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My dad, uncle and a couple of people from my community all worked together on a Kudoboard for me. I feel so much lo…
@RandyRerdyMadur I meant to go to a village which is like 10 min from the border and took the wrong highway exit
@gennasatria YES!Sokka ❤🐶 a wrong turn and now I am accidentally in the Netherlands 1st December boys. Enjoy, you deserve it.
@ofeliabear at this point I only check twitter to see what you tweet next @PurefuelLUFC YESI'M AM SO HAPPY AND EXCITED AND HAPPYBig shoutout to her! I'm in love with the emotes ☺ 10/10 would go to her again! @sairaspooks me riding the black bull for the 5th time lmaoooo
@CallMeCarsonYT .... you might be onto something @D0EBOY3 yes
2020 @TeanaKitten Congratulations Tina!☺🎉no wait I reached 1k subs yesterday. I am brain afk. Still grateful!Reached 1000 subs today! I feel so blessed 🥲🥺❤ Thank you guys
thankful i'm not american
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Thank you for today's stream. Would do it again 10/10 @Raiikouwu OOF @HerculesAbraha1 well its alot to me @ODTSDog I am disgusted @AnthhonyF I wish............. @willr171 is ok don't worry 🥺also what the fuck was I onwhat the 400k fuckwhat the fuck and what the fuck @ArmaneddonBlade ..... we have food at home. @_u_m_b_r_a you sure? I don't mind at all @lyzlz I'm not a genie :/ @Jmg_1999 sure honey, anything else? @eXe_Des No mayo or ketchup for the fry? :0 @MarayaToffy Please* @Jeans_TTV Not yet @harvey_ngo Nono it's okay Papa I have a little throat pain and I don't want to make the girls or you sick. No covi… @catsgomao yes sir I'm on it! No drink?I recommend McDonald's Spicy Chicken BurgerHappy Thanksgiving ❤ I'm about to order something from McDonald's, you want something?
@panexdel Yeah that's the plan but I have no tape ._. @panexdel I have one!! I have nothing to attach it yet tho @ofeliabear @surfordie731 In all honesty, yes. But with the right equipment it's easy but it's expensive. @D0EBOY3 no light is better @RayoRayitoo axolotl @D0EBOY3 yes bright light stresses them out @Joao4968 I hope they are 🥺 I am a noob when it comes to taking care of aqua babies and maintaining a tank @ArchTekken yes! but I plan on getting a bigger oneUpdate: Got Blitz and Donner new plants, moss balls and a lot of blood worms. I love my girls ❤ ( I only turned the… @39daph As someone who grew up in a Vietnamese Community, it's sickening how many WANT to be Korean or Japanese. T…
@TSMBrokenBlade Willkommen zurück ☺Anyways, looking for a new apartment now lol.I'm very grateful for each and everyone of you who has shown compassion and support during this messy situation. 🥲 Lots of love to you guysGood morning, I have calmed down after talking with the police again and 11 hours of sleep. I want to thank everyo…
I'm tweeting all of this so I don't forget anything and the more eyes on this situation, the safer I feel.Since I ended the stream, delivery service came like 6 times? I lost track. And in-between there was random door ri… was stalked when I was living with my grandparents. I'm being stalked in my new apartment after only 2 months of… DON'T FEEL SAFE IN MY OWN HOME AND THIS IS YOUR FIRST INSTINCT? Mocking me while I am terrifiedAlso everyone in my chat who was saying I staged everything and am acting while you can hear the police sirens in t… have to probably move out. There is no way I am staying where I am right now.And this all happene live on streamSomeone called fire mans to my place regarding a FAKE gas leak on my name, made an order for 25 pizzas and I think… @krayzeeful00000 @qy_rahim It's like a pain killer, it helps to deal with the pain for a while @CutestStardust I don't do underage @NotMiguaBadua @weirdfloydians YES EXACTLY. i am crying right now because that has been my reality for over a decade @harvey_ngo Okay Papa, got it. Grandchildren will be the key. @hilarion thank you ❤ @PenOkOh_ yes @Shuuya114 @ManUtdlD Oh I did but I prefer exchanging methods and thoughts with real people on how to deal with it @ISufferNoMore Yeah, alot are still misunderstanding it. Thinking I'm just very horny but I appreciate everyone being very kind @qy_rahim ......... I can't go out for a walk because every step I take, cum is running down my leg because my mind and body is on heat. @weirdfloydians I hate it. So many time my friends would talk about normal things and my mind was sexualizing EVERY… explaining the difference between * I had to dumb it down because text limitsimple explanation between horny and hyper= horny : a mood, u want sex, it can be annoying hyper : your grandma ju… @Dolphinicn there is a huge difference between being super horny and hyper sexualIn the past, twitter and reddit has been a huge help to find people like me ...The past few days I've been suffering alot mentally and physically due to my hyper sexuality. It gets harder now th… @panexdel @itsjoeseef @LudwigAhgren @OTKnetwork congratulations!!I will DM you guys ☺ @ofeliabear @JustaMinx vouch @ToriPareno Yeah I'm fine 🥲 @bjirux that's fine I didn't want to play with you either, wanna play Jackbox together? @emmyuh The feeling is mutual 🥺👉🏻👈🏻 and I wish I knew .... @JustaMinx @p0zyyy wait that's so nice of you thank you!
@eXe_Des @HBomb94 the person opened the package out of curiosity, there was no need to because it is pretty obvious what it is. @jvzmyntch I'm so obsessed with it!!! I can't stand twinky yaoi so this is top tier for me @JustaMinx get well soon ❤I took this selfie 5 min after picking up a package at a neighbours place who turned out to be a follower who also… @jvzmyntch webtoon: legs that won't walk @kiaraakitty @sairaspooks accept it. youtube support system is the worst, they don't care for you unless you are a big fish in t… @Laxsuss pog @Trlik040 I respect that have a good day