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@charis they are *so* soft @not_nabeel Right, but bundled clientside scripts are a grey area @dansumption I think is the only one where the vote went objectively wrong. The ones around… @dansumption the polls are expiring now 😀 @bradleymeck @PrashantPalikhe That means the server only needs to install the stuff in devDependencies. @bradleymeck @PrashantPalikhe If the site has a server, and that server code imports lodash from node_modules, then… round of "put the cat on the shed roof" successfully completed @PrashantPalikhe "For a website that is probably not going to be consumed by any other packages" - depends if the site has a server. @rem aww thanks! @rictic The distinction can be meaningful. Eg, deploys can be faster if the host only needs to install a subset of things. @joshribakoff You generally add libraries to a project. That's what libraries are for. @rictic It seems weird to have different rules depending on the vague type of app @joshribakoff It isn't contradictory though. It's bundled by the build process. @joshribakoff You'd get an even bigger shock if you actually used devDependencies for this @joshribakoff @jay_linski Right. Building a binary is perhaps a more real-world example. The question was about dep…
@DotProto boo to posting stuff that might skew the final result @bitandbang @lazerwalker I don't think it's a matter of experience to know the "right" answer. I know folks with to… @Stegosource We're in this together @bitandbang @lazerwalker I think some of them have pretty well-defined right/wrong answers, but others aren't as clear.shout out to @glitch for trying the radical business model of asking people for money for a good service.
Retweeted by Jake Archibald @WORMSStweet @fregante Intend, of course @WORMSStweet @fregante But I did intend bundling @WORMSStweet @fregante How would you word it? @fregante @_jayphelps There's a distinction if there's stuff needed at runtime @_jayphelps @fregante The stuff in (dev)dependencies is purely about what's in node_modulesNew burger restaurant open in Seoul. That slogan at the bottom...
Retweeted by Jake Archibald @cullylarson If you don't need the files in node_modules to run the code (after building), it's a dev dependency imo @fregante @_jayphelps Your last paragraph is why I think it should be a dev dependency @_jayphelps @fregante How did you read it? @fregante This is also covered in the question. @fregante The build tool (as mentioned in the question) @fregante I don't think so. If it's bundled, it's no longer needed in node_modules, which is what dependencies are all about. @darin_hensley I think you've missed the point @tomasdev I'm not saying I do @chaos_monster Sentence fragment. Each question is independent. @fvsch What's a 'root' project? @DerekNonGeneric But in this case it isn't. @TimSeverien But, in that case, the bundled package isn't used at run-time. You could delete it from node_modules a… @DarkoKukovec @kb091412 Where does TypeScript sit here then? It will bundle polyfills if it's compiling for an earlier version of JS. @CallMeWuz If your library puts everything in dependencies (including build & test tools), then anyone installing y… @kb091412 @jstarmx @DarkoKukovec A static website project would only have devDeps yeah. It doesn't run, it only bui… @fjcero Bundled code adds a lot of grey area there. @djm_ Yeah, I added the CI question specifically because of that pattern @jstarmx @DarkoKukovec @kb091412 Fwiw, I generally go with: dependencies: Needed at runtime, or needed to install a… @djm_ That's the split I tend to use. Seems like it gets controversial when it's a module that's bundled into the r… @DarkoKukovec @kb091412 That's an interesting way of looking at it @TheEduardoRFS agreed @jay_linski And yet [gestures towards the current vote result] @dgrammatiko Isn't this answer inconsistent? If client side parts are bundled, then their package is **only** used in the build process.Rollup - this is used to build the library. The library is built after install using a postinstall npm script.lodash - this is imported by some of the client-side code of a static web site. The build tool bundles it into the… - this is imported by some of the client-side code of a static web site. The build tool bundles it into the… - this is imported by some of the server-side NodeJS code of the web app.Rollup - this is used to build the library. The library is built and published by the developer. The built files are published to NPM.mocha - used by the library developer to run - used by web app. It handles the serving of the web app when the app is deployed.dependencies vs devDependencies Let's go… (answer using the polls)
@ericlaw @Lady_Klaus @cpeterso @BrendanEich @jaffathecake @fvsch @cramforce We have postponed the removal of TLS 1.…
Retweeted by Jake Archibald @eisaksen @briankardell @DasSurma @sergiomdgomes I haven't checked, but I imagine Edge now behaves the same as ChromiumWhen you work from home and your manager wants a word with you
Retweeted by Jake Archibald @seldo I feel this may have been needlessly cryptic, so: @mendaomn Ohhhh!
@craigcooperxyz Dave @chrisbrandrick noooooooooooo @ox_n *known* @janl IT WAS THE FRONT NUMBER PLATE oh god that's worse isn't it"LOOK, that number plate is also pixelated. And that's not a bum." Apparently this excuse is "shit".a) I am, through my professional capacity, highly attuned to spotting visual artifacts that disrupt the user experi… Twitter. I need you to help settle a domestic dispute. While watching Meet The Richardsons on TV, I noticed tha… @anzar_alim @florinpop1705 @js_tut @FrancescoCiull4 I don't think any of these options need to be "for all" @Crypto48102790 Nah
@seldo "what the fuck is 'spunow'??" - me before someone told me I was holding it upside down“When a grid’s misaligned with another behind, that a Moire.”
Retweeted by Jake Archibald @sundress One of ours leaped out of a first floor window and looked very pleased with himself. He never tried it again after that though. @chuckle_hound @bruised_blood Yep! @bruised_blood I absolutely love that movie. Excited about the series they're developing.Where we're going… we won't need broadband. @0xADADA It's absolutely terrifyingI've had to put on a "digital video disc"For the uninitiated has gone down in the neighborhood. I just heard Baby Shark abruptly end in the neighbour's house. I feel… @DasSurma I'm going to take my special seat from the first bite @DasSurma I ordered takeaway from that pub @rvanderelst @rikschennink They're amazing. With the rugs they looks like bats.Hmm, I realise a lot of you follow me purely for web dev stuff, but tweeting bullshit has really helped with the is… @rahamanabdurar @DasSurma It's REALLY good exercise @DasSurma @tabatkins Ohhh yes please @glenwheeler @twaha_rahman bwoah! @twaha_rahman Yeah! @thibaultmol @DasSurma Ah, noted @itsashis4u I'm not 100% sure. I thought it would. @twaha_rahman Kimi and Senna. That's Kimi, here's Senna @ShirtlessKirk Yeah, cow paths is a popular term tooThe cats have preferred routes through the garden, and it's formed little paths. @fhemberger @DasSurma At this point, I'm not even sure @DasSurma Yep (although sped up)! Also, same, I can hear the song from the actions. @DasSurma so, I carried out the experiment. It looses it's shit in sunlight. Kinda ok in the shade, but if it catc… @markhurrell Seems so!