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such a pretty face
ya’ll remember “hello everyone this is mark and this is jaemin na” one can rock different types of shades like jaemin can so true 😭
220815 jaemin. jaemin and mark???? @SuccubiWeiying oh how i wish i could too :(
@_mytriplej OMG SO TRUE GOJOJAEM @slthrynana right 😭 sending prayers and thoughts to jsmy poor jisung after losing all three rounds of debate by chenletonin 🤍from jaemin urge to squish him love you jaemin“are you happy now?” jaemin: YES I’M SO HAPPY! was haechan who greeted jaemin first and he did it at 10:30pm the day before jaemin’s actual birthday lol
@Ami_Ags omg happy jaemin day and happy birthday to you too 🫂 @42jaem happy jaemin day maaaaarie! 🫂jaemin: “let’s be happy more than anyone else”0813, jaemin day
@Markeeeeh happy jaemin day my bestest fren hubsies! <3jaemin celebrating jaemin day by being the cutest nanyangi and natokki please i love him so much ig story oh my god if he ain’t the cutest @mirmir_jen happy jaemin day! @nahyuckmyloves he really is! happy jaemin day siil <3it’s true that the prettiest words come from people with the most beautiful hearts i love you jaemin happy birthday… words from jaemin to you @NCTsmtown happy birthday to the love of my life @Kloormybear1 yes it’s on the 13th but they alr celebrated it awhile ago during their live on ig hehe @charmingosh wdym youve actually prepared so much for him :( 🫶🏻2022년 나재민 생일 응원 Namantic Universe Part13——재민테마 한강 유람선 & 불꽃 이벤트 #JAEMIN #재민
Retweeted by @seimeizu OMGGHSJSJS the things i’d do to see that selca…. please @Ieemarkees pls @Ieemarkees of @Ieemarkees can you send me a vm you saying this @Ieemarkees VDHDHSJSJKSLSLSSLour august babies mark and jaemin celebrating their birthday with fans’s so pretty :( we can tell how much you like the cake jaemin 😭 @jisunqpawrk omg now that i think about it…. cute nana jaemin, do you think you’re handsome? jaemin: of course! help the birthday boy photo sequence of dream when the candle wax started dripping on jaemin’s shirt love them i could crydreamies’ birthday song to jaemin’s reaction when haechan congratulated him because they’re having a concert @Ieemarkees GIRL @Ieemarkees wbu
jaemin’s cute and fierce version of this part in beatbox god every detail of him is so perfectna jaemin.
@NCTsmtown_DREAM I LOVE YOU GUYSsuddenly remembered when chenle said that he’s been calling jaemin as “president na” these days* BXHDJDKDi mean i too would do the samegirl screaming her lungs our for na jaemin BDHSJSKS him so happy makes me the happiest :(awww look at how precious and pretty his smile is pretty jaemin @charmingosh yea i can tell how much you really worked hard for this :( don’t forget to rest. i’m positive that the event will be a success! @charmingosh YAY soooooo excited for you! @slthrynana well we can both be his number one! @slthrynana im proud to be his number one @Ieemarkees bold of you to assume that i need an invitation @jaemvici so how do i get my own jaemin @ god @Ieemarkees oh i wanna party with him so bad @Ieemarkees hello my pretty bff hnbntgjfjpretty words from the prettiest person everwhen jaemin compliments fans and calls them pretty @icedminjae DREAMS DO COME TRUEEE @jaemjis cryinggggggg @njmhae it’s so hard to suck my tears back up rnmy 7 world stars in jamsil i’m cryingbdhskslextremely happy for you jaemin @NCTsmtown_DREAM
oh that was a smooth body wave <3 why and how is he so perfect.i’ve got no words just wow na jaemin© wg2202_님all on my mind right now is 2019 jaemin in yellow
jaemin: i like chest exercises more than back exercises also jaemin: there are days where back exercises is better
@Ieemarkees omg nice edit whats gagoe @Ieemarkees waiting for your next comeback @Ieemarkees kinda looks like you too omg hnbntg @jaemallure true and the fact that it’s his fave emoji too makes me sadder :(cat eyes for penshoppe
@jaemallure aaaa nanyangi we gotchu! @nanasoloist omg thank you ann hshshsjs i tried my bestnana, your shirt! @ctkhadee OMYGOD yes that’s actually my current fave bdjssljdkdl @everyjaeminute YES YES YES add extraordinary attorney woo and alchemy of souls to your watch list! @ctkhadee watch alchemy of souls too please…