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You're very welcome to stay lad, but we're not fucking about. Your Mum's diving out to get a few bits from the Asda…
Retweeted by John Doran @jetfury @2000AD @Robwilliams71 FUUCCCCCCK! Ghafflebette, Geoff.
@BenMyers1 @adellestripe It’s the best thing on the links between trauma and compulsive behaviour/addiction I’ve se… @adellestripe My take was that if they were going to end it with the potential for redemption then that warranted a… @adellestripe It's still apex TV for me. I guess they thought they could 'do a Sopranos'. @ItPainesMe What is that, I can't make it out."Riechmann"First Office Play Of The Day: Reichmann - Wunderbar @ItPainesMe It’s worth picking up!
@jnrknight @UKRaveComments Ha! Was just saying: tweet of the year!Wasn’t expecting this combo of brilliance! @stimbot5000 Yeah, I've emailed them to see if anyone knows what's happened behind the scenes but no word back yet... @stimbot5000 Ha! I've just seen that 'Electric Boogaloo' is trending and, for once, I don't need to click on it and find out why. @stimbot5000 Oh, you'll be pleased to know - while we're vaguely talking about films - Virgin are putting out a ten… @stimbot5000 Passion Of The Christ II: The Quickening.This is an incredible interview with Clint Mansell by Jude Rogers about his cover album of Lou Reed's Berlin and ho… @leebrackstone Many happy returns Lee! @raghard Bloody hell. @raghard JOIN US. @Sound_Aspects More psych I guess. @BlueTapesUK Ah, well, none of it is weighted, so you get almost as much on his solo career as you do Priest tbh. N… Office Play Of The Day: Bo Hansson - Music Inspired By Lord Of The Rings @MnsrArgonaut @LukeTurnerEsq @joinsteadyEN Thanks!
@mezandrade I’ll try and find time to listen to them. @SLYFAMILYDRONE @bigmonsterlove @Richie_Sombrero The segue from Nightflight To Venus into Rasputin is masterful. @crampino Ludicrous statement. I mean, don't get me wrong, Judas Priest are arguably *the* most important metal ban… @BlueTapesUK to talk freely about his sexuality at length. And all of that stuff is interesting. It's the b… @BlueTapesUK As long as you're aware of what it is you're reading it's both entertaining and inspirational, for wan… 39: Rob Halford - Confess “I am heavy metal’s rainbow flag!”
@calcourtesan It can’t do much of anything atm due to a Bluetooth misunderstanding- total 2020... @AsgardRoot It does indeed. @crampino It eats owt.This machine kills white saviour fake woke indie. @idlesband You offered me a few hundred quid.
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@shockproofbeats @T_Daley There's a meeting once a week in a harshly lit church basement. "Hi. My name is John and… @T_Daley @shockproofbeats Well, if I'm being truthful, I don't remember writing this and it seems like an insane th… @T_Daley @shockproofbeats Ha ha ha! @driftrecordshop @leebrackstone Looks quite good in that typeface...First Office Play Of The Day: Ramases - Space Hymns
@RooksbyR "I'M IN FUCKING UNDERWEAR!" @BlueTapesUK Make sure you listen to the CD version of Why Do They Call Me Mr Happy? It's crackers. @BlueTapesUK How was it? I hope you played it loud after a strong coffee. @robinturner @SICrecords My neighbours would start every morning by shouting out of their windows: "I LIVE NEXT DOOR TO FUCKING UNDERWORLD!"Imagine if you were in Underworld. Amazing. If I was in Underworld, every morning on waking I would jump out of bed… Office Play Of The Day: Underworld - Drift Series 1
@dalecornish Crikey.Tune in! @squidita I'm now thinking of visiting Southwold to see the locations first hand! Hadn't really considered it until… @TheAcademyofSun Nice. @fortherecord33 Come the fall of society, that's where I'll keep the zombies though. @fortherecord33 Or a greenhouse as they're more commonly known. @ExEIH One of my DJing tricks* was mixing Fish Beach into Something To Do by Depeche Mode... it's odd because of th… @TheAcademyofSun ah, why has it never occurred to me to do this! @memorialdevice @philebloomfield Imagine the documentary series: When Chefs And Hoteliers Go Off @AlexBPArt Where’s the ZX80 la? @memorialdevice Hoteliers. Jesus Christ.First Office Play Of The Day: Michael Nyman - Drowning By Numbers
@JohnRMulvey @DanielMudford I’ve just been away doing an epic metal interview but glad this was wrapped up in my absence! @Richie_Sombrero There were some Herculean sights to be seen at 2.55pm on a Sunday down the pub... @Richie_Sombrero I don't know how young you are but all UK pubs used to shut at 3pm on Sundays, only reopening at 7… @JohnRMulvey For a rock band, using amps through a gig venue's PA, it has to be American Music Club - where shamefu… @robinturner @JohnRMulvey I was at a Cat Power gig, on the South Bank, where someone in the front row got dragged o… @CATHDISCBTON @maryannehobbs @BBC6Music 'The Gift' is quite the 'song' to cover.I think I could just about play rhythm on Keep It Out Of My Face however if anyone fancies a jam....shut at 3pm on a Sunday afternoon. One session was interrupted by the bikers who lived a few doors up who weren'… ha ha! @maryannehobbs playing Mudhoney on @BBC6Music has reminded me that I was briefly in a grunge band in 1991… @TheSeanceRadio It still makes it into the odd DJ set by me now. @JDTwitch did a punchy edit of it a few years ago.… @YNGLegionnaire This copy was from an early years box set... my original copy is somewhere else.First Office Play Of The Day: Simple Minds - Sister Feelings Call
Cultural connections? The Fall - Dragnet. Black Sabbath - Paranoid (in Portugal only). Roger Corman - The Haunted… @DigitalDanSolo Birmingham. True birthplace of folk horror. it before, will say it again: we highly recommend subscribing to @theQuietus - guaranteed top quality writing…
Retweeted by John Doran @WadeyWade @HeyColossus Nice art! @WadeyWade @HeyColossus Are you still on Dark Outside? I can't keep up...On further perusal I have discovered a noise rock Easter egg! Tucked inside the J card was the bill from a Chinese… yawning #HeavyBoxOfTapes has remained unblemished by new additions recently because no tapes have displayed the… @HeavySaladSound Cheers! @kebabette Can't believe how good it was... thanks for the tip!Here's a treat for subscribers to the Quietus... the heroic Adelle Stripe writing on lessons learned from Julian Co… Office Play Of The Day: Electric Wizard - Come My Fanatics
@BBC6Music For sure: Night And Day. Absolutely 100% fire single. Reminds me of moving to London a quarter of a cent… @tapebox Thanks Dan, that's really helpful. @dreamflesh Yeah, I guess I don't want to throw the baby out with the bath water (into the sea) but come on the Sha… @colin_webster LOL. @sarah_angliss @_IanTaylor Yeah I’m just taking it as easy as modern life will allow, which doesn’t appear to be qu…’s shamanic community should get in the fucking sea then. Office Play Of The Day: Sun Ra And His Intergalactic Myth Science Solar Arkestra - On Jupiter
@_stevenhess Pæg @_IanTaylor Yeah same here really with the exhaustion. @crawjill Oh man, so sorry to hear that!... a good novelist at the top of their game can wield over the reader. It’s a very sensuous work. You can smell, t… 38: Michel Faber - The Crimson Petal And The White What an incredible book. Even better than The Book Of Stra… @SSheil Aiiieeeeee!If you’re one of the tens of thousands (hundreds, maybe) In the UK who are struggling to get over C19 - four months…
Me: Zero children Prime Minister Boris Johnson: Six (?) children and *he's* the one negotiating a withdrawal agreement??
Retweeted by John DoranFirst Office Play Of The Day: James Holden And The Animal Spirits - The Animal Spirits
@A_Hurst632 No, Goat probably