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|𝟐1.|♀Feminist, reader, victim advocate & gay 🎃

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some of y’all will literally spend more time trashing joe than u will trashing trump cuz ur obsessed with ur quirky…
Retweeted by Jade @kyrstinxox the thought of that is so foreign to me it’s crazy thank you so much i love you a lot @xxvckyxx she’s the meanest person you could ever meet she is evil i hate it :( @kyrstinxox this was nice :( @finneas people can’t wrap their minds around this for some reason
@TiffanyAlexis04 hey i’m so behind & haven’t been able to keep up all season long, is there someone that we should… @LaurenSanderson i’m tryna get the girls kissing girls mask fs @NewYorkEnzymes it really isn’t.DID YOU or ARE YOU going to vote for biden in this election? @bigdogXVI i don’t have a PERSON @destneynoi what do u like 👉🏻👈🏻 @mcgayverly i am sorry 😭it is the end of october & i never got to make a girl a spooky basket. next october MARK MY WORDSMy spooky basket must’ve got lost during shipment or sum
Retweeted by Jade @tiktok_us whipped coffee. it was terrible @allie_claveau it’s gotta be done 😌 @sofiyaamethyst hehe fuck yes 💜 i’ll be there on november 3rd!!biden actually MENTIONS the lgbtq+ community. he TALKS ABOUT US & our rights. trump cowers and strips them away fro… @LynnnKacey excuse me @LynnnKacey ok i buy✨Every finger that retweet’s this tweet will get an unexpected blessing before October ends 🧿
Retweeted by Jade @realDonaldTrump you mean the American Pig Virus?After 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle wit… @UselessLizbian ITS SO GROSS DUDE @Gr3mlinGirl hey absolutely, i’ll propose to you and everything. just give me a day to get the ring babe ❤️ @LaJess813 i have memory loss 😞 i remember now @Gr3mlinGirl hi wife 😯ʷʰᵉʳᵉ ʷᴴᵉʳᵉ ʷʰᵉᴿᵉ ʷʰᵉʳᵉ… @Sadfrogboi261 please stop exposing me like this it’s rude @hanisnotonline it was hilarious i was also convinced tbh 😂😂 @UselessLizbian but no i also remember zayns this year @UselessLizbian oh fuck i thought the conchobar memes were for louis’s baby i swear i thought it was 😭😭 @fruitIoopx REALLY i’m scared @hanisnotonline no i’m being so serious i was 20 when this happened i was literally on campus when i saw this and i… @letscrybangtan U ARE @cantersets i know it was in 2016 but NOT FOR ME IM NOT EVEN PLAYIN 😭😭😭 @hanisnotonline I KNOW IT HAPPENED IN 2016 THATS WHAT THE DATE SAYS BUT I SWEAR TO GODDDD IT HAPPENED IN LATE 2019…
@_toxicmistake i haven’t tried oat milk yet!! and is it like the french vanilla swirl or a french vanilla shot or i… iced lattes are the key to my heart @angelforfivon you’re sweet 💜 @DenishaAtala ooo that actually sounds interesting i wanna do it @rachelmpollock i shall not tell but i’ll give u a kiss for being sweet 🥺 @faiththegemini i literally won’t answer ever i’ll pretend i diedRandom FaceTimes only okay from the person I want 😂 don’t call me
Retweeted by Jade @kaylamcleannx HAPPY BDAY KAYLA I LOVE U AND MISS U SO MUCH OLD LADY 💜💜💜💜 @lovebeIIamy that’s right 😈 @beaverjade I WANT TO BE YOU @futuou i would never intentionally i promise it was an app that automatically did i didn’t see who was being unf b… @mcgayverly we will take over the world @futuou i didn’t mean to 🥺 @LaJess813 LMAOO i wanna do all of them“what’s your zodiac sign” “i’m a gemini”
learning to love the person you’ve become is so important @sofiyaamethyst read journey of souls by michael newton he covers every single question u can possibly have about t… @realDonaldTrump if you call it the china virus one more time i will beat the shit out of you @Sadfrogboi261 yes u can what u really WANT matters 😞idk who needs to hear this but start thinking with your heart instead of leaving everything to your head @H_Combs 😁 @quackingfishpie this is the perfect rant topic thank you 😂 @AnnalisaMillo YES THIS ONE IS PERFECT @H_Combs my autograph from you just arrived!!! thank you so much, my mom got excited she’s the one who introduced m… @RachelleLeconte yes!!! there’s so much to say it’s gotta be said
i love fall so much. you get colorful trees, pumpkin everything, cider mills, spooky flash tattoos, the best kind of weather, i love it all. @CircusGay LOL what u drinkin 😂 @Sadfrogboi261 🤫 @Spider_Connor LMAOO imagine @Layilith i might actually do this later 😂😂💀hi i’m hungover i’m never drinking again @nobutthanksss u made me smile out loud @juliarzende thank you thank you ur sweet i love u <3 @iamillven HI HI @RainingFluff DO IT @Gr3mlinGirl ok i textnjowbbbhi i’m drunk
@TheNiki94 exactly but some people still think it’s a good idea to vote 3rd party ripif even bernie sanders is telling you to vote biden... u should vote biden @pulte $perolikewyd i’ll put it in my savings so it can go towards school tuition or my car. any amount helps ❤️ @finneas YES FINNEAS EXACTLY. people sit there saying “biden is awful too so i’m not voting for either” but if we c…’s what needs to happen. We need to elect Biden, we need to flip the senate, then we need to abolish the Fucking electoral college.
Retweeted by Jade @CircusGay i’ve seen people get fucked over from it and i just can’t @sofiyaamethyst yes exactly and i have tats but i think i can hide them if i do certain angles but like it’s still… @confirmedangel it sucks 😞😞I wanna make onlyfans but i have a fear of people who like to ruin lives finding my personal information & spreadin… @teaxtarot GO OFF 👏🏻 @sofiyaamethyst !!!!!! @rachelzegler how r u feelin today @pulte $perolikewyd with whatever bit you help me with i’ll either put it towards my school tuition or my car! any… @pulte please help me put a little bit towards my car anything helps 😭 i am a long time follower & appreciate what u do!! $perolikewyd @pulte $perolikewyd i’ve been following you forever please help :( @booleanasf of course!!!we literally have a CHANCE to get trump out & save some lives. WE CAN ALL FINALLY VOTE. so let’s do that & vote for… for biden i don’t love him either but vote for fucking bidenA hard pill to swallow for spiritual twitter: toxic people can change. 🥰
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Imagine being a republican LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @rachelzegler hi ily @uhxmari omg i was so concerned i- @uhxmari YOU AND THE BABYSITTER?!?! @onenine91 right like i always consider my real real first kiss to be when i was a freshman in HS but then i rememb… old were you when you had your first kiss?