI know we said Jacquees was annoying but his new mixtape kinda nice. Just in case y’all was wondering 😂
Retweeted by QueJacquees is so consistent 😍😍
Retweeted by QueFaded by Jacquees knock!! My fav off the project.
Retweeted by QueThe beginning of Easy had me like ... Okay Jacquees go awf .
Retweeted by QueJacquees clutch for this tape
Retweeted by QueJacquees is getting me there with this new mixtape
Retweeted by QueJacquees is soon dropping his single “Bed Friends” featuring Queen Naija 😍👑 @queennaija
Retweeted by Quenever understood the jacquees slander
Retweeted by Que👑✨@Jacquees X @queennaija “Bed Friends” Coming Soon🔥🔥‼️
Retweeted by QueJacquees dropped some heat on SoundCloud
Retweeted by QueDamn you @Jacquees 😭😭😤 now I have to go download sound cloud 😖 cus I have to hear it ‼️
Retweeted by QueThis new Jacquees Hard
Retweeted by QueHold on cause after today ion wanna hear no more Jacquees slander ..... this man sliddddddddddd on this mixtape frf…
Retweeted by QueMy lil bruh just dropped some mo flava!!! #CheckEmOut!! #BothSides #WrittenByMe #GunnaBreeze #LowKeyOGDem @jacquees
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@Jacquees new mixtape is EVERYTHINGGGGG & more I been needing 🤤🤤🔥
Retweeted by QueThis Jacquees sliding Ofn
Retweeted by Que🚨🚨🚨🚨
Retweeted by QueWhy Jacquees snap like this 😍🥺🔥
Retweeted by QueY’all thought @Jacquees is done. Man bac with different vibes 🔥 🔥 🔥
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