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Sorry Charlie/Jade/JD. Aspiring adult. Lazy musician. I watch too many films and I know far too much about nothing.

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The Xena theme song has been one of my top songs played for the 5th year in a row. It has absolutely nothing to do…[Daily Dead’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide]: Apparel, Accessories and Face Masks, Featuring @michelinepitt, @frightrags,…
Retweeted by Sorry CharlieI am deeply perturbed by the lack of Tomb Raider Christmas jumpers.
@Jooliasez Good, I hope your week is going ok ☺️🖤 That sounds amazing right now, I would be honoured to try it. @Jooliasez 😁I mean it might help? ☺️ No headache today but still a little swollen; less chipmunk-y though. Thank yo… up C @Jooliasez 🖤I have many teas I can bring to the virtual table 😘 @Jooliasez You know I am always down for tea😍 @thesuperghoul This really sucks dude. 🖤🖤 @KimberCosch Damn girl!
@Jooliasez I know this, and it is one of your many glorious attributes I adore ☺️🖤 @Jooliasez Well it’s alliterated so it must be true. @Jooliasez Instead of birds is it rodents? Is it kind of like Enchanted? 🤔 @CryLittleCisJen Thank you 🖤🥰 @CryLittleCisJen Yep! It was exactly the type of comfort film I needed ☺️ @Jooliasez Swollen as hell. I have a migraine cooling thing stuck to my face and I look like a chipmunk still - thi… @K_D_B_ @HEYDUGGEE There’s been so many good nods and references. I love it.Excuse me but did @HEYDUGGEE make a Life Aquatic reference @cordisbored Dude that’s so rough. You got this buddy 🖤🖤 @KimberCosch Thank you 🖤 It’s much easier when you have that adorable nugget to take photos of. My old phone had 64… I am not getting anything done today. I’m not even mad. @ryanlarson Last year I got a BTTF Christmas jumper and I get so excited every time I wear it. You’re welcome thou… @ryanlarson I’m all about both of those. And BTTF. And gifs. Is it helping? @ryanlarson @Haddonfiend I went with Nightmare Before Christmas although I may watch the Grinch this evening. I did watch the i… @ryanlarson That’s rough dude, I hope it flies by 🖤
Feel like hot death but damn is it cosy. @LivnDeadGrl87 They can do that there? That’s ridiculous. 😭I’m so sorry, that’s so rough 🖤 @LivnDeadGrl87 Oh that is so rough. Why such a hike? 😱 @Jooliasez Thank you 🖤 my face is all swollen like a chipmunk. 😖Well that's mad altogether! ❄️
Retweeted by Sorry CharlieSpent the last 3 hours with 2 ladies and a dental dam. I almost fell asleep whilst they worked their wonderful de… @RealLucyLawless I hope Chowder comes home soon. This is Aggie, she is a tiny jerk who you can’t ever be mad at bec…
@ryanlarson @WeAreHorrorZine @rainiercroft I feel like you’d be all about this.It’s been a rough year and now more than ever I think we need to remember this important Christmas message from… @Haddonfiend Hell yeah!! @Haddonfiend @jet_loves Very true. I’m kind of glad to not have to move in December. 😊 @Haddonfiend @jet_loves I wish! Currently waiting for the people at the top of the chain to find a house. So who kn… put up all my Christmas decorations this weekend but some of my stuff has already been packed in preparation for… @ryanlarson Splendid! @ryanlarson May I impose upon this elegant soirée? @ryanlarson It’s both classy and accurate. @jxhnlx 🤷‍♀️either way it wouldn’t transfer and now I have to use it as a new phone. Honestly I’m mostly annoyed that I lost all my gifs.I spent 2 days setting up my new phone. I don’t know whether my old phone is an awkward satchel of dicks or I am of… @Jooliasez I thought the hashtag said focaccia and I was like, damn I want focaccia. Also ❤️your face 😘
@AlissaLaylax You’ve not lived until you get excited about a new vacuum I think. 😎 Or in your case kitchen appliances. @Haddonfiend
Gremlins really holds up a mirror to how we carelessly ruin everything as soon as nature provides it. There’s somet…
Retweeted by Sorry Charlie @Jooliasez I want it all up in my face please. @Haddonfiend ☺️ @Haddonfiend It does, although I wonder every year if it was asbestos snow. @Haddonfiend Exactly! It’s a cool concept but there’s just something more about the b&w that I just can’t put my fi… @Haddonfiend Have you seen the colourised version? I’m not sure I like it. I watched it a few years ago and I think… @Haddonfiend Yesss! It’s usually one of the first ones I watch whilst wrapping presents. Every year I watch it and every year I ugly cry. @Haddonfiend You guys have got this 🖤 Christmas Eve is also the best and at least you get to spend that together 😊Technically Linda isn’t correct, the Brits celebrated Thanksgiving but after the failed gunpowder plot in 1605 it w… Thanksgiving to my American peeps. @Haddonfiend I feel for you man, I used to work in retail & it was so rough. October to December is my peak time, i… @Haddonfiend It does sound really intense, I hope it isn’t too bad for you. @Haddonfiend Sorry dude, that sucks. @Seanofthethread Oh my gods yes. This is my ultimate lying on my bed upside down with my headphones on album. That… @Jooliasez I am right with you on that train 😴 🖤 @just_greasy @nownowband From then, now, always. Eternally grateful to you ❤️
@Jooliasez You’re still cool without the best shots ☺️🖤 Although now I want to see those ones too. @Jooliasez Damn girl! You always look so cool 🖤 @0stephg0 Do it 😎you won’t regret it. @evil_toast916 Krampus is the one I always finish with. It’s so good, between that and Black Christmas they make me feel the most festive. @evil_toast916 If you ever need any other recommendations hit me up 😎Me every time I hear Jackie Wilson’s (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher & Higher @ecto_fun @nownowband Awesome choices 🖤 @Lilewdallasmult @nownowband Nice choices 😎 You’re very welcome 🖤
@Jooliasez @nownowband Love it 🖤🙌I could listen to @nownowband all day and a) never get sick of them and b) still find new layers to a song. What b… @that_hairy_guy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ and I am going to video call you all over Christmas#NowWatching Rare Exports - this is one of my all time favourite films. If you haven’t seen it you definitely need… anyone needs cheering up; here is Aggie watching her favourite tv show Hey Duggee @lulu_pew Thank you 😊 @lulu_pew If you ever need to rant about it I will totally listen & bitch about it too. 🖤 But it will be ok, I’m ju… @lulu_pew That is shite. I am done with this property market nonsense now. @lulu_pew It really sucks. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this shit 🖤 I don’t know about you, but everything… @lulu_pew I feel your pain ❤️ We also have stamp duty coming back in in March. We also had to pay stamp duty the fi… @lulu_pew It’s shitty for 2nd house buyers too🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️We were meant to list in March. Then everything went tits up.… @lulu_pew My favourite is when they go “it’s only an extra £10k”. Oh ONLY an extra 10k. Give me a second to just pull that out my ass. 🙄Have been singing Rescue Aid Society at Aggie for the last 10 minutes. I think she prefers the lullaby from Frozen…
@SupGirl Sending you hugs and junk 🖤you got this you opalescent tree shark. @KimberCosch Hope you’re doing ok 🖤🖤🖤 @KimberCosch I’m so sorry 🖤that’s so rough. People suck.Just remembered I have to work tomorrow
@Jooliasez Thank you 🖤🖤I hope your Friday is wonderful.This week calls for mulled wine and the Christmas episodes of Bobs Burgers and Be Cool Scooby Doo. Have a deadly F… @LivnDeadGrl87 Hope you’re ok dude 🖤 @Haddonfiend Yeah I don’t get it, I am pretty sure it would all sell here. Awh thanks dude ☺️🖤 @Haddonfiend And all the Christmas stuff. And Halloween stuff 😭 @Haddonfiend I was still a little jealous of your amazing festive cups; so I got a colour changing one @GaRoDean *their. 🤦‍♀️ @GaRoDean I’ve been dropping hints about all the crisps I miss to my parents in the hopes they send some with there… @MattHombreLobo @neff_goldblum Holy shit. This is amazing. 😍 @AFinalBoy This show is AMAZING. I was saying to @rainiercroft the other day that I was initially put off because I… @horror4kids @that_hairy_guy 😱😱 @MalfaroGT Thank you 🖤🖤