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Live now! @Cloud9 @TenZ_CS whenever ✌️ do u need an intro songIn Tenz we trust
Do you need an ambassador to bring a peaceful union of the two worlds @fuslie @WARDELL416 LOOOOLEverybody go tell my boy @WARDELL416 happy birthday at !!!’ @_jjolee No jjolee 🧐Streaming today at 7pm PST/11AM KST woke up. It’s 11:20pm. I slept at 7pm... 🀑Morning bb @pokimanelol πŸ’ͺMy first week of streaming @keshimusic @sammirui Wait how do u guys know each other πŸ‘€
Thank you everybody #ForYouJaeWow @AleXa_ZB @Jae_Day6
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My sincerest apologies to your friend and really hoping that we can stop this here and now. Can we please stop figh…
2020 really do be like that sometimes @mxmtoon Respect @TSM 😭😭 @peterparkTV πŸ‘€ check dms @mxmtoon Your keyboard πŸ‘€But everyone already knows ur vocals are amazing. Didnt want to be captain obvious πŸ‘€ the subs got me @Jae_Day6 & @courtknows chat about mental health, the pitfalls of perfectionism, being honest about our stories a…
Retweeted by eaJ @39daph 10/10 photoshop would recommendHappy birthday bb πŸ˜— day for orders!!! Thank you guys so much for a beautiful run. Hoping we can make the changes we need!… @TheRealRyanHiga @YouTube Anything but league pleaseJoin us for a chat about #MentalHealth with @Jae_Day6 from @day6official in less than 2 hours - Insta Live…
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Changed to 12PM! @pokimanelol @BarackObama Bro if this works 😳 @fuslie ??? But you were obly trying to help 😭Going live on instagram with @jedfoundation at 1pm KST tmmrw!I didnt rage quit it was bad internet still live. work if Im gonna game might as well stream stream @Loldear @Natsumiii This is so wholesome πŸ₯Ί @starsmitten_ OMG @TSM @39daph EVERYTHINGS SOLD OUT ALREADY WTHIf you want me to react to anything on stream post here!
This man deserves this. Everybody go vote pls! @Natsumiii Pls let me have himWrapping up Song/Lyrical Analysis of Pacman and It Just is tmmrw on twitch at 12pm KST/Today at 8pm PST @peterparkTV @Jae_Day6 laugh in old j
Retweeted by eaJ @TSM NO guys wanna see my hair @LudwigAhgren @Sykkuno @wd_black Can i get two for a reply
Just tag me whenever! Will be checking for the next month! me on instagram with pictures of you in your From Friends stuff so I can repost! @TSM Watch the vod. We won tonight guys @Corpse_Husband LMAO bruh the vent kill was nice thoughHappy birthday!!!!’ @pokimanelol LOL WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR BRANDDRAGONTSM main roster among us team playing among us with offline tv on @TSM now playing among us with friends on @YozuLoL @starsmitten_ @peterparkTV SHUTUP YOZU LOOOOOLYup 🀝
@KarlJacobs_ Phasmophobia speed runs? @fuslie I love him please let me have himI respect the energy였랜만 #FromFriendsλ‚˜ν•œν…Œ μ™œκ΅¬λž˜ 😒 @ItzMasayoshi broI tested out 100 player among us
Retweeted by eaJMy friends though I cannot stream often I cannot offer content. Playing among us with friends tomorrow 7pm pst / 11… @Jae_lovefairy Congratulations πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί!!!U too busy for me nyway 😒 @_jjolee I hate all of youKris will be going live freehand swimming to korea to install my graphics card. Plis support @WARDELL416 πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
@JaesixHJ Do i look like a mathematicianGrinding to immortal this season or i start streaming on myspace know whenever bb πŸ˜— that guitar real you. I am now best friends with @acesu and I don’t have to lie anymore. Please accept my friend request on di… now! Ghost hunting with @Natsumiii @39daph and friends!! What am I congratulating you for? will be live today at 5pm kst/ 1 am PST Currently in traffic, gonna speed run β€˜get home,… @itshafu I wanna play 😭 been playing record in the studio recently though. Be done soon 🀑 @syanne77 RESPECT @peterparkTV @YozuLoL @39daph Too far @itshafu Sadge 😭 @Natsumiii @39daph IM SORRY 😭LOLOLOLOL
@blaustoise @Evergreenily @PlayVALORANT @sojyoo Lessgooo teaπŸ₯Ίβ€οΈ do i join tsm @Valkyrae Uhoh
You are a hero. Heroes don’t say sorry for saving lives. Thank you for serving!! ❀️ PST Phasmophobia with @peterparkTV @LilyPichu @REALMizkif LOL SEE U THERE πŸ˜—LOL feel that! live in 50 min. 6pm KST
@39daph Spain @scarra Swim over tonight? @scarra Gotyou bb πŸ˜—