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Without a doubt. Amazing that it was apparently "saved" by last-minute edits and reshoots. @ThisIsJoFrank Haha "(up the bum)" @ThisIsJoFrank The cover photo here is about the extent of my art skill. Brilliant. @aerotwist Should have taken your colour lens @noopkat Nah that's Rocket League, which is still the best (not board) game ever @zbgnwzlnrwcz I have never pooped in a urinal. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar. @tabatkins @heydonworks Are they? I wasn't sure where the boundary is. Splendor is a difficult one to categoriseThe man at the urinal next to me finished up and said "ohhh that's better" @digitalgravy @rem Thank you for all the recommendations! @WickyNilliams Really enjoying the recommendations! @peterarchibald Ohh hello! Didn't realise you were on Twitter @Mustafa_x One day!Whoa, thank you everyone, so many good recommendations! I've bought Robo Rally & Pandemic for now. Cheers! @coderkind Haha yep we already have this. @wblut @katie_fenn Yeah, that seems to be a frequent mention. Buying it, cheers! @andybudd Yes! Someone brought secret Hitler round to mine, but no one had played it before, and we were drunk by t… @v1vendi Ugh, that sucks @maxx0r I think I played Uno to death as a kid @rem Cheers! Yeah on the look out for both 2 player and 2+ stuff.Maybe I should just play Ricochet Robots more (I really recommend it if you haven't played it). Any ideas?➡️ A player that makes early mistakes shouldn't spend the next three hours being shat on. Monopoly is terrible for… examples: Ricochet Robots: Great puzzle game, but rounds are short and you don't need to retain state between…➡️ Something that doesn't prevent social interaction. Bad examples: Chess. Splendor. I actually really like splend… anyone help me out with some boardgame/card game recommendations? I have a set of requirements 😀 and I don't k… US pundit today:
Retweeted by Jake Archibald @JorenBroekema If you're saying over 7000 data points counts as a "non-strict boolean" (whatever that is), wow… I cannot help you. @JorenBroekema If you're saying 88 is exactly the same as 100, then I can see how you might arrive at your current…
@JorenBroekema How would you express 88% using one binary digit? @JorenBroekema How would that make it a binary issue? @JorenBroekema I think it would be even better if we recognised it wasn't a binary issue, and instead we could stud… @JorenBroekema Where did I make that claim Joren? @JorenBroekema Dozens? Ok, go on @JorenBroekema The "both sides" excuse doesn't really work here @AminKhanDesign @brucel Not really, Corbyn was, but not most of the party. But even charitably we can say the major… @AminKhanDesign @brucel Remain parties got 52% of the public vote. @heydonworks @brucel Unfortunately I don't see those things going away in 5 years @bradleymeck For me, the example above behaves as I'd expect, because it matches what I'd consider to be the 'equiv… @brucel Yep. The UK is a traditionally conservative country, and the only way we can make things somewhat better is… @bradleymeck this is exactly what I'd expect. What would you expect? @bradleymeck It should just be as-you-expect™, right? @steppehaan > So the foo on Superclass is called before the constructor log because constructor has no super()? Ye… @justinfagnani Like I said, it's sensible, but it's still complicated. Kinda like `for (let…)` in that respect. It… @Home_Halfway My other half can immediately lose the context of a conversation without warning. Her: Ugh, that car… @MartijnSaly @cassiecodes @rem ahh, the ol' bouncy floor trouble"Hey, let's edit the interview of the opposition so it looks like he can't answer the question" "Hey, what if we p…"The forest was shrinking, but the trees kept voting for the axe because it's handle was made of wood and they thou…
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Retweeted by Jake Archibald @rauschma Ohh of course, I don't even need the iife! @evanplaice The class field proposal has already landed, and the code still runs after super(). It's just sugar for… @vitezslavferko Native @the_spkr yep, but that makes sense since you if you wanted to, say, increment it.I hadn't appreciated how complicated class field initialisation was. It's the sensible thing to do, but it's pretty… @ben_a_adams fucking hell🙃*despairs* @johnwards @garethadams That doesn't really make sense when you're explaining someone else's joke to them @bodil I think Johnson is going to get *more* than the exit poll suggest
@stevemcneil 5-10 years of this @paulrobertlloyd I've turned it off'I never thought leopards would eat MY face,' sobs woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party.
Retweeted by Jake Archibald @garethadams yes thank you that was the jokeoh well never mind100% win for Labour. Here we go lads!! @stevemcneil Nah, they won't have themselves together in 5 years."Are you in the right headspace to receive information that might hurt you?"
Retweeted by Jake Archibald @drewm He's so big now! @jesslynnrose ugh yes. I've even had people tweet me with stuff like "LOL you have 'advocate' in your bio but it sh… @pbakaus Here's scale vs transform, animating linearly. Scale doesn't take perspective int… @tomayac @KHenry @ChromiumDev @ChromeDevTools @AMPhtml @mathias Seems like Android works @KHenry @tomayac @ChromiumDev @ChromeDevTools @AMPhtml @mathias lol which Twitter seems to ignore @KHenry @tomayac @ChromiumDev @ChromeDevTools @AMPhtml @mathias Unicode Variation Selector-15 ⚡︎ @mimeartist Ohh I might be able to pull better code out of this(it's the code for zooming into arbitrary parts of the sports bracket (1:42:50 if the time link doesn't work))fwiw, I was trying to figure out the transform to apply to an element, so a particular set of its child elements wo… @james_blue_cat But today, say #NeverCorbyn by putting a big disapproving ❌ next to @UKLabour @othermaciej 😿 hope everything turns out ok
@ag_dubs Well it can fuck off into the past @marcosc But thanks to how modern Twitter works, you'll be promoting those promoted tweets to others @hankchizljaw @Rumyra 😭 @jonkoops @lmartins Yep, I learned more about git using tortoisegit 100 years ago than I would if I was just thrown the cli @lmartins @jonkoops I think the moral here is: Bad GUIs are bad. I was unhappy about the configurability of compres… @dom767 @chriswearshats @UKLabour The claim the UK will become bankruptMan what the FUCK are poets talking about
Retweeted by Jake Archibald @dom767 @chriswearshats @UKLabour You've also gone from complaining about a lack of facts to just making stuff up.… @dom767 @chriswearshats @UKLabour Wait, you just went from "the parties are much of a muchness", to "one will actua… @dom767 @chriswearshats @UKLabour The folks doing Brexit and keeping no-deal on the table are good for the economy? @dom767 @chriswearshats @UKLabour When we're talking about what the current incarnation of the Tories say they'll d… @HenriHelvetica @NolanOBrien refers specifically to JPEG @HenriHelvetica @NolanOBrien No browser supports HEICStarting today, Twitter will preserve JPEGs as they are encoded for upload on Twitter for Web. (Caveat, cannot have…
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@mutablejoe @TimSeverien Bad GUIs are bad. @justrhysism @mparpaillon ok ok I've installed it 😀. Seems familiar enough. I'll give it a spin. @AminKhanDesign haha! @ubilliards It is with me @philhawksworth Totally agree. I'd be voting Lib Dem if it was the best choice for getting the Tories out. @mparpaillon I've tried it in the past, but it looks a lot better now