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@odedshr @argyleink Login is very explicit consent @odedshr @argyleink An search-ranking bump means sites that make a legitimate use of cookies would be moved below t… @wortwart @argyleink Just wait until everyone who voted 'yep' learns about server logs. @rchod Take a look at It seems almost impossible to use properly. @zmvictor It's already optional. If the server doesn't use it, it doesn't happen. The problem we have is that serve… early hints (which are in theory a hop slower) seem easier to think about haven't updated the results in a while, but when I looked at it in 2017, a combination of design a browser bugs m…'s been talked about for years now, but we might get to the point where browsers disable HTTP/2 push support, bec… @heydonworks lol I linked to the wrong code. Here's the code for the in-page demos @heydonworks For instance, on this post, I wrote the content in markdown & html, but did th… @heydonworks There's nothing about TypeScript that forces you to use it to write HTML, so that sounds like an issue… @heydonworks It's definitely something new to learn, and frustrating when you're given a codebase that you'd be abl… @mclovin046 @TommyWTF1 That is indeed what he said. He also said that we should stay in the customs union. He said… @heydonworks The thing I like about TypeScript is it isn't a completely different language, it's just additions to… @mclovin046 @TommyWTF1 Folks said "encouraging people to go to pubs/restaurants enmasse will increase the R number"… @heydonworks The "as HTMLFormElement" is the only bit of non-JavaScript in that example. JavaScript doesn't have ty… @mclovin046 @TommyWTF1 The u-turn isn't the problem, but you only need to u-turn if you went in the wrong direction… @heydonworks (btw, I didn't like TypeScript when I first used it, and I still have bad days, but I love the auto-co… @heydonworks But I only have to tell it what it is once @heydonworks That hasn't really been my experience with TypeScript. Yes, you might have to tell it that document.qu… @heydonworks Seems like there's some discussion of this, but I haven't read the whole thread @heydonworks But yeah, it doesn't have a good story in terms of browser support. It either thinks an API exists or… @heydonworks Maybe the road map metaphor can go further. If you're just popping to the shops, a road map is extra b… @heydonworks I mean, it's the same as using an old road map. Parts of it may be incorrect due to things that were c…[sits down after telling people to follow the rules] @heydonworks Yeah, but the version of TypeScript you're using didn't know it was possible (same as old browsers don… @heydonworks Only in browsers that support it. @heydonworks The reason Array.from worked, is that it doesn't need an iterator: @heydonworks - I guess you're using old definitions. This is because the iterator on docum… @Keir_Starmer When you've dropped your fork on the floor at Wetherspoons complain about a lack of right wing comics but on the other hand we've let one run the country. Swings & roundabouts innit. @ginhing__ I've heard a lot of people say ay-viff
@DasSurma @philhawksworth @DasSurma @philhawksworth When I was there, we weren't allowed _ in top level paths on beca… @philhawksworth An elderly relative, who'd rejected anything new since the 70s, asked me what I did. I looked aroun… @ESR360 @DeepLearn1ng I think it's fine to avoid return if you've got a single statement, but chaining statements w… @ESR360 @DeepLearn1ng The reason I wouldn't use reduce for this, is it reads very out of order. The initial value i… @AmeliasBrain @DasSurma Having lived mostly in small towns/cities in the UK, my 'reckons' may not even be representative of the UK. @tabatkins @DasSurma 😀 but I'm pretty safe there. Very few 30-somethings called Jake in the UK. But, there are lots… @ESR360 @DeepLearn1ng Fair enough. But why is that a goal? You can create an iife if you _must_ create an extra sco… @ESR360 @DeepLearn1ng No tricks necessary: @AmeliasBrain @DasSurma Interesting! Tony feels very white in the UK, to me anyway. But then, so does Gary. @FraserNelson Prof. Karol Sikora, or to give him his full medical title, Karol Sikora. @AndrewSparrow Might be worth mentioning Sikora's credentials when mentioning his letter 😀 @PlanetMineTech also lol your twitter feed is almost exclusively you making sweeping statements about 'the left'.… @PlanetMineTech It's as simple as that in a closed system. We do not exist in a closed system. Open your eyes. @PlanetMineTech It's personal experience that contrasts with the blame young people are receiving. Also, I am a 30-… @DasSurma "Gary" is a strong contender @tmthyrd @wattengard I'm not in the US @wattengard They all look like Tonys. @heydonworks when was text contrast banned? @JamesLMilner The annoying thing is they often aren't holding hands, they're standing just too far apart, to achiev… pattern: A group of lads who look like they were drawn from the nightmares of Daily Mail readers, shuffle…
@coderkind @gsnedders Oh fuck I think I'm going to write a blog post about footnotes @coderkind @gsnedders Yeah, I think <details> is ok for longer content, but if it's a line or two¹ then it's better… @davemethvin Your life is now Final Destination except a coconut will get you
Retweeted by Jake ArchibaldFootnotes on the web: "This technique works everywhere[1]." Hmm. I don't know if that note is important or not. B…
Retweeted by Jake Archibald @gsnedders @reillyeon This is why additional content should just be inline, with some inline indication that it's o… @reillyeon @gsnedders Like, we avoid tight leading because it makes scanning hard, but then champion footnotes? @reillyeon @gsnedders Maybe I'm broken but I can't fathom how they can be considered good UX on paper @gsnedders I agree that footnotes exist and there isn't markup for them, but I've found them a terrible user experi… @gsnedders As a sighted user, I find content in parentheses easier to treat as optional. I can scan it in place wit… @gsnedders As a sighted user, I don't have that experience with footnotes. I scan to find the extra content referen… @gsnedders What's the difference between a footnote and information hidden behind an interaction? @gsnedders Don't we have <details> for in-place data hidden behind an interaction? @gsnedders An alternative is to make the activation text a decent description of the destination. And that's a hyperlink 😀 @gsnedders Then I went to the supermarket¹ And now you perform some action to reveal the additional information, b… @NHSEnglandSW Does the virus have nukes now? @Peston If one group's best description is 'others', you have your answer.Impossible to know who trust. Data scientists and epidemiologists, or 'others'. @auchenberg @SandraPersing Count me in @exclipy @BeffernieBlack @BeatSaber @getsupernatural It's not available in the UK, and I loathe the idea of paying… @BeffernieBlack For a while I set up a cheap exercise bike in front of the TV and played PlayStation at the same ti… @BeffernieBlack I started exercising because it was either that or eat/drink less, and fuck that. I hate it every t… @JamesHi97813291 @edgarwright Well, I looked up moribund in my dictionary, and it said “Moribund, adjective, meanin… some time trying to figure out what "hunited" meant #24hunited @theboocock @nickdaleburns @tomkXY @holman @github Folks, the point here isn't that changing "master" to "main" is… to give much credit to @github for this when they could have just dropped ICE as a customer and really stood f…
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@phae @dalmaer @Paul_Kinlan @slightlylate I like nitrogen flavoured with oxygen, but just breathing nitrogen would still kill a normal human @dalmaer @Paul_Kinlan @phae and @slightlylate tried to convince me by buying "diet coke" sauce for theirs @Paul_Kinlan He's got to sign up. This is important. I can't have them untracked. @KristoferKeane @AccidentalP @DuncanStott At Universal Florida last year one of the staff said to me 'have a nice d…
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@scottjehl I kinda like it, but also see why others didn't. I certainly look back on it with a smile. @fhemberger Joke is 9 years old tho @fhemberger I've used the joke before during conference Q&A, so it's a taken opportunity 😀 @scottjehl Yet Dilbert is still going. Where is the justice? @scottjehl I'm really sad the internet archive doesn't have a capture of it. I thought it was there for a few weeks. @fhemberger fwiw, I've used that joke before. Also College held a discussion on potential new mascots, so a student sent me the zoom link.
Retweeted by Jake Archibald(this was once a banner across the top of was 12 years ago btw)What's stopping you from coding like this? @LeaVerou This is in Chrome behind the Experimental Web Platform Features flag. Here's the bug report (although it'… @ericlaw @ericlaw Yep, I can recreate the issue here @ericlaw I'm on 4265 here @ericlaw Don't suppose you've got a reduced test ready to go? @ericlaw I'm seeing issues in Chrome Canary on Android