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These are brilliant.
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@nhoizey @viljamis @eleven_ty I uploaded an POC of using 11ty and Stencil components
"Could not find client in the context" ok, let me fix that...
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@afontq @kentcdodds @TestingLib I'll try to create an example of what I mean. Plus when using Nuxt there's asyncData to deal with. @afontq @kentcdodds I'm a React developer working on a Vue project. Even today I'm still struggling to match the Re… @adamwathan I did an talk for my current client, which I've always wanted to be a YouTube video that answers what,… with your audience with a live poll within your @deckdeckgo presentation 👋 Developed with @stenciljs and…
Retweeted by Jag Reehal @DavidKPiano So I did talk about impossible states after watching @rtfeldman. His talked changed how I think. I sti… 3 of Three Pounds in my Pocket starts at 11 @bbcradio4. Stories of the early pioneers from the Indian subcon…
Retweeted by Jag ReehalNew! Cassetteboy vs Boris Johnson
Retweeted by Jag Reehal @ReactPodcast @threepointone @chantastic Another great podcast! Sunil you sound like a good guy! @chantastic you sa… @SamuelSnopko @tailwindcss @vuejs @nuxt_js @adamwathan Looks awesome. Do custom responsive names work? @adambsilver @slowburnweb Oh dear
Listening to the @1Password story with @dteare and @dhh and the recent $200M investment by @accel that was 66% cash…
Retweeted by Jag ReehalSo if I get this correctly, @Ionicframework and @stenciljs can help us build UI components to share design systems…
Retweeted by Jag ReehalLebanon-based UX developer, @SaraSoueidan broke from the norm so she could follow her dreams. Read her inspiring st…
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You can now run WebAssembly modules in .NET Core using Wasmtime! (thanks to @peterhuene) Wasm ALL THE THINGS! 🎉
Retweeted by Jag Reehal @trueadm @mikesherov @marvinhagemeist @dan_abramov This looks great. Maybe (hopefully) it will stop people having a… @rem Same @MattFitchett Mourinho would agreeIn the interest of balance this is also the wrong attitude! If you have nothing nice to share… don’t! @Rich_Harris @LeonieWatson @serhiikulykov “FW vs accessibility” issues I’ve seen all pertained to React specificall…
Retweeted by Jag ReehalYep, the W3C is considering a :state(...) pseudoselector for custom components! Read more about it here:…
Retweeted by Jag ReehalOH MY GOD 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Jag Reehal @serhiikulykov @kennethrohde @Rich_Harris @LeonieWatson Agree. The problem is people reading the words "break a11y"… as anything else on twitter; negativity will get shared more without people questioning. people guess how much health care costs in the US — and they are shocked.
Retweeted by Jag ReehalFacebook is great avoiding things like ad blockers and paying tax @kentcdodds @eggheadio Ant idea on a release date?
Diego Simeone's reaction to Messi's goal yesterday is priceless.
Retweeted by Jag Reehal @youyuxi @BenLesh @TejasKumar_ Let me know when you're next in the UKHaving a hard time wrapping your head around React state management, and getting tired of writing boilerplate for R…
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Let’s demystify keyboard accessibility testing together with @FirefoxDevTools Accessibility Inspector. Watch Mozill…
Retweeted by Jag ReehalAs a Barca fan, I’d say Van Dijk should win the Ballon d'OrWeb Components and the Accessibility Object model (AOM) by Watters (@LeonieWatson)
Retweeted by Jag ReehalAfter seeing the GL boxes demo I couldn’t help myself but wonder how @stenciljs performed. Turns out it handles it…
Retweeted by Jag ReehalIf you've used @tailwindcss show your appreciation by buying a course by @adamwathan either for yourself or a gift… @Akryum What an effort 💯
Only watched this 30 times
Retweeted by Jag ReehalOkay folks, we have a contest! 😂😂😂🥰🐶👶🏼
Retweeted by Jag ReehalHuddersfield community unveil a statue of a Sikh soldier to commemorate the thousands of Sikhs who fought and died…
Retweeted by Jag ReehalLive scenes as the BBC holds Boris Johnson to account:
Retweeted by Jag ReehalWhen Ian Wright leaves the jungle
Retweeted by Jag ReehalLaura Kuenssberg's BBC interview with Jeremy Corbyn replaced one answer with another to deliberately misrepresent h…
Retweeted by Jag ReehalGood short video on dealing with toxic people (including a reminder that almost everyone is occasionally toxic):
Retweeted by Jag ReehalSo cool: the geometry of billiards shots, explained simply.
Retweeted by Jag Reehal
Retweeted by Jag Reehal🥳 Just launched my big Black Friday sale for all my courses! Get Advanced Vue Component Design, Test-Driven Larave…
Retweeted by Jag Reehal @K_Marrec thanks to everyone who contributed! is the Twitter content I’m here for...💪😍😇😍💪
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@kentcdodds No problem. I'm a happy customer! Happy ThanksgivingDid... did he forget he's on camera?
Retweeted by Jag ReehalComes with my personal recommendation ✔️⁦@billybragg⁩ and Cambridge school students in glorious harmony #GlobalClimateStrike
Retweeted by Jag Reehal$19 for my Next.js course: 31 videos - streaming, DRM free and downloadable, the slidedeck, code and next@9 updates…
Retweeted by Jag Reehal“Collaboration and communication are under-valued and under-cultivated in many organisations. We call them soft-sk…
Retweeted by Jag ReehalThe Modern Way to Use Promise- Based HTTP Requests: axios-hooks -
Retweeted by Jag ReehalMy @perfnowconf talk is now online. I’m really pleased with both the content and delivery of this talk, and it’s a…
Retweeted by Jag Reehal @davidbailey00 If you don't me asking could you elaborate on current state? Is it the lack of diversity, honesty an… @kentcdodds just a heads up prices won’t show up on if visitors using privacy blocking. Loo… braille Lego bricks could have a serious positive impact on the way visually-impaired children are educated
Retweeted by Jag ReehalThis is why the Next.js team are awesome! uses web components my paid apps are on sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Retweeted by Jag Reehal @dan_abramov @mjackson @justinfagnani @threepointone This would be awesome. Could you explain how 'two separate thi…
Picasso created more than 50,000 works of art. How many are considered masterpieces that we still admire today?…
Retweeted by Jag ReehalA journey so many of us will relate to. No matter what we attempt to do to fit the end, deep down, many of…
Retweeted by Jag Reehal @FrontEndLondon Here's a link to my slides used to believe the BBC was the premier news reporting in the world. The @BBCNews is a growing disgrace, and this…
Retweeted by Jag ReehalWatch me take a quick test drive ⚡️🚗 with the Tina Grande starter for #gatsbyjs by @tina_cms ... It shows off the…
Retweeted by Jag ReehalReally interesting to look at the actual frames. Legacy React (representing all current-gen frameworks: Vue, Angula…
Retweeted by Jag Reehal @chris_herd @matteocollina Both. Do the remote job while onsite.Selling tickets and having headline speakers are important for tech conferences but if we keep hearing from the sam… @gr2m @stenciljs will be able to output vanilla web components in the future
@posva It's almost as if you seen my slides for a talk I'm giving tomorrow! @trelvao @youyuxi Made by Many office 38 Graham Street London N1 8JX at 18:30 @bahmutov Same deal as last year then? @thranduin1 @ChloeCondon Thought you were going to say pen testing @adambsilver Not an advantage it's a requirement! @thranduin1 @ChloeCondon Yeah he was bashing one out @MattFitchett I wish him luck!I think OSS developers could help the community out more by creating the typescript issue when creating a repository.📢November's #FEL is tomorrow! See you there for more awesome talks on technology, design & product development 😄
Retweeted by Jag ReehalBuild better products faster through by making decisions. No need for stand ups...
Retweeted by Jag Reehal @TejasKumar_ I used a reply from you in my slides If you have a problem with that please let me know @youyuxi I 100% agree what you said in this tweet used it in my slide… new State of JS Survey is out. If you use Ionic or Stencil, two things: 1) Write in Stencil in the "other fram…
Retweeted by Jag Reehalsneak peak at tonight’s lightning talk and live experiment at @LNUGorg - where I’ll be demoing an app built on…
Retweeted by Jag Reehal @swyx Great work! Thank you very muchGreat thread about Vue 3
@alisonailea are you still using web components for your design system at Tesla? @kentcdodds Looking forward to purchasing on FridayWhat a day. Jeremy Corbyn refuses four times to say sorry for Labour party's failings in tackling anti-semitism in…
Retweeted by Jag ReehalWe DID IT ! We are finally releasing the talks of elm Europe 2019. ENJOY !
Retweeted by Jag ReehalMy talk “Reinventing MobX” @reactlivenl is now available 🎉 🎈 I live coded a 70-lines-of-code version of MobX tryin…
Retweeted by Jag ReehalVery odd. Never expected to have an op-ed in The Washington Post. But it’s time to hold #MarkZuckerberg and the…
Retweeted by Jag Reehal @flexdinesh @BenLesh I'm talking the era of echo chambers in my talk. It's good to get a different perspective. Pe…
@mxstbr @gatsbyjs Also confused about what will free or paid for in the future e.g. incremental buildsI thought everyone loved @gatsbyjs 😕