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pr lead for @playVALORANT in north america (prev. @tft & @leagueoflegends) @riotgames. evelynn, rescuer of shadow the furyhorn. la via nyc.

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@tofu_thots i thought you said wife and tft and i was like i didn’t agree to be on stream? @tigresaa small business that i’ve been trying to support by regularly ordering takeout from just gifted shadow some bacon @TrentOster our poor people are part of America and are the ones being forced to work through this crisis, but yes he is an ass @JotaGuinsoo They’ll hoard it more from our poorest people in the U.S. than from anyone else, I predict. @TJXD6 If Florida was a country it would be in the top 4 of most impacted by COVID, according to the most recent of… @aegies but also you have to consider the children of anti-vaxxers. they don’t have agency over what happens to them. @aegies at least with those who refuse to accept, they are responsible for their own health, or lack thereof. if pe…’s why equal access is IMPERATIVE. it will disproportionately impact the poor EVEN MORE than it already is, and… people can know for a fact that they’re safe because they’re vaccinated, they’ll care even less about making s… a vaccine is ready, whether it’s this one or another one, it MUST BE equally accessible to everyone in the…
!!!! @Danielleri What I don’t get is the weird cakes are not new? I’ve been seeing internet videos of weird cakes since… @KyleThatKyle they were my first too @portilho 💜 @CheapyD @TheZoneCast I love your sand feature ahhh @locust9 the 80s minus a few of the social issues plz @britishphill How is this possiblemy dreams continue to be bad every night. not nightmares, just shitty. @CaptainFlowers he looks so happy @CaptainFlowers 🦂 @Missyeru @Muffin_Chips just gotta ease them into us being gone for 8-12 hours (if that ever happens again) by starting small.she loves go outside
( : @justicar @RChaply that's what i thought but since you were qt'ing newsom i thought you knew something about califo… @justicar @RChaply They being California or the feds? @portilho @iiTzTimmy it’s also a pet peeve for me when people’s professional emails don’t have the correct formatte… @portilho @iiTzTimmy yeah the riot logo is in my sig. company-wide standardized email signatures are current-day letterhead. @Katixxia I keep periodically annoyedly tweeting at the mayor about this haha @Katixxia my op is about annoyance w LA officials for ignoring the bubble topic. whether for or against, they’ve no… @Katixxia There are several places, even in California, where officials sanction bubbling and provide guidelines on… @Katixxia LA officials never sanctioned or approved bubblinggood. now while i’m complying and not going out, can i bubble with one (1) other household who is also complying an… @goforawalker close non essential businesses and let me bubble w just one househould of people who also never go out plz lord @Sandalw00dGrips @_September87_ and i spend time horizontal after eating too many nuggets. @goforawalker idgi bc at first our mayor was being way more strict than the governer (which i approved). then he fl… @Sandalw00dGrips @_September87_ floorben should be an emoteshout out to everyone who has one email tab open for going back through and cleaning out their emails from last wee… @yasserwadah @portilho yep mateus' care for my mental wellbeing bc he knows i am a stubborn person who will rarely… @portilho 💜ladies, vouch. 3+2=5 80-5=75 is v me except cheeseburgers and fries instead of cake @Razleplasm gets me through mondays @Razleplasm hotline toNITE @soonerjudd @TheMikeRobles read the tweet, the hashtag, the headline all the same way before i looked at the picture and saw it said the bad… @grrlaction oh geez i was literally drinking water when i read this @KGreekness powerful women only in this housewhen more scritches are needed
@nickchester lol that's why i cosplayed it. i am famously lazy as you know, nick. @RiotAzael @TeamLiquidLoL 🔥 @JustOkJustin I still need the headpiece @RiotAzael i’m team @ProphetCrumbz: there is no second placespeaking of cosplay i feel one quarantine breakdown away from just putting on Hela on a random weekdayfound while making a story highlight for instagram @dGon @Xmithie i BEEN SAYING @seamoosi was talking about this earlier this weekWAIT I take it back this one is the best @RiotAzael best sage advice yetthe fact that someone on the street said “hey sexy” to me, even the way i look today. idk, cat-calling makes no sense.good morning @RiotPhreak @AkinolaGG This tweet is Iron IV, turley🧃 @NSSteph link needs to sacrifice for the aesthetic @metaltxt @CaptainFlowers @steimerpet and what they’re named after @Cloud9 olly olly olly @AkinolaGG @Cloud9 oi @AgentTinsley @lucyjamesgames yes and yes and yes @Hap1o I’m not expecting good things. It’s a curiosity.the animated dragons of autumn twilight is on youtube for free. i’ve read it but haven’t watched this yet so i’m ju… @AllanSchumacher I wake up between 5 and 6 and don’t know that I could go back if I wanted to @lawrencebrenner I had the same question lolvery nearly all eight of these @AlinaWithAFace can’t deposit it without rolling it @AlinaWithAFace it’s been sitting around since 2018 haha @TheJamesBJones mashed potatoesseventeenth weekend of quarantine mini cleaning project vibes
@BackdraftLIVE @MondoNews @MarvelStudios @Avengers @HollywoodRecs @SilvestriMusic Mine came a few days ago @DeejayKnight @mobilesinper @goldbelly @dailyprov Goldbelly is the logistics, Daily Provisions is where the food is from!finally unboxed the boxed set @grrlaction I’m so sorry to hear this Debbey.Attack on @Cloud9 ft. @TSM #LCS
Retweeted by Jacqui Collins @OvileeMay @Cloud9 @TSM gonna rt when it’s game 2 time @LCSOfficial @closerlol someone wants PotW @OvileeMay @Cloud9 @TSM this is one of the only anime i’ve seen a few episodes of. girl, this video is fucking amazing haha.omg a baconeggandcheese kit from nyc. and some cookies. @mobilesinper is undefeated. a much-needed nap, and Shadow woke me up in time for #LCS. best dog. now she sleep. @Gaohmee @RChaply Every middle class american is closer to bring homeless than being a billionaire. Really only takes one thing going wrong. @Gaohmee Likewise. Many people with “rich” salaries also live in expensive places. Sometimes called “rent-poor”. Wh… @Gaohmee It is a common thing in America that anyone who is factually upper middle class often would self identify… @Gaohmee Yeah even for travel that is more affordable (domestic flights for example) it takes a while to realize th… @Gaohmee Plenty of Americans are plenty upset they can’t travel. It is a more private complaint. @Gaohmee Americans aren’t publicly upset about it because travel is considered an expensive luxury to Americans, we… @grrlaction <3 @WaltDisneyWorld @disneyparksblog Stop.