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Jay @jaentyy New York, USA

Winnie Harlow looks like cookies and cream ice cream... yea ✊🏿♎️ *FAN ACCOUNT*

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ATE in that studio mad as hell! Iyanla... @theservewithin you can stop now, I won’t slander her for another month... @theservewithin Sorry @albertoutspoken Fb I blocked you lol @albertoutspoken hey did good with my steps today. Kinda proud. @makeupIady @thotliciouss FCK Saweetie ok @TaiLovesPapi Hm @TaiLovesPapi ? thing about #that fanbase they gonna be racist and consistent with it. @manuIegacy HavanaY’all come look at this.
Retweeted by Jay @sameolways, Ari hell even the racist tamale girl was the IT girl of 2018 before Demi.... @ELUSIVEHIVE Now not too much on ha!! @sameolways I would say since 2013 but yea... wonder if Christina or her team seen #that tweet yet. @yasirworldwide get up! I just gave Ms. coconut tits her 8th stream ✨Went in that studio mad as hell. joke but this little kid scares me :/ DOWNE @thotliciouss Hmm I’ll think about itBryce will be escorted out @RudeGyalBre @yasirworldwide Yup yup @yasirworldwide Yes. We had stir fry tonight. @yasirworldwide is blocked for the next week @thotliciouss @WlLdiRishROSE @thotliciouss @WlLdiRishROSE @thotliciouss @WlLdiRishROSE Don’t tweet her? @RudeGyalBre Ate that @Coolness1994 And they should start buying the music instead of crying about it on hereY’all everytime there’s a argument on here, they start calling you by your first name.. that’s so weird to me. has stated that she is inspired by Janet and we can clearly see that.. that take is not giving. down FUNNY to me.
Retweeted by JayCall people predators one day, next day it’s crickets....’all be talking about lost ones/ wishing death or harm on randoms and accusing celebrities of things they didn’t d…’all get on twitter and just throw y’all moral compass out the window for the sake of stanning somebody... very lo… @antiandchill a ig follow tho... he didn’t even like any pics and even if he does, who cares? @TaiLovesPapi 😭😭😭😭😭 @cecesinterludee Like.... @jaIenci It’s very weird @glossycicix The fact that they hate him for no reason is nuts within itself 😭😭😭It’s more than stupid stan sht, the amount of people that have accused or tried to paint him as a predator #onhere lot of people have this weird thing with Drake just bc he’s a successful male artist.’s a very nasty woman but she woke the streets up with this. @yasirworldwide A Queen @boredblackhoe 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @albertoutspoken @boredblackhoe @boredblackhoe Potassium? lol @boredblackhoe Ok @mxdvsva No they just flopping @boredblackhoe Don’t quote me? @Cloomydia1 I didn’t know about that..... really done out here... @sugarigem lolLooooool Chloe just said on live right now that she’d love to work with drake. Y’all look so stupid rn.
Retweeted by JaySlid.. @sugarigem Geminis are in the top 3. @sugarigem Exactlythey're cool I respect them a lot☝
Retweeted by JayQuote this tweet if you like Libras tryna see sumn @jukeboxfemme @WlLdiRishROSE ?EXACTLY @sureIiIbitch It’s excellence @demonstardust Mines too @stcelestial TPP eats both upI know the likes came from weird yt liberals @WlLdiRishROSE of the greatest songs ever. He went in that studio and created magic. you didn’t attend both so there’s that
Christina Aguilera on her way to record her verse on Moves Like Jagger
Retweeted by JayOmg 😭😭😭😭 @walkinlickk links on my timeline.. people shop my store
Retweeted by Jay @LUXURY0RN0THING And was! @albertoutspoken lol @LUXURY0RN0THING 😭😭😭😭 @LUXURY0RN0THING idiots still think it’s a hoax and refuse to take the vaccine.. @mikeytheicon She was on sumn ch... @Blue_Cinnam0n The era as a whole was cool, as far as I remember but that song sucked @LUXURY0RN0THING No I’m not... @Blue_Cinnam0n “OMG” was ass chile...