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Twitter is a hysterical microcosm, and I don't mean it's funny.

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@SholaMos1 @JuliaHB1 @maitlis "if you can, move any vulnerable individuals (such as the elderly and those with unde… @SholaMos1 @JuliaHB1 @maitlis The fact is you don't know the rules. He didn't break them. There is provision for ta… @58JDM @penny38555832 @gryphotic @dmck52 @ashcowburn @maitlis I had no problem with Kinnock either, but Tahir Ali d… @crownarmourer Yeup. @SkyNews Two people were asked to leave? So all the other party-goers could stay then? Oh, there weren't any, some… @Fox_Claire "Fascist" seems to be the new badge we, who might dare to think for ourselves, should wear in the eyes…
@ashcowburn @maitlis The country is increasingly not seeing the BBC, or interested in the opinion of its presenters… @cumbria_matt @cursednumber7 @cjsnowdon @maitlis @lewis_goodall I don’t watch television news at all, I get what I… @beneleo @Paul_Davidsen @JWSpry Sounds good to me @niall_gooch Cummings wasn’t the only one. @Tobias64256050 @cjsnowdon I wonder if they’re of the view the licence fee is going to be scrapped anyway, so let’s… @YvetteHenson @RogTallbloke @gringolito @Jaklh1 The media should be in hysterics about troops massing anywhere, the… @AltNewsMedia If ever there was someone you hope will remain in isolation permanently... @MattHemley It can’t be a new normal, there’s nothing normal about it, it cannot be financially viable and is quite ridiculous.I've been asked by @TheSimonEvans to say that he's just taking a break from Twitter. No one has offended him; he ha…
Retweeted by JAG1898 @charliehtweets He’s not even yesterday’s man, he is just irrelevant. @SuzanneEvans1 @RogTallbloke Just noticed I said “sad”. What would life be without typos. 🤦🏻 @autosport @F1 Jim Clark was my first sporting hero, so I like to think he would still be unbeatable in a reliable car, but no-one knows. @SuzanneEvans1 @RogTallbloke Very well sad, thank you. @mattushka @fharris2011 @GoodwinMJ Put Abbott in charge and we would have had 100 million deaths, or 5... million thousand... and 4. @MerrynSW 🤦🏻 @niall_gooch I don’t look good in a hat. I don’t look good without a hat either, but a hat does make things slightly worse. @oflynnsocial They don’t want to frighten children with pictures of Emily Thornberry. @AmandaBowles @MediaGuido He did indeed say it and quite a few people told him what they thought of him before he went into hiding. @emraczkowski @Fox_Claire Good luck Emma, hopefully things will look brighter soon. @MikeC12 @colinsutton There have been ifs and buts from the outset. @ThomasEvans1984 If he’d been a champion of Brexit, there would be plenty of manufactured outrage. @vlue157nose @ThomasEvans1984 @BarristersHorse No-one wants to talk to him, for any reason. @SkyNews How exciting, he leaves his home, whatever next? Meantime, the media scrum jostle each other for the best… @capuchinster @TheSimonEvans Thank you, you too. @capuchinster @TheSimonEvans Fair enough, I’m not a fan of his, but don’t believe he did anything wrong either. I’m… @MT4tk @DawkinsReturns @nsgdm1 Whatever @TheSimonEvans I do wonder how much difference general lockdown fatigue and that locked-down news audience made, bu… @MT4tk @DawkinsReturns @nsgdm1 He did not break the rules. There is an exemption for childcare and others have used it for similar reasons. @MerrynSW Yes, but hard to resist when your near neighbours and contemporaries are doing the same. I'm never optimi… @TheSimonEvans It's singularly unimpressive. @wbuxtonofficial That's a bit OTT. @EveningStandard Has anyone asked the fashion police for comment yet? Maybe Mums Net might not approve of his prefe… @SkyNews You have such contempt for your viewers and polls confirm the public opinion of the media has plummeted. Y… @Fenbeagle @RogTallbloke @JuliaHB1 @CarlosHaydock @talkRADIO There are encouraging noises about all shops being ope… @montie YES! The media's behaviour is inexcusable. @MariaLaoise @RitaPanahi Some people are angry at Cummings, some people are angry at the self-righteous hyprocrites… @talkRADIO @JuliaHB1 I don't give a flying **** what he did, it was less risky than the clapping muppets on Westmin… @BethRigby Can you honestly say you believe Cummings took his decisions lightly? Can you honestly say there are not… @KayBurley If your theory needs the support of Campbell, you've lost the argument. @ShareProphets Hopefully Aston can pull through this, but could have done with the DBX hitting the road some time a… @MerrynSW @BBCr4today Radio 4 Extra is vastly superior (though I don't know what they were playing this morning)So @Nigel_Farage has discovered yet more boats crossing the Channel today. Forget the media noise, this is the rea…
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@matthewsyed @Fox_Claire I regard it as unimportant in the great scheme of things, as the action of others has been… @EmilyThornberry You should have the sense to recognise there is nothing admirable in that, but you clearly are cle… @tony_sutton @AndyMeanie @RockboltG I can only imagine a single parent with a 4 year old autistic child would seek… @JulianH29498800 @campbellclaret @BorisJohnson Not sure “mildly” applies. @tony_sutton @YorkshireLady3 @RockboltG I did, thanks. I have no problem with what he did, in unusual circumstances… @tony_sutton @RockboltG After he went home. Then, realising he needed someone to look after his child, he took it t… @tony_sutton @RockboltG He did. @alexmassie What about the rules broken by the clapping muppets on Westminster bridge? What about the MP who attend… @tony_sutton @RockboltG She was at home. @mitsyarty Yeup, at least. @mitsyarty They weren’t taken seriously before. @MarkGWomble @__ShakeTheWorld @wanderer1982 @NicolaSturgeon Why? Scotland’s not doing better under Sturgeon. @FoxxysTweets Are we sure it’s going to be him and not the antiques dealer from Bishop Stortford who was surprised… @Elliotgc @CharlotteCGill I suspect it’s breaking down anyway and parts of the community don’t seem to have been in… @markdavemason @LdnmMichael @seatrout @RelMedCentre Did I say that, or did you? @TheJamieBrodie @michael_merrick Take your radio firmly in both hands and insert if, forcibly, where the sun don’t shine. @Elliotgc @CharlotteCGill I gather a lot of the prosecutions were unsound, as no laws were actually broken, which i… @MerrynSW Often overlooked is the essential separation of work and home life if you don’t enjoy your job. In saying… @Elliotgc @CharlotteCGill We can indeed. @sueperkins Maybe those of us who have a life to get back to will recognise there are considerably more important t… @Elliotgc @CharlotteCGill A fair point, though he seems to believe he didn’t break the rules. Maybe he decided it w… @Elliotgc @CharlotteCGill Some argue, quite reasonably, that he didn’t break the rules. Even if he did, is the bile… @Elliotgc @CharlotteCGill As was pointed out earlier, which was more likely to spread the infection, Cummings’ trip… @ArtMcFall @TheSimonEvans 😂 @H775Harry @Sir_ian_ @autosport He knew him better than anyone commenting here, so his opinion, which is only that,… @TheJamieBrodie @michael_merrick In your mind, maybe. @berniespofforth Whether or not the child has autism, it is clearly political from one perspective and a perceived… @Sir_ian_ @H775Harry @autosport It clearly is easy to talk rubbish, reading your tweet. The guy won a world champio… @Tom_Slater_ @RogTallbloke If ever there was a personification of sneering contempt, it is Alistair Campbell.
@EmzTheSocialist @TheMendozaWoman Sorry, if you believe that you’re mentally impaired. @BishManchester @churchofengland The police don’t believe there was any wrongdoing, so why do you believe you know better? @markdavemason @LdnmMichael @seatrout @RelMedCentre That’s how Twitter works. @GeorgeNewbrook @MatthewPFirth @BishManchester @churchofengland @Keir_Starmer The police are reported to be already… @Carndorf @MatthewPFirth @ProfDonnaHall @BishManchester @churchofengland As are those of everyone commenting on it. @DVATW @AltNewsMedia Is Dominic Cummings there? Ah, that'll be why the media aren't interested. @workedshootmark @ladyhaja 🤪 @TheScepticIsle There are important matters to discuss, this isn't one of them. @RogTallbloke It seems "tone" is the thing to criticise your opponents for these days. Your approval of your oppone… @RhubbaComedy @JamesDelingpole I suggest the media deserve a special mention. They clearly loathe him, so that's a… @mattforde There are important matters that will decided that and Cummings is not one of them. @AltNewsMedia Just jaw-slackening stupidity. @nissameta1782 @BoKatanKryze66 @F1 @Aramco In an early race, one of the back markers got bored and started driving… @wendyanne183 @michael_merrick Maybe, but too many were just seeking an excuse to be critical. There are far more i… @rfhrfhrfhrfh @FtWiggles @metrofire @Nigella_Lawson @caitlinmoran The chances aren’t high anyway @TheSimonEvans I’ll have to watch it then. 😀 @TheSimonEvans I’m not being argumentative, just curious, why would having a Jewish actress be particularly importa… @Fenbeagle @BreitbartNews It’s madness. @PaulEmbery Perhaps the reported disagreement between the prime minister and his chancellor about the pace of the l… @timfprice 😂 @cathynewman Well, gee, thanks for sharing that. @Lobogris2018 @michael_merrick And, by the same token, couldn’t care less what you claim to think. @TheJamieBrodie @michael_merrick Bollocks.