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Okay I’m never attempting to order a takeaway in Accra again 😭😢
Happy Friday! Check out my latest HOT LIST on @BBCSounds to get you weekend ready! So many acts that have been maki… @arloparks @BBCNews 🤩🤩#BBCIntroducing has supported a whopping 9 out of the 10 artists shortlisted for the #SoundOf2020! Congratulations…
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@BBCSounds @JaguarWorldwide Feat. @celeste @easylife @SELFESTEEM___ @Prospauk @Mahalia @SamFenderMusic @joycrookes
Retweeted by JAGUARThe latest HOT LIST mix is full of highlights from 2019. These artists have been making big moves this year 💪 Have…
Retweeted by JAGUAROK here we go... The Top 10 DJs of 2019 🚨
Retweeted by JAGUARI've just uploaded my @ReprezentRadio show from the weekend 🚨 Listen back now to hear @tsha909's secrets as we get…
Retweeted by JAGUARAny music lovers and budding presenters from Manchester get on THIS 👇🏾
hey i was on the radio last week for the wonderful @JaguarWorldwide !!! have a listen here xxx
Retweeted by JAGUARI've just uploaded my @ReprezentRadio show from the weekend 🚨 Listen back now to hear @tsha909's secrets as we get… you to our fab panelists, hosts and audience members at our Media On Your Terms event last Wednesday 🙌 Over…
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Signal is a club night that aims to bring awareness to the UK’s homelessness crisis. I’ll be chatting to them very… in now to hear @JaguarWorldwide learning more about @tsha909 in 3 tracks 🎵 Will there be an album out in 2020…
Retweeted by JAGUARSoon on @ReprezentRadio I’ll be playing a track from my In The Group Whatsapp chat📥 it’s a community of music lover… - 22:00 LIVE with @JaguarWorldwide now until 10pm 📻 - Big bouncing baselines for your Sat night - Special…
Retweeted by JAGUAROn @ReprezentRadio tonight 8-10pm with @tsha909 & @indiajordan8 😻 You don’t want to miss this!! to be on @ReprezentRadio from 9pm with @JaguarWorldwide talking about the #homelessness crisis and Signal..…
Retweeted by JAGUARSATURDAY’S LINEUP 🔥🔥 0900 @jourds_ 1100 @DJPharaohG @ImKashJones 1400 @ThePitLDN 1600 @LilC95 1800…
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I’m a pink babyTONIGHT!! @dsuperstore 💪🏽 @indiajordan8 @JaguarWorldwide @PrincessJulia__ & moreeeeeee SEE YOU THERE
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Retweeted by JAGUARYeaaaaaaas tomorrow on @ReprezentRadio I’ll be joined by @tsha909 who will be selecting 3 tracks & revealing her se… @Naina_LDN this is the best 🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽
I have loved being a resident for @WHP_Mcr this season! Last month I had the honour of opening the main room before…! A PARTY. TOMORROW NIGHT AT @dsuperstore 💪🏽
Retweeted by JAGUARThis is gonna be very very fun
Retweeted by JAGUARCANNOT WAIT to play at @dsuperstore tomorrow night with @indiajordan8 @nimmonimmo 💜 Come thruuuuu 🤘🏽…
@BenMaloneDJ @KissFMUK @solardomusic @MarcKinchen @LeftwingKody @Lowsteppa 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️Can’t quite believe it but from Saturday I’ll be taking over Saturday nights on ACTUAL @KissFMUK. Also joining Ki…
Retweeted by JAGUARListen to the story of one of the UK's most extraordinary festivals - @BoomtownFair Red Bull Music AAA with…
Retweeted by JAGUAR @danalani @JenBerkova 💜💜💜💜"If you don't know yourself yet, make it your mission to understand what you're about and what you represent." Sh…
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Here’s our second panel for our Media On Your Own Terms event with @ThisIsLSR and @LeedsStudentTV tomorrow! Our ra…
Retweeted by JAGUAR @introducingmcr 💙💙💙💙A message from Natalie and Michelle
Retweeted by JAGUAR @LucyWhittakerUK 😈🇲🇽 Catch my interview with @grrrlultra for @ReprezentRadio in full 💥 star signs, the importance of your surroundin…
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Join my cult thnx...for no other reason than it was 2 degrees on Walthamstow marshes the day I shot this... Never…
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@chaney_UK Is a tuuuune xxBig thanks to @JaguarWorldwide for spinning Little Bit More ❤️💥
Retweeted by JAGUARIt was wonderful to chat in depth with Cassy and hear her 3 track selections 🙌🏽 and Aloka tore up the guest mix! L…
Retweeted by JAGUARTODAY is the day. My EP ‘Every Body Is Welcome’ is finally out! ✨ This is a record of celebration of finding and…
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No show tonight but we'll be back on Saturday with tracks from @wiffygriffy @Kaladamusic @tsatsamis_
Retweeted by JAGUAROMFG SRVD (Radio Slave & Patrick Mason in Lab LDN tomorrow!) Sign up for guest list below👇🏾
@soundslikemo_ @BenMaloneDJ Len SpaloniREMEMBER REMEMBER!! THIS IS NEXT WEEK THE 6TH DECEMBER 👊🏽 @indiajordan8 @JaguarWorldwide @PrincessJulia__ KKINGBO…
Retweeted by JAGUAR @BenMaloneDJ Sven Malone
@cassysplayhouse 😻😻😻It was wonderful to chat in depth with Cassy and hear her 3 track selections 🙌🏽 and Aloka tore up the guest mix! L…
@soundslikemo_ Exactly.Smack barm pea wet
🕺2000 - 2200🕺 Fresh from being announced for @hideoutfestival & @AMPlostandfound 🎡 @JaguarWorldwide's got 🔥 Saturd…
Retweeted by JAGUAR @SannaLaFleur @blackmadonnachi 💕💕💕💆‍♀️Smooth Saturday Sounds C/o ⏬ 11 - @DJPharaohG x @ImKashJones 02 - @ThePitLDN 04 - @LilC95 06 -…
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Yessss Happy Friday!!🧨 I’ve updated my Spotify playlist with sizzlers for you to sesh to this weekend 👉🏽… @borders_between 😗😗On @ReprezentRadio tomorrow @cassysplayhouse is chatting in depth & selecting 3 tracks 🤩 plus Aloka has a sizzling… @WHP_Mcr caused a rave in a prison thanks to @PublicEnemyftp 🎧 Listen with @JaguarWorldwide at…
Retweeted by JAGUAR"I believe in equality for all and championing diversity. Whoever you are, whatever walk of life you come from, you…
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I love our listeners x're liiive right now on @Introducingbhb @BBC3CR - @lijah_miller in session and @JarkiiMonno coming in for a chat…’s my latest #hotlist brimming with under-the-radar music from @bbcintroducing 🔥 @frankywahmusic Access All Areas at @WHP_Mcr with our brand new podcast and find out how it's become one of the biggest clubbing…
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Big love again to @bbcintroducing for including 'Caught in Doors' in their #HotList this week. We're in bloody good…
Retweeted by JAGUARFunani now on BBC HOT LIST Baby !!!! QeQeQe 🛸🥶 🤖 ! Arrrrg @JaguarWorldwide 🔥🙆🏾‍♀️
Retweeted by JAGUAR @mynames_joshua You are wonderful 💙💙💙💙💙 @iamcharl0tte @bbcintroducing @BBCSounds 💙💙💙 @mynames_joshua That is so lovely! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @JaguarWorldwide is the future... One of the most amazing and unique evergys iv experienced in my life 💛💥🚀.
Retweeted by JAGUAR @JaguarWorldwide @BBCSounds Featuring: @frankywahmusic @Greentea_Peng @SuperGlu_band @hakbaker Squarms Banton…
Retweeted by JAGUARA new edition of the HOT LIST mix has dropped 🙌 19 of the freshest new tracks from the #BBCIntroducing Uploader cur…
Retweeted by JAGUAR @samwgirling Yeahhhhhhh
Nurturing Scottish talent and delivering some of the biggest parties in the world. Listen to our new podcast with…
Retweeted by JAGUARAll hail queen @Rianne_Thompson 💫 🤩 @Rianne_Thompson @bbcteesintro @Bob_Fischer 🧡🧡🧡🏄🏾‍♀️🧡🧡
Feeling this new one from @ElkkaMusic 🥰🥰 Treat yourself to some high quality chugging basslines 💙 Check out ‘Breat…
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The weekend has landed! Celebrate with this slick selection of bangers from @JaguarWorldwide, on our new Spotify pl…
Retweeted by JAGUARSo excited to hit the slopes in April with @Snowbombing ⛷ ❄ made a playlist ahead of my set, with tunes from… the team behind one of the best parties going in Scotland - FLY 🎉 Listen to the latest episode of Red Bull Mu…
Retweeted by JAGUARDay 3 of co-hosting @bbcbitesize school's tour with @JaguarWorldwide Such a great mixture of people on today's pan…
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This week I was joined by the incredible @yousefcircus! Chats on his album, synesthesia, and took us on a night out…
Retweeted by JAGUARThinking about going to @AMPLostAndFound next year after seeing their huge line up? Discover everything you need t…
Retweeted by JAGUARListen now 💙💙😭😭😭 Thank you @DJmag for this... Vote below guys! xxx
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I’m not car thnx 🚗 back at @AMPlostandfound in 2020 🚀 thank youuu @AnnieMac & @Amp 💜💜💜💜 Cannot WAIT! Register for pre-sale ti…
Large double bedroom and bathroom to rent in a the new build (2018) house in a gated area that I live in, in East L…
Retweeted by JAGUARYass very excited about this one! Heading to @hideoutfestival next summer🌞 I first went to this festival in 2015 an… @iamsherelle @BBCRadio1 You ladCome onnn dennn
@area404complex was a madness 🌪🌪 Entering the riot with @JaguarWorldwide that @boomtown have managed to create once…
Retweeted by JAGUARLow Budget Black Films Be Like 😂😂
Retweeted by JAGUARThanks @JaguarWorldwide and @yousefcircus for the mentions. So much amazing music coming out of Liverpool right now…
Retweeted by JAGUAR @yousefcircus cc @James__Organ @matrefakt @ReprezentRadio @hideoutfestival @ReprezentRadio @ShyFX @djqmusic @I_Skream 🕺🏽🕺🏽