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I’m not mad at this
Retweeted by Quiet Menaceone place I’m definitely not going is the country that beget all these terrible motherfuckers. i don’t need to expe…
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceHe crossed state lines and murdered two people on purpose with the guns he carried illegally to unleash the violenc…
Retweeted by Quiet Menace🤣🤣🤣 takes the piss out of Russia taking the piss out of Donald. Nicely done.
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@marycmccormack @BradleyWhitford Things the President has said, but Twitter also censors
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceHow quickly people forgot what Mitt Romney really is.
Retweeted by Quiet Menace#ScorpioWoman 🦂
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Just because you survived not being helped doesn’t meant others are undeserving of help. Please be kind.
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I have identified 666 tweets mentioning PRESIDENT TRUMP that were tweeted by inauthentic accounts. More information…
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceIs this some huge master plan for #trump to make everyone uncoverable for insurance?
Big #Scorpio energy:
Retweeted by Quiet Menace @notcapnamerica @SpryGuy I am never letting Michael Harriot or Eddie Glaude forget their fcukery in 2016. I got a…
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceNew Ghost-Face Masks – GFK AVALIBLE
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceBREAKING: Mitch McConnel announced he would do his best to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg before she got cold, then p…
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceBeautiful.
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceFun Fact! There is no law mandating the Supreme Court has to be comprised of only nine members.
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Job opening at the #IRS for Appeals Officer. Closes 09/23/2020. Apply today on @USAJOBS ope…
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Fighting the science? With your tax dollars.... It’s time for a change. #VoteforScience
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceSo this Trump nutball (who used to work for Putin) gets a 60-day medical leave of absence for attacking scientists…
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceI see the guy who told us to drink bleach and confessed to lying about the threat of Covid is angry that we’re not…
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White people being real white. #privilege #spoiled #Narcissist know he’s a #peterpan and you’re #wendy And DO not procreate with a #Peterpan or else you gonna be raising kids… Taylor’s murderers are still free in our streets. A $12M payment doesn’t erase the fact that corrupt Kentuc…
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceThere's a reason team owners across sports love Trump. I don't need to say it.
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceHow come my 12 year old daughter knows to ask #Trump "if your magical #Obamacare #replacement #plan is ready, why d…
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceWilliam Barr has weaponized the Justice Dept not only to cover up crimes, spread lawlessness, order violence agains…
Retweeted by Quiet Menace @realDonaldTrump
Wear a mask! 😷 * * * Mask by: @SynSAINTJAMES #Mask #WearAMask #WashYourHands #SocialDistancing #Vote
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceAn oldie but goodie! REGISTER YOUR RELATIVES in the Midwest and all around the country! Get this sickening administ…
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceTHEY ALLLLLL KNEW!!! * * * #Vote #RegisterToVote #GetYourAssOutAndVote #BlackLivesMatter #BlackVotesMatter
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceY’all better listen to the REAL Uncle Sam!!! #flashback @SamuelLJackson * * * #Vote #RegisterToVote
Retweeted by Quiet MenacePlease take a moment and take this in. Especially if you’re undecided. * * * #Vote #RegisterToVote
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceA WHOLE mood. 😁❤️ just donated to Jamie Harrison yet again, thanks for reminding me you overtly opportunistic hypocritical racist f…
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceOh shit, brutal as hell and I approve this message. #trumpHidTheTruth
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceCongrats President Trump, we are officially Nazi Germany.
Retweeted by Quiet Menace Zoom therapy means I’m fine
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Retweeted by Quiet MenaceThis is eloquent and profound and true and spot on. Bravo @SachaBaronCohen I loved this!
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@TheIvyRivera Looking GORGEOUS as usual!!!if only Etsy was around in the 1930s maybe Hitler would have sold a few paintings and decided to stick with it
Retweeted by Quiet Menace#NaturalSelection @PEKentrell ❤️*WORD / various artists #schoollyd #whodini #koolmoedee #djjazzyjeff #thefreshprince #theskinnyboys #steadyb
Retweeted by Quiet Menacecan’t let today’s verzuz happen without bringing this to the timeline. auntie gladys starts this clip and auntie pa…
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceI’m so ready to see Jamie Harrison remove @LindseyGrahamSC’s puny racist ass from power, are you?
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceHoly shit, truth from the demon’s own mouth.
Retweeted by Quiet MenacePatti LaBelle is a machine. Gladys Knight vs Patti LaBelle #Verzuz
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceWhat a COVID confined world does NOT need.
#TrumpTaxReturns Can you imagine if a Democrat tried to get away with this shite? GOP have to cheat to win. They d…
Retweeted by Quiet Menacesomeone send this to gina carano
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceFor all the people who ain’t had a good homecooked family meal in a min, tomorrow evening our souls will feast! 🎤🍽🥧…
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceGOP is no longer a political party, it's a cult. Trump supporters literally willing to risk infection or death to s…
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceReminder that Donald Trump is the current President and this is the America he’s cultivated for 3 years
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceOn the next Man in the High Castle...
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceNo comment needed.
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceNow do Trump.
Retweeted by Quiet Menace @OdinDanny You realize Trump is President now right? This is HIS fault. This could have been avoided. You’re votin…
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceI know Toots through this cover of Pressure Drop. Rest In Peace
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceIf you just watch, listen to and retweet one thing today ,please let it be this...
Retweeted by Quiet Menace
@OdinDanny You realize Trump is President now right? This is HIS fault. This could have been avoided. You’re votin… way to be this ignorant and prosper is to have the system rigged in your favor. Level playing field will crush…
Retweeted by Quiet Menace4 Amazing Ways to Cut Fruit
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceLet me get this right, it was okay for Steven Mnuchin to funnel $500B in PPP loan Covid relief, OUR MONEY, to give…
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceNever forget that Ted Cruz became one of trump's BIGGEST supporters and ball-holders after trump called his wife ug…
Retweeted by Quiet Menace#TedCruzHasNoBalls is trending, and I am here for this.
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This Jon Stewart moment fighting for 9/11 first responders always gets me choked up. One for the ages.
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Kids don’t do this no mo?
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceI'm 46 and had a fairly mild/average case of Covid in March. I was just diagnosed with post Covid onset Glaucoma. T…
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What’s wild is ppl pretending his history of abuse isn’t well documented.
Retweeted by Quiet Menaceis it me or is sanders still acting like trumps press sec? she's giving us nothing but non-answers and campaign sc…
Retweeted by Quiet Menace @AndyRichter Agreed! Why can’t automats come back?The Police Chief of Salem, Oregon had to apologize today for his officer COORDINATING with white supremacists. Tha…
Retweeted by Quiet Menace🌱🌍 For a better+ just+ humanity + world + future. A hero.
Retweeted by Quiet Menace🤣🤣🤣👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😫😫😫
An investigation is underway after surveillance video captured bags of mail being dumped in a parking lot in the Lo…
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceWoke up this morning still mad and wondering why this hasn’t made the national news yet? Asking students at two HBC…
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceWho suffers when polling places have half the employees they need? Underserved communities, mostly. ⠀ ⠀ That's why…
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceTrinidadian Roti
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Sully ditched Trump in the Hudson.
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceExcited to hear Trump's attacks on #Sully... The entire thread is wonderfully devastating!
Retweeted by Quiet Menace#FoxNews told me that Trump hates our troops, so it HAS to be true!
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#metaphor @FLSecofState releases new #VoteByMail #'s: @FlaDems: 2,228,122 @FloridaGOP: 1,510,358 In 2016: Dems ha…
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceThis idiot will shoot his own face off and blame Obama. idiot will literally shoot his nose off to spite his face. reboot of Schoolhouse Rock that teaches civics, media literacy, and good citizenship for the Internet Age, please someone make it
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This joke is only 2 minutes old but I still feel it's underrated.
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceRacist team ASSEMBLE!!!’s crazy how much confidence a fresh haircut and some new clothes can give you. I feel like I just went from “ne…
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I’ll only do Billy on the Street again if the Trumps try to move back to NY and the segment is me and my crew chasi…
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceAbout the WWI Memorial Trump said: “Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers.” In a separate conve…
Retweeted by Quiet MenaceMegan Thee Stallion Reportedly PREGNANT w/ Tory Lanez Baby?? (Shocker) - MTO News #flushflushflush
What a narcissistic exercise. Does no one have the ability for #empathy ?!?!! This is Matt Damon saying now that he… #Strokeahontas or the Soup Nazi? Discuss.
Retweeted by Quiet Menace @CarmineSabia Astounding how there's video proof! #Strokeahontas
Retweeted by Quiet MenacePressing the vinyl album "Guardians" by @augustburnsred.
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Happy birthday to Fab 5 Freddy
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