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@ImgivingupMama wait nvm i forgot u were on timeout @hannahtheebaker it shows. @ImgivingupMama imgivingupmama is my bae…. yeaaaah imgivingupmama is my day….. yeaaaah @hannahtheebaker ? you literally just ranked it LOL @casswiftiie @ImgivingupMama Yo @HathawayLesMis @casswiftiie @casswiftiie @ImgivingupMama Nah fam @casswiftiie @ImgivingupMama You are literally gaslighting her… @ImgivingupMama @casswiftiie Cass……. @casswiftiie @ImgivingupMama Grandma called soz x @casswiftiie @ImgivingupMama So am I? Not doing this. @ImgivingupMama @casswiftiie WOAAAAH @ImgivingupMama @casswiftiie ur on timeout. go stand in the corner and think about what you did. @ImgivingupMama @casswiftiie Fine lol I’ll just never talk to you again. @casswiftiie @ImgivingupMama Yeah. Yeah it is. @casswiftiie i love u more my cassy @casswiftiie ?!?!?!!!?!??! @ImgivingupMama @casswiftiie fuck you and your stupid festival. i’m logging off. @casswiftiie 🖕🏼 @casswiftiie i always get stolen from 😒 nothing newone year ago something shifted………. @ImgivingupMama we all collapsed @stateofgrace UGH NAURRR 😭 nurse who vaxxed me told me to wait 24 hours but i might threaten a glass or two tonight….. we shall see @stateofgrace i googled the exact same thing as the last one this morning 😭BACK WHEN WE WERE STILL CHANGING FOR THE BETTER……. WANTING WAS ENOUGH!!!! @danababy97 refreshed my timeline to this tweet right as a certain song started playing ……. startled me a littleIM VAXXED AND HERE ON TIME!!!! #ImGivingUpMamaFolkloreFest pfizer dose has entered my system
@franksrem bae
@TAYMACC_ PLEASE ur really spoiling me today 😭😭 @TAYMACC_ just woke up to this and i smiled so big 🥲 i love u so fucking much taymac thank u so much ☹️💚💚💚 this mea… @HathawayLesMis STOP THIS 😭😭 i love u
@amzywaldorf go fuck urself @yarbycece OMG it is!!! that makes me smile i’m so glad u enjoy the gifts 🤓💚 i’ll keep em coming @yarbycece ceceee 💚 @GREASESTAlNS I hate waiting. Come on! @amzywaldorf OH MEIN GOT ….. i have to update my game and be ready for this @TAYMACC_ BAEEE i 💚 u @keyIimegreendog hi magz best friend <3 @obvioushamad not in the city anymore so i’m having a great time to be honest! i’m glad ur enjoying ur holiday :-) @casswiftiie i love u cassy 😭💚 @ChIoeLuna yuh
@ImgivingupMama love @ImgivingupMama been solar power-ing!!! having a blast honestly @ImgivingupMama YESSSS have some for me too @obvioushamad hi hammy how’s france been @casswiftiie i have been living life and having fun! i blinked three times and that solar power really kicked in. i miss u pharrellWHJBUT? (What Has Jahn Been Up To?) @casswiftiie my beloved cassy how are u today @ImgivingupMama MY CHRISTINA HIII how are u todayHey Guys @valyeeet HAPPY BIRTHDAY VAL!!!! 💚
@franksrem what did u think of norweigan wood i just borrowed it from a friend i’m eager to read @justIikemagic had to google this to see what it was BUT AAHHHHH IM SO PROUD OF U ISHY CONGRATSobsessed with avril sounding the exact same on pop punk records now as she did like 10 years agoWILLOW!!!!! ❤️‍🔥 @HathawayLesMis wait who made this gif lol they must be really funny and hot @KALENGAROO i must think @thatjuIy9 as u should best friend @ChIoeLuna i will when i make one i promise @ChIoeLuna ily too princess <3 @ChIoeLuna FJSJDJSJ yes i will i’m over oversharing details of my personal life i’ll make it fun this time
2021 @bribribearxo tweeting this @ImgivingupMama YOUR PFP DJSJDJWDBWJDH @HathawayLesMis life is just a jahntoo 🤷‍♂️ @HathawayLesMis these personal life allusions i was like OH MEIN GOT u really never miss best friend @HathawayLesMis trust me PUNKY is better …… having punky withdrawals rn stop i really miss her @HathawayLesMis OMG
@franksrem bae 🥰🥰💚🥰💚💚 @ImgivingupMama pretty oomfie u are loved @ImgivingupMama she thought about doing something fun and SHE DID!!!!! @ImgivingupMama BEST FRIEND @HathawayLesMis not much bae hbu @HathawayLesMis i’m right here ❤️ @sweetenercvnt love u more jimothy 💚 congrats 🥳 @sweetenercvnt JAAAAA @ChIoeLuna Hello!met megan thee stallion in my dream so first thing i’m doing today is listening to thot shit
@obvioushamad oui oui absolument @franksrem AIDY I GET MYSTIFIED BY HOW THIS CITY SCREAMS YOUR NAME!!!!
@KALENGAROO it didn’t spark my interest i prefer the anime @KALENGAROO no @ImgivingupMama WAIT HELPPPP @amzywaldorf and i’m proud @amzywaldorf and ur british @amzywaldorf what do u not understand i threw rocks at a wild hog cuz i was walking home and it was in my way and s…
everything is so un effing real. @TAYMACC_ 💚 TAYMAC 💚 @TAYMACC_ i said “most” do not start taylor.anyway on the bright side finally caught a ditto when i throw rocks at wild hogs and shout “fuck you ugly fucking animal!!!” to scare them out of my way @doyouwannachill i typed “british people are ugly” then remembered you and ameera and british so i said most.Most British people are ugly. I love pizza! @KALENGAROO the one with the madagascar character tattoonvm GO ITALY!!!’t believe people still care about football @ChIoeLuna am so f*cking exhausted today @casswiftiie no cuz last night was a movie