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BBC Introducing Dance Sundays 00:30 - @bbcr1 🔭 Broadcaster, Journalist& DJ reppin the next gen of music talent @introducingbhb @mixmag @bbcintroducing🏄🏾‍♀️

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Thank you @JaguarWorldwide and @bbcintroducing for adding ‘Wisdom Teeth (Pressure)’ to The Hot List! //Δ
Retweeted by JAGUARHave you caught @JaguarWorldwide's latest Hot List?? It kicks off with 'Vanilla' by our very own @HolHumberstone
Retweeted by JAGUARThanks @JaguarWorldwide @bbcintroducing for adding @iamphoebeaxa Wisdom Teeth (Pressure) to The Hot List on…
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Am on the #BlackRepresentationInDanceMusic @BrightonMusicCo @DJmag #sociallydistanced #panel this Friday (Oct 2,202…
Retweeted by JAGUARThank you @JaguarWorldwide @BBCR1 🙏
Retweeted by JAGUARBuzzed to hear ‘Be Mine’ getting it’s first play on Radio 1 last night, even better listening to what Jaguar had to…
Retweeted by JAGUAR🔥 @LleoWorld's 'You Don't Call Me Anymore' features in @JaguarWorldwide's latest @BBCIntroducing 'The Hot List' on…
Retweeted by JAGUAR👔 Sunderland's @SorleyMusic has been supported by @DannyHowardDJ and @JaguarWorldwide on @BBCR1 and played at…
Retweeted by JAGUARShout out to @JaguarWorldwide for the placement with “Do Better”
Retweeted by JAGUAR🔥 If you're looking for a fix of the hottest @BBCIntroducing artists from around the UK @JaguarWorldwide has a fire…
Retweeted by JAGUARLast night's @bbcintroducing Dance show with @JaguarWorldwide is up on @BBCSounds, hit the link to listen!…
Retweeted by JAGUAROi oiii! @alfiegoldmusic sounding big again 🙏
Retweeted by JAGUAR @lau_ra_lau_ra GET IT
On @BBCR1 now who’s locked!!Some more work out now 😍😍👇
Retweeted by JAGUARTune in to the @bbcintroducing Dance show with @JaguarWorldwide this evening from 00:30 on @BBCR1 for some of the b…
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Retweeted by JAGUAR @00Fxks 💙💙💙Wow jaguar you are so beautiful 😍
Retweeted by JAGUARLast night was sensational💙THANK YOU for making the debut UTOPIA the perfect moment that I envisioned it to be. I l… HISTORY MONTH 🖤 Can we highlight any: ➖ Blogs ➖ Websites ➖ Zines ➖ Photographers Who highlight black music…
Retweeted by JAGUAR @Tibaskomusic @NightTalesLDN thanks for playing huns!!!!!!What a night!! Huge love to @JaguarWorldwide for having us play the launch night of Utopia at @NightTalesLDN 🤩
Retweeted by JAGUARi fucking love DJingShe / her unless you don’t know me.. otherwise i answer to That / Bitch
Retweeted by JAGUAR @JaguarWorldwide playing “Strangest Thing 🙌🏽
Retweeted by JAGUAR @samwgirling Ahhh thank you Sam!!!! Love you xMusic makes me so happy man, congrats to @JaguarWorldwide & all the DJs on smashing the first UTOPIA night!!
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Amazing bunch of information available here via sessions from @JaguarWorldwide !!
Retweeted by JAGUAR @laurenflax MaddddddGET INVOLVED 💪👏💌
Retweeted by JAGUARPlease RT and call for @RishiSunak to help the UK’s live music sector in order for it to survive. We were the first…
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You can join the Facebook group to continue sharing tunes, tips and join the conversation here: @laurenflax That. Is. Mad.This is wild. (Be sure to click the images)
Retweeted by JAGUARThis is amazing 🙌
Retweeted by JAGUARIntroducing… UTOPIA Talks! I’m on a mission to empower the next generation of artists and see them grow into the f… @ManicShamanic @bbcintroducing @BBCR1 💜💜Super happy to launch my own merch with my mates @keephushuk to celebrate the first ever UTOPIA tomorrow! 🤩 There’s… @Josh_Parkinson_ Tuna pasta bake @BBCIntroNE @meggyward @feelmybicep @Patrick_Topping @BBCR1 @bbcintroducing @bbcnewcastle Siiiick!🍰 @MeggyWard is a DJ and producer based in Newcastle influenced by @FeelMyBICEP, @Patrick_Topping and Peggy Gou. Sh…
Retweeted by JAGUAR @ManicShamanic @bbcintroducing @BBCR1 Glad you enjoyed it!! X @JaguarWorldwide Oooooh Nice Sound’s Staying locked for a while longer. Have to hear some more of what your playing…
Retweeted by JAGUAR⚡️⚡️⚡️
Retweeted by JAGUARIcymi Radio 1 Dance stream to launch on BBC Sounds. @ariellefree, @AdeleRoberts, @dannyhowarddj, @petetong,…
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@tommyfarrow1 @futureselfhouse Excited to hear !!!!! Such an exciting time in music rn @futureselfhouse @tommyfarrow1 Go onnnnnNEWS:: BBC Radio 1 opens new music wave 1 Dance with Pete Tong, Annie Mac, Danny Howard @BBCR1 @petetong @AnnieMac
Retweeted by JAGUAR @carlatcleaver Yhhhhhb @simbauk Today is the start of your futurefuckin love tunesmy findings from the uploader this month: TRANCE AND UKG COME ONNNNNNNNNNN🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Proud to be included in this alongside @Blessed_Madonna ❤️🔊
Retweeted by JAGUAR @danalani welcome x8 days left to listen to this beauty of a show! One of my fave bits of radio to ever put together! 2 hour special f… @Jay_Lewn correct.Someone uploaded Makina to the Uploader. I'm shook to my core and also impressed x
@SRA @nelshylton Yo love this xNels Hylton (@NelsHylton) shares his experience as a young black man in the UK radio industry. Black Voices Matter…
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Retweeted by JAGUARHello x U can listen back to last night’s @bbcintroducing dance show below x @yunganz_ @JoeCorti @lau_ra_lau_ra over to @BBCSounds to listen back to last night's @bbcintroducing Dance show with @JaguarWorldwide!
Retweeted by JAGUARHave you had a chance to listen back to this yet? Check out this episode of @bbcintroducing Dance with…
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Tonight!! 🔥
Retweeted by JAGUARTONIGHT @BBCINTRODUCING DANCE ☄️ Tommy Tickle @lau_ra_lau_ra @MALKAmakesmusic 9th House @JoeCorti @yunganz_ it to @BBCR1 at 00:30 tonight to hear @JaguarWorldwide give @kiligsounds 'Dream Logic' its first ever spin 💪…
Retweeted by JAGUARTonight on the @bbcintroducing Dance show with @JaguarWorldwide! We have a Dancefloor Moment from @yunganz_ along w…
Retweeted by JAGUARBRUH.... SUMMER GIRL IS GETTING PLAYED ON @BBCRadio1PR TONIGHT ON THE @bbcintroducing SHOW AT 11pm!! Big shout out…
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Sunday night 'Dream Logic' gets its worldwide debut on @BBCR1 courtesy of @JaguarWorldwide Tune in from 00:30!!🍦🍧…
Retweeted by JAGUARThis is big news, @BBCSounds is launching a brand new dance channel Friday 9 October 2020 6pm BST. This shows how i…
Retweeted by JAGUAR @BoxxBass ft Tequila Floss out now🥳🥳 thank you to @bbcintroducing @JaguarWorldwide
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My @MALKAmakesmusic remix gets its radio debut on @BBCR1 this weekend 🤪😍🥳 thanks @JaguarWorldwide @bbcintroducing
Retweeted by JAGUARI'll be completing this lovely week with a first spin of the @lau_ra_lau_ra remix of 'Moving Together' on…
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Went deep with that quick mix 🌚 Thanks for the support ! Cheers @JaguarWorldwide 🙏🏽✨
Retweeted by JAGUAR @parish_child @SpotifyUK Eeeee thanks!! XReally been enjoying @JaguarWorldwide ‘s UTOPIA playlist on @SpotifyUK , great mix of styles, found some new favs.
Retweeted by JAGUARRadio 1 Dance stream to launch on BBC Sounds. @ariellefree, @AdeleRoberts, @dannyhowarddj, @petetong, @AnnieMac,…
Retweeted by JAGUAR @theVanDamn @NightTalesLDN 😁😁🥳🥳WE SOLD OUT UTOPIA! 🤯😭 I never thought the reaction to the first party would be like this! Big love to everyone who… Wicked this way comes 😈 🎬 Here’s a lil video preview for you Bassboxx and Tequila fans!!!! Remember to…
Retweeted by JAGUARSo so so buzzed to announce my track 'Danse Freak' will be played on @BBCR1 this weekend!!! HUGE shoutout and massi…
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This was the moment I met the wonderful @JaguarWorldwide we filmed the Smirnoff Equalising Music doc together & be…
Retweeted by JAGUARTonight we host the final episode of our Level Up series of tutorials with women in electronic music, hosted alongs…
Retweeted by JAGUARTonight we host the final episode of our Level Up series of tutorials with women in electronic music, hosted alongs…
Retweeted by JAGUARI am just going to leave this here. Even @LanaDelRey gets a serotonin release when she hears the violins. I told yo…
Retweeted by JAGUAR @aliceclark____ @annabel_ross @Mixmag mad isn't it :(
So grateful to the incredibly brave victims and sources who spoke with me for this story. Morillo's predatory behav…
Retweeted by JAGUARI'm reading through this now and wow... Props to you @annabel_ross and @mixmag for sharing the stories of the victi… @HighClassFilter Ahhhhhhh make it stop
Head over to @BBCSounds to listen back to last night's @bbcintroducing Dance show with @JaguarWorldwide!
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@wafbinthedark @BBCR1 @itseffymusic @JayGunning @bbcintroducing Now that’s a great idea !Tonight 00:30 @BBCR1 🖤 @itseffymusic Bklava Pool Attendant @JayGunning Obskur J Kara Cortese It’s… demanding that they set the rules for how women handle a never-ending world of misogyny and danger just reinfor…
Retweeted by JAGUARTonight on the @bbcintroducing Dane show with @JaguarWorldwide! A Dancefloor Moment from Obskur, along with some of…
Retweeted by JAGUAR👏 Jersey’s 👏 J KARA 👏 on 👏 @BBCR1 👏 at 👏 00:30 👏 with 👏 @JaguarWorldwide 👏 🇯🇪 Lock yourself in or listen back if y…
Retweeted by JAGUARWOWWW, hugely honoured to see Summer girl be featured on the @BBC6Music introducing mixtape 😨 Endless thanks to…
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What a BUZZ @BBCR1 @JaguarWorldwide @bbcintroducing
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YEOW !! Big up to @JaguarWorldwide for making one of our unreleased ‘your life’ her “dance floor moment” track on h…
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@JaguarWorldwide This is definitely it 🤦🏻‍♀️
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