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@sfgreenwood We used to have this thing called the TARDIS in the squat in Hull. A bong made from a dustbin and then… @stepickford If by bongs you mean a packed lunch and a thermos of green tea, then yes.Dropping acid in a stone circle if anyone cares to join me. can be an awkward transition when an actor decides to take on musicianship. Keeley Forsyth’s disciplinary leap h…
Retweeted by John Doran“Oh yeah. Bloody ‘ell. I’m sweatin’ in ‘ere. Roastin’. Boilin’. Bakin’. Swelterin’... It’s ridiculous. Tremendous.… @alxbrrws Yeah, Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson was a senior partner in Hipgnosis and was already collaborating with… @FactoryNeedle @theQuietus @BishopsgateInst Thanks Freddy... watch this space; more big weird news coming soon.
@aimeearmstrong The Man Comes Around is my favourite Cash song. @aimeearmstrong They are great albums. You have become the end of level boss. @_real_lies I should probably feel personally attacked by this quite frightening piece of writing.tQ's @JahDuran will follow his Radio 4 series on New Weird Britain with a lecture and a Q&A at London's…
Retweeted by John Doran @MoggyOgara @Jenn1fer_A @fieldinghope @lonetaxidermist @OutlandsNetwork @LisaCapsule @supersonicfest @RarelyUnable @MoggyOgara @Jenn1fer_A @fieldinghope @lonetaxidermist @OutlandsNetwork @LisaCapsule @supersonicfest @RarelyUnable
@sofingusa Ah wicked... if you're down the night before Natalie's doing Body Vice, but if not I'll see you at your talk!A great set. Certainly the best show I've ever seen with a toothbrush solo. @sofingusa Sorry Sophie, didn't realise you were there. An extra reason for people to go! @feverttradio @tristan_bath I think the answer lies in not having a stack of family sized tubs of Quality Street next to where you work. @aggsrachel My good pal Jude recommended me this album what seems like a lifetime ago and it was a great intro to D… @tristan_bath I've just had a load of chocolate. I have no idea why. @80sRampwalk @tristan_bath munching on tiny nutsacks. @tristan_bath But I can't start my diet until the last tin of quality street is done in. @tristan_bath I have to watch the peanut thing. I can get through a sack a day until my kidneys start aching. @tristan_bath If you can stand to switch down to just salted peanuts, that is a great diet food for bulking out a l… is what happens if we all put our heads together thoroughly decent humans discuss campaign perform and reach o…
Retweeted by John Doran @Jenn1fer_A @fieldinghope @lonetaxidermist @OutlandsNetwork @LisaCapsule @supersonicfest @RarelyUnable Also a talk… you live in or near Milton Keynes? The Joyous Thing is a TOTALLY FREE weekend of gigs, DJ sets, talks &c. in Jan… @simon_price01 @KaptainKulk They were really only good between 1976 and 1983, let's not kid ourselves here.
Expanding my mmmmmiiiiiiinnnnnnddddd right now with this piece of spectral work from dapper gent Simon Fisher Turne… @blackbirdblak In this order: Chairs Missing, 154, Send, Mind Hive.Hats off to the WIREs. to @rrobinson72 for winning the @tseliotprize! Here's our @JahDuran interviewing Roger for a Quietu…
Retweeted by John DoranKILLING JOKE KLAXON! us go then you and I... to win the fvkkin' TS Eliot Prize! Well done all round great human being @rrobinson72
Squarepusher is in unusually candid form in this interview talking about how the tragic & unexpected death of a fri… @DDDrewDaniel The people who decided planes need ‘hold music’ and comedy safety demonstrations should be boiled in oil.
I've got a joke about Sean Connery's sister's baby daughter. It's a little niche.
Retweeted by John Doran @kealyj @IggyPop @Natures_Voice @brainwashedcom Yes! @choafhoffman Jurassic World @MarkYarksHopper Right on! @adammpark @Mr_Dave_Haslam @IggyPop @Natures_Voice Of that run yes. @jamesmckz @AdamLehrer Drugs.Werner Herzog: chickens are prone to hypnosis. Iggy Pop: that’s like hypnotising chickens Is chicken mesmerism ac… @MarkYarksHopper Little John says have you got any more Star Wars merch he can look at.Londoners! Come and say hello! @AdamLehrer A lot of my favourite art really demands a lot of my attention - too much some times - SunnO))) live, B…
@exilestreet It's full to the plunger with Malteesers. @exilestreet My biscuit jar.#Blogulence: Trust in music more A short love letter to the divine colour, beauty and joy that music can bring. Pl…
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We've reached the OMD stage of the working week. <3 Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark @puddleswellies @theQuietus @LukeTurnerEsq Come on now... @JahDuran @theQuietus @LukeTurnerEsq Track 6: Blood Money - Primal Scream return to their gaming roots with a homag…
Retweeted by John Doran @maxharvey79 @theQuietus @LukeTurnerEsq Tempted. @markalexpreston @theQuietus @LukeTurnerEsq Ha ha ha... it's in the top 50% of pitches we've had so far. @kirstyallison @theQuietus @LukeTurnerEsq Kris is a genius. @Roland_US @Roland_UK Hello! Can anyone provide me with an actual launch date of the TR-808 in 1980? An exact date… @drneilfox @LukeTurnerEsq Ay... might take me a while to get back to you but one for us to talk about for sure. @drneilfox @LukeTurnerEsq Well, maybe if you ever want to write the Secret Diary Of Bobby Gillespie Aged 53 3/4 for… @_seanedmund @LukeTurnerEsq @theQuietus Ha ha ha! @ahmadmzaghal By a Cornish mile. @drneilfox @LukeTurnerEsq The job is yours! @WadeyWade @theQuietus @LukeTurnerEsq Send a pitch in today boss!Writers! We @theQuietus are looking for someone to do a feature (paid) on Primal Scream's best LP eg. XTRMNTR; hit… @Getintothis @simon_price01 "Did someone say, 'Hot stone bowl full of Korean food to be eaten with steel chopsticks… @ItPainesMe Nice work AP! Please earmark it for me (figuratively speaking) - see you in London next time you're down maybe?
@tombranfoot Nope, will get round to it eventually. @stimbot5000 @HarrySword If we can throw in Heaven And Hell, I’ll take a time share in this bunker...lacks the dyspepsia of many of the other portraits and is all the more beautiful for it. Of course they’re all exqu… best of the bunch, The Aurelian, is notably one of the earliest and translated from Russian. The central metap… Vladimir Nabokov - Nabokov’s Dozen The more I read of Nabokov the more I think I should just re-read Lolita… @HarrySword I sort of wish I could do this tbh but it feels like more of a 14 year job.
The beef we've been waiting for. @LippyKidMusic Alright boss. Just back from a short break. Will get back to you this week. @WPM_org When two types of spud just ain't enough...
Some good news for 2020. @gazelletwin Not bad really. Slightly more difficult for veggie/vegans though. @88Filip88 Tenerife.
Horrible news. Thank you TMT. @lisaannejenkins Beautiful Tenerife.“And chips for the table.”’s swimming pool. (With added Ape Of Naples tribute.) cheery wave from a modernist lighthouse on the feast of the three kings. I found out where Kelis lives.
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@vernonblunkett Tenerife. A1 sleuthing.Rabbit n’ chips. @5357311 @kealyj @RainbowGrave November Spawned An Elder Monster @1trupairing @RainbowGrave You can almost sense him smirking every time he names the dog. And there is no other rea…
Finally. @MrLukowski @RainbowGrave It seemed quite clearly about interbreeding to me but I guess that’s just my opinion. @MrLukowski @RainbowGrave I used to think that until I compared the language he used in his private correspondence… @oldfog @RainbowGrave No, the Wizard said he’d loan me his copies... @PaulMargree I have a dim memory... I read this and Beloved when I was 19 but I was so drunk the whole time I have… @ilovemyrecords @RainbowGrave I’d pick and choose stories and bear in mind there’s a serious ethical dimension to b… talked about more now. Also, the seriousness of the subject matter not withstanding, this is an absolute page-tu… Octavia E Butler - Kindred Second #52Books installment. A brilliant recommendation from my friend. Felt much… @markalexpreston @RainbowGrave Well he was completely right and I was wrong and I have no problem with admitting my mistake. @RainbowGrave his polar opposite in most other respects. @RainbowGrave his use of language is at times brilliantly and inimitably evocative and other times juvenile and ove… @RainbowGrave terrifying. HPL is more than “difficult” and exists beyond an easily achieved separation of art from…