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Ok geniuses, explain how: thread 🧵 on setting a SameSite value for your cookies, as I've seen a few misconceptions. I promise it's quick: 1⃣2⃣3⃣
Retweeted by Jake Archibald🚨 Grim Fandango is available /for free/ on the Mac App Store until Sunday! 💀
Retweeted by Jake Archibald @yuxie2013 @_developit It's a little slide framework I built, but I haven't documented it. I keep meaning to rewrit… @MikeRiethmuller The negative reviews were by gamergate types. Ignore them.
I was playing The Last of Us, creeping down a corridor, then heard a terrifying zombie sound. Totally jumped and ra… @markodugonjic For webp, @this_is_KCB Thank you! @mikeal @Rich_Harris @mikemaccana @guybedford @wesleytodd @WebReflection @bradleymeck @spion ah, I guess you're usi… @simevidas @rem yeah, as long as it doesn't shift layout @mikeal @Rich_Harris @mikemaccana @guybedford @wesleytodd @WebReflection @bradleymeck @spion There's res.ok fwiw @tkadlec @AndyDavies @PetraGregorova ohh are we doing first-conference-talk photos? @firt @rem @johnwilander @font It'll effect local() in @font-face, but yeah, not url(). @rem I don't think this applies to hosted web fonts, just fonts installed on the user's machine, as that can help y… @patrick_h_lauke @brucel deepathefake @brucel 😀 nah, the lighting changes between cuts. It's really _really_ well done though. @Hk7Moryan It isn't really important, as it isn't how F1 works. If F1 worked like that, most of the grid would have… @Hk7Moryan No, sorry (it's also a lucky hit) @rem displays a little "ready to work offline" notificationHonest to god I can’t think of anything more undignified than someone taking a poo without a phone to occupy them,…
Retweeted by Jake Archibald @brucel This is really really well done. I was initially convinced it was real. @4esn0k @rem I'm not sure about implementations, but spec-wise, the manifest request will go via the service worker… @rem Good question. I'm not sure favicon fetching is defined. In terms of homescreen icons, those are cached by the… @lukastaegert Although me and @DasSurma have our preferences with bundlers, hopefully the tests were still fair
@owencm @MikeRiethmuller Hah!🔊 New HTTP203 podcast! Me and @DasSurma look at the past, present, and future of JavaScript bundlers. @brad_frost @sarah_edo ok but when's it national Oasisday?? @jpluimers There's the load event, but that happens late. You could poll location.href 😕 @rowan_m that photo is brilliant @knotnicky @g33konaut any idea how to debug something like this? @mikehall314 Do it!Here's the bug report for Chrome think the confusion comes down to the weird design of window.location – it has async setters, which are usually a… makes sense. You want to rely on window.location reflecting the URL of the current page, not something that ha… spec says window.location should represent the URL of the current active document. When you create a new brows…, let's dig into this. Here's a demo Chrome: logs about:blank, loads 1.html Firefox: log… @ryanflorence This happens all the time. Take for example. It's a list. Yet it's implemente… @ScriptedAlchemy @codingsafari @_developit Hasn't clicked yet for me ☹️. Doesn't seem particularly documented. When… @ScriptedAlchemy @codingsafari @_developit Fwiw, Rollup does the build for itself. @ScriptedAlchemy @codingsafari @_developit The community plugins for webpack are better than the ones for Rollup. H… @MikeRiethmuller Haha it does a bit!
@TitusWinters @steverockan @BruceDawson0xB @b0rk That's my experience too. Seems like @steverockan needs to check t… @codingsafari @_developit Maybe. But at one point the community had chosen prototype/jquery/grunt/gulp/backbone/etcetcEver wondered how Rollup and Webpack plugins differ? @jaffathecake & I have a video for you:
Retweeted by Jake Archibald @steverockan @BruceDawson0xB @b0rk Limited by what? @BruceDawson0xB @b0rk And a kudos always feels like "well done but also fuck you, I didn't hit the money button whi… @_ytrewqqwerty_ @mountain_ghosts ehhhhh that might be the other side of the problemreminds me of every tech writer that says functions should be 5 lines long and never talks about the resulting huge…
Retweeted by Jake Archibald @fuadnafiz98 @DasSurma @_developit Yay! @JuliusKovac @_developit Yep! (there are more links in the YouTube description) @hkdennis2k Yeah, because there's a period where the iframe has been created but the src hasn't fetched yet @actel ohhh yessss @woodfairyd Absolutely, and anyone (@DasSurma) who tells you otherwise is a liarScotland is not having it
Retweeted by Jake Archibald @mhofman Oh, are you saying it'll be accessible again once the same-origin document loads? What if the navigation is aborted? @hkdennis2k Cloning doesn't clone any internal state of the iframe @DasSurma 👆 INCORRECT @hkdennis2k Yeah, that seems wrong to me. Thankfully the normative prose doesn't make the same mistake. @mhofman ohhh, that would break so much of the web @chuacheehow Yeah, the cross-origin element made the question more confusing than I intended. @hkdennis2k That's handled here No-op. @hkdennis2k It's pretty well defined ate too many of these and now I feel _sad_. @slightlylate fwiw, in background fetch I mandated certain behaviors of the display, but left it pretty open-ended. @TheYannic that isn't what the spec says, fwiw 😀 @lukastaegert @DasSurma fixed! @FremyCompany Yeah, there's window.stop() @hkdennis2k If you create a new browsing context (via an iframe or, the default page is about:blank) @FremyCompany WELL…! @DasSurma Fwiw, I recreated the question without the cross-origin part @intrnl0 The cross-origin thing does confuse things. I've changed the question is the URL to 1.html B is about:blankWithout testing it, what would you _prefer_ to happen here: (answer via poll in next tweet) @ShaneHudson You're right. This is confusing. One moment… @FremyCompany A: B: about:blank (as defined in the previous tweet) Log refers to console.l… @lukastaegert @DasSurma haha, we'll add more tests at some point. Can't let you folks off too easily. @DasSurma @lukastaegert You're right, it wasn't the weighting, it was just a tiny error that was counting categorie… @peterlof 3d space, but in my case I didn't have any rotation going on. I was trying to 3d transform an environment… @Nyr0 @_developit @DasSurma @argyleink @kosamari @Una You shouldn't need to do the hashing yourself, just return th… @peterlof Right, but I can do the same with DOMMatrix right? The problem is the calculation outlined in the OP @peterlof I don't think this does the thing I'm looking for, unless I'm missing something @AlexAegis @GoogleChromeDev Folks visit a lot of sites, and if users get used to dismissing a particular dialog, they stop 'seeing' it. @lukastaegert (early-on, we planned to give some tests a particular 'weight', but never really followed through wit… @lukastaegert Hah! I'll figure out what's going on. I have a theory…
@SixOneZil The learning curve is gradual and steady. You'll be surprised how much better you'll get just by playing it. @stephband I don't think so, in the same way you can't set them on a DOMFragment @jvanallen93 @holman @holman fwiw, it had to be something that wasn't already used on the web, and that's… a lot of URLs ☹️ @soluhmin I'm not really familiar with AMP, maybe @pbakaus knows what's going on here. I guess the AMP CSS parser is stricter? @dan_abramov Not really mathsy, but all Public Service Broadcasting albums have a good story throughout them, with… to think about at the pub
Retweeted by Jake Archibald @jordaneisenburg @DasSurma well I don't know who the first two are so… @ChandyTech @DasSurma Maybe @mathias knows? I have limited experience with JS i18n stuff. @NerveClasp Hmm, it's maybe true that I wouldn't have picked Schindler's List. There may have been a better choice… @NerveClasp The joke is about the popularity of "cinematic universes", and how reality is the original cinematic un… @ProgramMax @DasSurma Ah sorry, didn't mean to gif-splain to you, it was for others reading the thread @NerveClasp I'm referring to
@ProgramMax @DasSurma Yep each frame can have it's own palette, and be layered over the top of the previous "frame"…, apparently Chernobyl and Tiger King take part in the same cinematic universe