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@adm1t_IT This usually only appears when you disable JavaScript via Chrome Dev Tools. But maybe you have an extension that's doing that? @adm1t_IT Does it load if you cmd-shift-reload?Today it was announced that Yahoo! Groups is shutting down, and taking with it a piece of critical national infrast…
Retweeted by Jake Archibaldhappy anniversary to the greatest tweet ever posted
Retweeted by Jake Archibald
@smfr @programmer_just Does native have the same split? As in frame-by-frame driven animation runs at 60, whereas d…
@nachenachena @goofrider …threats to kill someone @nachenachena @goofrider You see death threats as equal to a couple of 'naughty' words? Wow @nachenachena @goofrider No problem. Thank you for suggesting you're super cool with death threats in this situation. @goofrider @nachenachena (I actually got some weird death threats over that message from weird religious folk) @webmathcat It already exists on Android and OSX. I assume other operating systems have similar things. @webmathcat Both Android and iOS have platform level zoom features. I don't think all interactions should be given a breaking delay.
@Paul_Kinlan sorry
Huh, same as me. Except the owl bit. @leecheneler Haha well I've got a waterproof @leecheneler Well it's going to piss down all week so that kind of touristy stuff is a good recommendation @miyagawa Did you see Good job Hamilton didn't get Vettel on the last lap. That'd have been a mess. @miyagawa I wish Hamilton would stop whinging and just get on with it
@sil Yep! Picture is at @ianstormtaylor @michaelbenin developers here were pretty vocal about the ability to abort… @ajr_codes Going next weekThe UK has some great village names. 2005 Japanese Grand Prix was one of the greatest races in F1 history… We’re streaming it LIVE on our YouTube c…
Retweeted by Jake Archibald @ianstormtaylor It separates the ability to abort from listening for the event @magbicaleman What do you mean?
@JennieGow Inters? @Krilllind We're just using the 'paste' event @DanShappir I figured this might happen, which I why I included in the article @MyCodeStinks We filmed some on Wednesday (and did a podcast), so you smell something, but we didn't talk about paste @JtQuinn1 Fair. Although, the band were American. @JennieGow Is there a rivalry between the BBC, C4, and Sky folks, or is it one big happy family?
@platinum_west Pretty integrated. Kinda difficult to answer since there's no unit of integration @jyzg @yoavweiss @ericlaw @domenic See @sw12 On that sorta scale @micmath It's ok, ben has a plan @rlymakesuthonk Doesn't seem to. @sil @ppk hm, maybe the hidden attribute is a better answer here. I guess I should do more accessibility testing.🎨 Little-known feature: It supports paste. You can copy an image from Photoshop (or whateve… @ppk The timezone toggle on It's hidden until the JS loads. @gianlucaguarini this is going down pretty welli have the kind of hangover that can only be cured by weak-ass prog rock @MattWilcox Ugh I need to get rid of it from my site. What's the best alternative these days?
@youyuxi @Rich_Harris @aweary @AdamRackis @justinfagnani @preetster @cramforce Paint-by-numbers gif humour is easy 🙄 @Rich_Harris @aweary @AdamRackis @justinfagnani @preetster @cramforce Yes! If that's surprising, I think there's st… @aweary @Rich_Harris @AdamRackis @justinfagnani @preetster @cramforce I think there might be confusion around terms… @Rich_Harris @AdamRackis @justinfagnani @preetster @cramforce Is anyone saying that. I mean, lit-html exists in that space for a reason. @Rich_Harris @AdamRackis @justinfagnani @preetster I don't think that involves getting rid of web components, it ju…📝 New article: Cascading Cache Invalidation I discuss how some of our caching best practices can actually backfire…
Retweeted by Jake Archibald @eddedmondson looks pretty pleased with himself @heydonworks I wonder if slight amplitude & timing fluctuations would add to the natural sound @f1elvis Nah mate it involves way too much travel
@kosamari wait, this needs context @zcorpan @Paul_Kinlan Ahh but it's since been removed? That kinda explains our confusion @annevk @Paul_Kinlan Is it that novel in a world of bfcache? @Paul_Kinlan But on that note, @annevk, do you know why iframes reload when they're moved around the DOM? It'd be n… @Paul_Kinlan sorry not sorry for accidentally ruining your post @wbuxtonofficial Also, GRiD *is* the racing series with the best balance of fun vs simulation @heydonworks A hammer hamms @holly I once got locked in Victoria station toilets. I was having a dump while listening to a podcast. I *apparent… @dfabu I'm honestly not. "No on disagreed" is very different to "everyone agreed". And an idea what starts "what if… @davidwalshblog Interesting read. Although Pornhub's place in the industry is more complicated than "it's porn". I… @dfabu I think it would be a waste for the reasons given in
@voxpelli Related @dfabu I think the first one is more complex, contentious, and can be solved with a simple library. If you want to… @dfabu I'm definitely aiming to do the 2nd one next year. @mischmerz By 'users' I was referring to developers. They are users of the API. @mischmerz I don't work on the push spec so I can't speak for those folks, but I frequently engage with folks here… @mischmerz That isn't how it works, but of course, you know that, and are just being a troll. What you're talking a… glad we're leaving the EU in order to make deals with a guy who'll threaten to obliterate a random country's e…
Retweeted by Jake Archibald @mischmerz No, we didn't discuss push at all. @gpakosz The more I use both, the more I think you should default to grid, and only use flexbox if it can't be done in grid.big day for pizza news isn't it?Huge huge news. Congratulations to the #a11y community. Also if you want to lose a considerable amount of weight ov…
Retweeted by Jake ArchibaldI just published Making VSCode run faster on Chromebooks. #chromebook #crostini #vscode
Retweeted by Jake Archibald @lmartins huh, I'll give that a try @tedmasterweb 😀 @tedmasterweb @tedmasterweb Yeah, the way I'm hiding content looks like a mistake from my side. It's a few years ago so I can't e… @philhawksworth @bruised_blood @netmag @biilmann JUDO CHOP!Obligatory excuse me while i search for a new psychiatrist
Retweeted by Jake Archibald @tedmasterweb Yeah, looks like someone made a PR for it That project is just an experiment… saw this bluecrown passionflower at the weekend. The only reason I can tell you it's a bluecrown passionflower is… to be genuinely devastated if Pizza Express folds. And not just because that would make it Calzone Express.
Retweeted by Jake ArchibaldSizing + aspect ratio has been tricky for images and video on the web. This should make it easier: Intent to Ship:…
Retweeted by Jake Archibald @danjme Broadline is also prescription only and covers worms etc. I guess Broadline & Frontline are pretty different. @benschwarz you win a pint of gin & tonic📝 New post! A summary of the service worker stuff we discussed at TPAC. ➡️ "Resurrection" ➡️ self.serviceWorker ➡️… @danjme We're on broadline. What's the difference? @philhawksworth Yes! I have to open the pack silently in another postcode @coldclimate That works with one of our cats, but the one in the photo is in such a mood he'll actively refuse his favourite treatsHe hates the monthly flea treatment (a liquid on the back of the neck), so he spends the rest of the evening giving…
@rem Whoa, astalavista! @rem (I'm experimenting with releasing posts a day before I tweet about them. I'm not sure why yet, maybe just as a… @rem Cheers! And yeah, a pint of g&t is… powerful @csswizardry Agreed. In that case a days recovery/prep time is much cheaper. @csswizardry @British_Airways Is it a lifestyle? If I manage to get business class, I can get more work done on the… @tkingdot There was an interesting thread about this recently I found the defence of astrology pretty surprising. @seldo Yesterday I discovered a fox had shat on my hosepipe. None of this is a metaphor. @rem I realise that doesn't use all the letters, but since it's #fronteers I think you're allowed to Dutch it up a bit: "Shperm ray" @TimvdLippe @rem there's worse