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Eng Chi🆗 🇸🇬 Bag o'bones (25) tryin to draw when I can🍳💙OPM°Trekkie°HP°MARVEL°DC 💙🍳 I sound like I'm shouting but really am just TIRED 🍳 HWSSG

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I drank too much caffeine and now I have a headache and I'm vibratinHmmm should I make hwssg key chains..... Or meion key chains......... HmmmmmmmmAm eating indomee uwu
@DefinitelyNot14 Sneks go owo 🐍Doodled on lil sticky notes for friends I was going to meet🐍 @gotdraggedback Omg you did ittttttt💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥 I love the increasing amt of d epresso HAHAHA
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?!I am really happy that both of my sons are having the best time of their lives, doing new things, exploring new pla…
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?!Ice cream 🤤🤤
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?!Tiger 🐅 🐅 🐅
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?!In Peter Rabbit 2 (2021), you can see a rabbit holding a boom mic in the bowl's reflection
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пришлось переться до почты но вообще не жалею
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?!Orang Laut is so cool, sounds like a tribe in fantasy books 😭#hwssingapore #hetalia
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Singa hugging Human!Merlion as his stress release and comfort emotional support while complaining about certain cou…
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?!I did a lot of research to portray this plate with truth and authenticity. #iLoveFood #anActorPrepares
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?! @raion_xiaoshi Also the fact that it's a chosen fam hahah @raion_xiaoshi And also the family is big ah. Like Bman has no control. Must collect. All the kids. @raion_xiaoshi That's what I love about batfam fics. They each all have gone through so much shit and hatred and be… of the loot! video of our shared loot from @salFishArt 💞🐟 Ft. my hands and unintentional paper ASMR while struggling wi…
You can hate Bendis era Jon all you want (as I do) but you are not allowed to hate this angel
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?!Omg the joke about SG is that we literally fill in all 4 squares with the same image 😂🇸🇬 @kaya_pain miss cons
Cool stuff 👁️👁️ followers are in Singapore(51%), USA(11%) Get your free map the weather back to hot and sweaty so out comes me rt my old post:The weather these days be like: 😣😩😵💦 (slowly clearing out my many hwssg wips 👀💦) #hwsSingapore #hwssg
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?!🌸🌟🌠🌸🌟 Rare Original Art moments ft my OC 😌💙
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?!(On Sound) Animated a lil smth i made for a casual zine org by @/wholeravioli on ig 💕 You can also imagine other mu…
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?! @miyudeesper @kaya_pain Omg the emotions and drama like in pic2 💯💯💯🔥🔥 @poppyrous Pien is just 👁️👁️AHHH PRETTY 😭💕
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?!nyo🇸🇬🇲🇾 x kimono 💕 #hwssingapore #hwsmalaysia #hwsMSG
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?!tingkah laku bertiga
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?!Wanna draw asean in tokyo 2020 kimonos but kinda confused to pick pose that showing most representative pattern _(:3
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What is this weather of sweat#hwsmalaysia #hwsindonesia #hwssingapore #hwsphilippines #hwsthailand #hwsvietnam #hwsamerica #hwscanada…
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?!Bless S;ngpost and their customer service and working on Sundays omg 🥺❤️❤️❤️ Solving my panics over overseas parcels
i present to you: every loki hair flip in #Loki
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?! @kaya_pain Omg kaya why you mention this at 1am i now cannot stop thinking about the egg...the borger...
I also just got my second jabby. So am i Tired because Work or Tired because evolving into a 5 G tow erToday, I am Tired Again少年香くんの夏休み。つかバカンス。この夏は私の頭の中では香くんまだまだバカンス中。星くん「僕にも可愛い弟できたよー!😊(末っ子だから)」って喜んでる感じをフォロワさんから聞いて尊い。これからいっしょに街をお散歩。
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I have felt and i have sketches of pattern But i do not have motivation to sew //sad merlion noises///seeing these side by side is doing things to me :^(
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Lol i know tmr is a holiday and rest but im already worrying about Wednesday work instead of chillaxing :')Singapore having a sad day :' I don't have a religion but im sending 💪💪 thoughts to all students and staff i can't…
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?!Big laughs🐊🦎 visited a natural history museum today: Me: time to make memes 😎
I designed smth. Planning a smol thing to be freebie for v4ccinated peeps and like maybe SPARKLEY bigger version fo…
(On Sound) Animated a lil smth i made for a casual zine org by @/wholeravioli on ig 💕 You can also imagine other mu…'re finally done! the SEA big cats!!🐅🦁🐟I put my personal favourite things about the individual countries in, so…
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?! @DefinitelyNot14 Omg shag, pls rest n hydrate. May the suffering be worth you become a 5G tower. 💪💪💪💪
Human!Pien moments w/ Merlion (designed by @jaetohart ) and Human!Mr. Puffin 💕💕💕 #hwsphilippines #hwsSingapore…
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?! @poppyrous Aww they look so adorable and i love how smol Pien is compared to Merlion and MrPuffin 🥺💗💗✨ Also thank y…ꓷꓶꓤOM ƎHꓕ
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?!I'm pitching this show again very soon, so if you're interested in watching a show where The Mummy meets James Bond…
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Client sketch vs. final illustration. ➡️ This is why artists love it when clients sketch out their concept!! No do…
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Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?! @Cattlinggun_ They break both your wallet and your mind - Singa both proud and h8s it like yas make that moneh but…
Precolonial Philippines Design 🇵🇭 Tondo & Mactan in 16th century An era where 🇵🇭 is very involved in the Spice Tra…
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?! @gotdraggedback, y tmr alr monday :'(Peel video of the snek!!🐍 (also I'm sorry for my dirty nails omg im a MESS i swear i am clean ok)
Was feeling Not Okay so decided to do some painting, tried out gouache for the first time,, Issa hard medium to us…
Lrt omg i rmb the swordfish tale Nostalgia @qis_hws Omg mermaid AU ideas here i come👀
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?!MATA (12) Srivijaya Empire 🇮🇩 were the center of Buddhist study in Pacific Asia in the 7th-12th century (Rusli, 201…
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?!Everyone's overworking our shared Clown braincell over hima sensei 's latest image of piri like?????👀👀👀👀👀💦💦💦💦 ¿¿¿¿¿ @qis_hws Omg i rmb this. I also dont know where its from but yes. I love how it looks so weird written in words but… @eat_noodle114 I just found the link. I am One now.Your icon is decorated by [MyDay Clowns 2] #iconDecotter wake up to find every one clowns
doubt they don't get along as kids but I just thought this would be funny. #hwsmalaysia #hwssingapore
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?! @qis_hws Thank you for the content!! And love how indopiri confused why the chasing is opposite nowI am in love with this stock photo couple - I want to write a screenplay about their relationship.
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?!Me: stressed from work Me: time to draw and not sleep cos who's gonna sleep anyway not meExcuse my finger drawing using IG story hahaha. I dont even know what the app ppl usually use for phone drawings hmmLol some times its fun to Brainless Scribble especially when you really are just Tired and Brain Dead, sunshine!🪴☀️ #cookierun #herbcookie
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?!Alternative version with a jealous Mal 🐯🦁 #hwsMSG #hwssingapore #hwsmalaysia
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Enam dari 125-an orang yang dibawa ke Chicago dari Jawa untuk memeriahkan World's Columbian Exposition 1893 – menar…
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?! @hanatsu_04 Omg Mal no Singa is rich enough he got pocket money to buy food dont dive in the river hahahah🇲🇾🦦🇸🇬
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@winkobabat_ Hahaha trade the different "M" now get a Merlion better for hugging and comfort than Mal @minn_mano Mal got a stronger competitor now, living and breathing n muscles🥺💦Pokemon gijinkas for #mermay2021!!! I had so much FUN doing Dragalge! 🧜‍♀️🧜‍♂️😁 #artph #mermay
Retweeted by jae | omgits2021?! @jeanowoproduce Thank you!! 🥺💗 Everyone should have a chonky merlion to hug for emotional support tooAlternative version with a jealous Mal 🐯🦁 #hwsMSG #hwssingapore #hwsmalaysia @poppyrous Human!pien : hugging Human!Merlion as his stress release and comfort emotional support while complaining about certain cou…
Me: this shall just be a casual sketch Also me: what if i ended up lining and colouring @miyuecakes Omg sorry i misidentified🤦‍♀️ but it looks amazing!! The previous batik brush also amaze the details✨✨✨✨ @miyuecakes Omg a batik brush?????? Godlike